October 10, 2012

Diamonds Are Forever: Cookie Crumbs

"Cookie Crumbs"
Season 2: Episode 2

Alexcendraburke as Opal Granger

MackDaddy1 as Gary Miller

Her eyes watered with tears, her throat burned and her knees hurt from being on the bathroom floor so long with her head in the toilet bowl.

Oliver: Opal? Opal, open the door.
Opal: Leave me alone. (Spoke weakly)
Oliver: Opal please. Just open the door so I can see that you're ok.
Opal: I'm fine. (Used the sink to pull herself to her feet and began washing her face)
Oliver: Opal, you're scaring me now. Just let me in.

Opal dragged her feet across the bathroom and opened the door. Oliver looked down at her through worried eyes. He couldn't contain the gasp that escaped him when he saw her disheveled appearance. Her colored skin was sweaty and stretched across her bones, her black curls hung feebly around her face as if they were dead and dark bags circled her eyes. Everything about Opal seemed weak and fragile.

Oliver: Come on sis, We'll go downstairs and I'll make you something to eat, anything you like.
Opal: I'm not hungry.

Opal tried to push him out of the way but she was far too weak and he had to catch her as she fell. A lump formed in his throat when he felt how scary light she was. She managed to support her own weight and walked back to her bedroom using the walls for support when she got dizzy. Once in her own room she locked the door and crawled back into bed.

Oliver: Fuck! (Ran down the stairs) Mom! Dad!!
Mr. Granger: What's wrong son?
Oliver: Opal's really sick.
Mrs. Granger: Does she have a cold? I'll make her some chicken soup.
Oliver: Not that kind of sick. Mom.....she's has an eating disorder.
Mrs. Granger: What? Don't be ridiculous. She just ate her lunch not so long ago.
Oliver: And then she went and threw it up.
Mrs. Granger: Oh my poor little girl, she must have a stomach bug. Medicine, I'll get her some medicine. Medicine makes everything better. Let me go see what I can find in the medicine cabinet.
Oliver: Dad? You believe me don't you?
Mr. Granger: I...I thought she was just exercising too much. All the swimming, running and dancing. I thought she was just going through a fitness phase. I thought that was the reason for her weight loss.
Oliver: You noticed? Then why the hell didn't you do something?
Mr. Granger: I convinced myself it was all the exercise. I watched her at meal times and she'd eat her food so I saw no reason to worry. I told myself there couldn't be anything wrong with her if she was eating. I should have seen the weight loss for what it truly was but I didn't. I guess I didn't want to believe the truth. I've failed her as a parent.
Oliver: And I've failed her as a brother. But now we have to help her.
Mr. Granger: I don't know what to do.
Oliver: What? Dad, you have to know. You and mom know the answers to everything, that's why you're the parents. You can solve anything. You have to.
Mr. Granger: I'm sorry son. I'll go talk to your mother.
Oliver: But what about Opal?
Mr. Granger: Oliver, please....let me go calm you mom down.
Oliver: What the fuck! Owen!
Owen: What? What happen?
Oliver: We have to help Opal.We have to do something and we have to so something now.
Owen: Like what? She won't listen to us.
Oliver: This is too much I don't know how to handle this.
Owen: Well I don't know how to handle this either.
Oliver: I'll get her some food. I'll force it down her throat if I have to.
Owen: You already tried that. And that didn't help. But she'd been eating little portions of food the past few days. Maybe she's getting better.
Oliver: She's not getting better O, she's getting worse. Haven't you seen the state of her? She's just skin and bones. Anything she eats she pukes right back up. Now what are we going to do?
Owen: I've already told you I don't know. (Stormed off)
Oliver: Ahh!! (Walk towards Opal's bedroom with his back against the door) Opal, can you hear me sis?
Opal: Go away.
Oliver: Don't be like that. Come on sis, come and sit with your big bro.
Opal: (Groaned as she rolled over in her bed feeling weak and tired)
Oliver: Opal please, just let me help you.

Letting out a small whimper Opal used all of her strength to get herself out of bed. She looked at herself in the mirror hating the image she saw. Turning away from her repulsive reflection she went to her dresser and pulled out some sweatpants, jacket and top. She changed into the clean clothes and tied her shoes before tying her hair back in a loose ponytail. Opening the door she briefly looked down at her brother before stepping past him and heading downstairs keeping a firm hold on the banister.

Oliver: Good you're out. How about some food?
Opal: No thank you. I'm going for a run.
Oliver: Opal...
Mr. Granger: Let her go Oliver. (Close the door as Opal left)
Oliver: What did you do that for?!
Mr. Granger: Forcing her to eat isn't going to help. We're going to need professional help for this. I've made some phone calls. A specialist will be coming round to speak to Opal on Tuesday afternoon.
Oliver: But that's three days away.
Mr. Granger: It was the earliest appointment I could arrange.

Oliver stormed out of the house. Mr. Granger sighed before sitting down with his wife in the living-room wondering where each of his three children had stormed off to.

Opal was running at a very slow speed and was beginning to feel dizzy. She stopped at a bench on the edge of a large field and sat down as she tried to get her breath back. She placed her head between her knees waiting for her vision to become clear. When the scene around her stopped spinning in a blur of color she sat up straight and looked out over the field.

Many families were taking advantage of the sunny day and were having a picnic on the field. Her stomach rumbled loudly and she unconsciously licked her lips as she watched a young boy bite into a sandwich.

Opal: No, I'm not hungry. I don't want food. Food is the enemy. Food makes me fat.

Opal jumped slightly as a football hit the bench beside her. A tall man apologized as he came to collect the ball with a little boy, presumably his son, following behind him.

Little boy: Daddy. That girl looks like a skeleton.
Man: Sssh Dillon, you shouldn't say things like that.

Feeling uncomfortable Opal stood up and began walking across the field in the opposite direction of Dillon and his dad. As she walked, she wasn't paying attention to where she was going and she stood in a slight dip in the field and fell over.

Voice: Hey, Opal are you ok?
Opal: I'm fine. (Turned her head to see Gary holding her upright) You can let go now.
Gary: Right, sorry. So where are you going?
Opal: Anywhere but home. (Looked over Gary's shoulder seeing a group of people sat on a blanket with a picnic basket) Is that your family?
Gary: Oh yeah, come on I'll introduce you. (Taking her hand and leading her over) Opal this is my mom and dad, my Aunt Joy and Uncle Ray and this is my little cousin Maggie.
Maggie: Hewwo Opaw.
Opal: Um hi.
Gary: Would you'd like to join us Opal.
Opal: Oh no, I should probably get going.
Maggie: Cookie. (Offering her the half eaten cookie in her pudgy little hand)

Opal looked helplessly at Gary who only smiled at her before reluctantly accepting the cookie from the little girl's hand.

Opal: Thanks Maggie. It was nice meeting you all. I'll see you at school Gary.

She continued slowly walking away with the cookie held tightly in her hand.