August 30, 2011

Diamonds Are Forever: Dance Till You Drop


"Dance Till You Drop"
Season 1: Episode 7

ForeverGorgeous as Gem Alexander
Ruubin as Crystal Darcy
Alexcendraburke as Opal Granger
Missricopenguin as Ruby Lorenzo


Lige07 as Drake Darcy
Dog_boy96 as Maxwell Briers
MackDaddy1 as Gary Miller

Guest Starring

MadWorld as Mr. Darcy

It was the night of the dance showcase and so far Maxwell hadn't had any luck with persuading Ruby to help with the Opal situation. Many times he had tried to talk sense into the red-head but she dismissed him each time. In dance class, Opal only spoke to Crystal and Gary when necessary and continued to rehearse as much as possible. According to Drake, he had informed Opal's brother Oliver of her eating problem but the older boy had shrugged it off.

Maxwell: How could they not care? (Whispered to Gem as he looked over at Opal's family who were also sat in the audience to watch the dance performances)
Gem: It's not that they don't care. They just haven't realized. Oliver is the only one who's been told but he could just be in denial. Owen and her parents don't have a clue what's going on.
Maxwell: How could they not notice?
Gem: She must hide it very well. Maybe she eats at the table and then throws up later without them knowing.
Maxwell: Do you think we should say something to them? Opal's parents I mean.
Gem: Is it really our place?
Maxwell: Well we have to do something. I've had no luck with Ruby and that Oliver clearly isn't doing anything.
Gem: But what would we even say?

Maxwell didn't have an answer for that so both quickly fell into silence and they looked toward the stage waiting for the show to start.

In the dressing room, Opal had her eyes squeezed shut and was going over the moves in her head. Crystal and Gary watched her from afar taking in her slight frame that was accentuated by the tight leotard she wore. Gary was shocked at the realization on how thin she had gotten. Not wanting to no longer look at Opal practice, Crystal turned back to the mirror and slid another bobby pin into her hair. They heard applause from the hall as the show started and the first dance group went on.

Crystal: Are you feeling nervous Opal? (Trying to make conversation)
Opal: I don't get nervous.
Crystal: Lucky you. I'm so scared I'm going to mess up and fall on my face.
Gary: Don't worry you'll be fine. (Assured her as he stood between both girls and draped an arm over both their shoulders) And if you do fall Opal and I will still applaud you, isn't that right?
Opal: I guess.

The sound of applause met their ears again and the first group returned as the second group left to the stage.

Gary: We're on after them.
Opal: I think I might be sick.
Crystal: You just said you weren't nervous.
Opal: I wasn't then. (Starting to sound a little hysterical) But I am now, what if I mess up like last time? Oli and Owen will never let me live it down.
Crystal: To hell with your brothers. Who cares what they think, they're both a pair of idiots.
Gary: Here, just have some water. (Handed her his bottle) It'll make you feel better.
Opal: (Snatched the water bottle out of his hand and drank a large gulp) Ok, I can do this.
Gary: Of course you can. We'll go out there and wow that audience. It'll be fun.
Crystal: Group hug? (Holding out her arms)

The trio gave each other a group hug and smiled. Applause filled the room again and they knew it was their turn. They took their positions and the curtain went up. The music began to play and the three launched into their dance routine. All was going well until half way through the dance Opal felt the room spin and unable to steady herself fell head first off the stage. The hall was filled with screams and Opal's parents were rushing up to their daughter as the teachers tried to restore calm over the audience. Crystal and Gary had hopped off the stage and were at their friend's side.

Crystal: She's bleeding! (She gasped frantically as she saw the blood seeping from Opal's head)
Drake: Come on Crystal move back. (He told her softly as he left his seat to pull his step-sister out of the way)
Crystal: Is she going to be ok? (Asked anxiously as she tried to look over people's shoulders and see what was happening to Opal)
Drake: She'll be fine, just move out of the way.
Mr. Darcy: Crystal honey are you alright?
Crystal: I'm not the one who's just fallen off the stage dad. (She unconsciously hugged Drake close for comfort)
Gem: What's happening? (She and Maxwell joined Crystal and her family)
Crystal: She hurt her head. She was bleeding. Where's Gary?
Maxwell: He's over there? (Pointing across the hall where Gary seemed to be having a quiet argument with Ruby)
Gem: I think we should intervene.
Maxwell: Right.

Maxwell and Gem fought their way through the crowd to get to Ruby and Gary. Crystal would have followed but she seemed to have lost the ability to walk so she merely clung tighter to Drake. Mr. Darcy and Gwyneth made their way out to the parking lot as Drake took Crystal to the dressing room to retrieve her things.

Drake: Hey, she's going to be ok. (He assured her as he picked up her clothes bag) It's just a bump to the head and an ambulance is on its way.
Crystal: I shouldn't have let her dance.
Drake: Hey, don't talk like that. This is just an accident. No-one's to blame. Now come on, mom and dad are waiting. (He slung Crystal's bag over his shoulder and made for the door but paused when she didn't follow) Crystal?
Crystal: Sorry. Walking suddenly seems a lot harder than it used to be.
Drake: (Smiling gently at her, he moved back across the room and picked her up in his arms and carried her out of the school) By the way. You were dancing really well up there tonight.
Crystal: Thanks. (Blushed slightly)

Back in the hall, the teachers had managed to get most people to leave. By the time the paramedics arrived only Opal's family, Gem, Max, Gary, Ruby and a few teachers remained.

Maxwell: We need to tell her parents!
Ruby: I don't think it's a really good time right now do you? (Told him angrily)
Gem: Will both of you just calm down.
Ruby & Maxwell: No! (Both shouted together)
Ms. Jarvis: I think the four of you should to leave.
Gary: Opal's going to be ok isn't she? (He looked over at Opal as she was led out on a stretcher with her family following after her)
Ms. Jarvis: She may have a concussion but I'm sure she'll be fine. (Ushering them all out)
Ruby: I'm going to the hospital.
Gem: Well in that case I'm coming too.
Ruby: No your not.
Gem: I'm her friend too Ruby, I have just as much of a right to be there as you do.
Ruby: Ha! Her friend? You haven't even spoken to her for the past week.
Gem: I'm still going to the hospital!
Ruby: Whatever. But if you even think about saying anything to her parents I'll see to it that you end up unconscious on a hospital bed!

The girls stormed off side by side leaving both Maxwell and Gary behind them.

Gary: Should we follow them?
Maxwell: I'd rather not. I don't really like hospitals. Besides, I don't really know Opal well enough to be visiting her.
Gary: I meant should we follow them so that they don't kill each other.
Maxwell: Once again I'd rather not. If they do end up tearing each other's hair out I definitely don't want to be in the middle of it.
Gary: True.

By the time Ruby and Gem had made it to the hospital it was dark outside and visiting hours were over. However, with a few false tears and a heart-melting smile Ruby managed to get them access to Opal's room. Her mother was still there by her bedside but her father and her two brothers had gone home.

Gem: Good evening Mrs. Granger. (She said politely as she and Ruby stepped into the room) How is she doing?
Mrs. Granger: She's sleeping. (Stroked the back of Opal's hand)
Gem: How long do they plan to keep her here for?
Mrs. Granger: A day or two. Just to be on the safe side. I wish I understood what made her fall.
Gem: (Opened her mouth to say something but closed it again at Ruby's mutinous glare)
Ruby: I'm sure she just lost her balance.
Mrs. Granger: Yes, I'm sure that's right. It's just an accident, nothing to worry about.

Later on, Gem's dad came to pick both girl's up. They dropped Ruby off and she made her way up the empty drive and then into her equally empty house. Switching on the living-room lights, Ruby made her way over to the phone and ordered herself Chinese take-out. She then seated herself on the couch and flicked on the T.V. She was watching a boring game show when the doorbell finally rang. Grabbing her purse she went to answer the door but found herself facing Maxwell rather than a delivery man.

Ruby: What are you doing here?
Maxwell: I'm not really sure. I just thought you might like some company.
Ruby: Well you thought wrong. Goodnight. (She slammed the door in his face and returned to the sofa)

He kept knocking for a good ten minutes before giving up and leaving. It was only when the persistent knocking had stopped that Ruby realized how lonely she actually felt. During a commercial break the doorbell rang again. Smiling she leapt up and rushed to answer it only for her heart to sink in her chest when it was not Maxwell but the delivery man with her Chinese food. Although she'd been starving just minutes before, her appetite had died. Sighing, she stored the food in the fridge and headed upstairs for a quick shower and then bed.

She fell asleep the moment her head hit the pillow but woke up in the early hours of the morning feeling a little shaken up after a disturbing dream. Dealing with her problem in the only way she knew how, Ruby reached into her bedside door and pulled out her special silver friend. Kicking off her pajama bottoms, she idly traced the patterns of her old scars before giving in to the voices in her head and creating fresh cuts. She smiled to herself as she watched the ruby-red rivers journey out of her skin.

August 25, 2011

Samantha King: Relaxed & Carefree

"Relaxed & Carefree"
Season 1: Episode 8

Queen-of-mean. as Samantha King

Tylerisbold as Nathan Woodward
Welsh_Witch as Ellen Fray
.SAMtheMAN. as James Fray

Samantha sat on the couch and sobbed while Nathan stroked her head. She hugged him and bawled. There wasn’t any way for her to get close enough to him. Tighter and tighter she squeezed but she felt like she was still standing in a metal cage, naked and vulnerable. After half an hour, Samantha relaxed enough to talk to him about what happened.

Samantha: It was horrible in there. They dressed me up and made me spin around so they could look at my body. Men would grab my legs and wave dollars at me. I’d bend down and they would stick them in my panties. Some guys touched me while others spoke to me like we were making love. It was sickening.
Nathan: I know, I know.
Samantha: I felt like a pig. I looked disgusting in that ridiculous ten inches of material. It was no different than if I would have walked out there naked.
Nathan: You looked amazing to me. It’s not that you didn’t look sexy, Samantha. That’s not the problem. You just looked sexy for the wrong people.
Samantha: I thought about you the whole time. I thought it would make it easier if I pretended I was dancing for you. It didn’t work. Thinking of you made me feel ashamed. What’s so special about what we have if I share it with everyone?
Nathan: It’s over babe. Don’t beat yourself up.
Samantha: (Looked him straight in the eyes and shook her head violently) No, you don’t understand. Everything I am is yours. You’re the only man I’ve ever given my body to. And tonight, twenty different men saw what belongs only to you!
Nathan: (His jaw dropped slightly. Shocked, he closed his mouth and cleared his throat) Why didn’t you tell me?
Samantha: I didn’t know how. Nathan, it was embarrassing. It still is.
Nathan: You’ve never had sex before?
Samantha: Couldn’t you tell? I mean, aren’t you supposed to be able to feel a difference?
Nathan: I could feel a difference, but I thought it had more to do with how young you were, not how experienced.
Samantha: Please, I can’t stomach anymore.
Nathan: I want the honest truth. I’m not sure even how to say you take any kind of birth control?
Samantha: (Her eyes grew wide. She lifted her head up to stare at him in horror) No. Oh my god, it never even occurred to me!
Nathan: (Put a hand up to calm her down) It’s fine Sam. We’ve only done it twice.
Samantha: I’m nothing but trouble for you. I’m so sorry.
Nathan: (Hugged her and kissed her on top of the head) I’ll take care of you. I promise.

Samantha entered her sleeping house around two in the morning. Saddened and exhausted, she collapsed onto her bed and slept until nearly dinnertime the next day.

Her mother knocked on her bedroom door several times. Samantha didn’t move. She had no desire to get up. When her mother persisted, Samantha rolled to her side and looked at the door.
Her mother shouted through the heavy wooden door. Samantha yawned and shuffled to her bathroom. Instead of going to dinner like her mother ordered, Sam took a bath. She sat in the hot water for an hour or more until all the bubbles disappeared. Her hair dripped water all over her floor when she stepped out of the tub. She stood in front of her mirror and looked at her body. The idea of showing what she saw to old men made her feel like she’d rather die. Disgusted, Samantha wrapped herself in a bathrobe and combed her hair.

Neglecting her mother’s warnings that were shouted to her from the kitchen, Samantha sat on her bed, hand toweling her damp hair. At the same moment, she thought of her cell phone. She reached over and grabbed the small device out of her purse. To her great dismay, she found that no one had called her. Nathan had not called. Frustrated, she threw the phone to the floor and curled up into a fetal position. She glanced over at her alarm clock and saw that it was nearly six o’clock. An idea popped into her head. Her mother didn’t know that she had quit her job on opening night. It was the only way she could ever see Nathan again without the risk of being caught. Samantha dressed quickly in a little red sundress and flip-flops. She combed her hair and pulled it back into a ponytail on top of her head. Swinging her purse over her shoulder, she walked down the hallway into the kitchen.

James: Where have you been?
Samantha: Sleeping. I was tired from work. Actually, I have to go back tonight. I’m leaving early so I can deposit my tips in the bank. (Grabbed the keys off the kitchen counter and reached for the front door)
Ellen: Wait. (She touched Samantha’s arm lightly)
James: You haven’t eaten.
Samantha: So? I’ll grab something on the way. Can I go?
Ellen: Sit down babe. We want to hear about your night.
Samantha: I really need to leave. I have to stop at the bank, go to rehearsal, and then work for five hours. I don’t have time for chit-chat, alright?
Ellen: What time will you be back, Sam?
Samantha: Probably around two or three. I have to go. Bye.

Samantha hurried away, kicking up sand and dirt as she did so. She didn’t bother with speed limits or stop signs. It felt both dangerous and depressed as she drove downtown recklessly. When she arrived at the apartment, she ran from the parking lot all the way inside to the elevator. Almost frantically, she tapped the up button, wishing it would speed to the fifth floor. When the doors opened, Sam trotted to Nathan’s front door and knocked. The door didn’t open. She put her ear to the door and could hear no movement inside. Samantha reversed a few steps and panicked. What was she to do now? She put her hands over her eyes and held her breath. Something desperate flooded her being and she began to knock on the door and slap her hands against it. Still, no one answered. She shouted out Nathan's name, hoping that maybe he was just in the bathroom. When no answer came, she slid down to the floor. If he was out, she was certain he would return soon.

Samantha sat on the floor of the darkly carpeted hallway and waited. Half an hour passed. An hour. Two hours. When she looked at her phone, she saw it was now almost nine o’clock. She crossed her legs to the side and shivered. Her bare arms were frozen in the cool atmosphere. Each time the elevator opened, she looked up with the hope of seeing him walk through the doors. Every time, it was some other man or a woman and her children or an elderly couple. Samantha buried her face in her hands. The elevator doors opened again but Sam didn’t bother to look up. She heard a familiar voice speaking. Suddenly, she heard her name.

Peter: Isn’t that Samantha?
Nathan: (Looked at her, puzzled, and hurried to give her a hand up. He helped her smooth her dress, still not speaking)
Samantha: Peter! Hey buddy, how was your weekend?
Peter: Fun! (Gave Samantha a quick hug and ran inside the apartment)
Nathan: What are you doing here?
Samantha: I don’t know. Supposedly going back to work.
Nathan: (Shook his head, confused)
Samantha: (Rolled her eyes) My mother thinks I’m still working. I didn’t tell her I quit!
Nathan: (Smirked) You’re such a liar.
Samantha: Leave me alone, it’s the only way. (She held Nathan’s hand)
Nathan: I know. You look cute tonight by the way.
Samantha: I didn’t plan on it.

It was a very simple evening for the couple. They sat together on the couch. Samantha and Nathan snuggled up together, with Peter sitting on Nathan’s lap. They watched Peter's favorite movie. When it was over, Nathan patted Pete on the back.

Nathan: You need to go to bed Pete.
Peter: Why? I want to stay up with you! (Throwing his arms around Nathan’s neck)
Samantha: (Stroked his head) The sooner you go to bed, the sooner you wake up. (Poking him in the side)
Peter: (Giggled)
Samantha: (Began tickling him furiously, so hard that he was shrieking with laughter)
Nathan: (Scooped up Peter) Alright! You can’t have her all to yourself buddy. (He kissed Peter on the cheek)
Samantha: (Grinned and waved) Night Pete.
Nathan: (Turned around and put Peter down) Give Sam a kiss goodnight.
Peter: (Ran up to Samantha and hugged her and gently gave her a kiss on the cheek) Night Sam.
Samantha: Night-night Pete.
Peter: (Ran into his bedroom)

Nathan stood with his hands on his hips. He gazed down at Sam, staring with admiration and tenderness in his eyes. Sam giggled and stretched her legs out on the sofa. Nathan sank down on the sofa. Neither said a word. Samantha listened to Nathan’s slow breathing and perfect beating heart. She didn’t know if he was actually watching the show or thinking about her. She didn’t care really. It was only when they were watching television that Samantha felt totally relaxed and carefree. When the show ended, Nathan brushed his fingers across her arm lightly.

Nathan: Are you awake?
Samantha: Yeah..crap...I have to get home.
Nathan: You’re not expected until three.
Samantha: I know. But you have to be at work in the morning. I want you to rest. (She ran her fingers across his chest)
Nathan: I don’t want anything but you.
Samantha: I know.
Nathan: I want to make love to you, over and over again.
Samantha: I wish you would but…not here. What if Peter comes out?

Nathan kissed her mouth roughly and picked her up from the sofa. Samantha giggled and kissed him back. They both found themselves locked inside Nathan's bedroom for the rest of the night.

August 23, 2011

Diamonds Are Forever: Diamonds Divided


"Diamonds Divided"
Season 1: Episode 6

ForeverGorgeous as Gem Alexander
Ruubin as Crystal Darcy
Alexcendraburke as Opal Granger
Missricopenguin as Ruby Lorenzo


Lige07 as Drake Darcy
Dog_boy96 as Maxwell Briers
MackDaddy1 as Gary Miller

Guest Starring
Verojun as Gweneth Darcy

On Monday morning, Opal found herself feeling oddly dizzy and she swayed slightly on her feet part way through the routine in dance class before everything went black and she collapsed into Gary's arms.

Crystal: Opal? Opal can you hear me? (Knelt by her)
Gary: She fainted. (He rested Opal's head in his lap and gently threaded his fingers through her hair)
Ms. Jarvis: What's going on?
Gary: She just collapsed.
Opal: (Her eyes fluttered open and she slowly sat up)
Ms. Jarvis: Get her some water Crystal.
Crystal: (Quickly retrieved her bottle of water from her bag before hurrying back to her friend's side and helping her to sip at the water)
Ms. Jarvis: Can you tell me what happened Opal?
Opal: Nothing. I just got a little dizzy but I'm fine now.
Ms. Jarvis: I think you'd better sit the rest of the lesson out. In fact you should probably go see the nurse.
Opal: It's ok I'm fine now.

The teacher ignored her and asked Crystal and Gary to take her to the nurse's office. Opal complained as she was led to the nurse. Crystal and Gary left Opal in the capable hands of the nurse before slowly heading back to the dance hall.

Gary: You look worried.
Crystal: (Bit her lower lip and nodded)
Gary: We need to help her somehow, we can't keep ignoring this, not when she's getting worse.
Crystal: I just wish I knew what to do. If we say anything to her she'll just clam up or deny it.
Gary: You could tell her parents.
Crystal: Opal would never forgive me if I did that. I doubt they'd listen to me anyway. They don't even seem to have noticed that she has a problem.
Gary: I guess it's up to us then.
Crystal: Do you have any ideas?
Gary: Try talking to her. What about Gem and Ruby? They might know what to do.
Crystal: I doubt it. Ruby likes to pretend that everything is ok and ignore all our problems. Gem's not quite so bad but we still all have this silent agreement not to talk about our issues.
Gary: Well that's stupid! This problem isn't going to go away just because you all ignore it. If we don't do something soon Opal will end up dead!
Crystal: I know. I know. We'll help her. (She said determinedly as they sat on the edge of the stage) I'll talk to the girls and we'll fine some way to help her no matter what it takes.
Gary: I'll help too.

For the rest of the lesson they just observed their classmates as they practiced their dance routines for next weeks showcase. When the lesson was over they linked arms with one another and made their way to meet Gem and Ruby.

Crystal: Hey girls, hey Max. (She joined her friends at the benches)
Gem: Where's Opal?
Gary: She had to go to the nurse's office.
Maxwell: Why? (Looked at Ruby)
Gary: She fainted.
Crystal: Look, we all know that Opal has a problem.
Ruby: We all have problems Crystal. And we deal with them on our own, that's the way.
Crystal: Well then we need a new way. We can't keep ignoring this. Opal's situation is dangerous.
Ruby: She doesn't want our help.
Crystal: I don't care. If we don't help her overcome this...eating disorder... Opal could make herself really ill, even die. I'm not gonna let my friend die, knowing I could of done something to help!
Maxwell: So what do we do?
Ruby: We do nothing! Opal's eating habits have nothing to do with us, especially you Max!
Maxwell: What the fuck is wrong with you? This is your friend we're talking about and her life is in danger.
Ruby: Oh stop being so over-dramatic. You're making it sound like she's about to be murdered. What Opal's doing to herself is by her own choosing and it's not our place to stop her. She has to do that for herself.
Gem: Ruby how can you say that?
Ruby: Easy, I just open my mouth and the words come out.
Crystal: We've ignored this for too long Rube. We have to do something now before it's too late.
Ruby: I don't have to do anything. I won't do anything!
Crystal: Fine, don't help. Carry on living in your world of make believe if you want to but I for one am not going to stand by and watch my friend destroy herself.
Gem: I won't either.
Gary: Like I said before, I'll help in any way I can.
Maxwell: Me too.
Ruby: What the fuck Max? I told you to drop this shit!! You all need to leave Opal alone! This isn't what we do. We deal with our problems on our own. I don't want any of you involving yourself in my problems and I'm sure Opal doesn't want us sticking our noses in her business. How would you like it if I asked about your problems Gem? Or yours Crystal? I don't think either of you are willing to share your secrets so we should leave Opal alone!
Crystal: My problems seem quite pathetic when I look at Opal.
Ruby: Does that mean you're ready to tell us what's going on with you then?
Crystal: Ruby, grow up! This isn't about me, it's about Opal!
Ruby: Well if you won't share your pathetic little problems you shouldn't try to control Opal's, it's not fair.
Opal: Thank you Ruby.

They all turned to face her shocked, they wondered how long she had been standing there.

Gary: Opal, you need help. (He told her calmly)
Opal: I'm fine.
Gary: But Opal you...
Ruby: She said she's fine so just leave her alone! Come on Opal, we'll sit somewhere else.

Together Ruby and Opal got up and left leaving the concerned teenagers behind.

Crystal: Now what do we do?
Gem: We have to knock some sense into Ruby first. We don't have a chance of helping Opal whilst Ruby's...defending her I suppose. If we get Ruby to see things our way then we can help Opal.
Gary: That doesn't sound like it's going to be easy.
Crystal: It sounds impossible.
Gem: I wouldn't say that. (She looked meaningfully at Max)
Maxwell: Why are you looking at me like that?
Gem: If anyone can get through to Ruby then it's you.
Maxwell: What? Me? I don't think so. I don't even know her that well. You're her best friends you know her better than I do.
Gem: That's not really true. None of us actually know each other very well at all. How could we when all four of us are keeping secrets from each other? To be honest we're bad friends.
Crystal: Gem's right. We're all so caught up in our own things we don't notice what's wrong with one another. The only reason we know about Opal's problem is because we can physically see it. But one thing that I have noticed is that Ruby is less guarded around you.
Gem: You have to try Max. You're our only hope getting through to Ruby.
Maxwell: But what if I can't?
Gary: Then we'll find another way. (He saw one of Opal's brothers walk by them)

For the rest of the day, Ruby and Opal avoided the others as if they were a plague. Maxwell had tried to talk to Ruby a number of times but each attempt was unsuccessful as the rest. By the end of school, Gem gave a sorrow look to Crystal as Gwyneth drove up towards the school.

Crystal: Are you alright Gem?
Gem: I..I.. (Tried to spill about Mr.Rogers) I...I'm just worried about Opal. (She said feeling cowardly)
Crystal: We all are. Don't worry Gem, we'll fine a way to help her. (Walked towards car) I'll see you tomorrow. Bye Gem. (Get's in car)
Gwyneth: Is everything alright Crystal? You look upset.
Crystal: I'm fine. Just a long day.
Drake: Are you sure? (Asked from the backseat)
Crystal: Drake. Please. I'm fine ok!

The rest of the car journey home was spent in silence. When Crystal entered her bedroom the first thing she did was call Gem but received no answer. Shrugging she put the phone down and turned some music on. Drake walked in her bedroom moments later.

Crystal: What do you want?
Drake: There's something bothering you. You were acting weird in the car.
Crystal: Please Drake. Not now.
Drake: What's wrong Crystal?
Crystal: Nothing.
Drake: It's something. Please, I'm here for you. Talk to me.

Crystal looked at him for a few silent moments wondering whether she should confide in him or not. She knew Opal wouldn't appreciate her telling anybody about her eating problem but surely the more people that knew the better and Drake got on reasonably well with Opal's older brother so maybe that could help.

Crystal: It's Opal.
Drake: What about her? (He sat down on the bed next to her)
Crystal: She fainted in dance class today.
Drake: Is she ok?
Crystal: She...she hasn't been eating properly for...well I'm not sure how long. She never eats her lunch at school she just goes to the restroom . I think...I think she makes herself...sick. She's lost a lot of weight. You can't see it when she wears her baggy clothes but her bones are starting to poke through her skin.
Drake: Wow...
Crystal: Is that all you have to say?
Drake: What am I supposed to say? I've never been confronted by this type of situation before. Have you tried talking to her about it?
Crystal: I've tired, but she keeps denying it. And the fact that Ruby is sticking up for her doesn't help.
Drake: Wait, Ruby's supporting this?
Crystal: Well no not supporting. More like ignoring it. It's just this stupid silent agreement the four of us have.
Drake: What silent agreement?
Crystal: To not talk about things. Well not talk about our problems anyway. But Opal's situation is dangerous and we can't just ignore it anymore. Of course Ruby doesn't agree, she still thinks we should carry on pretending and stay out of each other's business.
Drake: So let me get this straight. You, Opal, Ruby and Gem all have your own secret problems that you're hiding from each other and ignoring them?
Crystal: Pretty much. But if we don't help Opal soon she could die but with Ruby on her side we have less chance of getting through to her.
Drake: So what's your problem Crystal?
Crystal: This isn't about me Drake. I'm concerned about Opal.
Drake: Well right now I'm concerned about you. What are you doing to yourself?
Crystal: Nothing. My problem it''s not like that. My problem seems like a walk in the park compared to Opal's.
Drake: I want you to tell me what's going on with you. (Rested a palm on the side of her face)
Crystal: Please just drop it. (Pushed his hand away) You don't have to worry about me it's just typical teenage girl stuff. What I need is for you to help me with Opal.
Drake: I'll try and help you with Opal. But only if you tell me your problem first. And don't think about lying to me, I can always tell when you're being dishonest.
Crystal: I'm not going to tell you.I have other people to help with the Opal situation.

Drake sighed as he watched Crystal cross the room and hold the door open signaling for him to leave.

Drake: I'll try talking to Oliver. Maybe her family can help.
Crystal: Thanks. Now leave please.
Drake: Whatever your thing is Crystal, you can tell me.Whenever you're ready I'll be here to listen. That's what big brother's are for right?

She barely contained a sob at the word brother before pushing him out the door and locking it shut. Why him? Why couldn't she love some other guy? She thought to herself.

August 18, 2011

Samantha King: Disaster

Season 1: Episode 7

Queen-of-mean. as Samantha King

Tylerisbold as Nathan Woodward
Welsh_Witch as Ellen Fray

Guest Starring
John2_el_mejor as Emilio

It was the longest drive home Samantha ever had to endure. Refusing to cry, she sucked back tears and focused on getting back home before noon. Time was cutting it close and when she drove up the dirt road to her house, she saw it was fifteen after. Cursing under her breath, Samantha grabbed her stuff and walked into the house. She could hear talking in the living room.

Samantha: Ma? Jay, I’m home. (She shut the front door)
Ellen: Honey, come into the living room for a minute. Baby, we got company.

Samantha sighed. The last thing she wanted right now was to be manhandled by her mother’s Mary Kay friends. Smiling, she entered the living room to face a bunch of other middle-aged women sitting around the coffee table playing with their makeup kits. Samantha made her way around the room, hugging each woman out of respect. Her mother glowed with pride. It almost made Samantha gag. It was amazing how sweet and caring Ellen could be in the company of others, and how absolutely darling and wonderful her daughter had grown to be. It made Sam secretly angry.

Ellen: Isn’t she a work of art? Ballerina now. It only took thirteen years but she did it. Sammie, show the girls some moves!
Samantha: (Smiled uneasily) Mom, I have to talk to you....
Ellen: Whatever you have to say, you can say in front of the girls. They’re like your third and fourth mothers.
Samantha: Okay well....umm...I... I got a job last night. It’s a dancing job, actually.
Ellen: Teacher at the Academy?
Samantha: Well, not exactly Ma. More like a go-go dancer.
The room went silent. Her mother’s jaw dropped.
Ellen: (Her mother's jaw dropped) Absolutely Not!! Have you lost your mind??
Samantha: Ma, you don’t understand. It’s fifteen dollars an hour!
Ellen: I don’t care! You are not going to be a goddamn go-go dancer!
Samantha: It’s dancing Ma! I’m not a stripper or anything. We wear mini dresses and white platform boots! It’s not like I’m dancing naked. Please, just consider it!
Lady: Go on Ellen. Let the girl dance! My Janet did it.

The other ladies nodded in agreement. Ellen looked from them to her daughter and then to the floor. Sam knew Ellen felt ganged up on. Not wanting to be the bad guy, Ellen gave in a little.
Ellen: I'll...I’ll talk to James when he gets home.
Samantha: I have to be there by eight tonight. If you want, come watch me and I’ll prove to you that it’s alright!
Ellen: No, I rather not. Fifteen dollars is a lot. You save that money for college. What time will you be home? (Trying to control her temper)
Samantha: I don’t know. Probably around two or three.
Ellen: (Put her tired hands over her eyes) Alright. We’ll see how this works out. If you get into any kind of trouble, it’s over. No more dancing at all. You hear me?

Samantha nodded, walked out of the living room and back into her bedroom. She locked the door as usual and plopped down on her bed. Life was moving too fast for her to relax. Just a mere forty-eight hours ago, Samantha would have given anything to have some sort of obstacle or struggle in her life, just enough to light a fire that had been put out a long time ago. Now, she wished for exactly the opposite. Nonetheless, her recklessness took over and she felt exhilarated to be doing something edgy, uncalled for, and potentially dangerous.

At eight o’clock, Samantha pulled up to the club with one goal in mind: to impress Emilio. Some of the other dancers were standing around the bar chatting when Samantha walked up to join them. Immediately, Samantha recognized the difference between these dancers and herself. These women were beautiful but their beauty looked exhausted. They were the type of women who worked their beauty so much it was more to keep their job than to enjoy. Samantha also saw that they were not at all wearing mini dresses and boots. Instead, these ladies paraded around in provocatively designed lingerie that revealed their magnificently shaped backsides and plunging bust lines. Their makeup was sparkly and some of them wore wigs. Samantha looked them over and realized they did the same to her. She stood a little taller and straighter. One dancer, a young redhead whom greatly resembled Nathan’s wife, stepped forward and spoke first.

Dancer: The new kid on the block has arrived. Welcome to our club. My name’s Candies. What’s your name?
Samantha: Claire.
Candies: (Laughed) Your stage name, doll. What do the boys call you?
Samantha: I don’t have one. This is my first time.
Candies: A virgin! Girls, we’re going to have fun with this one! (She shouted around the bar)

The other dancers on approached Sam, sneering and talking excitedly. It took ten minutes for everyone to introduce herself. Samantha made a mental note of something different for each girl to remember her names. Candies was the redhead and Bambi was the black one. Lola had an Australian accent while Ginger had a thick Scottish one. Finally, Rose was the girl with the large butterfly tattoo on her back and Daphne was the shortest of the whole group. By the time Emilio entered the bar, Samantha knew everyone by name and was christened “Mindy”.

Emilio: Alright, back to work ladies. (Shooed everyone away)

Samantha watched them scurry away, each girl to a different section of the club. Emilio grabbed Sam by the arm and led her to a room at the back. Inside, there were different assortments of brilliantly colored lingerie lying all over the place.
Emilio: This is the dressing room. Get here by eight, dress up, and then I want you in your cage practicing until the doors open at nine. We’ve only got two rules here, okay? Number one, always be on time. Simple, right? Number two, no one touches you. If you’re giving a private dance its hands off.
Samantha: Wait, private dances? I’m not a stripper.
Emilio: No, you are not. None of these girls are strippers. Can I tell you a little secret?
Samantha: Yeah.
Emilio: Great. Well here, you keep what you make. Tips are your quick cash. Cage dancers don’t make many tips. Usually. But private dancers do.
Samantha: Do I have a choice? Can I keep my clothes on?
Emilio: Do whatever the hell you want. Most girls do whatever will get them the most money. Some customers drop a hundred bucks a dance. Do you really think they’re wearing clothes? (He laughed)
Samantha: I understand. So, what now?
Emilio: (Pointed to the pile of clothes) You’re welcome to whatever is here. Come out fully clothed. If you make a mistake, I’ll send you back in to change. Why don’t you try on the purple outfit? Looks like your size. (Winked as he left her to her business)
Samantha: (Leaned against the door and sighed) Don’t let this bother you. It’s just dancing.

Once she was fully dressed, she felt both ashamed and exposed. Her large breasts popped out of the skimpy top way more than it should. She didn’t like the fact that her butt cheeks hung out of her little sequenced shorts. Her platform heels were dangerous to wear and she didn’t think she’d have the courage to actually walk outside. Knowing it was getting late she took a deep breath and opened the door. When she exited the dressing room, the bartenders and Emilio stopped talking to look at her. Uncomfortable, Samantha wrapped her arms around her body.

Emilio: Stop hiding baby. Let me take a look at you. (Pulled her by the arm out into the light so that the whole club could look at her)
Samantha:(Forced herself to smile)
Emilio: Turn around.

Samantha did so, embarrassed when the whistling and jeering continued. She didn’t speak unless she was asked a question. Saying more than she needed would only cause her to become afraid. Emilio nodded in approval and pointed to the cage nearest the bar.

Emilio: That’s home sweet home, baby. Why don’t you take a climb up there?
Samantha: (Approached the stage and looked for the stairs. When she couldn’t find them, she turned around) Where’s the stairs?
Emilio: Lie on your stomach and pull yourself up. Make it sexy when you do.

Samantha blushed and faced the stage. Without much effort, she hoisted herself up and turned back around. When she did so, she pointed her legs in the air as though they were crisscrossed. The smile on her face, though false as it was, gleamed brilliantly. She stood up gracefully and opened the cage door. She stepped inside and situated herself between the pole in the middle and the closed door. Emilio shouted from below asking for a quick dance. Samantha nodded and twirled around in the cage. She danced as intensely sexy as possible, moving the way she thought they’d find erotic. It was humiliating being tossed into a steel cage and made to shake your bare ass in front of rich playboys but Samantha did it anyway to prove to herself and Nathan and the rest of the world that she was in fact just dancing. She continued dancing all while focusing on what she was instructed to do. The whole time, her mind raced as she thought of how embarrassed she was to be here. The thrill in life she was seeking was definitely not going to be found here.

Emilio left her when people began to file into the club. Within minutes, men started to crowd around the bars. A few stood below her cage and watched. The night she had come to the club with Nathan, she hadn’t noticed how many more men than women there were. Samantha moved up and down, grinding the pole. She danced around it in circles, flipping her hair and waving her arms over her head. She tried to look like she was enjoying herself. One older man shouted things up at her. Samantha wasn’t sure if she was supposed to answer or not.

Man: What’s the matter hot stuff? Shy? (He shouted, laughing)
Samantha: My mother told me never to talk to strangers. What’s your name?
Man: Melvin.
Samantha: Well Melvin, my name’s Mindy. I’m new here. Why not give me a little welcome on my first night?
Melvin: Why don’t you come a little closer? I’ve got something you can stick in those purple panties of yours. (Waving a five-dollar bill)
Samantha: (Rolled her hips down until she was within reach of him) Be nice, Melvin.
Melvin: (Stuck the bill in her pants and smacked her bottom. The man laughed as he walked over to the bar)
Samantha: (Shocked of what just happened she stood back up and took the bill out of her panties and carefully replaced it in her bra)

It continued like this for several hours. Samantha would dance, occasionally talk to her onlookers, take their money when they offered it, and do so in a manner of complete and total self-confidence. It wasn’t until a quarter to midnight when someone asked for her first private dance. Samantha was dancing in her cage, more comfortable with her performance now that she was making cash, when one of the bartenders approached her.

Bartender: Mindy! Got a customer interested in a private dance. Asked for you specifically. You free?
Samantha: (She felt very dizzy) Um…yeah. Alright.

She opened the door to the cage and stepped out. Frightened so badly that she began to shake, Samantha slid off the stage, totally negligent of her audience. The bartender took her hand and escorted her down towards the dressing room. Instead of entering the familiar room, he pointed to the door to her left. Samantha stopped him before he walked away by grabbing hold of him around the arm. She whimpered, scared to death of what waited her. The bartender patted her on the back.

Bartender: Min, calm down. You’ll be fine. You look amazing. Just chill babe.
Samantha: Thanks.

The bartender nodded and walked away. Samantha mustered up all her courage and grabbed hold of the doorknob. In one sweeping motion, she opened the door and stepped inside the dimly lit room.

It was like time had slowed down. Samantha entered the dark room. There were mirrors along the wall and it seemed like everything glittered. A black light gave off an eerie fluorescent shade of purple and the floor was black as slate. Her customer was sitting casually in a velvety cushioned love-seat yet looking very grim as he did so. Samantha had to suppress the urge to scream and cry at the same time.
Samantha: Nathan, what are you doing here? (She whispered, all too aware that he was looking at her with disapproval)
Nathan: (Made his way over to her and put his jacket around her nearly naked body)
Samantha: Stop it. I can be fired if you touch me!
Nathan: If I touch you? Samantha, this is wrong. Have you looked in the mirror?
Samantha: Please leave.
Nathan: I can’t leave you here.
Samantha: I’m not going anywhere so just forget it!
Nathan: Well me neither!
Samantha: Fine, sit down and I’ll give you your goddamn lap dance. (Shoving him in the chest)
Nathan: What is the matter with you? Why are you doing this?
Samantha: Stop yelling. I can’t be fired my first night.
Nathan: You are a goddamn mess! Your ass is hanging out your pants and your goddamn tits are sticking out of that little bra thing. What the hell is wrong with you?
Samantha: (Put her head in her hands and sobbed) I-I’m so embarrassed!
Nathan: (Held her tight. Picking her up off her feet, he rushed her out the door)
Samantha: (Pointed towards the dressing room) I have to get my purse and clothes.

Nathan stood outside the door as she quickly dressed. She left the costume on the floor of the dressing room and hurried back out to him, still wearing his coat. Nathan grabbed her hand and kept her close to his side as he led her back out into the club. Not looking at anyone, Samantha ignored the calls for Mindy to return to her cage. On her way out the door, she heard Emilio calling her back into the club. Samantha gripped Nathan tighter and he put his arm around her. They walked toward the parking lot when Emilio burst through the exit after them.

Emilio: Claire! (He shouted)
Nathan: (Turned around and headed towards him) Listen! She’s done here!!

Both men were standing a foot apart, yelling in eachother’s faces. Samantha ran over to them to keep Nathan from slugging him. Emilio looked at Samantha's tear-streaked face and cringed.

Emilio: Suck it up and get your ass back inside! You still owe another hour!
Samantha: No, I quit!
Emilio: So, you’ll dance for a few hours, take my money, and run? I don’t think so Miss Thing! Give me your tips now!
Samantha: I danced for those tips!

Emilio got in her face and shouted incomprehensibly in a mixture of English and Spanish. Finally, sick of all the fighting, Samantha took the money out of her pocket and threw it at Emilio. He gathered his money and thrust it into his pocket.

Emilio: Now get the hell out of my parking lot.
Nathan: (Shoved him in the chest) Speak to her like that again and I’ll crack your fucking skull!!

Emilio backed up and spit on the ground before walking back into the club. Samantha and Nathan walked back toward his apartment.

August 16, 2011

Diamonds Are Forever: A Stupid Fly


"A Stupid Fly"
Season 1: Episode 5

ForeverGorgeous as Gem Alexander
Ruubin as Crystal Darcy
Alexcendraburke as Opal Granger
Missricopenguin as Ruby Lorenzo

Lige07 as Drake Darcy
Ciaraleanne as Harmony

When the weekend came, Ruby woke up to an empty house with bloodstains on her sheets. Sighing, she stripped her bed and shoved the spoiled bedding into the washing machine as she made herself breakfast and ate alone at the dining table.

Gem hadn't been able to escape the clutches of her Math's teacher on Friday after school and after a fitful night's sleep spent two hours in the shower before joining her parents for breakfast.

At the Granger household, Owen and Oliver dug into their cooked breakfast. Mr. and Mrs. Granger ate with a bit more dignity as Opal sipped at a glass of water and nibbled on a single piece of toast for five minutes before heading upstairs to the toilet.

Over at the Darcy residence, Crystal yawned and stretched before slipping out of bed. Glancing in the mirror she saw that her blonde curls were still relatively neat. She glided down the stairs and skipped into the living-room.

Crystal: Dad? Gwyneth? (She called out)
Drake: Morning. (Called from the kitchen) I hope you're hungry.

Crystal followed Drake into the dining room and watched him set two plates of food on the table blushing furiously when she realized he was wearing nothing other than his tight-fitting boxers.

Crystal: Where are dad and Gwyneth?
Drake: They left for Aunt Alison's early this morning.
Crystal: Oh. (She mumbled in barely a whisper as she picked up her knife and fork and started on her breakfast)
Drake: Would you like to hang out with me today? Mom and dad won't be back until Sunday evening so we have the place to ourselves.
Crystal: Umm....I'm meeting the girls at the outlet later. We're going shopping and Ruby wants us all to get a manicure and then we'll probably grab a late lunch.
Drake: Oh, I guess I'll see you later then. What time will you be back?
Crystal: I'm not sure. I might go and visit my mom.

Drake looked up at her at that comment but didn't say anything. Feeling uncomfortable, Crystal thanked him for her half eaten breakfast before heading upstairs to change. With her hair piled neatly on top of her head and dressed in a simple spaghetti strapped blue dress with matching shoes, Crystal grabbed her purse and keys and headed out of the house. Before she reached the bottom of the garden Drake poked his head out the front door and called her back. She stopped and turned and walked back to him accepting the white jacket he handed her in case she got cold.

She caught the bus to the outlet and sat beside Ruby who was already on the bus. They discussed what they were going to do that day before getting off the bus together and met up with Gem & Opal outside the shopping center. Together they roamed the shops looking at different articles of clothing. Crystal and Gem took several items to the changing rooms but Opal and Ruby refused to try anything on saying they'd just return whatever didn't fit. After stepping out of a sixth shop with plenty of bags on hand the girls decided it was time for a much needed manicure.

Ruby: Do you think I should get my lip pierced? (Looked at the tattoo and body piercing parlor near by)
Crystal: No!
Gem: Don't even think about it!
Ruby: Alright, it was just a question. Maybe I should get my nose done instead, or an eyebrow piercing.
Gem: Come on Ruby, you can't be serious?
Ruby: Dead serious.
Opal: This isn't to impress Max is it?
Ruby: No, I just thought it might look cool. Whatever, let's go get that manicure.

They strutted in the opposite direction and headed for the nail salon. Ruby walked up to the lady at the desk and gave her name. The lady smiled as she checked her file for their appointment then told them to sit and wait. A dark-haired woman finished off an old lady's nails then called Ruby over. Ruby seemed to be on a first name basis with the nail technician and the two were chatting away like old friends. Opal and Gem made light conversation as Crystal grabbed one of the magazines off the table and skipped through to the pages. Another blonde woman finished up with a client and summoned Opal over and began working on her nails. When Ruby and Opal were finished, Crystal and Gem had their nails done. After paying they left the salon and admired one another's nails. They then made their way to a small cafe tucked away at the far side of the outlet center.

Ruby headed inside to get the food as the other three seated themselves at a table with all of their shopping bags. A few minutes later Ruby returned with a large tray. The girls thanked her appreciatively as they ate what they always ordered when they came there. Nobody mentioned about Opal not eating anything more. Yogurt was one of the only things she'd actually eat and they didn't want to say anything that might cause her to stop eating that too. Despite only having yogurt, Opal was the last to finish eating. Once she declared she was ready to leave they gathered their shopping bags and headed out.

Thanking Gem's dad for the ride Crystal stepped gracefully out of the car and walked up the pathway to her house. She let herself in and walked in with her shopping bags into the living room only to drop them when she saw Drake making out with some girl on the sofa, both of them topless.

Drake: Shit, Crystal! (He pulled away from the girl beneath him and quickly located his shirt and pulled it over his head before handing the girl her top) I'm sorry, I didn't expect you back so soon. Um....this is Harmony, my ummm...
Harmony: I'm his girlfriend hun.

The beautiful busty blonde girl named Harmony glared at Crystal. Not replying, Crystal hastily picked her shopping bags back up and hurried up to her room slamming the door behind her. She dumped her bags on her unmade bed and put on some music with the volume turned up as loud as it would go. Stepping out of her shoes and removing her jacket, she moved into the middle of her room and launched herself into a dance.

A short while later, Drake burst into her room causing her to pause mid-turn and stumble. The older boy switched her music off and stood awkwardly in her room with a look of apology on his face.

Drake: I'm sorry you had to see that. Did you have a nice day?
Crystal: I can see you did. (She glared at the love bite on his neck)
Drake: (He covered the mark with his hand looking a little self-conscious) Yeah, I think Harmony wants to be a vampire. (He tried to joke) Look I really am sorry kid.
Crystal: I'm not a kid. And what do you have to be sorry for? You're perfectly welcome to bring your slutty girlfriends home.
Drake: She's not really my girlfriend. Jeff just broke up with her and she was a little upset. I was trying to comfort her when she kissed me and then things got a little out of hand. It didn't mean anything.
Crystal: You don't have to explain yourself to me. What you do is none of my business. Please leave my room now.
Drake: Look, Crystal...
Crystal: Don't you 'look Crystal' me. Just get out and go back downstairs to your not-a-girlfriend.
Drake: She's already gone.
Crystal: Oh I don't even care. Just get out of my room.
Drake: No.
Crystal: Fine.

Crystal shoved her shoes back on and seized her white jacket before barging past him and running down the stairs and out the front door. She walked angrily down the street knowing it wouldn't take very long for him to catch up with her. Sure enough, he was soon yelling her name and running to meet her. She ignored him and quickened her pace but tripped when her heel got caught in a crack in the pavement. Drake was by her side in an instant and just managed to catch her before she hit the concrete.

Drake: Are you alright?
Crystal: Get off of me! (She pushed him away from her and carrying on down the road with a slight limp)
Drake: Crystal come on, let's just go back inside.
Crystal: Why can't you just leave me alone? It's like you're fucking suffocating me. Every time I turn my head you're there like a stupid fly that keeps coming back no matter how many times you try swatting it away.
Drake: Thanks for the flattering analogy. (Replied sarcastically)
Crystal: Oh bite me! (Let out a loud gasp when she felt his teeth nip her ear) What the fuck Drake!?
Drake: You asked me to bite you.
Crystal: (Glared at him before kicking him in the shin and storming off)
Drake: Fuck! Crystal wait up!

By the time he caught up with her again they were nearing the park where a large group of teenage guys were loitering.

Guy: Alright there sexy! (Called out to Crystal)
Crystal: (Looked at the guy who had spoken and feeling reckless she walked over to him)
Guy: So what's your name babe?
Crystal: Juliet. (She lied giving him a dazzling smile)
Guy: Well in that case call me Romeo.

Crystal laughed and look up at him through her eyelashes. The guys all began flirting with her and she flirted back outrageously. From the corner of her eye she could see Drake at the park edge watching her disapprovingly.

Romeo: So what's with the fan club? (Looking over at Drake) Is he giving you any trouble babe? Me and the my friends can sort him out for you.
Crystal: Don't bother, just ignore him. (Placing her hand on his arm)
Romeo: As you wish my dear Juliet. (Putting his arm around her slim waist)

She smiled back at him before stepping closer and engaging him in a kiss. His friends cheered and she could feel the triumphant smirk on his lips. He ran his tongue over her lower lip and she granted him access. She felt Romeo's hands running over her body until two strong arms pulled her away.

Crystal: Get off me Drake!! (Fought uselessly against his restraining arms)
Romeo: Hey let her go man.
Drake: (Ignored them and dragged Crystal away)
Crystal: What the hell is your problem?
Drake: My problem? What's your problem more like? What do you think you're doing making out with complete strangers? That's not the type of girl you are.
Crystal: I'm seventeen years old Drake, I can kiss boys if I want to.
Drake: Not guys like that you can't.
Crystal: You're not my dad you can't tell me what to do.
Drake: Well I'm your brother and it's my job to look out for you. (He tightened his grip on her arm)
Crystal: Ouch!

They were back at the house now and he pulled her up the garden path before opening the door and shoving her inside. He slammed the door shut with a loud bang that shook the whole house before glaring down at her. She returned his fierce stare with equal intensity waiting for him to say something.

Drake: What the fuck were you thinking Crystal?
Crystal: Oh just fuck off Drake!
Drake: Answer me! (Pulling her back by her wrist)
Crystal: You're hurting me!!
Drake: (Took a deep breath and released his grasp on her before gently rubbing her wrist) What were you doing Crystal? Do you have any idea what could have happened if I wasn't there? Do you?
Crystal: Nothing would have happened.
Drake: Are you totally stupid? Those guys wouldn't have stopped with kissing. If they had their way they'd be taking turns fucking you on the grass right now.
Crystal: (Bit her lip and a tear fell down her cheek as she kept silent)
Drake: Don't cry. I'm sorry I hurt you and I'm sorry I yelled. (He lifted her arm up and dropped a kiss on her wrist) Don't you ever do any crazy shit like that again ok.

Crystal just nodded not sure how to respond. She could understand his previous anger; her dad would have acted the same way. She was just thankful her friends hadn't seen her behavior. Ruby and Opal would have been disgusted and Gem would have probably slapped her.

Drake: I'll order us some pizza.
Crystal: I'm sorry Drake.
Drake: Me too.

As they waited for the pizza to arrive, Drake took out his guitar and played his music. With her legs tucked under her on the sofa, Crystal watched him play completely mesmerized by the way his long fingers gracefully danced across the guitar strings. Sensing her gaze, he looked up and grinned at her before asking her over. After a brief hesitation she moved over to him. Goosebumps rose as he positioned himself behind her and draped the guitar over her. Drake placed his hands on hers and began teaching her how to play. Crystal found the situation both enjoyable and torturous; having him so close caused the butterflies in her stomach to dance wildly and her heart to beat like a drum. If she merely turned her neck slightly she'd be able to look up at him and press her lips to his but she knew it could never happen.

There was a sharp knock on the door and Drake got up to answer. He came back in with the pizza box in hand. They knelt on the floor together and ate their large cheesy pizza and watched some old comedy show on the television. Crystal smiled in spite of herself as she pretended to be interested in the T.V but secretly watched him instead.

August 11, 2011

Samantha King: Morning Run

"Morning Run"
Season 1: Episode 6

Queen-of-mean. as Samantha King

Tylerisbold as Nathan Woodward

The next morning, Samantha awoke to find she was all alone in Nathan’s bedroom, her robe undone and the sheets wrapped crookedly around her. She sat up slowly and wiped the sleep from her eyes. She could tell it was still early in the morning because the sun had just started to come up into the sky. Tiny rays of light started to trickle in through the blinds. She stretched and then lazily wandered into the kitchen, adjusting her robe on the way. Nathan was dressed in a pair of sweats and a plain white tee, drinking a cup of coffee and reading the Sunday paper. He looked up from his coffee to see Samantha standing there in his bathrobe.

Nathan: Good morning.

Samantha walked over to the table and slid into the seat next to him. She couldn’t help but feel a bit awkward. Waking up in someone else’s bed was something she had only experienced at sleepovers. Nathan didn’t seem to notice. In fact, he seemed quite pleased to see her approach him, disheveled and clothed only in his bathrobe. Sam ran a hand through her messy hair and yawned.

Samantha: Good morning Nate.
Nathan: Coffee?
Samantha: I’ll get it.

She poured a cup and added creamer and sugar. One sip of the hot brown concoction warmed her throat. It was chilly in his house and she shivered slightly.

Nathan: Cold? (Not looking at her but continuing to read his paper instead)
Samantha: Not so much. I’ll be okay.
Nathan: (Grinned and put his paper aside) What time are you leaving?
Samantha: By noon, for sure. What time is it?
Nathan: Almost seven. I didn’t want to wake you because I wasn’t sure if you were an early bird.
Samantha: That’s fine. What are you doing this morning?
Nathan: I thought maybe you’d want to go for a run with me.
Samantha: Great, sounds like fun....wait, I don’t have any shoes or clothes.
Nathan: That’s alright. Sara has a pair of sneakers and some sweats in the closet. You can just wear my t-shirt.

Samantha grinned and walked back into his bedroom to get dressed. She pulled on her own undergarments and the pair of red sweats that hung in his closet. She looked through a drawer in his dresser and took out a pair of freshly laundered socks. Surprisingly, the shoes in the closet fit her almost perfectly. Not sure of which t-shirt he was talking about, Samantha walked back into the kitchen.

Samantha: T-shirt please? (Approaching him in her bra)
Nathan: Who says you need one? (Kissed her cheek)

Samantha laughed and hugged him. Nathan pulled his own shirt off and gave it to her to wear. Samantha thanked him and sipped more of her coffee. When she was finished, Nathan took her by the hand and they headed out the door. They walked toward Nathan’s car and climbed in. Puzzled, Sam poked him.

Samantha: I thought we were running, not riding.
Nathan: I thought we’d go down to the shore. Is that alright?
Samantha: I love the shore.

The ride to the beach was peaceful. Sam rolled down her window and took a deep breath of salty ocean air. They parked at a meter and got out. For a few minutes, both runners stretched. On one occasion, Samantha pulled her leg all the way up to her head and held it there for a few seconds. Nathan stood behind her and held her leg steady for her.

Nathan: You don’t have any idea how amusing this is to watch. (He whispered in her ear)
Samantha: (Laughed and brought her leg down. Lifting the other the same way, then she did a fancy pirouette around him and then down into a plie)
Nathan: Wonderful. Maybe you could teach me some moves later.

When they were through warming up, both Samantha and Nathan started to jog lightly along the shoreline. Samantha loved to run, almost as much as she loved to dance. She liked the way it felt to push against the sand in a continuous motion. After about ten minutes, Nathan started to speed up a little. Sam looked over at him and winked. His body, firm and tan, twisted with every stride. She liked how the sweat ran from his hair down his face and onto his neck. The sun was now beaming down on them intensely, growing warmer with every minute that passed. Samantha noticed that only a few people were on the shore. With that in mind, she twisted the t-shirt she was wearing in a knot at her bosom. Pumping her arms furiously, she started to catch some wind and pass Nathan. She could hear him laugh at her side. Looking over, Sam saw that he was actually racing with her now. Determined not to lose, Samantha pushed herself as fast and hard as possible. They ran for a long time like this; one trying to out-do the other. Twenty minutes later, both runners were still making extreme time.

Samantha looked ahead and saw that the pier was only about a hundred yards away. She felt tired and her knees burned slightly but she was confident she would make it. Now only twenty yards away, both Nathan and Samantha pelted forward with their final burst of energy. Samantha ran as fast as she could but was only second to tag the leg of the large wooden structure. Though defeated, she still felt it was nice to lose to true competition.

Tired, Samantha threw herself down in the sand. She closed her eyes and breathed big, deep breaths. She felt Nathan plop down beside her. Grinning, she dropped her hand from her eyes and looked over at him. His firmly sculpted chest heaved up and down as he tried to catch his breath. Out of nowhere, he began to laugh. Tickled by this, Samantha joined in. Both of them stood up and brushed the sand off the back of their pants. Nathan stood there, looking at her with a devious grin.

Samantha: What? Don’t you dare throw me in the water!

Nathan ran into the water holding her. He waded in until he was up to his knees in water. Samantha held onto his neck and every time a wave threatened to splash her, she squeezed tighter in an attempt to hold herself up higher. Nathan rocked her like a baby in his arms. Samantha felt a sudden urge to embrace him like it was her last time. Nathan noted the seriousness in her demeanor and let go of her legs slowly. She dipped into the water with her arms still wrapped around his neck. The sea breeze blew tresses of her long hair into her eyes but Nathan swept them away. He continued to gaze into her eyes, to read what it was she felt so devoutly about. Samantha kissed his mouth lovingly.

They trudged back up the shore towards their starting point. Nathan held her hand and they lightly jogged the same way they came. It took them twice as long to return to the car because they took their time coming back. They talked about common things like the news and the upcoming weather. There were moments when it felt like the pair of them had been together all their lives. Samantha tried to ignore this feeling of such deep commitment but it haunted her heart. She clung to his arm almost like she was scared that if she let go, he’d never return. Nathan allowed her to do so and she knew that he must have felt the same way. After a few moments, Nathan began to slow down even more to a mere creep. Something was on his mind and Samantha could sense that it wasn’t anything she’d ever like to hear again.

Nathan: Sam, listen. About tonight...
Samantha: Please don’t say anything.
Nathan: Just let me finish, I’m home if you need someone to get you. Just call me. I don’t care what time it is. Alright?
Samantha: Fine but I’m going to be just fine. Don’t worry so...
Nathan: If anyone touches you, I’ll break their neck.
Samantha: That’s harsh. I’m not a stripper, Nathan. Don’t you trust me?
Nathan: I know. I do trust you. It’s just that you’re a beautiful woman with a sexy body that every man alive would want for himself.
Samantha: Well they’re not going to get anything from me. I wish you’d have a little more faith in me than that. I’ve lived in this body for seventeen years. I know how to work with what I was dealt. (Her temper rising)

Nathan quickened his pace to a full stride. Samantha did a two-step to catch up. They walked to the car and Samantha waited for him to unlock the door. She crawled in and buckled her seatbelt. They drove back to the apartment one last time. Once inside, Samantha changed into her clothes from the previous day. She grabbed her purse and shoes. Nathan sat on the couch silently and watched her gather up her belongings. When she thought she had everything, she turned to face him.

Samantha: I left your clothes in the bathroom. I’m going to go. Call me tomorrow on your break.

Nathan didn’t move from the sofa. When she reached the door, Samantha looked back one last time to see him staring out the window instead of watching her leave. Repulsed, Samantha exited by shutting the door in a near-slam manner.