August 04, 2011

Samantha King: Dancing Shoes

"Dancing Shoes"
Season 1: Episode 5

Queen-of-mean. as Samantha King

Tylerisbold as Nathan Woodward

Guest Starring
John2_el_mejor as Emilio

The club where they were to go dancing was within walking distance. Keeping themselves a few paces apart, Samantha entered the bar first. An older big, black man in tight clothing that accentuated his large muscle stopped her, checking her ID. He eyed Sam carefully and she smiled, dazzling him with her beautifully, white teeth. She flirted a bit, hoping he’d let her in.

Samantha: You remind me of my dad! (She said loudly, the music in the club drowning her out)
Bouncer: (Laughs) Your very black dad, I’m guessing?
Samantha: (Laughed fully, flipping her bangs out of her eyes) He was a bouncer in his day.
Bouncer: (Handed her back her ID and strapped a neon colored bracelet on her right wrist) Alright, have a good night Claire.
Samantha: Thanks! (Nodded appreciatively, and when out of sight, checked the name on her fake ID)

Claire Watts. Nice, Samantha thought, putting the ID back into her wallet. She’d have to thank Sharon someday for such a neighborhood-friendly identity.

The music was loud and lights were flashing. Just the boom of the bass made Samantha dizzy. She had never been inside of an actual dance club before. It was something she could see herself doing every night of her life.

Nathan prodded her in the back and nodded towards the bar. She followed him and leaned against the counter. A bartender woman in tight clothing with long, dark curly hair leaned over to Nathan.

Bartender: Can I get you a drink?
Nathan: What do you want?
Samantha: Whatever you want.

Nathan turned back to the bartender and ordered two beers. He paid her and escorted Sam to a circular table next to a go-go cage where a scantily clad girl was dancing. Samantha watched her in amazement. Nathan observed her watching and laughed.

Nathan: Here. (Handed her a beer)
Samantha: Wow. From the commercials on television, you’d expect it to taste like heaven.
Nathan: Yeah, it takes some getting used to. The longer you drink, the better it gets.

They clinked glasses and took another swig. Samantha wasn’t sure if she would be able to empty hers. It was repulsive to have the foamy acid slide down her throat and hit her gut. Placing it back on the table, she continued to watch the dancer.

Samantha: I want to be a cage dancer.
Nathan: I’d love to see that. (He said laughing and grabbed her hand)

Samantha decided it was time to show this man just how good of a dancer she really was. She stood up and made to pull him onto the dance floor when another woman ran up behind him.

Woman: Hey handsome. Want to dance?

Samantha turned away, not sure if this was one of his acquaintances or not. Instead of interfering, she began to sway back and forth, getting into the rhythm of the music. It wasn’t long before she made her way into the crowd and began dancing along with the flow of everyone else. She glanced over her shoulder to look at Nathan. He had taken his partner’s hand and was leading her towards Sam. Before long, the woman was grinding up against Nathan, her hands in his hair. Samantha didn’t like the way Nathan held her by the waist.

Instead of getting jealous, Sam focused on a young Latino man who was dancing close to her. She turned to him and smiled. Without invitation, the man pulled her close and pressed against her as they danced. Although it made her uncomfortable having the stranger so close to her body, she thought that this was what Nathan wanted and continued to move up and down, turning around and shaking her backside into the man’s groin while waving her arms in the air. The man spun her around in circles and ran his fingers through her messy bangs. He laughed a couple of times, revealing a set of pearly white teeth. Samantha grabbed hold of his hands and put them behind her back. It wasn’t until the next song started that she looked around to find Nathan. Breathless, she couldn’t see him anywhere.

Man: Looking for someone?
Samantha: Thanks for the dance...(Started to walk away)
Man: How about another?
Samantha: Oh, well. I’m looking for someone.
Man: Your boyfriend?
Samantha: Um…no. Just a friend.
Man: I’m Emilio. (Shaking her hand)
Samantha: Uh, Claire. (She smiling falsely)

Out of the corner of her eye, she caught a glimpse of Nathan. She turned her head to watch him. Unconcerned with the man at her side, she frowned at the sight. The scene she witnessed was intense. The dark-haired woman Nathan was dancing with had her leg up on him and her arms wrapped around his neck. Nathan didn’t look concerned with anything except sexing his partner on the dance floor. Samantha felt her insides squirm as she watched him place his hand in her left back pocket. The look on his face was deep and interested. His eyes remained closed as the girl danced against him. Unexpectedly, Nathan looked up and saw Sam watching him. He pulled his hand out of her jeans and touched the girl on the leg. She drew back a little as Nathan whispered something in her ear. She nodded and continued dancing with another man as Nathan pushed his way through the crowd to reach Sam. Not sure how she felt about what she saw, Samantha turned away and stared into her partner’s eyes.

Samantha: Wow. It’s hot in here.
Emilio: I saw.
Samantha: Sorry.
Emilio: Who is that guy? Your boyfriend?
Samantha: I don’t know. (Her face growing hotter)
Emilio: It’s just dancing Claire. I couldn’t help but overhear you earlier. You’re interested in cage dancing?
Samantha: Yeah, actually I am. Why?
Emilio: I’m the manager of this club. Dance manager actually. You’ve got some nice moves and a good body. Interested in dancing for us?
Samantha: I’d love to! Wow, really?
Emilio: How old are you?
Samantha: Umm....Twenty-two.
Emilio: Great. Fifteen bucks an hour at the age of twenty-two. Not bad, huh? Now listen. We’ll give you a run tomorrow night. Get here around eight. We’ve got plenty of costumes for you to wear so don’t sweat it.
Nathan: (Finally reached them and tapped Sam) Hey.
Samantha: Hi. (She said simply)
Nathan: (Turned to Emilio and shook his hand) How’s it going man?
Emilio: Fabulous. So, tomorrow Claire? (He brushed Nathan off and reassured Sam and walked away)

Samantha headed towards the door with Nathan at her heels. Once they were outside and across the street from the club, Samantha finally spoke to Nathan.

Samantha: You can’t do this to me.
Nathan: Sam…
Samantha: No, I will not be treated like I am being unreasonable. What you did in there was horrible. It was abusive and insensitive! (Tears threatening to fall from her eyelashes)
Nathan: I know Samantha but what about that guy? Claire? And tomorrow?
Samantha: (Hurried back towards his apartment) Claire Watts. It’s the name on my ID.
Nathan: Ok, Claire, what about tomorrow?
Samantha: I’m going to dance.
Nathan: Dance?
Samantha: That’s what I said.
Nathan: Cage dancing?
Samantha: Yes Nathan. I’m a go-go dancer now.
Nathan: You don’t have to do this. If you’re punishing me, fine but you’re only seventeen. You can’t do this to yourself.
Samantha: A thirty-eight-year-old man can get into my pants but I can’t dance in a cage?
Nathan: Now you’re being unreasonable. I just don’t want every drunken man in the city looking at your body, okay?

Samantha took a moment to consider this but blew it off completely. Double standards were her way of life. She could pursue a relationship with a man twenty years her senior, yet she couldn’t play dress up and dance for fun?

Samantha: Listen, men look at me regardless of what I’m doing or wearing. I can take care of myself. Dancing is what I do, Nate. Why not get paid?
Nathan: Fine Sam. (He put his arm around her and held her close as they entered the elevator and walked back to his apartment)

Samantha didn’t feel like everything was fine. Nathan had turned the whole conversation around to make it seem like Samantha was the one who had dry-humped some stranger at a club. She sat on his sofa and sighed. Nathan fumbled around in the kitchen for a few minutes.

Nathan: Are you hungry?
Samantha: Yeah. (She walked over to the breakfast counter)
Nathan: Well, what do you want to eat?
Samantha: I really don’t care. I’m a cow, I can eat anything.
Nathan: Mind if I just whip up an omelet?
Samantha: Not at all.
Nathan: What do you want on it?
Samantha: Cheese. Onions. Mushrooms. Tomatoes, I don’t care! (She laughed)
Nathan: Cheese, onions, mushrooms, and sausage: sound tasty?
Samantha: Wonderful. (She walked around the counter to help him)
Nathan: (Stopped her and hugged her sweetly) I’m sorry you had to see everything you did tonight.
Samantha: We’ve only known each other for two days and we connected so instantly. What I saw tonight scared me. You looked so happy with that woman. I didn’t know if you felt the same about her.
Nathan: I’ve never met anyone and bonded as instantly as I have with you. What we have is one in a million,” He said, holding her head in his hands. Samantha nodded.
Samantha: I know. I feel the same. I’ve fallen so hard so fast that it hurt to watch her with you, holding you and touching you. I couldn’t deal with it. I can’t deal with it. I saw the expression on your face.
Nathan: It was nothing, Sam. Oh my god, I’m so sorry. (His voice getting slightly higher at the end of his sentence)

It scared the living hell out of her to witness such strong emotion coming from someone who cared so deeply about her in such a confined space of time. Samantha put a hand to her face and heaved a deep breath.

Samantha: We can’t do this. I can’t cry every time I see you. Takes the fun out of being with you. (She said, smiling through moist eyes)
Nathan: (Returned the gesture and laughed softly. He kissed her glistening eyelashes and her temples) You’re beautiful when you cry.

It smelled like Christmas to Samantha when he served them each half an omelet. Starving, she dove right in while Nathan searched through the fridge for something to drink. Sam heard glasses clinking.

Samantha: That better not be another beer.
Nathan: Nah, something better. (He produced two wine glasses and a large green bottle of crimson liquid)
Samantha: Are you trying to intoxicate me?
Nathan: No, not at all. We’re celebrating!
Samantha: For what?
Nathan: Making up for our first fight of course!
Samantha: You are so charming.

They ate their dinner together, talking and laughing. Samantha felt so at peace just eating with him that she never wanted dinner to end. It was during this time they both found out a considerable number of things about the opposite.

Nathan: You said you’re a dancer?
Samantha: Yeah, since I was four. I’m an accredited professional ballerina actually.
Nathan: Well, now I know where your flexibility comes from.
Samantha: You look like an athlete yourself. You’re a runner, aren’t you?
Nathan: Track and field, both high school and college.
Samantha: What’s your last name?” She asked when he opened his mouth to speak. She touched her mouth, excusing herself for interrupting him.
Nathan: I was wondering the same. Sorry I didn’t ask earlier. It’s Woodward. Yourself?
Samantha: King, Samantha King. (She wondered how her name would look with Woodward attached. She dreamily sighed and let her mind wander in a girlish moment. Samantha Woodward)
Nathan: Do you like it?
Samantha: (Snapped back to reality quickly) Umm...what?
Nathan: I said, did you like it? The food.
Samantha: Oh, yes. Thank you. It was just what I needed. (Handed him her plate)

Nathan rinsed the dishes and put them in the dishwasher. He leaned against the fridge and whistled softly. Samantha stretched in her seat and waited for him to do something. Finally, she stood up.

Samantha: It’s nearly eleven o’clock at night. Do you have work tomorrow?
Nathan: No, I never work on Sundays. I’m a Monday through Saturday kind of man.
Samantha: Any plans for tonight?
Nathan: Nope, can’t think of anything. (He teased her)

Samantha shrugged and walked into the living room. She stretched out across his soft, green sofa and sighed. Nathan followed, his hands in his pockets. Samantha reached for the remote and turned the television on. Nathan tapped her feet and Samantha budged so he could sit with her. She replaced her feet across his lap. As she flipped through the channels, Nathan slipped off her heels and began to massage her tired feet. Samantha giggled and poked him in the arm. Thoroughly enjoying herself, she continued flipping channels until she came across a scary movie. For this, Nathan stopped rubbing her and watched the screen. It was a violent slasher flick and every time someone was brutally murdered on TV, Samantha jumped slightly. It came to a part when Samantha didn’t think she could watch anymore and she quickly curled up next to Nathan and rested her head on his chest. He scratched her head behind her ear slyly, scaring her and causing her to jump again. Samantha laughed and hit him on the chest lightly.

Samantha: Don’t do that!
Nahtan: Boo! (Said loudly and tickled Sam furiously in the ribs)
Samantha: What? I’m beautiful when I’m scared too?

Nathan nodded and bent down to kiss her. Samantha grabbed hold of his head and kissed him all over his face. She stuck her hand on the inside of his shirt, touching his warm stomach. Nathan pulled the clip out of her long hair. He put his hands on either side of her head and wriggled his fingers. It felt great to take her hair down. Her chest heaved up and down uncontrollably and she could feel her body gravitating towards his. She closed her eyes and kissed him, wanting nothing more than to make him feel as intensely as she did. As he did earlier, Nathan scooped her up and carried her away into his bedroom, not even bothering to turn off the television.

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