August 30, 2011

Diamonds Are Forever: Dance Till You Drop


"Dance Till You Drop"
Season 1: Episode 7

ForeverGorgeous as Gem Alexander
Ruubin as Crystal Darcy
Alexcendraburke as Opal Granger
Missricopenguin as Ruby Lorenzo


Lige07 as Drake Darcy
Dog_boy96 as Maxwell Briers
MackDaddy1 as Gary Miller

Guest Starring

MadWorld as Mr. Darcy

It was the night of the dance showcase and so far Maxwell hadn't had any luck with persuading Ruby to help with the Opal situation. Many times he had tried to talk sense into the red-head but she dismissed him each time. In dance class, Opal only spoke to Crystal and Gary when necessary and continued to rehearse as much as possible. According to Drake, he had informed Opal's brother Oliver of her eating problem but the older boy had shrugged it off.

Maxwell: How could they not care? (Whispered to Gem as he looked over at Opal's family who were also sat in the audience to watch the dance performances)
Gem: It's not that they don't care. They just haven't realized. Oliver is the only one who's been told but he could just be in denial. Owen and her parents don't have a clue what's going on.
Maxwell: How could they not notice?
Gem: She must hide it very well. Maybe she eats at the table and then throws up later without them knowing.
Maxwell: Do you think we should say something to them? Opal's parents I mean.
Gem: Is it really our place?
Maxwell: Well we have to do something. I've had no luck with Ruby and that Oliver clearly isn't doing anything.
Gem: But what would we even say?

Maxwell didn't have an answer for that so both quickly fell into silence and they looked toward the stage waiting for the show to start.

In the dressing room, Opal had her eyes squeezed shut and was going over the moves in her head. Crystal and Gary watched her from afar taking in her slight frame that was accentuated by the tight leotard she wore. Gary was shocked at the realization on how thin she had gotten. Not wanting to no longer look at Opal practice, Crystal turned back to the mirror and slid another bobby pin into her hair. They heard applause from the hall as the show started and the first dance group went on.

Crystal: Are you feeling nervous Opal? (Trying to make conversation)
Opal: I don't get nervous.
Crystal: Lucky you. I'm so scared I'm going to mess up and fall on my face.
Gary: Don't worry you'll be fine. (Assured her as he stood between both girls and draped an arm over both their shoulders) And if you do fall Opal and I will still applaud you, isn't that right?
Opal: I guess.

The sound of applause met their ears again and the first group returned as the second group left to the stage.

Gary: We're on after them.
Opal: I think I might be sick.
Crystal: You just said you weren't nervous.
Opal: I wasn't then. (Starting to sound a little hysterical) But I am now, what if I mess up like last time? Oli and Owen will never let me live it down.
Crystal: To hell with your brothers. Who cares what they think, they're both a pair of idiots.
Gary: Here, just have some water. (Handed her his bottle) It'll make you feel better.
Opal: (Snatched the water bottle out of his hand and drank a large gulp) Ok, I can do this.
Gary: Of course you can. We'll go out there and wow that audience. It'll be fun.
Crystal: Group hug? (Holding out her arms)

The trio gave each other a group hug and smiled. Applause filled the room again and they knew it was their turn. They took their positions and the curtain went up. The music began to play and the three launched into their dance routine. All was going well until half way through the dance Opal felt the room spin and unable to steady herself fell head first off the stage. The hall was filled with screams and Opal's parents were rushing up to their daughter as the teachers tried to restore calm over the audience. Crystal and Gary had hopped off the stage and were at their friend's side.

Crystal: She's bleeding! (She gasped frantically as she saw the blood seeping from Opal's head)
Drake: Come on Crystal move back. (He told her softly as he left his seat to pull his step-sister out of the way)
Crystal: Is she going to be ok? (Asked anxiously as she tried to look over people's shoulders and see what was happening to Opal)
Drake: She'll be fine, just move out of the way.
Mr. Darcy: Crystal honey are you alright?
Crystal: I'm not the one who's just fallen off the stage dad. (She unconsciously hugged Drake close for comfort)
Gem: What's happening? (She and Maxwell joined Crystal and her family)
Crystal: She hurt her head. She was bleeding. Where's Gary?
Maxwell: He's over there? (Pointing across the hall where Gary seemed to be having a quiet argument with Ruby)
Gem: I think we should intervene.
Maxwell: Right.

Maxwell and Gem fought their way through the crowd to get to Ruby and Gary. Crystal would have followed but she seemed to have lost the ability to walk so she merely clung tighter to Drake. Mr. Darcy and Gwyneth made their way out to the parking lot as Drake took Crystal to the dressing room to retrieve her things.

Drake: Hey, she's going to be ok. (He assured her as he picked up her clothes bag) It's just a bump to the head and an ambulance is on its way.
Crystal: I shouldn't have let her dance.
Drake: Hey, don't talk like that. This is just an accident. No-one's to blame. Now come on, mom and dad are waiting. (He slung Crystal's bag over his shoulder and made for the door but paused when she didn't follow) Crystal?
Crystal: Sorry. Walking suddenly seems a lot harder than it used to be.
Drake: (Smiling gently at her, he moved back across the room and picked her up in his arms and carried her out of the school) By the way. You were dancing really well up there tonight.
Crystal: Thanks. (Blushed slightly)

Back in the hall, the teachers had managed to get most people to leave. By the time the paramedics arrived only Opal's family, Gem, Max, Gary, Ruby and a few teachers remained.

Maxwell: We need to tell her parents!
Ruby: I don't think it's a really good time right now do you? (Told him angrily)
Gem: Will both of you just calm down.
Ruby & Maxwell: No! (Both shouted together)
Ms. Jarvis: I think the four of you should to leave.
Gary: Opal's going to be ok isn't she? (He looked over at Opal as she was led out on a stretcher with her family following after her)
Ms. Jarvis: She may have a concussion but I'm sure she'll be fine. (Ushering them all out)
Ruby: I'm going to the hospital.
Gem: Well in that case I'm coming too.
Ruby: No your not.
Gem: I'm her friend too Ruby, I have just as much of a right to be there as you do.
Ruby: Ha! Her friend? You haven't even spoken to her for the past week.
Gem: I'm still going to the hospital!
Ruby: Whatever. But if you even think about saying anything to her parents I'll see to it that you end up unconscious on a hospital bed!

The girls stormed off side by side leaving both Maxwell and Gary behind them.

Gary: Should we follow them?
Maxwell: I'd rather not. I don't really like hospitals. Besides, I don't really know Opal well enough to be visiting her.
Gary: I meant should we follow them so that they don't kill each other.
Maxwell: Once again I'd rather not. If they do end up tearing each other's hair out I definitely don't want to be in the middle of it.
Gary: True.

By the time Ruby and Gem had made it to the hospital it was dark outside and visiting hours were over. However, with a few false tears and a heart-melting smile Ruby managed to get them access to Opal's room. Her mother was still there by her bedside but her father and her two brothers had gone home.

Gem: Good evening Mrs. Granger. (She said politely as she and Ruby stepped into the room) How is she doing?
Mrs. Granger: She's sleeping. (Stroked the back of Opal's hand)
Gem: How long do they plan to keep her here for?
Mrs. Granger: A day or two. Just to be on the safe side. I wish I understood what made her fall.
Gem: (Opened her mouth to say something but closed it again at Ruby's mutinous glare)
Ruby: I'm sure she just lost her balance.
Mrs. Granger: Yes, I'm sure that's right. It's just an accident, nothing to worry about.

Later on, Gem's dad came to pick both girl's up. They dropped Ruby off and she made her way up the empty drive and then into her equally empty house. Switching on the living-room lights, Ruby made her way over to the phone and ordered herself Chinese take-out. She then seated herself on the couch and flicked on the T.V. She was watching a boring game show when the doorbell finally rang. Grabbing her purse she went to answer the door but found herself facing Maxwell rather than a delivery man.

Ruby: What are you doing here?
Maxwell: I'm not really sure. I just thought you might like some company.
Ruby: Well you thought wrong. Goodnight. (She slammed the door in his face and returned to the sofa)

He kept knocking for a good ten minutes before giving up and leaving. It was only when the persistent knocking had stopped that Ruby realized how lonely she actually felt. During a commercial break the doorbell rang again. Smiling she leapt up and rushed to answer it only for her heart to sink in her chest when it was not Maxwell but the delivery man with her Chinese food. Although she'd been starving just minutes before, her appetite had died. Sighing, she stored the food in the fridge and headed upstairs for a quick shower and then bed.

She fell asleep the moment her head hit the pillow but woke up in the early hours of the morning feeling a little shaken up after a disturbing dream. Dealing with her problem in the only way she knew how, Ruby reached into her bedside door and pulled out her special silver friend. Kicking off her pajama bottoms, she idly traced the patterns of her old scars before giving in to the voices in her head and creating fresh cuts. She smiled to herself as she watched the ruby-red rivers journey out of her skin.


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