October 10, 2012

Diamonds Are Forever: Cookie Crumbs

"Cookie Crumbs"
Season 2: Episode 2

Alexcendraburke as Opal Granger

MackDaddy1 as Gary Miller

Her eyes watered with tears, her throat burned and her knees hurt from being on the bathroom floor so long with her head in the toilet bowl.

Oliver: Opal? Opal, open the door.
Opal: Leave me alone. (Spoke weakly)
Oliver: Opal please. Just open the door so I can see that you're ok.
Opal: I'm fine. (Used the sink to pull herself to her feet and began washing her face)
Oliver: Opal, you're scaring me now. Just let me in.

Opal dragged her feet across the bathroom and opened the door. Oliver looked down at her through worried eyes. He couldn't contain the gasp that escaped him when he saw her disheveled appearance. Her colored skin was sweaty and stretched across her bones, her black curls hung feebly around her face as if they were dead and dark bags circled her eyes. Everything about Opal seemed weak and fragile.

Oliver: Come on sis, We'll go downstairs and I'll make you something to eat, anything you like.
Opal: I'm not hungry.

Opal tried to push him out of the way but she was far too weak and he had to catch her as she fell. A lump formed in his throat when he felt how scary light she was. She managed to support her own weight and walked back to her bedroom using the walls for support when she got dizzy. Once in her own room she locked the door and crawled back into bed.

Oliver: Fuck! (Ran down the stairs) Mom! Dad!!
Mr. Granger: What's wrong son?
Oliver: Opal's really sick.
Mrs. Granger: Does she have a cold? I'll make her some chicken soup.
Oliver: Not that kind of sick. Mom.....she's has an eating disorder.
Mrs. Granger: What? Don't be ridiculous. She just ate her lunch not so long ago.
Oliver: And then she went and threw it up.
Mrs. Granger: Oh my poor little girl, she must have a stomach bug. Medicine, I'll get her some medicine. Medicine makes everything better. Let me go see what I can find in the medicine cabinet.
Oliver: Dad? You believe me don't you?
Mr. Granger: I...I thought she was just exercising too much. All the swimming, running and dancing. I thought she was just going through a fitness phase. I thought that was the reason for her weight loss.
Oliver: You noticed? Then why the hell didn't you do something?
Mr. Granger: I convinced myself it was all the exercise. I watched her at meal times and she'd eat her food so I saw no reason to worry. I told myself there couldn't be anything wrong with her if she was eating. I should have seen the weight loss for what it truly was but I didn't. I guess I didn't want to believe the truth. I've failed her as a parent.
Oliver: And I've failed her as a brother. But now we have to help her.
Mr. Granger: I don't know what to do.
Oliver: What? Dad, you have to know. You and mom know the answers to everything, that's why you're the parents. You can solve anything. You have to.
Mr. Granger: I'm sorry son. I'll go talk to your mother.
Oliver: But what about Opal?
Mr. Granger: Oliver, please....let me go calm you mom down.
Oliver: What the fuck! Owen!
Owen: What? What happen?
Oliver: We have to help Opal.We have to do something and we have to so something now.
Owen: Like what? She won't listen to us.
Oliver: This is too much I don't know how to handle this.
Owen: Well I don't know how to handle this either.
Oliver: I'll get her some food. I'll force it down her throat if I have to.
Owen: You already tried that. And that didn't help. But she'd been eating little portions of food the past few days. Maybe she's getting better.
Oliver: She's not getting better O, she's getting worse. Haven't you seen the state of her? She's just skin and bones. Anything she eats she pukes right back up. Now what are we going to do?
Owen: I've already told you I don't know. (Stormed off)
Oliver: Ahh!! (Walk towards Opal's bedroom with his back against the door) Opal, can you hear me sis?
Opal: Go away.
Oliver: Don't be like that. Come on sis, come and sit with your big bro.
Opal: (Groaned as she rolled over in her bed feeling weak and tired)
Oliver: Opal please, just let me help you.

Letting out a small whimper Opal used all of her strength to get herself out of bed. She looked at herself in the mirror hating the image she saw. Turning away from her repulsive reflection she went to her dresser and pulled out some sweatpants, jacket and top. She changed into the clean clothes and tied her shoes before tying her hair back in a loose ponytail. Opening the door she briefly looked down at her brother before stepping past him and heading downstairs keeping a firm hold on the banister.

Oliver: Good you're out. How about some food?
Opal: No thank you. I'm going for a run.
Oliver: Opal...
Mr. Granger: Let her go Oliver. (Close the door as Opal left)
Oliver: What did you do that for?!
Mr. Granger: Forcing her to eat isn't going to help. We're going to need professional help for this. I've made some phone calls. A specialist will be coming round to speak to Opal on Tuesday afternoon.
Oliver: But that's three days away.
Mr. Granger: It was the earliest appointment I could arrange.

Oliver stormed out of the house. Mr. Granger sighed before sitting down with his wife in the living-room wondering where each of his three children had stormed off to.

Opal was running at a very slow speed and was beginning to feel dizzy. She stopped at a bench on the edge of a large field and sat down as she tried to get her breath back. She placed her head between her knees waiting for her vision to become clear. When the scene around her stopped spinning in a blur of color she sat up straight and looked out over the field.

Many families were taking advantage of the sunny day and were having a picnic on the field. Her stomach rumbled loudly and she unconsciously licked her lips as she watched a young boy bite into a sandwich.

Opal: No, I'm not hungry. I don't want food. Food is the enemy. Food makes me fat.

Opal jumped slightly as a football hit the bench beside her. A tall man apologized as he came to collect the ball with a little boy, presumably his son, following behind him.

Little boy: Daddy. That girl looks like a skeleton.
Man: Sssh Dillon, you shouldn't say things like that.

Feeling uncomfortable Opal stood up and began walking across the field in the opposite direction of Dillon and his dad. As she walked, she wasn't paying attention to where she was going and she stood in a slight dip in the field and fell over.

Voice: Hey, Opal are you ok?
Opal: I'm fine. (Turned her head to see Gary holding her upright) You can let go now.
Gary: Right, sorry. So where are you going?
Opal: Anywhere but home. (Looked over Gary's shoulder seeing a group of people sat on a blanket with a picnic basket) Is that your family?
Gary: Oh yeah, come on I'll introduce you. (Taking her hand and leading her over) Opal this is my mom and dad, my Aunt Joy and Uncle Ray and this is my little cousin Maggie.
Maggie: Hewwo Opaw.
Opal: Um hi.
Gary: Would you'd like to join us Opal.
Opal: Oh no, I should probably get going.
Maggie: Cookie. (Offering her the half eaten cookie in her pudgy little hand)

Opal looked helplessly at Gary who only smiled at her before reluctantly accepting the cookie from the little girl's hand.

Opal: Thanks Maggie. It was nice meeting you all. I'll see you at school Gary.

She continued slowly walking away with the cookie held tightly in her hand.

September 19, 2012

Diamonds Are Forever: Sandy Beach

"Sandy Beach"
Season 2: Episode 1

ForeverGorgeous as Gem Alexander
Ruubin as Crystal Darcy

Lige07 as Drake Darcy

Stepping out of Ruby's house, Gem began walking towards Crystal house in a daze of what she discovered. Taking a deep breath, she made her way up the Darcy's garden path and knocked on the door.

Gwyneth: Oh, hello Gem. Crystal just went to her bedroom to put away her school bag.
Gem: Thank you Mrs. Darcy. (She walked towards Crystal's bedroom)
Crystal: Gem, what are you doing here?
Gem: I've found out Ruby's problem.
Drake: What is it? (Step inside and placed his guitar down by the doorway)
Crystal: Drake, this doesn't concern you.
Gem: Crystal, just leave him alone, not the time for you guys to start fighting.
Crystal: Sorry, so whats Ruby's problem?
Gem: She's been cutting herself.
Crystal: (Eyes widened) Are....are you sure?
Gem: I'm positive.
Drake: This is really serious.
Crystal: But how did you find out? Did she tell you?
Gem: Of course she didn't tell me. I was in her bedroom on her computer. I know I had no right to look through her things but my curiosity got the best of me. I found a folder full of poetry all about cutting. I only read a few but I'm positive they're about Ruby and not something she just made up.'
Drake: Wait, when were you in her room?
Gem: I went to her house instead of going to math class. I let my self in with the spare key.
Crystal: But what about your dentist appointment?
Gem: There was no dentist appointment Crystal.
Drake: Why were you skipping class?
Gem: This isn't about me right now; I came here to talk about Ruby.
Crystal: I've never seen any marks. On her arms I mean, I've never seen any cuts or scars. Maybe the poems are just stuff she's made up.
Gem: Have you ever seen her legs though? Think about it, she always changes in the toilet stall when we have gym, she never wears shorts, skirts or dresses unless she has leggings underneath.
Crystal: But what would make Ruby want to hurt herself?
Drake: It could be anything. Maybe she just wants attention.
Gem: I don't think this is attention seeking. Not with the lengths she's gone to to hide it from everyone. This is something...I don't know...it's an inner scream I guess. Something or someone is bothering her and cutting is her way of coping with it.
Drake: It's not a great way of coping if you ask me.
Crystal: Well neither is starving yourself, like Opal.
Gem: What a messed up group of friend we are, huh?
Drake: So what's the problem with you two then?
Gem: My problem really isn't any of your business.
Drake: Crystal?
Crystal: I'm not telling you Drake.  So what are we going to do about Ruby and Opal?
Drake: Don't change the subject! Tell me what's wrong Crystal, and tell me now!!
Crystal: No! Just drop it Drake! Please get out of my room!
Drake: Fine, but I'll find out soon Crystal.
Gem: (Sat down on Crystal's bed) Do you want to talk about it? Your problem I mean.
Crystal: You can tell me yours if you like. I promise I won't tell the others.
Gem: I never want to talk about it. Not now and not ever. Speaking about it would just make it seem more real. If I stay silent, then maybe I can pretend it's just a bad nightmare.
Crystal: Why are we all like this?
Gem: What do you mean?
Crystal: Why do we keep these important things from each other? Why haven't we done anything to help one another before? Why is our friendship based on not addressing the important issues?
Gem: I don't know. I guess we just have a friendship of convenience. We all have problems that we'd sooner ignore so we hang around together because we have this I won't ask if you don't agreement. But now that's been broken and everything's messed up and even more complicated.
Crystal: Do you think we'll ever be able to help Ruby and Opal?
Gem: I honestly don't know. I think Opal is going to need the support of her family to get through this. As for Ruby, well I think maybe Max is the only one with any hope of getting through to her. If he isn't able to help I don't think anyone can.
Crystal: Are you going to tell Max then?
Gem: Don't think we really have a choice.
Crystal: Yeah...
Gem: I should get home. I'll see you tomorrow.

Crystal walked her to the door and waved goodbye. Gem quickly walked to her house located a few doors down. She fit the key in her lock and let herself in calling out to her parents to let them know she was home.

Mrs. Alexander: Gem, where on earth have you been?
Gem: I've been at Crystal's. Go ahead and ask if you don't believe me. 
Mr. Alexander: And where were you when you were supposed to be in Mr. Rogers' math class?
Gem: I...um...I have homework. (Turned around and tried to make a quick escape) 
Mr. Alexander: Sit down young lady!
Mrs. Alexander: Mr. Rogers' phoned us a few minutes before you came in. He told us you were absent from his class this afternoon.What do you have to say for yourself?
Gem: I just...there was something important I needed to do.
Mrs. Alexander: And what could possibly be more important than your education?
Gem: It doesn't matter ok, just forget about it.
Mr. Alexander: Gem, this isn't at all like you. Now where were you this afternoon, and no lies?
Gem: I was at Ruby's.
Mrs. Alexander: Where were you really?
Gem: I told you, I was at Ruby's. I'm telling the truth.
Mr. Alexander: Now come on Gem, tell us the truth now.
Gem: I really was at Ruby's dad. I let myself into her house with the spare key, I know it was wrong but I did it and I'm sorry.
Mrs. Alexander: Gem Theresa Alexander, you can't just let yourself into other people's houses!
Gem: I said I'm sorry. It won't happen again.
Mr. Alexander: Are you struggling with your math? Is that why you skipped class?
Gem: What? No I...I just needed a break ok.
Mrs. Alexander: Well in future, organize your need for breaks outside of school hours.
Mr. Alexander: Gem honey, be honest with me now. If you are struggling in class it's ok, you don't have to be ashamed. I'm sure Mr. Rogers' will be more than willing to tutor you after school. I could call him now and arrange it if you like.
Gem: No! My math's is fine alright, just stay out of my business!
Mrs. Alexander: Don't raise your voice at us young lady!
Mr. Alexander: Everybody just calm down. Gem, if you aren't having problems in class why did you skipped this afternoon? Are you being bullied?
Mrs. Alexander: Of course she's not being bullied. Everybody loves our Gem.
Gem: Yeah, some people love me too much. (She whispered)
Mr. Alexander: What did you say?
Gem: Nothing. I'm sorry I missed class today, it won't happen again. Can I go to my room now?
Mr. Alexander: You still haven't told us why you ran out of school.
Gem: I didn't run, I walked.
Mrs. Alexander: Don't get sarcastic with your father.
Mr. Alexander: Gem, you can tell us anything, you know that don't you?
Gem: Well maybe I don't want to tell you every personal detail of my life, have you ever considered that? (Got up and stormed up the stairs to her bedroom)

Much to Gem's annoyance, Max was absent from school over the next few days so she hadn't been able to tell him about Ruby's problem. Crystal and Gem had shared a few whispered conversations about the Ruby's welfare but both decided it would be better to wait until Max was up to speed with her situation.

Oliver and Owen continued to sit with them at lunch. Fortunately, no more arguments had broken out between the siblings and to everyone's relief Opal was beginning to eat a little more every day; not as much as they'd have liked but still more than she had eaten for a long while.

At the end of the school week poor Gem once again found herself trapped in Mr. Rogers' classroom. As he stalked towards her she tried to make a run for it but he yanked her back by a fistful of her hair and slammed her against the wall placing his hand over her mouth so she couldn't scream.

Mr. Rogers: Now Gem, be a good girl and do what I say or I'll invite one of those friends of yours to stay behind after class. You don't want that now do you?
Gem: (Frighten, she shook her head refusing to give him the satisfaction of seeing her cry)
Mr. Rogers: That's my good girl. (Brushed aside a strand of her hair in a way that was almost affectionate)

A second later, Gem let out a gasp of surprise as she was forced onto her back on the teacher's desk. She closed her eyes as his hands fiddled with her belt before unzipping her jeans and tugging them down her legs along with her underwear. As the vile creature above her dirtied her once more, Gem kept her eyes tight shut trying to pretend that his moans and grunts were the sound of the sea and his breath ghosting over her face was nothing more than a light breeze as she lay down not on a desk but a sandy beach.

Of course, pretending she was somewhere else didn't help her situation at all and the truth was evident from the ache between her legs that throbbed with every step she took on her journey home.

***Hey guys, hope you all enjoyed this episode. I might no longer be a part of Stardoll, but I still love storytelling. Out of all the blogs I gave away and deleted, I kept this one only, because I love sharing these stories and I want to complete them as well. Especially DAF, this story really hits close to home with me, I wrote it when I was sixteen and coming out of a really dark place, Ruby's character was inspired by my own demons. Translating the chapters into 'episodes' really doesn't give the story that much justice, but for right now I'm more comfortable with this format. That being said, I don't have a exact set schedule on how the episodes will be released. I may post them once a week, or all of them in one week. Haha, I don't really know. In the story itself, there are 26 chapters, but when I trun them into episodes I sometimes merge a couple chapters, so I don't know exactly how many episodes there will be in the complete series, but there will be a total of 3 seasons  for sure. Hopefully the series is completed by the end of the year, maybe even earlier I will only be  focausing on this show, and once this is done, then I'll move on to finishing Samantha King, which was originally a 40 chapter story to begin with. Agian, hope you guys enjoy this. Really would love to hear your feedback.

February 05, 2012

Samantha King: Just Beginning

"Just Beginning"
Season 2: Episode 2


Queen-of-mean. as Samantha King

Tylerisbold as Nathan Woodward
Welsh_Witch as Ellen Fray
.SAMtheMAN. as James Fray

The following morning, Samantha woke up to find several different people standing around her bed. Her parents and Dr. Patel were talking about her plans for the day while a male nurse withdrew her IV and bandaged her elbow. She looked around and saw that not only had her parents visited her, Nathan was also standing in the doorway. Samantha noticed her parents were oblivious of his appearance. She tried to shoo him away but Dr. Patel glanced in her direction while she did this. Involuntarily, he turned his head to the door and her parents did as well. Nathan froze and smiled uncertainly.

Ellen: Can we help you?
Nathan: (Opened his mouth to speak)
Samantha: (Interrupted Nathan) Mom, this is a friend of mine. He came to see me.

Ellen looked at Jay and then to Dr. Patel. Samantha knew that the doctor could assume he was the father of her child yet she was unsure of whether or not her parents were informed.

Dr. Patel: Why don’t we take this discussion outside while she has a visitor? (Led Ellen & James out the door)
Nathan: (Walks towards Samantha) Wow, I didn’t even think about seeing them.
Samantha: I know. Sorry.
Nathan: (Hugs her) Here, I brought you this. (Hands her the ring)
Samantha: Thanks. (Slipped it on her hand and turned the diamond side down so that only the gold band showed) Well....I think I’m going home today.
Nathan: Good Sam. That’s really good to hear. (Glanced around the room, uneasy and jittery)
Samantha: Are you scared?
Nathan: Yes.
Samantha: Why? What’s to be scared of?
Nathan: Everything! Having a baby is a big deal. Aren’t you scared?
Samantha: Does it really matter? I can’t avoid it.
Nathan: You haven’t considered abortion?
Samantha: Yes. But who can deny the joy of a newborn baby when the sun is shining so serenely? When the ocean carries waves to the shore so naturally? I won’t deny anyone the chance to experience such simple love and happiness. I’m not going to have an abortion Nathan.
Nathan: The day that child is born is the day your life practically ends. Don’t you want time to grow and live before having to take on the responsibility of another?
Samantha: I don’t expect you to understand how I feel about being a mother just as I don’t ever expect you to understand why I nearly died trying to perfect my body. It just seems right at the moment, even if it might be the wrong answer. Maybe having a baby is going to...

She glimpsed something out of the corner of her eye and glanced at the door to see her mother standing there, listening to what she said. Samantha knew she was caught. It was like a jolt of electricity surged through her body. Nathan looked over his shoulder and saw Ellen, glaring furiously at the pair of them.

Ellen: What did you say? (She walked over to the couple slowly, her blood boiling)
Samantha: (Sat up straighter in her bed and shook her head, as if denying she said anything)
James: (Put his hand on Ellen’s shoulder, accompanying her expression of fury with his own look of malice and disgrace)
Samantha: It’s nothing.
Ellen: The hell it isn’t! You’re pregnant!!
Nathan: (Stood up firmly and looked Ellen in the eyes) Mrs. King…
Ellen: It’s Fray, not King! And you better not tell me this is your fault!
Nathan: Look, I take full responsibility for Sam and.....
James: (Cursed under his breath before swinging a blow to Nathan’s cheek)
Nathan: (Stumbled backwards, leaning against the hospital bed for support)
Samantha: (Held on to Nathan’s arm and tried to ease him up) Please!! Don’t hit him!
Ellen: Look what you’ve done! You’ve messed with my daughter’s head, making her believe stupid ideas! Did she tell you she tried to kill herself?
Samantha: Mother!
Ellen: What kind of asshole does something like this to a child, you stupid son of a bitch!

Dr. Patel tried to silence her by having his nurses usher her outside but James protested by yelling for them to get their hands off his wife. The disturbance in the hospital room was so great that security had to come and escort the adults out of the room. Samantha got out of her bed, pulled on her robe, and followed hurriedly.

Outside the hospital, in the smoking area, they continued to yell and scream at one another. Samantha tried to reason with them, all the while defending Nathan. It surprised her greatly that Nathan did nothing to degrade or embarrass her parents other than explaining what the situation was in a raised voice. James shouted in his face, shoving him in the chest from time to time, but Nathan never retaliated. The fiasco ended with Ellen sobbing in her husband’s arm while he continued to swear at the Samantha & Nathan.

James: You’re a goddamn liar Samantha! That’s all we ever hear from you, isn’t it? Fucking lies!
Samantha: (Shook her head, trying to conceal her hurt and embarrassment. She grabbed Nathan’s arm and held him close to her) I’m not lying anymore! What don’t you understand? I love him!
Ellen: You love him? He’s a pedophile, a child molester, and a rapist! He doesn’t love you! Someone like that doesn’t love, Samantha. They’re selfish and they steal. He’s stolen your innocence and life and common sense!
Samantha: I’m not delusional! I can think and live for myself. It’s…
James: That’s absolutely right! You can pack up your shit and leave tonight. We don’t need any of your recklessness hanging around our house anymore!
Samantha: (Speechless) You can’t do this. Mom…
Ellen: You turned your back on us. What did you expect?
Samantha: (Gulped air, as though suffocating) Not this. I need you, Mom. You can’t leave me now!
Ellen: We didn’t choose this for you! Don’t try to make us feel guilty. You are a shame and a disgrace to this family. We didn’t raise you to turn into some kind of child prostitute!
Nathan: (Wrapped his arms around Samantha) We can work this out, Mrs. Fray.
Ellen: Don’t speak to me, either of you. I don’t care what happens now. Don’t call, don’t write, don’t visit. I don’t care if your bastard child is born. You are finished with us!
(Rearranged her purse on her shoulder vicariously and walked towards the car)
James: (Followed Ellen and didn’t look at Samantha even when touched his arm)
Samantha: Wait! Don’t leave me! Please! (Ran alongside their car as they sped out of the parking lot)

Nathan caught her by the arms to stop her from running out into the busy traffic outside of the hospital. She tried to fight him off, crying and cursing frantically but Nathan dragged her back to the entrance. Samantha threw herself to the ground and sobbed into her bathrobe. Nathan, looking both remorseful and distraught, tried to comfort her but was rejected.

Samantha: No, don’t even bother! Just leave me alone. I’m not even going to stop you this time!
Nathan: C’mon Sam. Let’s go home.
Samantha: I don’t have a home anymore! And I sure as hell don’t want yours! (Stood up and scuttled quickly through the hospital entrance and caught the elevator back up to her room. She tore off her hospital gown and changed into the clothes her parents brought)
Dr. Patel: Samantha, we can’t just let you leave. You haven’t been withdrawn yet.
Samantha: Well doctor, you can just send me the bill or sue me. Your choice.

Samantha stormed out of the room and Nathan chase right behind her. Inside the elevator, he tried to speak civilly to her but Samantha had nothing but swears and curses to retort. It was when she reached the parking lot that she remembered she had neither a car nor money for a bus. Nathan unlocked the doors to his car and Samantha angrily got in and they drove straight to her parents’ house.

Samantha entered the garage and took two large duffel bags with her into the house. Ellen and James watched her stampede to her room and begin shoving all of her possessions into bags. It did not take longer than half an hour for Samantha to collect her clothing and bathroom necessities. She zipped up her bags and ran them out to the car. When she returned, she looked around the old bedroom and sighed. Many of her things, including a television set and a dressing table, would be left behind because she found them to be both unwieldy and unconventional for her survival. It only crossed her mind at the last minute that it would be very useful to keep the bed. Mustering courage, she approached Ellen.

Samantha: Can I take the bed?
Ellen: No, it stays.
Samantha: I need somewhere to sleep. A mother-to-be can’t just sleep on the couch her whole pregnancy.
Ellen: Well, you should have thought of that before getting into this mess.
Samantha: You never gave me the chance to explain.
Ellen: I’m not interested in hearing anymore. If you’re finished, please leave.
Samantha: I’m moving my bank account. May I have my college fund at least?
Ellen: If that’s what it will take to be rid of you, then fine!
Samantha: Stop being so cruel. I made a mistake, Mom. One mistake! Just hold me! I need you now! (Stepping forward and hugging her mother)
Ellen: (Stood still and patted Samantha’s head softly) Not today, Sam. I can’t forgive you today or tomorrow. Probably not next week or next month. You’ve broken my heart. I worked to give you a wonderful life and this is how you repay me? (Holding Samantha’s face in her hands)
Samantha: (Lapsed back into tears)
Ellen: (Dropped her hands) Go.
Samantha: (Nodded and walked away and got into Nathan’s car)
Nathan: (Drove slowly away)
Samantha: (Touched his arm quickly) I have to go to the bank. I’m withdrawing my life savings and college fund.

Nathan turned headed towards town. Once they approached the bank, Samantha pulled her bankcard and identification out of her wallet. Within fifteen minutes, she returned to the car looking frustrated.

Nathan: What happened?
Samantha: I can’t touch my money for three days. It’s too big of a withdrawal.
Nathan: So, what are you going to do?
Samantha: I’ll just have to have it transferred electronically to another bank.
Nathan: It’ll be alright. Money’s safe at my bank.
Samantha: I’m not transferring to your bank, Nathan. I’m leaving. Tonight.
Nathan: (Raised his eyebrows) Oh yeah? And where are you going to go?
Samantha: I don’t know yet, but I’ve got enough to leave this damn town.
Nathan: This is stupid. I’m taking you back home with me.
Samantha: I can take care of myself. It has to be me this time. I’ve realized that all of this trouble I’ve gotten us into is because I rely on you to save me.
Nathan: This is not the time for you to start thinking about becoming independent! What about getting over your eating disorder? Changing the scenery isn’t going to change the problem. Right now you need to be taken care of by someone else.
Samantha: I’ve already made up my mind, Nate.
Nathan: Aren’t we starting a life together? I thought that’s what you wanted.
Samantha: No, it’s not. Maybe before I got knocked up or maybe before I started starving myself; that was what I wanted but it’s not anymore.

Nathan continued to argue with her but drove to the bus station anyway. He stood waiting outside of his car as Samantha went inside to buy a bus ticket. When she returned for her bags, he handed her a check.

Samantha: Nate...
: Please. Take it. (Put's check in her hand)
Samantha: (Looked into his eyes and sighed) My bus leaves in fifteenth minutes.

As the minutes ticked, Samantha stroked Nathan's face. Nathan closed his eyes as he pulled her close to his warm body. When he kissed her mouth, Samantha noticed his cheeks were damp. Nathan was crying soundlessly. Sam wiped his tears away.

Samantha: I’ll call and I’ll write. When things settle down, maybe I’ll come home. This isn’t permanent.
Nathan: Let me know when you find somewhere to stay. (Kissed the top of her head)
Samantha: I’ll keep in touch, I promise.

She kissed him one last time, slipping the ring he had given her in his hand. Using all her strength, she hoisted up her two bags and got into the boarding line. Nathan watched her only briefly before leaving the station. It wasn’t until a few minutes later, when Samantha was having her luggage weighed and boarded, that she realized her journey to self-discovery was just beginning.

January 29, 2012

Samantha King: Good Days

"Good Days"
Season 2: Episode 1


Queen-of-mean. as Samantha King

Tylerisbold as Nathan Woodward
Welsh_Witch as Ellen Fray
.SAMtheMAN. as James Fray

Samantha whimpered, her face turning slightly yellow as the news of her shocking pregnancy circulated in her head.

Samantha: No, that’s not possible. Oh my god, no.
Dr. Patel: Are you sexually active, Sam?
Samantha: I was...
Dr. Patel: Do you take any kind of birth control?
Samantha: My boyfriend took me to a friend and he gave me some kind of shot. It worked though. I haven’t had periods since taking it.
Dr. Patel: Do you remember the name of this shot?
Samantha: Um...not really.
Dr. Patel: Samantha, shots like those don’t always work for everyone. It’s like any other birth control yes but it’s not given regularly so they don’t always work. Did your partner use any other contraceptives? Condoms?
Samantha: I think maybe twice. It wasn’t a big concern because I had taken the shot.
Dr. Patel: Well, I know you’re surprised but you are indeed pregnant and that is why you must get your eating habits under control. Samantha, your negligence to proper nutrition could cause your baby to be born with a defective heart or a disease. There’s also a good chance you can have a miscarriage if you continue to starve yourself.
Samantha: If I knew I was pregnant, things would have been different! I wouldn’t have screwed up my life! What am I going to do? (Wiping her eyes)
Dr. Patel: For right now, we’re going to keep you overnight again. Tomorrow morning I’ll check back in with you and see how you’re getting along. I’m going to prescribe a low-dose anti-anxiety medication. Just get some rest and I’ll see you in the morning, okay? (Get's up and shakes her hand)
Samantha: (Holds on to his arm for a second longer) Please don’t tell my parents. Anything. I’m legally an adult and if it’s possible, I choose to keep this private.
Dr. Patel: That is the policy but I would strongly recommend you inform them of your pregnancy and eating disorder. Parents can help when it comes to recovery.
Samantha: Obviously, sir, you haven’t gotten to know my mother.

Dr. Patel nodded indifferently and left the room. Samantha sighed and sank deeper into her bed. She needed rest. Her head throbbed and sleep was all she could think about. Though it pained her to think about Nathan, she couldn’t help but touch her stomach and grin sadly. It amazed her to think that another being was growing inside of her. Samantha looked up jerkily as her parents came back into the room.

Samantha: Mom, I’m fine. You two need to go home and relax.
Ellen: (Hugs Samantha)
James: (Kissed Samantha on the top of the head) Goodnight.

Without saying anything, they left her alone and went home for the night. Samantha stayed awake to debate whether or not to call Nathan. She needed him more than her parents and it was more his concern than theirs anyway. Sam checked the clock and saw it was nearly one in the morning. Sighing, she reached up and grabbed the phone hanging above her bed. Dialing his number quickly, she listened silently for him to pick up. It rang and rang. Finally, there was an answer.

Nathan: Hello? (Tired voice)
Samantha: Nathan. It’s me.
Nathan: Sam? Hey...
Samantha: I need to see you.
Nathan: Samantha, its one in the morning. I can’t just leave Peter alone in the house.
Samantha: Well, bring him with you. I need you right now.
Nathan: Is everything alright?
Samantha: No, I’m in the hospital. Please come.
Nathan: Which hospital?
Samantha: North Medical. I’m in room 208.
Nathan: I'll be there as soon as possible.

Samantha placed the phone back on the hook. She turned on her television set and waited for him. As she waited, the anticipation made her feel sick. She didn’t know how to tell him her news or how he planned on reacting. It made her ill to think negatively. Her worst fear would be for Nathan to reject her completely and walk out of her life for good. These thoughts vanished the instant he came gliding through the door with Peter at his side.

Nathan: Samantha. (He breathed, walking up to her bed)
Samantha: (Sat up a little and smiled at him gently)
Nathan: (Leaned over and kissed her forehead)
Samantha: I’m sorry it’s so late.
Nathan: It’s fine. What’s happened to you? (Pulled up the chair next to her bed)
Samantha: You can sit up here with me Peter. (She patted her bed and Peter crawled up next to her)
Nathan: You look horrible. It’s like looking at death, Samantha.
Samantha: I know, Nate. Don’t rub it in.
Nathan: What happened?
Samantha: Nathan, what didn’t happen? I overdosed on sleeping pills and fell into a coma. It was an accident.
Nathan: (Raised his eyebrows) That's serious Sam.
Samantha: That’s not even the half of it. Nathan, I’ve been lying to you about eating. I’ve starved myself for weeks. Whatever I forced down my throat, I purged within hours.
Nathan: (Grabbed her hand and stroked it) You are so beautiful, Samantha. Why would you do this to yourself?
Samantha: I wasn’t happy with myself. Nathan, I made a mistake. I didn’t want to leave you but my eating was getting in the way of being happy. It’s not even something I could begin to explain to you. I’m so sorry. I’m sorry I ruined everything.
Nathan: I know, Sam. But it’s the past and it’s over. You’ve got college and I’ve got to be a dad. You were right. You don’t need me right now, not when you need to focus on getting well again.
Samantha: Nathan, I need you more than anything right now…
Nathan: No, Sam. You don’t. You need rehabilitation and stability…
Samantha: And for the father of my child to help me through this!
Nathan: (Jaw dropped) Wait? What?
Samantha: I’m going to have a baby Nate.
Nathan: Mine?
Samantha: Yes yours! Christ, could you be a little sympathetic please?
Nathan: Samantha.
Samantha: Just don’t get angry. (Tears framing her eyes)
Nathan: (Shakes his head stoically and touches her face) I’m not mad.
Samantha: Good because I can’t fight with you anymore. I didn’t want to say it to your face but I need help. I have to fight this disease and gain some weight. Our baby could die, Nathan. I can’t do this alone, I just can’t! I can’t be alone anymore.
Nathan: What do you want me to do?
Samantha: I don’t know. I’m not even sure of what I’m going to do. School’s not an option for me. By the time finals come around, I’ll be near my due date.
Nathan: What about your parents? Have you told them?
Samantha: Of course not! Nathan, I’m eight weeks pregnant. I wasn’t eighteen two months ago. They’ll have you thrown in jail. I’m not going to tell them.
Nathan: You have to tell your mother and father. Tell them the father left the country to study abroad in Europe. Make something up but you have to tell them. They can help you more than I can.
Samantha: Why are you being like this? Why aren’t you offering to take over? No matter what, I’m going to be part of your life forever. I’m having your baby.
Nathan: What happened got way out of hand. We weren’t right from the start…
Samantha: Why the sudden change of heart? Because I’m pregnant?
Nathan: Samantha, c’mon. Be reasonable.
Samantha: I am! You’re the one being a jerk. You’re going to leave me with a baby and no way of supporting it. You used me and now you’re throwing in the towel. I’m really starting to despise you for this!
Nathan: You’re a young girl. I am an old man. How can that possibly be right?
Samantha: It’s too late for that now. Just tell me you’ll be there for me and for your child.
Nathan: I still care about you, Sammie. I’m not going anywhere.
Samantha: Why are we always fighting on our good days? It’s so tiresome. (Grinning slightly)
Nathan: (Shook his head and laughed) Bad habits die hard. I’ll see you tomorrow, okay? (Stood up and kissed her forehead)
Samantha: (Kissed him quickly on the lips) Bring me back my ring?

Nathan nodded and took Peter in his arms. Samantha watched them walk away. Satisfied with his answer, she rearranged her pillows and fell asleep.