July 28, 2011

Samantha King: Only By Law

"Only By Law"
Season 1: Episode 4


Queen-of-mean. as Samantha King

Tylerisbold as Nathan Woodward

Guest Starring
LilMrsRich as Sara Woodward

Not expecting to be so early, Samantha actually stopped in a little diner to grab a cup of coffee. She sat in a booth and stared out the window, wondering what it was Nathan had planned for her. It crossed her mind that they would probably spend the evening together in bed again. Samantha wasn’t sure how she felt about sleeping with Nathan. It was new and scary to her. She hadn’t told Nathan she lost her innocence to a man twice her age that she had only met an hour earlier. She felt insecure about her body and even more so about her performance. He probably knew she was a virgin just by how timid and scared she had acted even when he made love to her. Blushing, Sam paid for her coffee and got back into her car.

She sat in the parking lot of Nathan’s apartment building, waiting until it was five after seven to get out and walk across the street to the bar. Excited to see Nathan again, Sam took out her compact and brushed on some powder. Retrieving her favorite wine lipstick, she smeared it on with exact precision. Satisfied with how she looked, Samantha stepped out of her car. As she locked the door, someone caught her by the arm and spun her around. She was delighted to find Nathan wrapping his arms around her waist and pressing her up against the car.

Nathan: Hey pretty girl.
Samantha: (Put her arms around his neck and rubbed the back of his head. She smiled up at him for the longest while as they gazed in to one another’s eyes. She looked around to see if anyone was watching before kissing his lips softly)
Nathan: Let's get going. (He said as he grabbed her hand in his and led her away)
Samantha: (Nervous about their destination, Samantha held him back) Um, Nathan. What about your son? What did you tell him?
Nathan: I told him that daddy has a new friend that he’d love to take out to dinner.
Samantha: Well, I don’t think he needs to see his daddy kissing and holding his new friend in front of him. (She let go of his hand)

They walked over to where Nathan’s silver SUV was waiting and climbed inside. Peter was sitting in the backseat playing a game on some sort of handheld device. When Sam got in the car, he looked surprised to see her. Samantha turned around and smiled at him.

Samantha: Hey Pete. How are you today pal? (Squeezing his knee slightly)

Peter looked mortified to have her touch him. She retracted her hand, wondering if she was going to make the child cry. Nathan watched him in the rearview mirror.

Nathan: Hey bud, this is Samantha. Why don’t you crawl up here and give her a hug?
Peter: (Gave Samantha a quick hug)
Samantha: Thanks buddy. (Smiled at him, relieved that he wasn’t emotionally distraught by their last meeting)

They drove for a while until they reached the interstate. Getting on, Samantha reached to turn the radio on. She asked before turning the dial. Nathan shook his head and winked at her. Samantha turned the tuner to a rock station. Surprisingly, Nathan sang along. Samantha grinned as she listened to him. Eventually, all three of them were belting out tunes along the interstate until they reached Pete’s mom’s house.

Pulling into the driveway, Samantha flicked off the radio instinctively. Peter unbelted himself and jumped out of the car carrying a backpack. An edge rose in the air, and Samantha knew it was coming from the hurricane ripping through her mind. She’d had a few confrontations in school which resorted to cat fighting. Scratching, pulling hair, and wrestling to the ground with another female was not how she wanted to spend her evening. Her stomach twisted uncomfortably as she thought of this. Nathan turned off the engine and patted Sam on the thigh, looking as unbothered as can be.

Nathan got out walking Peter to the door. Samantha watched the pair wait for the front door to open. When it did, Samantha was surprised to find an older woman with fiery red hair answer. Peter hugged the woman and then walked past her into the house. It was evident she had invited them both in because Nathan looked back at the car before shaking his head. The woman looked around him and saw Sam sitting in the vehicle. She froze before putting a hand to her mouth. Samantha was unsure of what they were saying but she was almost certain it wasn’t good by the elaborate hand gestures. When it seemed the conversation couldn’t get any more animated, the woman made a beeline towards Nate’s car. Samantha braced herself, preparing to be ripped from the vehicle and savagely beaten for taking another woman’s man. To her surprise, the woman approached her kindly and smiled. Samantha opened the door and stepped out, prepared to face whatever she had to say.

Wife: Hello! Well, you certainly are a dish!
Samantha: (Grinned absentmindedly and nodded) Thank you. Right back at you.
Nathan: (Walked over to them casually, a sheepish grin on his face. He put his arm around Sam’s waist and sighed) Well, let’s not rush the introductions, shall we? (Nudging Sam to get back into the car)
Wife: (Laughed sarcastically and stuck her leg out at a defiant angle with her bony hands on her hips) Nathan, grow a cock. What’s your name, dear?
Samantha: Oh, uh…Samantha. (Shocked by such harsh language)
Wife: The name’s Sara. (She looked Samantha & Nathan up and down) So, I’m hoping Nathan’s told you we’re still married.
Nathan: Only by law. (He replied bitterly)
Sara: Well, not for too much longer I hope. Anyway, it’s getting late and Petey needs dinner. What time is your bedtime deary? (Chuckling)
Samantha: (Blushed, embarrassed and offended)
Nathan: Christ sake Sara. Leave her alone!
Sara: (Put her hands up in defense) I’m just telling it like it is. How old is this girl?
Nathan: Twenty-two, alright?
Sara: (Cackled her hideous laugh) Twenty-two? Nathan, you are such a jerk. Honey, I’d leave now if I were you. He doesn’t want anything except what’s between your legs.
Samantha: (Opened her mouth, now furious) I don’t know why you’re being so rude! I just met you and you’ve done nothing but insult me and Nathan both!!
Sara: (Slapped Samantha's face)
Samantha: (Stunned, she touched her cheek, feeling the hot surface sting)
Nathan: Sara!!! (Shouted, grabbing his wife’s wrist and yelling in her face)
Sara: He’s my husband, you little slut! Who’s the rude one now?

Samantha didn’t say anything in response to this. Instead, she got back in the car. Nathan ran around to the driver’s seat and got in. Sara slapped the window she stood next to, continuing to scream and make a scene as the couple reversed down the driveway and onto the street. Nathan rolled down his window as he did so.

Nathan: This is ridiculous. You are being such a fool, Sara. Sober up and I’ll call you in the morning!
Sara: Chemicals! Are you still playing that card? Can’t you think of anything else to slap across my face? Fuck you Nate!!!
Nathan: Alright, that's it! Call Peter out here. I don’t want my son staying here!

He threw the car into park and unbuckled his belt to get out of the car again. Samantha turned off the car and held on to the keys, now scared of what was happening. Sara clung to Nathan’s arms and screeched at him.

Sara: He’s my baby too! Don’t take my child! (Shed tears down her exhausted cheeks)
Nathan: (Ignored her as he walked up to the house)

Samantha watched this and slowly, her anger with the woman changed to pity. Samantha could sense a deep pain in her words and it was almost too hard to watch. When Nathan reached the door, Sara grabbed hold of his shirt and pulled it so hard that it ripped at the neck. He took hold of her flailing wrists and tried to calm her down. He whispered in her face. Sara shook her head and wept. Nathan put his arms around her and cooed in a fatherly way. Samantha watched this, a small tinge of jealousy striking her. Nathan kissed the top of her head and pushed her gently in the door. They talked for a few seconds before finally departing, Sara inside and Nathan to the car. When he returned, Nathan couldn’t look at Samantha. Instead, he searched for his misplaced keys.

Samantha: Here. (She handed him the keys)
Nathan: (Took them and nodded slightly) I’m sorry about that, Sam. She’s usually not like that.
Samantha: (Didn’t reply. Instead, she continued to stare straight ahead of her)
Nathan: It’s hard for her. She’s recovering from a methadone addiction. She’s not a fit mother but I can’t keep Peter from her forever. She’s still his mother, even if she is ruining what they have together.
Samantha: (Furrowed her brow, disgusted by his dismissal) Nathan, this has nothing to do with your son! You just introduced me to your wife. How did you think she was going to react?
Nathan: Not like that! She understands that we see other people. Sara’s got a boyfriend, the same one that drove us to get a separation in the first place!
Samantha: That’s not the point. You left her but you’re still married and the one you left her for is half her age! No one likes being replaced with someone new.
Nathan: Why are you sticking up for her? You don’t know anything about her.
Samantha: I feel guilty.
Nathan: You feel guilty? Because I’m married…?
Samantha: Yes.
Nathan: What are you doing here then? (Asked politely)
Samantha: (Felt her heart begin to race) Trying to make this work. I want to be with you.
Nathan: I know Sam. I’m trying too. (Reaching over to touch her hand)

Samantha grabbed it and stroked it softly in her lap. She brought it up to her face and kissed his fingertips. She turned it over and kissed his wrist and forearm. Nathan smiled at her and caressed her cheek. Samantha readjusted in her seat so that she was facing him. Finally, after several minutes of silence and many stretches of highway, the atmosphere cleared up.

Samantha: So where are you taking me? (Her voice bubbly and flirty)
Nathan: Well, how long do we have?
Samantha: How long do you want me?
Nathan: (Laughed at her playfulness)
Samantha: I have all night. Told my mother I was staying at a girlfriend’s house. (Whispered in his ear, kissing his earlobe)
Nathan: Want to dance?

Samantha’s face lit up. Dancing had been the one thing that kept her grounded. Thirteen years of ballet school blurred through her mind and she delighted at the thought of showing off.

Samantha: Seriously?
Nathan: Only if you want to.
Samantha: Yes! I’d love to go dancing with you!

They drove back to his apartment, all the tension from earlier dissipating from the air. Inside, Samantha flopped down on his bed and watched him look through his closet. She giggled as he pulled out a brown t-shirt from his closet and held it up to himself. Nathan glanced at her and grinned.

Nathan: You like?
Samantha: Love it!

Nathan threw it at her and pulled off the shirt he was already wearing. Samantha growled as she watched him. He approached her and kissed her lips sensually. He crawled on top of her and stroked her hair from her eyes. Nathan examined her face and looked down at her body.

Nathan: You are so beautiful.

Nathan pulled her into another kiss, his tongue moving in and out of her mouth. Samantha felt herself falling into that place where all she wanted was for him to make love to her again. He bit her bottom lip, just the way she liked, and sucked gently. His hand crept up her shirt and rested right below her breasts. He massaged her belly and kissed her neck, making her moan lightly. Knowing things could only escalate from here, Samantha stopped him.

Samantha: (She propped herself up on one elbow and ran her hand up and down his chest) I thought we were going dancing?
Nathan: Yeah. I was getting to that. (Chuckling)

He pulled on his new shirt and stood up to stretch. He did a few little jumps on the balls of his feet and blew out a steady stream of air.

Nathan: Alright! Let’s salsa! (Reaching for Samantha)

Samantha couldn’t help but kiss his cheek and rumple his hair playfully. She made to get down when he opened the apartment door but Nathan held her a little tighter.

Nathan: We’re not at the chariot yet, prom queen.
Samantha: (Raised her eyebrows and shoved him slightly in the chest) Excuse me sir but what did you say?

She said, recalling the first conversation they had ever had. Nathan laughed and dropped her back down to the floor when they reached the elevator. He pressed the button and the two held hands as they waited for the doors to open. When they did, Samantha stepped in and allowed Nathan two seconds before pressing him up against the back wall.

Samantha: You know......I’ve never taken advantage of anyone in an elevator before.... (She whispered as she kissed the bottom of his chin)
Nathan: (Took her hands off him) Not here Sam.
Samantha: If you don’t want to be seen with me in the privacy of an elevator, how are we going to go dancing?
Nathan: Dance with everyone. If someone else asks you to dance, go ahead. I don’t mind watching.
Samantha: I don’t want to dance with anyone else.
Nathan: I know. We don’t have to go if you don’t want.
Samantha: No, it’s fine. I’m a dancer anyways. I want to show you my moves. (Grinning devilishly)

Nathan grinned back and both of them walked towards the apartment exit.

July 26, 2011

Diamonds Are Forever: Piece Of Art


"Piece Of Art"
Season 1: Episode 2

ForeverGorgeous as Gem Alexander
Ruubin as Crystal Darcy
Alexcendraburke as Opal Granger
Missricopenguin as Ruby Lorenzo


Lige07 as Drake Darcy
Dog_boy96 as Maxwell Briers

Gem ran home as fast as she could and hurtled up the stairs the second she entered her house. She was aware of her mother calling out to her but she ignored it for fear that her mom would somehow know her secret if she spoke to her now. She ran into the bathroom, threw her schoolbag down and locked the door before ripping off her clothing and jumping into the shower. She cried to herself as the water cascaded down her body. Grabbing the soap, Gem began cleaning herself vigorously trying to rid herself of the invisible dirt that clung to her body like a second skin. After a ridiculously long time spent in the shower, Gem stepped out with her skin red raw and wrinkled still feeling horribly unclean. She got dressed and dried her hair and headed out to Ruby's place knowing the red-head would be on her own.

The door was opened before Gem had even knocked and Ruby gestured for her to come in. They went up to Ruby's room together and launched into a meaningless conversation about boys that neither girl was really interested in. Almost two hours later the phone rang. Gem's mother had called to see if she was there and asked her to come home. When Gem left, Ruby set about making her own dinner. After washing up after herself she sat at her computer and wrote poetry. Before going to bed Ruby heard the sound of her mom's car pull up outside and the noise she made as she stepped through the door. Her mom made no effort to see her daughter in her room and she made no effort to see her mom downstairs. Ruby stayed on the computer into the early hours of the morning forcing herself to ignore the sinister whispers inside her head daring her to open her bedside draw.

The next morning, Ruby was beyond tired yet somehow still looked as beautiful as ever. When Ruby was ready to walk to school, her mom had already left without her daughter having seen her once. On the journey to school Ruby slipped off her red high-heeled sandals and walked barefooted across the grass listening to the sound of the flowing stream. Knowing she had plenty of time, Ruby paused by the stream a while and dipped her toes into the water. As she relaxed by the river she considered ditching school for the day but before she'd come to a proper decision her shoes were back on her feet and she was stood by the school gates alongside Gem, Opal and Crystal.

The four girls beamed at one another as they passed through the gate offering smiles to anyone they made eye-contact with. Ruby's first lesson of the day was art. As always she sat beside Gem and took her stuff out. Ten minutes later Ruby Lorenzo found herself wandering the corridors aimlessly having been kicked out of the lesson by Miss Harris for correctly answering a question. Hearing footsteps behind her, Ruby whirled around but relaxed when she saw another student and not a member of staff.

Boy: Ruby.
Ruby: Uh....Hi.
Boy: You're not in class.
Ruby: Nor are you?
Boy: True, but it's only religious studies I'm missing. And I've never believed in that stuff so what's the point.
Ruby: How rebellious of you.
Boy: So what's your excuse? (Leaning casually against the wall.)
Ruby: I got kicked out of art. Again.
Boy: (Raised an eyebrow before letting out a short laugh)
Ruby: What's your name anyway? (Realizing she had no idea)
Boy: Maxwell Briers (sounding a little insulted) We were in playschool together; you put glue in my hair.
Ruby: (Laughed lightly) Right, you're the kid who cut my hair with scissors.
Maxwell: Yeah, I'm sorry about that.
Ruby: But didn't you move away or something? (Leans against the wall beside him)
Maxwell: I did yeah but my family moved back about two weeks ago.

The two teens continued talking for a while; well Maxwell did most of the talking, Ruby was content enough to just listen. When the bell rang and students began to spill into the halls they parted ways.

Ruby: I got to go. (Smiles) Bye Maxwell.
Maxwell: Call me Max. And Ruby!
Ruby: Yeah?
Maxwell: I missed your smile.
Ruby: (Rolls her eyes but smiled all the same as she headed off to Science)

Crystal: Are you ok Ruby? (Working on experiment)
Ruby: I'm fine why? (Writing down notes in book)
Crystal: No reason it's just that...well you're...you know...doing work. (Confused)
Ruby: I'm in a scientific mood today.

When lunch time came, Ruby, Crystal and Gem sat under the shade of a tree, but Opal excused herself to go to the restroom. The girls were chatting and eating when Max passed by with some guys and waved at Ruby who waved back looking uncharacteristically shy.

Gem: Ruby are you blushing?
Ruby: No!
Crystal: Yes you are. You're as red as a tomato.
Ruby: And you're white as snow big deal. (Trying to hide her face beneath her hair.)
Gem: I think someone's got a crush! (Teases Ruby)
Ruby: (Throws her half-eaten sandwich at Gem.)
Gem: And you've just confirmed it by throwing something at me. (Laughs)
Ruby: Oh shut up! Anyway shouldn't Opal be back by now?
Gem: Maybe she's having a dump.'
Crystal: Ugh, Gem I'm eating.
Gem: Sorry. (Laughs)
Voice: Hey, Crystal!!

Gem and Ruby turned towards the sound of the voice, but Crystal cringed and tried to look as small as possible.

Drake: Hey girls.
Gem & Ruby: Hey.
Crystal: (Silent)
Drake: My friend Billy's having a party tonight. Would you girls like to come?
Ruby: You can count me in.
Gem: Sounds like fun, if you're sure Billy won't mind us coming.
Drake: Of course he won't mind. What about you sis, you coming? (Looks at Crystal)
Crystal: (Shakes her head from side to side.)
Ruby: Aww come on, it'll be fun.
Crystal: I'm not in the mood.
Drake: That's cool, maybe you and I could do something else. You know, like a brother sister thing.
Crystal: You're not my brother! (Walks away)
Drake: (Sighed and runs a hand through his hair)
Gem: Are you ok Drake?
Drake: I'm fine. It's just taking longer than I thought for her to get used to me.
Ruby: Well Crystal's used to being an only child. Suddenly having a step-mom and step-brother is a lot for her to deal with.
Drake: I guess. But I was an only child too.
Gem: Just give her time.
Drake: Maybe. Anyway, see you later girls.
Girls: Bye Drake.

Gem informed Opal of the party but she wasn't interested so it was just Gem and Ruby that were going to go. Around nine o'clock, Ruby knocked for Gem and the two girls took a bus to Billy's house and had arranged for Gem's dad to pick them both up later. Upon entering the house they found that they knew very few people there. Billy himself only seemed to know a handful of the people.

Gem: I'm not sure I'm enjoying this too much. (Looked around the house uncomfortably.)

Most of the strangers seemed to be men in their late twenties and they kind of gave her the creeps.

Ruby: Right, let's go. Drake's not here either.
Gem: Maybe he's doing something with Crystal. Anyway, I'll call my dad, I don't like this at all.

Fifteen minutes later, Gem and Ruby were sat safely in the back of Mr. Alexander's car.

Ruby: Thanks for the lift Mr. Alexander. (Said politely as he pulled up outside her house)
Mr. Alexander: You're welcome Ruby.
Ruby: Bye Gem. (Steps gracefully out of the car and headed up to her house)
Mr. Alexander: She is a lovely girl. But she seems very unhappy.
Gem: What do you mean?
Mr. Alexander: Don't you think she's unhappy?
Gem: No, what makes you think that? (Finding the idea absurd)

Ruby climbed the stairs to her bedroom and changed into her pajamas. Letting out a sigh, she sat at the edge of her bed and opened her bedside drawer before promptly slamming it shut again. Settling into bed, she tried to find sleep before pulling the drawer open again and wrenching out the glistening silver blade. She eyed it hungrily before creating a fresh cut on her thigh. Relief swam through her veins as the blood seeped out from her self-inflicted wound, her own piece of art.

July 22, 2011

Diamonds Are Forever: Dirty Little Secret

*The Premiere Episode*

"Dirty Little Secret"
Season 1: Episode 1

ForeverGorgeous as Gem Alexander
Ruubin as Crystal Darcy
Alexcendraburke as Opal Granger
Missricopenguin as Ruby Lorenzo


Lige07 as Drake Darcy
MackDaddy1 as Gary Miller

Guest Starring
Mr.Wannabecool as Mr.Rogers

At the sound of her alarm, seventeen year old Gem Alexander jerked awake and sat up in her sweaty bed sheets. She leaned over and turned the alarm off before resting her head in her hands. Tucking a strand of wavy brown hair behind her ear she took a deep calming breath. Sinking back into her pillow she entertained herself with the idea of going back to sleep but figuring she'd only have more nightmares. Gem pushed her quilt aside and swung her legs round and rested her feet on the floor feeling the plush purple carpet ticking her feet. Before heading downstairs to breakfast she hopped into the shower using liberal amounts of soap so she'd be fresh and clean for the school day ahead.

A few houses down the street, Gem's friend Crystal Darcy was sat at the breakfast table feeling distinctly uncomfortable. Her father Marvin Darcy was completely oblivious to his daughter's unease as he read the morning paper and ate his croissant.
Gwyneth, Crystal's step-mother was a little more perceptive and gently asked if anything was bothering her. Crystal gave her the old excuse of not having slept well before excusing herself from the table not having looked at her eighteen year old step-brother Drake once. Crystal paced around her bedroom waiting until it was time to leave for school. Needing something to distract herself from her thoughts, the blonde-haired girl seized her phone and dialed the number of her friend Opal Granger.

The phone rang for a long time before Opal finally answered giving the apology of being in the bathroom. The two girls were talking pleasantly until Opal's older brother Oliver yelled for her to get off the phone and get her chubby ass downstairs.
Sighing, Opal ended the phone call and glanced at herself in her full-length mirror. She turned to the side to look at her stomach. She sucked her breath in and tried to look thinner before heading downstairs.

Two streets down from where Opal and her family lived was the Lorenzo residence.
The driveway was empty since Mr. Lorenzo was working abroad for a month and Mrs. Lorenzo had left for work at 6am. That left their daughter Ruby to once again wake up to an empty house and put her dirty bed sheets in the washing machine before fixing her own breakfast then leaving for school with her books, pens and the lunch she had made for herself.

At exactly 8:30, the four girls met up outside the wrought iron gates of their school. They greeted one another cheerfully and shared a group embrace before striding through the gates arm in arm and smiling as if they hadn't a care in the world.

After English Lit, Gem and Ruby went one way to attend art together whilst Crystal and Opal headed for their dance class. In dance, the students were working on a practical piece that they would perform in the dance showcase in two weeks time. Crystal and Opal were working together along with a boy named Gary. After a quick change of clothing, Opal immediately threw herself into stretching and warming up before rehearsing the dance steps.

Gary: Slow down Opal. You'll tire yourself out if you keep going like that.
Opal: I'm fine. We need to practice! Come on!

Gary turned to Crystal to see her reaction but she soon joined her friend and lost herself in the dance. Realizing he'd been beaten Gary shrugged and fell into step alongside the two girls. They went through the entire routine ten times before Gary requested a break. Sweating slightly and a little breathless, Crystal sat against the wall with him and drank half a bottle of water. Opal on the other hand determinedly carried on dancing.
When the lesson finished it was time for break but Opal opted to continue practicing in the dance hall. Crystal tried to change her mind but quickly gave up and followed Gary out the door.

Gary: She's working a bit hard isn't she?
Crystal: I think she just wants to be perfect. Remember last year when she tripped up during the dance? Her brothers teased her about it for months. She just doesn't want to mess up this time.
Gary: Yeah, maybe you're right. 'I'll see you later ok.
Crystal: Bye Gary!

Crystal looked around for Ruby and Gem. She was just passing the basketball court when she heard a few male voices warning her to duck. Unfortunately she reacted too slowly and a basketball hit her in the chest.

Drake: I'm so sorry. My buddy didn't see you. Are you alright?
Crystal: (Nervous, she simply passes the ball back to Drake and his friends and walked away as fast as she could.)
Drake: Honestly Crystal it was an accident!

Crystal found Gem and Ruby perched on the steps outside the gym. From where they sat they had a good view of the boys playing football on the field.

Crystal: Hey girls! (Sits next to them)
Gem: Where's Opal?
Crystal: Still dancing. I think she's really determined to get this right. How was art?
Gem: Miss Harris kicked Ruby out again. (Laughs)
Crystal: What did you do this time?
Ruby: I corrected her on the complimentary colors. She's a horrible teacher I don't know why they hired her.
Gem: She's not that bad.
Ruby: She is! The woman can't even draw. Trust me, she's useless. I'd make a better teacher than her.
Crystal: Well, we've got history next. Now that lesson really is a nightmare especially with Loopy Lomax.
Ruby: Yeah she's just as bad as Mr.Harris. She told me I had to redo my Henry VIII essay because I was too sarcastic when I talked about his six wives. I'd make a better teacher than her as well.
Gem: Lomax isn't a bad teacher. She's a little eccentric I'll admit but she teaches the subject well. I've learned much more with her than I learned last year when Mr. Hills taught us.
Ruby: You just like her because she gives you the highest marks. To be fair most of the teachers here are useless. It's a wonder how we learn anything.
Crystal: They're not all bad. Miss Jarvis is a great dance teacher and Mr. Rogers is one of the best teacher's I've ever had.
Ruby: You're right Rogers is really good. He's not bad looking either, for a teacher I mean.
Gem: (Nervous) Ok girls.....it's time to head to History.

The girls got up and headed to class.
Opal was the last student to arrive with her black hair tied back in a loose ponytail and her coffee colored skin shining with sweat. After History the girl's had gym and just like in dance, Opal quickly launched herself into warming up. Today the girls were playing volleyball and whilst Crystal, Gem and Ruby hovered around the edges trying to do as little as possible, Opal kept herself active in the game and never stopped running around.

Gem: Since when is she such an active sports freak?
Ruby: Well she likes volleyball doesn't she? She used to play on the school team.
Crystal: That's true.

At lunch time Gem and Ruby ate their sandwiches. Crystal popped a few grapes into her mouth and ate her chocolate bar but promptly threw her sandwich in the bin complaining that she didn't like ham. Opal merely sat and sipped at a bottle of water with her lunch remaining untouched. The last class of the day was Math, and Ruby, Opal and Crystal practically skipped up to the classroom but Gem stayed behind.

Mr. Rogers: Good afternoon girls.
Girls: Afternoon Mr. Rogers. (chanted together as they took their seats.)
Gem: (enters the classroom a few minutes behind them and seated herself alone at the back.)

Throughout the lesson Gem kept flicking her eyes up to the clock to see how much time was left. She nearly growled in frustration as no time seemed to be passing at all. Finally, time did pass and the bell rang signaling the end of the day. Gem shoved her things into her bag and tried to escape the classroom as fast as possible but Mr. Rogers stopped her and asked for a word about her last week's homework. She froze where she was and watched as the others filed out the door leaving her alone with the math teacher.

Mr. Rogers: Come here Gem.
Gem: (Looking desperately at the closed door before taking a few tentative steps towards her teacher.)

Now inches away, the tall stocky man with a scar on his left eyebrow and stubble peppered on his chin took her school bag from her and placed it on a chair. He then wound an arm around her waist before fiercely seizing her chin and pulling her into an aggressive kiss. As always Gem squirmed away from him but he held her tightly in his strong arms.

Mr. Rogers: Lay down on the desk!

Not looking at him, Gem did as she was told and spread herself on the wooden table feeling her heart hammer and her eyes burn with unshed tears. The thirty year old teacher loomed over his student like a hungry vulture admiring its prey. He snaked a hand up the teen girl's skirt and pulled her underwear down before spreading her legs further as he unleashed his hard penis from the confines of his pants.

Mr. Rogers: Remember Gem, this is our little secret. You know what'll happen if anyone finds out.
Gem: (Nodded and bit her lip as she closed her eyes waiting for the pain of the intrusion)

Once again, she felt him thrust inside of her and another part of her dignity was ripped away as she felt dirty and ashamed as the tears leaked from the corners of her eyes. When it was over he handed her back her school bag and once again warned her not to tell anybody before letting her leave the classroom.

*Hope you enjoyed the premiere episode! The show will air every Tuesday starting July 26th!*

July 21, 2011

Samantha King: Troublemaker

Season 1: Episode 3


Queen-of-mean. as Samantha King


Tylerisbold as Nathan Woodward
Welsh_witch as Ellen Fray
.SAMtheMAN. as James Fray

Her clock read 11:50 when she woke up the next morning. Turning over from her stomach, she stretched and yawned. It took her a second to realize that her door was wide open. Sitting up, she looked down the hall as far as she could see. When nothing out of the ordinary popped out at her, she got up and stammered sleepily into the kitchen. Both her mother and stepfather were waiting for her. It was difficult for Samantha to face them knowing she had committed such a deadly sin. Her mother Ellen was a stocky woman with a hard face, deep lines running across her forehead. Unlike her daughter, she had dark, frizzy black hair that she kept closely curled to her head. Her black eyes bore into Samantha’s face as she sat there sipping her coffee. Her stepfather James Fray was her mother’s exact in another body. He too had a very hard demeanor that stemmed from his solid appearance. James was a body builder and cherished his biceps as much as his reputation for being tough.

Both her parents were very strict and even more so when it came to punishment. Samantha was sure the pair of them had concocted a severe and unfair consequence for her late homecoming. Trying to delay her doom, Sam sauntered over to her mother and kissed her on the cheek.

Samantha: Morning Ma.
Ellen: Jay.... (She said cheerfully as she smiled at him and took a seat at the table. She and James looked at each other and then back at Samantha)
James: Samantha, when did you get home?
Samantha: Last night?
Ellen: (Took a deep breath and rolled her eyes) No more. That’s it for you. I don’t want you leaving this house again until fall semester starts!.
Samantha: Mother! It’s the end of June! Semester doesn’t start until September. That’s not even fair!
Ellen: No, making us worry and you being so selfish that you can’t even call is unfair. What did you think, Sam? We were just going to go to bed and hope you’re not dead in the morning? Where were you?

Samantha opened her mouth but no words came out. It was uncommon for her to lie to her parents but it was impending death that awaited the truth.

Samantha: I was with Stan! We went to a wrestling match in the city! That’s a forty-five minute drive and you got to consider overtime. Jay, tell her. You know how long a match can be!
James: Elle, she’s got a point. But that doesn’t make up for the fact that you refused to let us know what the deal was. Samantha, sometimes you are just so reckless and irresponsible. Your mother is right to punish you.
Samantha: Please reconsider. Mom, it’s my last summer. I just want to be with my friends before I have to go to university!.
Ellen: Fine. You can go out but your curfew just got cut from twelve to nine. Understood?
Samantha: (Nodded without saying another word)

If it had been any other time and situation, Sam would have complained and cried until she dug herself in so deep that her consequences would be extended by months and more than a dating privilege would be stripped from her. Shaking from embarrassment, Samantha excused herself from the table and went back into her room. She shut the door behind her and put a shaky hand to her face. Silently, she shuddered and shivered from almost being caught in her transgressions.

Something buzzing on her dresser caught her eye. She realized that her cell phone was ringing. Locking her door, she dove for the phone and opened it up.

Samantha: Hello? (She said quietly)
Caller: Sam? Hi, it’s Nathan.

Samantha's eyes grew big and her heart began to beat extremely fast. She flopped down on her bed and pulled her comforter around her. She was lost between feelings of being overjoyed or on the edge of a breakdown.

Samantha: Oh, hi.
Nathan: Yeah, hey.
Samantha: I didn’t think you’d call so soon.
Nathan: Yeah, I wasn’t planning to either. I’m actually at work right now. I’m on my break.. Samantha: Really? Um, maybe I can come see you? If you want a visitor.
Nathan: I don’t think that’s such a good idea, Samantha. Listen, why don’t you just show up at the same bar as last night and I just happen to run into you
Samantha: I don’t know. What time?
Nathan: Around eight-thirty? I get off work at seven but I have to take Pete to his mom’s.
Samantha: (She was speechless. She had temporarily forgotten that her love interest was married and fathered children)
Nathan: Samantha?
Samantha: Sorry. Yeah, that’s not going to work. I had my curfew cut down to nine o’clock.
Nathan: Wow. Sorry to hear that. Well, I guess you’ll just have to join us, won’t you?
Samantha: Nathan, I can’t.”
Nathan: Sure you can. It’s okay.
Samantha: I can’t just roll up to your wife and hand over your son and introduce myself as the other woman!
Nathan: We’re separated. Believe me, she’s got her own extra-marital company living with her. You don’t even have to get out and meet her. It’s a thirty minute drive I rather spend sitting next to you than leaving it all to my imagination.
Samantha: I’ll be at the bar at seven.
Nathan: Great, I’ll see you then.

Samantha bit her lip as she hung up the phone and lay back on her pillows. The easy part was done. All she had to do now was convince her parents to allow her to go back into the city again tonight. Before taking on the challenge of breaking her parents in, Samantha strolled over to her closet and looked through her various clothes. Taking shirts and skirts and pants and jackets off their hangers, she tried on outfit after outfit. She was very aware of the fact that Nathan found her body to be massively appealing to look at. When she was through tearing up her closet, Samantha decided on a tight yellow blouse that had orange threading on the fringe and caplet sleeves. It plunged nicely to expose her blossoming bust. Her pants were another pair of elegantly embroidered denim jeans that she herself designed and put together.

Proud of the effect produced, Samantha removed her selected clothing and walked into her bathroom. She started a bath and poured large amounts of raspberry scented bubbles into the tub of steaming water. As she waited for the bath to fill, Samantha caught her reflection in her large, full-length vanity mirror. Body image was something she often struggled with and was perhaps why she had waited so long to pursue a sexual relationship with a man she thought worthy. She put her large hands on her hips and turned sideways to examine her backside and thighs. What she saw wasn’t beautiful; in fact, she didn’t realize how horrible she looked until she actually looked at herself. Samantha pulled off her bra and underwear and took a second to examine her lady parts. She frowned at her breasts. She thought they were much too large. Glancing down at her pelvis, she realized that without the compliment of undergarments, her hips looked much too wide. Samantha looked away, ashamed that she had put herself out there and allowed Nathan to see her gluttonous naked body.
Climbing into the scorching bath, Samantha doused herself underwater and returned a few seconds later. She took her washcloth and washed her face, all too aware of her large nose. As she shampooed her hair, she couldn’t help but notice that her arms weren’t as toned as she would have liked. Washing herself, she felt hopeless as she felt every gram of fat on her body. When she was finished, she let the water drain before stepping out and toweling herself down. Exhausted from so much drama in the past forty-eight hours, Sam wrapped her hair in a towel and pulled on a robe before crashing on her bed.

She awoke four hours later.
Feeling a bit refreshed, Sam sat up and took the towel out of her slightly damp hair. She looked at the clock and saw that it was already five-thirty. Jumping up, she got ready for her meeting with Nathan. She was dressed and perfumed and made up in less than twenty minutes. As she blow-dried her hair, she realized that she still had not asked her parents if she could go out. Bothered by the idea of not being allowed to go, Samantha drew her hair up effortlessly into a clip. She shoved her cell phone into her same orange purse and jumped to grab a pair of matching heels out of the top of her closet. Pulling everything together, she unlocked her door and ran down the hallway into the living room. James and her mother were sitting on their beige sofa watching television together. Both of them looked up when she entered.

Samantha: Ma, can I take the car?
Ellen: What for? Where are you heading off to now?
Samantha: I’m going in for an interview at a diner we stopped at last night.
Ellen: Really? Good for you Sammie. Yeah, the keys are in my purse.
Samantha: Oh, and can I stay at Sharon’s tonight?

Sharon Lewis was Samantha’s closest girlfriend. They had grown up together, yet her mother had never once accepted her as a suitable friend. Any trouble Samantha had ever gotten in outside of home usually involved Sharon in some way. Her mom shook her head.

Ellen: You know I don’t like that, Sam.
Samantha: She’s leaving soon! Mother, c’mon. We haven’t had a girls’ night in ages! Please?
Ellen: Fine. Do what you want but you better be home by noon tomorrow.

By the time she was out the door and down the street, it was already 6:15. Running just a little bit late, Sam sped as much as possible down her deserted neighborhood lane. She made it to the city in half an hour.

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July 15, 2011

Samantha King: Elders

Season 1: Episode 2


Queen-of-mean. as Samantha King


Tylerisbold as Nathan Woodward

Samantha walked through the crowded bar carrying her drink and looking through her overstuffed large handbag. It was dim and smoky as men stood around, primping in a masculine fashion, smoking cigarettes, all the while gallivanting in obscene conversation. It would only be a few minutes before the wrestling match started next door.

Samantha sighed. She hated wrestling but even more, she hated the fact that she had been stood up and was left to wait in a bar full of strange-smelling men with excessive body hair and little intelligence. When her date said he had to use the restroom, Samantha was sure he really meant that he had to get going. An hour later, she found herself stuck in a bar with no way of getting back home.

Sam reached deeper into her handbag and without any luck in finding her misplaced cell phone, she gave up. The moment she looked up, what appeared to be a ten-year-old boy, ran into her. Not surprisingly, her purse and drink were both spilled. Diet coke soaked the left leg of her beautifully embroidered denim jeans. The contents of the large orange handbag sprawled out, her cell phone amongst the various treasures. Frustrated, Sam dropped to the floor and started to gather up her belongings. She opened up her phone only to find it was dead. A man she had not seen before stooped down and started to say something as he picked up her wallet but Samantha cut him off.

Samantha: Sorry, I'll take that. (Snatched the item away)
Man: It was an accident, ok?
Samantha: (Frowned)
Man: Prom queen... (He muttered and walked away)

Samantha's jaw dropped. She watched the man tap the boy and head out the door. All the anger and frustration she built up throughout the evening carried her through the exit and right up to the gentleman.

Samantha: Excuse me! Sir! What did you say?

The man turned around and looked her up and down. Samantha noticed that he was dressed rather suavely and smelled heavenly. The man shrugged.

Man: Sorry to have offended you. It was an accident, lady.
Samantha: (Nodded and laughed sarcastically) I know! So where is my apology?
Man: Listen, I already apologized for him. Why don't you just go home?
Samantha: Who are you? My father?
Man: (Looked over at the boy and nodded towards the apartment building next to them) Go on up, Peter. I'll be there in a minute. (Turned back to Samantha while reaching into his pocket. He pulled out his wallet and looked into her face) How much for the jeans? I'll pay you.
Samantha: No, that's not the point! What are you doing? Who allows a little kid to run around a bar at ten o'clock at night?
Man: My parenting skills are none of your business, miss. All the same, what are you doing out here? Shouldn't you be inside with the rest of your friends, dancing, drinking? Instead of out here screaming at my son for spilling your damn coke?
Samantha: I don't know (She whispered miserably, hoping and praying she wouldn't burst out in tears)
Man: (Softened at the sight of her weakness) Look, do you need a ride home? I'll call you a cab.

Samantha nodded and smiled, blushing in embarrassment. The man grinned back kindly. The two walked towards the apartment building. Neither of them said a word as they entered the old, brick establishment. The man led them to an elevator. As they waited, Samantha looked over at the man and rolled her eyes.

Samantha: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to ruin your evening. I'm Samantha, by the way. (Holding out her hand)
Man: Nathan (Shaking her hand)

The elevator doors opened and Samantha stepped through them. Nathan pressed the button for the fifth floor. As the elevator rose, Samantha shifted uneasily. Nathan watched her and raised an eyebrow.

Nathan: Are you okay?
Samantha: Deathly afraid of elevators. (Smiling even though she felt terrified)
Nathan: We're almost there.
Samantha: Is anyone home?
Nathan: No, just me and my son.

They both emerged from the metal cage into a dark carpeted hallway with pictures of birds and flowers on the walls. They stopped at the third door and Nathan knocked. The young boy, Samantha caught to be named Peter, opened the door and looked surprised to see her standing next to his father. He let them in and then ran into the other room. Samantha moved slowly, not knowing where she was to go. Her new acquaintance nodded towards the living room.

Nathan: Go ahead and have a seat. I'll be right back.
Samantha: Ok.

Samantha sat down and pulled off her pink heels. Stretching, she yawned and looked to her right. On an end table was a picture of Peter sitting with a red-haired retriever on top of a big pile of leaves. Samantha smiled warmly at the thought of such simple happiness. Looking around, she noticed that many of the pictures on the walls were photographs. Some were black and white while others bloomed in an array of colors. Sam stood up and moved across the room to a bookshelf where three photo frames sat. She was amazed at how professional they looked. Nathan walked back into the living room and saw her examining the pictures. Samantha looked up and grinned.

Samantha: Did you take these?
Nathan: Yes.
Samantha: They're amazing.
Nathan: (Clapped his hands together) Okay, well. The phone is hanging right here so you can call your parents or a cab or whatever. (Walked over to the kitchen area as he spoke)
Samantha: (Followed him) Nathan...
Nathan: Yeah?

Samantha's heart leaped at the gentleness in his voice. She felt like she had fallen off a skyscraper. She kept her eyes to the ground.

Samantha: Do you mind if I stick around for a while?

Nathan didn't speak. Samantha looked up and caught his eye. It scared her that she felt she could be so forward with someone she just met. He was much older than her. Samantha had only three months until her eighteenth birthday. Nathan appeared to have just turned forty. Samantha couldn't explain the feelings swimming around inside. Instead of thinking, Sam only observed. She liked the way his jeans fit around his lean hips. He might have been older but he was in no way an old man. Nathan's body screamed strength and agility. Samantha, a runner herself, could tell he put in at least five miles a day. It might have been the lack of balding or gray hair that made him invincible to age. He stood four or five inches above her and it made her feel safe to look up at him. Samantha bit her lip uneasily as she gazed into those soft, eyes. Nathan leaned against the counter.

Nathan: I think you should go home. (Whispered as he ran his hand through his hair)
Samantha: What if I don't want to leave? (Stepping closer to him)
Nathan: I can't force you to do anything. (Reached for the phone) But I think we both know you don't need to be here. (Handed her the receiver)
Samantha: (Reached for the phone and shivered slightly as her hand brushed against his) Nathan: How old are you?

Samantha hung the phone back up on the hook and stepped closer to him once again. They were so close now that their legs touched. Nathan didn't flinch because any movement would result in direct contact with the very thing he longed more than anything to touch. Samantha put a hand to his cheek, and shook her head.

Samantha: Do you really care?

Nathan sighed and shook his head. It was scary what happened next. Samantha watched him let her go. She could tell that he no longer desired to be with her because she was only a teenager. Sam pulled away from him silently and ran a nervous hand through her own hair.

Samantha: I'm sorry.
Nathan: No, I am. I don't even need to guess. I already know you're too young. (Walked over to the fridge and opened it) Thirsty?
Samantha: Water please. (Went over to the table and sat in one of the chairs)

Nathan fooled around in the kitchen while Sam wallowed in her desperation. When he came around the corner, Samantha took her glass. She drank frantically as if she had just run a marathon through the desert. Nathan put a hand to her shoulder.

Nathan: Hey. Calm down. (Rubbing her shoulder softly)
Samantha: I'm twenty-two
Nathan: That doesn't make this right, Samantha. I'm thirty-eight years old. I have a child. I met you in a bar when my son spilled your coke. That's not how I want to begin anything with anyone.
Samantha: You're right. I don't even know who you are.

One tear fell from each of her eyes. Samantha wiped them away quickly. Not sure of how she felt, Sam broke down in front of this stranger whom she'd only known an hour but felt totally and completely taken by. Nathan just sat there, unsure of what to do. Samantha cried but only for a few moments. Her tears were no more when Nathan suddenly kissed her.

His lips were warm and felt so good, as he kissed her all over her face and neck. Samantha loved how different his kisses were from those of high school boys. He wasn't sloppy or excessively forceful. Samantha could tell he had kissed many women before. Nathan kisses were sensual and smooth. She trusted him in a way no other man had been privileged. When he let go, Samantha looked him in the eye and grinned. Nathan smiled back and stood up. Samantha rose and put her arms around his neck. She kissed him softly below his ear.

Samantha: Amazing.
Nathan: Thanks.

Samantha only beamed and looked into his face. He kissed her again and the two walked to the back of his apartment. Nathan stopped outside a door, opened it slowly, and peered inside. Closing it, he looked back at her.

Nathan: Pete's asleep.

Samantha didn't say anything as he led her through another door. They had entered his bedroom. Samantha's heart raced wildly as he closed the door. Barefoot, she tiptoed across the gray carpet and over to his bed. His sheets were a dark, royal blue color and his pillows matched in an almost feminine way. She giggled at how tidy his room was kept. Nathan noticed and smiled.

Nathan: What's so funny?
Samantha: I've never been inside a single dad's bedroom. I wasn't expecting it to be so clean.
Nathan: Do you only sleep with married men?
Samantha: No, of course not. That's not what I meant!

She tried to explain but the phrase "sleep with"had interrupted her normal functioning. Nathan planned to sleep with her? Samantha felt like she was only going to cause them both a load of trouble. Of course that's what he planned, Samantha thought, cursing herself for her stupidity. He's got children. Apparently he sleeps with women. This logic that flowed through her head made her feel dizzy and sickly.

Samantha: Nathan.
Nathan: I have to tell you something, Sam. I am married.

Samantha's jaw dropped. Now utterly disoriented, Samantha laughed. She laughed without reason and so hard that Nathan actually joined in. Catching her breath, Samantha waved a hand in front of her face as if it were ninety degrees in the room. Nathan fell against the pillows and Samantha rested her head on his chest. Nathan's eyes scanned her face and body, taking in every detail. He liked the her shiny brown hair voluptuous, and erotic to run his fingers through. He stroked her back, wishing he could bring himself to unzip her jeans and crawl inside them. He was only vaguely aware of what Sam might be thinking. Nathan could feel himself become aroused just by looking at her backside. This girl was phenomenally put together and more than appealing for any man to gaze at. The lacey pink hem of her tank top lay just about an inch short of the top of her jeans and he caught a glimpse of her red thong. She moved around and the very pressure of her body on his made him feel electrified.

Samantha: Well, I think I'll be on my way then. (Propping herself up so that their faces nearly touched)

Nathan chuckled. Her eyes sparkled more than any other pair of eyes he'd ever looked into but it was the sight of her young, soft breasts sitting so comfortably in her tank top that made him hungry for her.

Nathan: Go ahead. You know where the door is..
Samantha: Wait, sorry. This is insane. I'm seventeen.

Nathan's face went blank. He stared at her, his mouth still ajar, at a loss for words. He sat up, still appalled at her revelation. He looked down at the sheets and then up at her. Samantha thought that maybe he would just laugh it off and kiss her again but when he didn't, she felt as though she crossed the line. Nathan jumped off the bed and strode over to the door. Throwing it open, he didn't even say anything. Samantha didn't move. Finally, Nathan yelled at her to leave. Feeling wronged, Samantha refused.

Samantha: Why? Because you're married or because I'm not old enough for you to fuck?
Nathan: Don't say that, Samantha. My son is asleep.
Samantha: I want to know the truth. Are you or are you not attracted to me?
Nathan: Samantha, you're a child! I can't do this.
Samantha: I am not a child. I'm almost eighteen, I promise.
Nathan: You're a child. Men don't have sex with children.
Samantha: Just tell me the truth! When we first met, did you or did you not want to fuck me?
Nathan: Christ, what don't you understand? Of course I did. Does that make you happy? (Crossed the room and grabbed her arm) Get your things. I'll drive you home. We can pretend like this never happened.
Samantha: (Yanked her arm back) Don't touch me.

Nathan looked her over and bit his lip before kissing her again. Samantha felt thrilled to have his hands on her again. She didn't care what happened now. Both of them were fully aware of what the circumstances were.

Samantha pulled her tank top off and threw it to the floor. Nathan grabbed her by the waist and pushed her onto the bed. Softly he kissed her flat, tight stomach around her bellybutton. Samantha's breathing came sharp when he moved upwards toward her breasts. He kissed her lips roughly as he fumbled to unhook her bra. Samantha stopped him by pulling off his shirt. She licked his chest and sucked gently on his nipples. Nathan bit his lip. Slowly, he unzipped her jeans and pulled them down to her ankles. Samantha wriggled free of them and sat up. She unbuckled his pants. Unclothed, Nathan climbed over her to the other side of the bed.

Quietly, Sam allowed him to take her as he pleased. It was the first time she had ever experienced something so fantastical. Her body burned and her insides felt as though they were going to explode. His hands caressed every inch of her naked self. When they were finished making love, Samantha curled up into a tight little ball with her hands between her legs. The pulsing in her groin was unfamiliar and unpleasant. Nathan was flat on his back, his sticky, sweaty body heaving slightly. He glanced over at Samantha. He turned towards her and kissed her on the neck.

Nathan: Are you alright?
Samantha: (Looked into his eyes and kissed his lips) I'm Fine.

Samantha didn't say much because too many ideas were flying through her head. Finally, she decided to get dressed and drag herself home. When she stood up, her legs gave out and she slid against the sheets.

Nathan: Whoa. Sam, take it easy. (Crawled over to help her)

Samantha wrapped herself in the sheet as she sat on the floor. Nathan walked into his bathroom and returned wearing a pair of sleep pants and offering Sam a bathrobe. She took it and put it on. A bit embarrassed, Sam stood up and stretched. Nathan took her into the kitchen and made her a glass of water.

As they sat at the table, neither said a word. Sam found it was even hard to look at him. It startled her when he touched her hand. She pulled away and sighed.

Samantha: I have to get home. Call that cab?
Nathan: You don't think we should talk about what just happened?.
Samantha: No, I don't. We, you know, had sex. What's to talk about?
Nathan: I just thought maybe you'd want to talk about where we go from here.
Samantha: We're not going anywhere, Nathan. I...I don't know why I let you do that to me. I wasn't thinking.

Alarmed that she was expected to be able to think clearly after being devirginized by a forty-year-old married photographer. Nathan didn't speak immediately. He only glanced at her face and sighed. Sam couldn't help but shiver intensely.

Nathan: I'm sorry.
Samantha: Don't sweat it.
Nathan: I won't.

Samantha grinned softly. After looking into his eyes, she realized she wasn't as traumatized by her first experience with love as she originally thought. Both smiled at each other for a while. Samantha felt herself put down her guard again as they sat across from each other, adoring one another. Nathan stroked her long, skinny hands while she sipped her water. It wasn't until the clock struck one in the morning that Samantha came back to reality. It was way past curfew and she was sure her mother and step-dad would be worried.

Samantha: I really have to go. My step-dad is going to kill me. Kill you if he ever found out where I was or what I've done.
Nathan: Get dressed. (Kissed her forehead)

Samantha ambled back into his bedroom and dressed quickly, leaving her robe on the bed. Coming back into the living room, she pulled on her shoes and grabbed her purse. Nathan peeked into his son's room and pulled the door behind him. He pointed towards the front door and grabbed his keys off the breakfast counter.

The drive to Samantha's house was awkward at first. She wanted so much to just tell him everything she was feeling inside but she was frightened by what he would say and do in reply. More than once, she thought she was going to say what she felt but the feeling of courage quickly faded. Nathan must have noticed because he rubbed her knee gently.

They pulled up to a dirt road and Nathan pulled off to the side. When they were parked, he took her left hand and kissed it softly. Samantha smiled. The twinkle in his eye lit up his face when he looked at her. Nathan kissed her cheek and shrugged. Samantha caught this little gesture and sighed. It was over and she didn't want to do anything to ruin their moment of farewell.

Samantha: Thank you for a wonderful evening. (Grabbing the handle of the door)
Nathan: Sam, I still want to see you.
Samantha: You do? (Kissed him) Call me. I'd love to see you again.

She retrieved a pen from her purse and jotted down her number. Nathan grinned and waved as she walked up the driveway.

Sam slowly turned the doorknob to the kitchen. When she entered her house, she could tell that her parents had already headed off to bed. Still amazed by her previous engagement, Samantha tiptoed down the hall to her bedroom. She dropped her purse in the corner but not before plugging her cell into its charger on her dresser. Without even changing, she threw herself down on her bed and fell asleep.

What awaited her in the morning was a disaster.

Hope you enjoyed this special two episode premiere! The show will air every Thursday starting July 21st!*

Samantha King: Bars

Season 1: Episode 1

Queen-of-mean. as Samantha King

Guest Starring
jjgangstevenjj as Stan Freedman

Samantha sat quietly in her small bedroom, her long, conditioned legs swinging lazily over the side of her bed. She hummed a tune lost long ago in her memory while daydreaming of the happiness and contentment she lacked in life. To her family and friends, Samantha had a vivacious spirit and an absolutely amazing fire about her. She appeared perfectly cheerful, socially accepted among the small community in which they dwelled, and admired by all whom she knew. Her dissatisfaction in life was a secret she long carried.

It was nearing seven o’clock and her date with Stan Freedman was drawing nearer by the moment. Samantha sighed and dragged herself from her bed to get ready. Unlike most days, she dressed quickly and fairly generic. Stan the Man as she often referred to him was taking her into the city for a wrestling match. Classy.

Walking down the hall into the kitchen, she poured herself a glass of water and sat at the table flipping through one of her mom’s cosmetic catalogues. Bored within a minute, Samantha pulled out her cell phone and dialed Stan’s number. It rang twice before he answered.

Stan: Hello?
Samantha: Stan, where are you babe? I’m bored out of my mind! Let’s go already.
Stan: I’m on my way. We’re a bit early actually. Want to grab some dinner first?
Samantha: Oh joy. Let me guess, hot dogs and cokes outside the arena? (She teased)

Stan laughed. He was so easily amused by her it was almost pathetic. Samantha sighed but smiled, hoping her night with Stan would be somewhat satisfactory. She needed excitement and adventure. Maybe watching a bunch of sweaty men in plastic bikinis throw each other around would provide just what she needed.

Stan: I’ll take care of you Sam. I’m pulling up right now.

Samantha hung up and grabbed her large, orange purse off the counter. She hopped out the front door down the drive towards Stan’s sleek, black sports car. She walked quickly, hoping to avoid loitering. Sam was hungry and edgy. She didn’t feel in the mood for small talk. There would plenty of that on the forty-five minute drive to the city.

Samantha: Hey (smiling widely)
Stan: (Grinned at her) How are you feeling tonight, Ms. King? (Brushing her hair behind her shoulder and kissing her cheek.)
Samantha: (Shivered and blushed) I think I’m going to enjoy myself tonight.
Stan: (Nodded and backed out of the driveway)

Samantha’s small country house was settled about thirty minutes from any real civilization in the backwoods of Dollvilla, Stardoll but one wouldn’t be able to tell it from the way she appeared. She fit right in with the city kids, the pompous generation of daddy’s money, fast cars, and designer jeans. In high school, Samantha had been voted Prom Queen, something she secretly loathed. She wanted to be seen as more than just the beauty queen of the mid-nineties. With a sigh, Samantha realized that high school was over and her days of being at the top were numbered. Being a college freshman would put her on the same playing field as everyone else. Relief washed over her face and she stretched blissfully. Stan smiled at her as they sped down the interstate.

Samantha was very shocked to find they were in the city, being seated in a nice Italian restaurant, all within the time frame of thirty-seven minutes. Most Friday nights, Dollywood would be crowded with gamblers and tourists from all over the country, coming to blow their hard earned money in a single weekend. It was unusually tame, as if the wind had ceased to blow and the ocean had discontinued its roll. The city had slowed from a sprint to a creep with their arrival. The colorful fluorescent lights still shone, and the city stirred, but the sound of the inhabitants was oddly muffled to Samantha.

She dropped her napkin in her lap and relaxed in her seat. Stan sat adjacent to her and tried to hold her hand. Sam only hesitated momentarily before giving in. She didn’t know why she reacted the way she did. Stan was very attractive, probably one of the most handsome fellows to ever walk the halls of Doll County High. Samantha wanted to shoot herself in the eye for making him feel inadequate. To reassure him, she squeezed his strong hand quietly in hers and bit her bottom lip, staring into her wonderful blue eyes.

Samantha: You are so sweet, Stan. (Rubbing the back of his hand with her thumb)
Stan: (Grins and leans over to kiss her lips)

Samantha couldn’t help but look around while their lips were locked, wondering who was repulsed. He kissed her a bit roughly and Samantha pulled away, laughing.

Samantha: Okay, Freedman. I might need those later. (Rubbing her bottom lip playfully)
Stan: (Pleased with her reaction and took a sip of his water)

They talked minimally until the waitress came and took their order. Without asking, Stan ordered for her. Samantha almost felt childish. When the waitress left, Samantha felt her spirit go with her. Stan droned on and on about their high school days, as if they were already lost in time. Samantha only smiled politely, nodding at the appropriate times, agreeing to things she barely even heard. Stan didn’t seem to care. He was all talk and very little else. This was the way their relationship had started several months earlier. Samantha had let her popular girl mentality take over, mesmerized by the thought of being Stan Freedman’s girl, and she coaxed herself into believing she wanted to be on his arm at all times. It wasn’t until graduation that Samantha realized just how shallow and pitiful her life had turned out to be.

They ate quietly and quickly, although Samantha was unsure why. The wrestling match didn’t start until ten and it was only eight-forty once when they paid and left. Stan took Samantha’s hand as they walked the few blocks toward the forum. It was warm outside and Samantha’s skin was moist with the hot air. She swung her hair behind her shoulders and rolled her neck. Stan suddenly slipped his arm around her waist and pulled her slightly closer. Samantha didn’t like the way their two hot bodies were so close. She pulled apart and stopped walking, pretending to look through her purse for something. Stan paused, looking a bit irritated.

Stan: Samantha, c’mon. We’ll find whatever it is once we’re inside the bar. (Urging her to hurry)
Samantha: (Shrugged and hurried ahead of him) Why are we going into a bar?
Stan: We’ve got time to kill. I figured we’d watch the game and maybe dance a bit.
Samantha: I’m only seventeen, Stan. I can’t get in there.
Stan: (Rolled his eyes) It’s fine. There’s a family event going on next door. No one cares who’s in there. Besides, you don’t look seventeen. Do you really think they’re going to keep you out?
Samantha: (Shrugged, realizing he was probably right_

They walked right into the bar without anyone saying a word to either of them. Stan was old enough to get in, being eighteen, but Sam doubted he had a fake ID to drink. He pulled out a cigarette and stuck it between his teeth, lighting up with a fancy silver lighter. He offered Samantha a smoke but she declined, wrinkling her nose in disgust.

Samantha: Well, we certainly blend right in. (She said sarcastically)

This was not a place most of the kids their age would visit. Mostly older men and women sat around, watching a baseball game, laughing obscenely and smoking. It seemed like more of a pub than a bar. Several families sat around eating together and only a handful of women were dancing.

Stan: Don’t worry babe. (Looking over at the bar where some middle-aged women sat)

Samantha ignored this. She didn’t care what happened now. Stan’s shallowness had already ruined the evening. She didn’t care if he left with a handful of old women and some cheap gas station smokes. Stan was much too evolved for Samantha’s tastes.

From his first cigarette to his fifth, Stan slowly started going downhill. He didn’t bother to say more than five words every few minutes, mainly to comment on the game overhead or to ask if she wanted anything. After half an hour of nothing, she finally allowed him to buy her a diet soda. Anything to keep him preoccupied until the match. Chit chat was not going well at all.

He came back with her drink and put out his cigarette in the ashtray. Almost stoically, he leaned over and kissed Samantha’s cheek.

Stan: Hey Sammie, I’ve got to go to the bathroom. You’ll be alright, won’t you? (He said uneasily)
Samantha: (Her stomach drop and pick up quickly) Sure Stan. I’ll be okay. (She said, knowing what he really meant)

She was surprised he had lasted this long. Samantha knew she had been a lousy date, but bad enough that he wanted to leave her? Stan pursed his lips and rubbed her shoulder.

Stan: Alright, I’ll make it fast. (He said, his eyes averting to the ground.)
Samantha: (Sighed and looked down at her drink)

She didn’t want to watch him walk out the front door.