July 15, 2011

Samantha King: Elders

Season 1: Episode 2


Queen-of-mean. as Samantha King


Tylerisbold as Nathan Woodward

Samantha walked through the crowded bar carrying her drink and looking through her overstuffed large handbag. It was dim and smoky as men stood around, primping in a masculine fashion, smoking cigarettes, all the while gallivanting in obscene conversation. It would only be a few minutes before the wrestling match started next door.

Samantha sighed. She hated wrestling but even more, she hated the fact that she had been stood up and was left to wait in a bar full of strange-smelling men with excessive body hair and little intelligence. When her date said he had to use the restroom, Samantha was sure he really meant that he had to get going. An hour later, she found herself stuck in a bar with no way of getting back home.

Sam reached deeper into her handbag and without any luck in finding her misplaced cell phone, she gave up. The moment she looked up, what appeared to be a ten-year-old boy, ran into her. Not surprisingly, her purse and drink were both spilled. Diet coke soaked the left leg of her beautifully embroidered denim jeans. The contents of the large orange handbag sprawled out, her cell phone amongst the various treasures. Frustrated, Sam dropped to the floor and started to gather up her belongings. She opened up her phone only to find it was dead. A man she had not seen before stooped down and started to say something as he picked up her wallet but Samantha cut him off.

Samantha: Sorry, I'll take that. (Snatched the item away)
Man: It was an accident, ok?
Samantha: (Frowned)
Man: Prom queen... (He muttered and walked away)

Samantha's jaw dropped. She watched the man tap the boy and head out the door. All the anger and frustration she built up throughout the evening carried her through the exit and right up to the gentleman.

Samantha: Excuse me! Sir! What did you say?

The man turned around and looked her up and down. Samantha noticed that he was dressed rather suavely and smelled heavenly. The man shrugged.

Man: Sorry to have offended you. It was an accident, lady.
Samantha: (Nodded and laughed sarcastically) I know! So where is my apology?
Man: Listen, I already apologized for him. Why don't you just go home?
Samantha: Who are you? My father?
Man: (Looked over at the boy and nodded towards the apartment building next to them) Go on up, Peter. I'll be there in a minute. (Turned back to Samantha while reaching into his pocket. He pulled out his wallet and looked into her face) How much for the jeans? I'll pay you.
Samantha: No, that's not the point! What are you doing? Who allows a little kid to run around a bar at ten o'clock at night?
Man: My parenting skills are none of your business, miss. All the same, what are you doing out here? Shouldn't you be inside with the rest of your friends, dancing, drinking? Instead of out here screaming at my son for spilling your damn coke?
Samantha: I don't know (She whispered miserably, hoping and praying she wouldn't burst out in tears)
Man: (Softened at the sight of her weakness) Look, do you need a ride home? I'll call you a cab.

Samantha nodded and smiled, blushing in embarrassment. The man grinned back kindly. The two walked towards the apartment building. Neither of them said a word as they entered the old, brick establishment. The man led them to an elevator. As they waited, Samantha looked over at the man and rolled her eyes.

Samantha: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to ruin your evening. I'm Samantha, by the way. (Holding out her hand)
Man: Nathan (Shaking her hand)

The elevator doors opened and Samantha stepped through them. Nathan pressed the button for the fifth floor. As the elevator rose, Samantha shifted uneasily. Nathan watched her and raised an eyebrow.

Nathan: Are you okay?
Samantha: Deathly afraid of elevators. (Smiling even though she felt terrified)
Nathan: We're almost there.
Samantha: Is anyone home?
Nathan: No, just me and my son.

They both emerged from the metal cage into a dark carpeted hallway with pictures of birds and flowers on the walls. They stopped at the third door and Nathan knocked. The young boy, Samantha caught to be named Peter, opened the door and looked surprised to see her standing next to his father. He let them in and then ran into the other room. Samantha moved slowly, not knowing where she was to go. Her new acquaintance nodded towards the living room.

Nathan: Go ahead and have a seat. I'll be right back.
Samantha: Ok.

Samantha sat down and pulled off her pink heels. Stretching, she yawned and looked to her right. On an end table was a picture of Peter sitting with a red-haired retriever on top of a big pile of leaves. Samantha smiled warmly at the thought of such simple happiness. Looking around, she noticed that many of the pictures on the walls were photographs. Some were black and white while others bloomed in an array of colors. Sam stood up and moved across the room to a bookshelf where three photo frames sat. She was amazed at how professional they looked. Nathan walked back into the living room and saw her examining the pictures. Samantha looked up and grinned.

Samantha: Did you take these?
Nathan: Yes.
Samantha: They're amazing.
Nathan: (Clapped his hands together) Okay, well. The phone is hanging right here so you can call your parents or a cab or whatever. (Walked over to the kitchen area as he spoke)
Samantha: (Followed him) Nathan...
Nathan: Yeah?

Samantha's heart leaped at the gentleness in his voice. She felt like she had fallen off a skyscraper. She kept her eyes to the ground.

Samantha: Do you mind if I stick around for a while?

Nathan didn't speak. Samantha looked up and caught his eye. It scared her that she felt she could be so forward with someone she just met. He was much older than her. Samantha had only three months until her eighteenth birthday. Nathan appeared to have just turned forty. Samantha couldn't explain the feelings swimming around inside. Instead of thinking, Sam only observed. She liked the way his jeans fit around his lean hips. He might have been older but he was in no way an old man. Nathan's body screamed strength and agility. Samantha, a runner herself, could tell he put in at least five miles a day. It might have been the lack of balding or gray hair that made him invincible to age. He stood four or five inches above her and it made her feel safe to look up at him. Samantha bit her lip uneasily as she gazed into those soft, eyes. Nathan leaned against the counter.

Nathan: I think you should go home. (Whispered as he ran his hand through his hair)
Samantha: What if I don't want to leave? (Stepping closer to him)
Nathan: I can't force you to do anything. (Reached for the phone) But I think we both know you don't need to be here. (Handed her the receiver)
Samantha: (Reached for the phone and shivered slightly as her hand brushed against his) Nathan: How old are you?

Samantha hung the phone back up on the hook and stepped closer to him once again. They were so close now that their legs touched. Nathan didn't flinch because any movement would result in direct contact with the very thing he longed more than anything to touch. Samantha put a hand to his cheek, and shook her head.

Samantha: Do you really care?

Nathan sighed and shook his head. It was scary what happened next. Samantha watched him let her go. She could tell that he no longer desired to be with her because she was only a teenager. Sam pulled away from him silently and ran a nervous hand through her own hair.

Samantha: I'm sorry.
Nathan: No, I am. I don't even need to guess. I already know you're too young. (Walked over to the fridge and opened it) Thirsty?
Samantha: Water please. (Went over to the table and sat in one of the chairs)

Nathan fooled around in the kitchen while Sam wallowed in her desperation. When he came around the corner, Samantha took her glass. She drank frantically as if she had just run a marathon through the desert. Nathan put a hand to her shoulder.

Nathan: Hey. Calm down. (Rubbing her shoulder softly)
Samantha: I'm twenty-two
Nathan: That doesn't make this right, Samantha. I'm thirty-eight years old. I have a child. I met you in a bar when my son spilled your coke. That's not how I want to begin anything with anyone.
Samantha: You're right. I don't even know who you are.

One tear fell from each of her eyes. Samantha wiped them away quickly. Not sure of how she felt, Sam broke down in front of this stranger whom she'd only known an hour but felt totally and completely taken by. Nathan just sat there, unsure of what to do. Samantha cried but only for a few moments. Her tears were no more when Nathan suddenly kissed her.

His lips were warm and felt so good, as he kissed her all over her face and neck. Samantha loved how different his kisses were from those of high school boys. He wasn't sloppy or excessively forceful. Samantha could tell he had kissed many women before. Nathan kisses were sensual and smooth. She trusted him in a way no other man had been privileged. When he let go, Samantha looked him in the eye and grinned. Nathan smiled back and stood up. Samantha rose and put her arms around his neck. She kissed him softly below his ear.

Samantha: Amazing.
Nathan: Thanks.

Samantha only beamed and looked into his face. He kissed her again and the two walked to the back of his apartment. Nathan stopped outside a door, opened it slowly, and peered inside. Closing it, he looked back at her.

Nathan: Pete's asleep.

Samantha didn't say anything as he led her through another door. They had entered his bedroom. Samantha's heart raced wildly as he closed the door. Barefoot, she tiptoed across the gray carpet and over to his bed. His sheets were a dark, royal blue color and his pillows matched in an almost feminine way. She giggled at how tidy his room was kept. Nathan noticed and smiled.

Nathan: What's so funny?
Samantha: I've never been inside a single dad's bedroom. I wasn't expecting it to be so clean.
Nathan: Do you only sleep with married men?
Samantha: No, of course not. That's not what I meant!

She tried to explain but the phrase "sleep with"had interrupted her normal functioning. Nathan planned to sleep with her? Samantha felt like she was only going to cause them both a load of trouble. Of course that's what he planned, Samantha thought, cursing herself for her stupidity. He's got children. Apparently he sleeps with women. This logic that flowed through her head made her feel dizzy and sickly.

Samantha: Nathan.
Nathan: I have to tell you something, Sam. I am married.

Samantha's jaw dropped. Now utterly disoriented, Samantha laughed. She laughed without reason and so hard that Nathan actually joined in. Catching her breath, Samantha waved a hand in front of her face as if it were ninety degrees in the room. Nathan fell against the pillows and Samantha rested her head on his chest. Nathan's eyes scanned her face and body, taking in every detail. He liked the her shiny brown hair voluptuous, and erotic to run his fingers through. He stroked her back, wishing he could bring himself to unzip her jeans and crawl inside them. He was only vaguely aware of what Sam might be thinking. Nathan could feel himself become aroused just by looking at her backside. This girl was phenomenally put together and more than appealing for any man to gaze at. The lacey pink hem of her tank top lay just about an inch short of the top of her jeans and he caught a glimpse of her red thong. She moved around and the very pressure of her body on his made him feel electrified.

Samantha: Well, I think I'll be on my way then. (Propping herself up so that their faces nearly touched)

Nathan chuckled. Her eyes sparkled more than any other pair of eyes he'd ever looked into but it was the sight of her young, soft breasts sitting so comfortably in her tank top that made him hungry for her.

Nathan: Go ahead. You know where the door is..
Samantha: Wait, sorry. This is insane. I'm seventeen.

Nathan's face went blank. He stared at her, his mouth still ajar, at a loss for words. He sat up, still appalled at her revelation. He looked down at the sheets and then up at her. Samantha thought that maybe he would just laugh it off and kiss her again but when he didn't, she felt as though she crossed the line. Nathan jumped off the bed and strode over to the door. Throwing it open, he didn't even say anything. Samantha didn't move. Finally, Nathan yelled at her to leave. Feeling wronged, Samantha refused.

Samantha: Why? Because you're married or because I'm not old enough for you to fuck?
Nathan: Don't say that, Samantha. My son is asleep.
Samantha: I want to know the truth. Are you or are you not attracted to me?
Nathan: Samantha, you're a child! I can't do this.
Samantha: I am not a child. I'm almost eighteen, I promise.
Nathan: You're a child. Men don't have sex with children.
Samantha: Just tell me the truth! When we first met, did you or did you not want to fuck me?
Nathan: Christ, what don't you understand? Of course I did. Does that make you happy? (Crossed the room and grabbed her arm) Get your things. I'll drive you home. We can pretend like this never happened.
Samantha: (Yanked her arm back) Don't touch me.

Nathan looked her over and bit his lip before kissing her again. Samantha felt thrilled to have his hands on her again. She didn't care what happened now. Both of them were fully aware of what the circumstances were.

Samantha pulled her tank top off and threw it to the floor. Nathan grabbed her by the waist and pushed her onto the bed. Softly he kissed her flat, tight stomach around her bellybutton. Samantha's breathing came sharp when he moved upwards toward her breasts. He kissed her lips roughly as he fumbled to unhook her bra. Samantha stopped him by pulling off his shirt. She licked his chest and sucked gently on his nipples. Nathan bit his lip. Slowly, he unzipped her jeans and pulled them down to her ankles. Samantha wriggled free of them and sat up. She unbuckled his pants. Unclothed, Nathan climbed over her to the other side of the bed.

Quietly, Sam allowed him to take her as he pleased. It was the first time she had ever experienced something so fantastical. Her body burned and her insides felt as though they were going to explode. His hands caressed every inch of her naked self. When they were finished making love, Samantha curled up into a tight little ball with her hands between her legs. The pulsing in her groin was unfamiliar and unpleasant. Nathan was flat on his back, his sticky, sweaty body heaving slightly. He glanced over at Samantha. He turned towards her and kissed her on the neck.

Nathan: Are you alright?
Samantha: (Looked into his eyes and kissed his lips) I'm Fine.

Samantha didn't say much because too many ideas were flying through her head. Finally, she decided to get dressed and drag herself home. When she stood up, her legs gave out and she slid against the sheets.

Nathan: Whoa. Sam, take it easy. (Crawled over to help her)

Samantha wrapped herself in the sheet as she sat on the floor. Nathan walked into his bathroom and returned wearing a pair of sleep pants and offering Sam a bathrobe. She took it and put it on. A bit embarrassed, Sam stood up and stretched. Nathan took her into the kitchen and made her a glass of water.

As they sat at the table, neither said a word. Sam found it was even hard to look at him. It startled her when he touched her hand. She pulled away and sighed.

Samantha: I have to get home. Call that cab?
Nathan: You don't think we should talk about what just happened?.
Samantha: No, I don't. We, you know, had sex. What's to talk about?
Nathan: I just thought maybe you'd want to talk about where we go from here.
Samantha: We're not going anywhere, Nathan. I...I don't know why I let you do that to me. I wasn't thinking.

Alarmed that she was expected to be able to think clearly after being devirginized by a forty-year-old married photographer. Nathan didn't speak immediately. He only glanced at her face and sighed. Sam couldn't help but shiver intensely.

Nathan: I'm sorry.
Samantha: Don't sweat it.
Nathan: I won't.

Samantha grinned softly. After looking into his eyes, she realized she wasn't as traumatized by her first experience with love as she originally thought. Both smiled at each other for a while. Samantha felt herself put down her guard again as they sat across from each other, adoring one another. Nathan stroked her long, skinny hands while she sipped her water. It wasn't until the clock struck one in the morning that Samantha came back to reality. It was way past curfew and she was sure her mother and step-dad would be worried.

Samantha: I really have to go. My step-dad is going to kill me. Kill you if he ever found out where I was or what I've done.
Nathan: Get dressed. (Kissed her forehead)

Samantha ambled back into his bedroom and dressed quickly, leaving her robe on the bed. Coming back into the living room, she pulled on her shoes and grabbed her purse. Nathan peeked into his son's room and pulled the door behind him. He pointed towards the front door and grabbed his keys off the breakfast counter.

The drive to Samantha's house was awkward at first. She wanted so much to just tell him everything she was feeling inside but she was frightened by what he would say and do in reply. More than once, she thought she was going to say what she felt but the feeling of courage quickly faded. Nathan must have noticed because he rubbed her knee gently.

They pulled up to a dirt road and Nathan pulled off to the side. When they were parked, he took her left hand and kissed it softly. Samantha smiled. The twinkle in his eye lit up his face when he looked at her. Nathan kissed her cheek and shrugged. Samantha caught this little gesture and sighed. It was over and she didn't want to do anything to ruin their moment of farewell.

Samantha: Thank you for a wonderful evening. (Grabbing the handle of the door)
Nathan: Sam, I still want to see you.
Samantha: You do? (Kissed him) Call me. I'd love to see you again.

She retrieved a pen from her purse and jotted down her number. Nathan grinned and waved as she walked up the driveway.

Sam slowly turned the doorknob to the kitchen. When she entered her house, she could tell that her parents had already headed off to bed. Still amazed by her previous engagement, Samantha tiptoed down the hall to her bedroom. She dropped her purse in the corner but not before plugging her cell into its charger on her dresser. Without even changing, she threw herself down on her bed and fell asleep.

What awaited her in the morning was a disaster.

Hope you enjoyed this special two episode premiere! The show will air every Thursday starting July 21st!*

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