July 28, 2011

Samantha King: Only By Law

"Only By Law"
Season 1: Episode 4


Queen-of-mean. as Samantha King

Tylerisbold as Nathan Woodward

Guest Starring
LilMrsRich as Sara Woodward

Not expecting to be so early, Samantha actually stopped in a little diner to grab a cup of coffee. She sat in a booth and stared out the window, wondering what it was Nathan had planned for her. It crossed her mind that they would probably spend the evening together in bed again. Samantha wasn’t sure how she felt about sleeping with Nathan. It was new and scary to her. She hadn’t told Nathan she lost her innocence to a man twice her age that she had only met an hour earlier. She felt insecure about her body and even more so about her performance. He probably knew she was a virgin just by how timid and scared she had acted even when he made love to her. Blushing, Sam paid for her coffee and got back into her car.

She sat in the parking lot of Nathan’s apartment building, waiting until it was five after seven to get out and walk across the street to the bar. Excited to see Nathan again, Sam took out her compact and brushed on some powder. Retrieving her favorite wine lipstick, she smeared it on with exact precision. Satisfied with how she looked, Samantha stepped out of her car. As she locked the door, someone caught her by the arm and spun her around. She was delighted to find Nathan wrapping his arms around her waist and pressing her up against the car.

Nathan: Hey pretty girl.
Samantha: (Put her arms around his neck and rubbed the back of his head. She smiled up at him for the longest while as they gazed in to one another’s eyes. She looked around to see if anyone was watching before kissing his lips softly)
Nathan: Let's get going. (He said as he grabbed her hand in his and led her away)
Samantha: (Nervous about their destination, Samantha held him back) Um, Nathan. What about your son? What did you tell him?
Nathan: I told him that daddy has a new friend that he’d love to take out to dinner.
Samantha: Well, I don’t think he needs to see his daddy kissing and holding his new friend in front of him. (She let go of his hand)

They walked over to where Nathan’s silver SUV was waiting and climbed inside. Peter was sitting in the backseat playing a game on some sort of handheld device. When Sam got in the car, he looked surprised to see her. Samantha turned around and smiled at him.

Samantha: Hey Pete. How are you today pal? (Squeezing his knee slightly)

Peter looked mortified to have her touch him. She retracted her hand, wondering if she was going to make the child cry. Nathan watched him in the rearview mirror.

Nathan: Hey bud, this is Samantha. Why don’t you crawl up here and give her a hug?
Peter: (Gave Samantha a quick hug)
Samantha: Thanks buddy. (Smiled at him, relieved that he wasn’t emotionally distraught by their last meeting)

They drove for a while until they reached the interstate. Getting on, Samantha reached to turn the radio on. She asked before turning the dial. Nathan shook his head and winked at her. Samantha turned the tuner to a rock station. Surprisingly, Nathan sang along. Samantha grinned as she listened to him. Eventually, all three of them were belting out tunes along the interstate until they reached Pete’s mom’s house.

Pulling into the driveway, Samantha flicked off the radio instinctively. Peter unbelted himself and jumped out of the car carrying a backpack. An edge rose in the air, and Samantha knew it was coming from the hurricane ripping through her mind. She’d had a few confrontations in school which resorted to cat fighting. Scratching, pulling hair, and wrestling to the ground with another female was not how she wanted to spend her evening. Her stomach twisted uncomfortably as she thought of this. Nathan turned off the engine and patted Sam on the thigh, looking as unbothered as can be.

Nathan got out walking Peter to the door. Samantha watched the pair wait for the front door to open. When it did, Samantha was surprised to find an older woman with fiery red hair answer. Peter hugged the woman and then walked past her into the house. It was evident she had invited them both in because Nathan looked back at the car before shaking his head. The woman looked around him and saw Sam sitting in the vehicle. She froze before putting a hand to her mouth. Samantha was unsure of what they were saying but she was almost certain it wasn’t good by the elaborate hand gestures. When it seemed the conversation couldn’t get any more animated, the woman made a beeline towards Nate’s car. Samantha braced herself, preparing to be ripped from the vehicle and savagely beaten for taking another woman’s man. To her surprise, the woman approached her kindly and smiled. Samantha opened the door and stepped out, prepared to face whatever she had to say.

Wife: Hello! Well, you certainly are a dish!
Samantha: (Grinned absentmindedly and nodded) Thank you. Right back at you.
Nathan: (Walked over to them casually, a sheepish grin on his face. He put his arm around Sam’s waist and sighed) Well, let’s not rush the introductions, shall we? (Nudging Sam to get back into the car)
Wife: (Laughed sarcastically and stuck her leg out at a defiant angle with her bony hands on her hips) Nathan, grow a cock. What’s your name, dear?
Samantha: Oh, uh…Samantha. (Shocked by such harsh language)
Wife: The name’s Sara. (She looked Samantha & Nathan up and down) So, I’m hoping Nathan’s told you we’re still married.
Nathan: Only by law. (He replied bitterly)
Sara: Well, not for too much longer I hope. Anyway, it’s getting late and Petey needs dinner. What time is your bedtime deary? (Chuckling)
Samantha: (Blushed, embarrassed and offended)
Nathan: Christ sake Sara. Leave her alone!
Sara: (Put her hands up in defense) I’m just telling it like it is. How old is this girl?
Nathan: Twenty-two, alright?
Sara: (Cackled her hideous laugh) Twenty-two? Nathan, you are such a jerk. Honey, I’d leave now if I were you. He doesn’t want anything except what’s between your legs.
Samantha: (Opened her mouth, now furious) I don’t know why you’re being so rude! I just met you and you’ve done nothing but insult me and Nathan both!!
Sara: (Slapped Samantha's face)
Samantha: (Stunned, she touched her cheek, feeling the hot surface sting)
Nathan: Sara!!! (Shouted, grabbing his wife’s wrist and yelling in her face)
Sara: He’s my husband, you little slut! Who’s the rude one now?

Samantha didn’t say anything in response to this. Instead, she got back in the car. Nathan ran around to the driver’s seat and got in. Sara slapped the window she stood next to, continuing to scream and make a scene as the couple reversed down the driveway and onto the street. Nathan rolled down his window as he did so.

Nathan: This is ridiculous. You are being such a fool, Sara. Sober up and I’ll call you in the morning!
Sara: Chemicals! Are you still playing that card? Can’t you think of anything else to slap across my face? Fuck you Nate!!!
Nathan: Alright, that's it! Call Peter out here. I don’t want my son staying here!

He threw the car into park and unbuckled his belt to get out of the car again. Samantha turned off the car and held on to the keys, now scared of what was happening. Sara clung to Nathan’s arms and screeched at him.

Sara: He’s my baby too! Don’t take my child! (Shed tears down her exhausted cheeks)
Nathan: (Ignored her as he walked up to the house)

Samantha watched this and slowly, her anger with the woman changed to pity. Samantha could sense a deep pain in her words and it was almost too hard to watch. When Nathan reached the door, Sara grabbed hold of his shirt and pulled it so hard that it ripped at the neck. He took hold of her flailing wrists and tried to calm her down. He whispered in her face. Sara shook her head and wept. Nathan put his arms around her and cooed in a fatherly way. Samantha watched this, a small tinge of jealousy striking her. Nathan kissed the top of her head and pushed her gently in the door. They talked for a few seconds before finally departing, Sara inside and Nathan to the car. When he returned, Nathan couldn’t look at Samantha. Instead, he searched for his misplaced keys.

Samantha: Here. (She handed him the keys)
Nathan: (Took them and nodded slightly) I’m sorry about that, Sam. She’s usually not like that.
Samantha: (Didn’t reply. Instead, she continued to stare straight ahead of her)
Nathan: It’s hard for her. She’s recovering from a methadone addiction. She’s not a fit mother but I can’t keep Peter from her forever. She’s still his mother, even if she is ruining what they have together.
Samantha: (Furrowed her brow, disgusted by his dismissal) Nathan, this has nothing to do with your son! You just introduced me to your wife. How did you think she was going to react?
Nathan: Not like that! She understands that we see other people. Sara’s got a boyfriend, the same one that drove us to get a separation in the first place!
Samantha: That’s not the point. You left her but you’re still married and the one you left her for is half her age! No one likes being replaced with someone new.
Nathan: Why are you sticking up for her? You don’t know anything about her.
Samantha: I feel guilty.
Nathan: You feel guilty? Because I’m married…?
Samantha: Yes.
Nathan: What are you doing here then? (Asked politely)
Samantha: (Felt her heart begin to race) Trying to make this work. I want to be with you.
Nathan: I know Sam. I’m trying too. (Reaching over to touch her hand)

Samantha grabbed it and stroked it softly in her lap. She brought it up to her face and kissed his fingertips. She turned it over and kissed his wrist and forearm. Nathan smiled at her and caressed her cheek. Samantha readjusted in her seat so that she was facing him. Finally, after several minutes of silence and many stretches of highway, the atmosphere cleared up.

Samantha: So where are you taking me? (Her voice bubbly and flirty)
Nathan: Well, how long do we have?
Samantha: How long do you want me?
Nathan: (Laughed at her playfulness)
Samantha: I have all night. Told my mother I was staying at a girlfriend’s house. (Whispered in his ear, kissing his earlobe)
Nathan: Want to dance?

Samantha’s face lit up. Dancing had been the one thing that kept her grounded. Thirteen years of ballet school blurred through her mind and she delighted at the thought of showing off.

Samantha: Seriously?
Nathan: Only if you want to.
Samantha: Yes! I’d love to go dancing with you!

They drove back to his apartment, all the tension from earlier dissipating from the air. Inside, Samantha flopped down on his bed and watched him look through his closet. She giggled as he pulled out a brown t-shirt from his closet and held it up to himself. Nathan glanced at her and grinned.

Nathan: You like?
Samantha: Love it!

Nathan threw it at her and pulled off the shirt he was already wearing. Samantha growled as she watched him. He approached her and kissed her lips sensually. He crawled on top of her and stroked her hair from her eyes. Nathan examined her face and looked down at her body.

Nathan: You are so beautiful.

Nathan pulled her into another kiss, his tongue moving in and out of her mouth. Samantha felt herself falling into that place where all she wanted was for him to make love to her again. He bit her bottom lip, just the way she liked, and sucked gently. His hand crept up her shirt and rested right below her breasts. He massaged her belly and kissed her neck, making her moan lightly. Knowing things could only escalate from here, Samantha stopped him.

Samantha: (She propped herself up on one elbow and ran her hand up and down his chest) I thought we were going dancing?
Nathan: Yeah. I was getting to that. (Chuckling)

He pulled on his new shirt and stood up to stretch. He did a few little jumps on the balls of his feet and blew out a steady stream of air.

Nathan: Alright! Let’s salsa! (Reaching for Samantha)

Samantha couldn’t help but kiss his cheek and rumple his hair playfully. She made to get down when he opened the apartment door but Nathan held her a little tighter.

Nathan: We’re not at the chariot yet, prom queen.
Samantha: (Raised her eyebrows and shoved him slightly in the chest) Excuse me sir but what did you say?

She said, recalling the first conversation they had ever had. Nathan laughed and dropped her back down to the floor when they reached the elevator. He pressed the button and the two held hands as they waited for the doors to open. When they did, Samantha stepped in and allowed Nathan two seconds before pressing him up against the back wall.

Samantha: You know......I’ve never taken advantage of anyone in an elevator before.... (She whispered as she kissed the bottom of his chin)
Nathan: (Took her hands off him) Not here Sam.
Samantha: If you don’t want to be seen with me in the privacy of an elevator, how are we going to go dancing?
Nathan: Dance with everyone. If someone else asks you to dance, go ahead. I don’t mind watching.
Samantha: I don’t want to dance with anyone else.
Nathan: I know. We don’t have to go if you don’t want.
Samantha: No, it’s fine. I’m a dancer anyways. I want to show you my moves. (Grinning devilishly)

Nathan grinned back and both of them walked towards the apartment exit.

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