July 21, 2011

Samantha King: Troublemaker

Season 1: Episode 3


Queen-of-mean. as Samantha King


Tylerisbold as Nathan Woodward
Welsh_witch as Ellen Fray
.SAMtheMAN. as James Fray

Her clock read 11:50 when she woke up the next morning. Turning over from her stomach, she stretched and yawned. It took her a second to realize that her door was wide open. Sitting up, she looked down the hall as far as she could see. When nothing out of the ordinary popped out at her, she got up and stammered sleepily into the kitchen. Both her mother and stepfather were waiting for her. It was difficult for Samantha to face them knowing she had committed such a deadly sin. Her mother Ellen was a stocky woman with a hard face, deep lines running across her forehead. Unlike her daughter, she had dark, frizzy black hair that she kept closely curled to her head. Her black eyes bore into Samantha’s face as she sat there sipping her coffee. Her stepfather James Fray was her mother’s exact in another body. He too had a very hard demeanor that stemmed from his solid appearance. James was a body builder and cherished his biceps as much as his reputation for being tough.

Both her parents were very strict and even more so when it came to punishment. Samantha was sure the pair of them had concocted a severe and unfair consequence for her late homecoming. Trying to delay her doom, Sam sauntered over to her mother and kissed her on the cheek.

Samantha: Morning Ma.
Ellen: Jay.... (She said cheerfully as she smiled at him and took a seat at the table. She and James looked at each other and then back at Samantha)
James: Samantha, when did you get home?
Samantha: Last night?
Ellen: (Took a deep breath and rolled her eyes) No more. That’s it for you. I don’t want you leaving this house again until fall semester starts!.
Samantha: Mother! It’s the end of June! Semester doesn’t start until September. That’s not even fair!
Ellen: No, making us worry and you being so selfish that you can’t even call is unfair. What did you think, Sam? We were just going to go to bed and hope you’re not dead in the morning? Where were you?

Samantha opened her mouth but no words came out. It was uncommon for her to lie to her parents but it was impending death that awaited the truth.

Samantha: I was with Stan! We went to a wrestling match in the city! That’s a forty-five minute drive and you got to consider overtime. Jay, tell her. You know how long a match can be!
James: Elle, she’s got a point. But that doesn’t make up for the fact that you refused to let us know what the deal was. Samantha, sometimes you are just so reckless and irresponsible. Your mother is right to punish you.
Samantha: Please reconsider. Mom, it’s my last summer. I just want to be with my friends before I have to go to university!.
Ellen: Fine. You can go out but your curfew just got cut from twelve to nine. Understood?
Samantha: (Nodded without saying another word)

If it had been any other time and situation, Sam would have complained and cried until she dug herself in so deep that her consequences would be extended by months and more than a dating privilege would be stripped from her. Shaking from embarrassment, Samantha excused herself from the table and went back into her room. She shut the door behind her and put a shaky hand to her face. Silently, she shuddered and shivered from almost being caught in her transgressions.

Something buzzing on her dresser caught her eye. She realized that her cell phone was ringing. Locking her door, she dove for the phone and opened it up.

Samantha: Hello? (She said quietly)
Caller: Sam? Hi, it’s Nathan.

Samantha's eyes grew big and her heart began to beat extremely fast. She flopped down on her bed and pulled her comforter around her. She was lost between feelings of being overjoyed or on the edge of a breakdown.

Samantha: Oh, hi.
Nathan: Yeah, hey.
Samantha: I didn’t think you’d call so soon.
Nathan: Yeah, I wasn’t planning to either. I’m actually at work right now. I’m on my break.. Samantha: Really? Um, maybe I can come see you? If you want a visitor.
Nathan: I don’t think that’s such a good idea, Samantha. Listen, why don’t you just show up at the same bar as last night and I just happen to run into you
Samantha: I don’t know. What time?
Nathan: Around eight-thirty? I get off work at seven but I have to take Pete to his mom’s.
Samantha: (She was speechless. She had temporarily forgotten that her love interest was married and fathered children)
Nathan: Samantha?
Samantha: Sorry. Yeah, that’s not going to work. I had my curfew cut down to nine o’clock.
Nathan: Wow. Sorry to hear that. Well, I guess you’ll just have to join us, won’t you?
Samantha: Nathan, I can’t.”
Nathan: Sure you can. It’s okay.
Samantha: I can’t just roll up to your wife and hand over your son and introduce myself as the other woman!
Nathan: We’re separated. Believe me, she’s got her own extra-marital company living with her. You don’t even have to get out and meet her. It’s a thirty minute drive I rather spend sitting next to you than leaving it all to my imagination.
Samantha: I’ll be at the bar at seven.
Nathan: Great, I’ll see you then.

Samantha bit her lip as she hung up the phone and lay back on her pillows. The easy part was done. All she had to do now was convince her parents to allow her to go back into the city again tonight. Before taking on the challenge of breaking her parents in, Samantha strolled over to her closet and looked through her various clothes. Taking shirts and skirts and pants and jackets off their hangers, she tried on outfit after outfit. She was very aware of the fact that Nathan found her body to be massively appealing to look at. When she was through tearing up her closet, Samantha decided on a tight yellow blouse that had orange threading on the fringe and caplet sleeves. It plunged nicely to expose her blossoming bust. Her pants were another pair of elegantly embroidered denim jeans that she herself designed and put together.

Proud of the effect produced, Samantha removed her selected clothing and walked into her bathroom. She started a bath and poured large amounts of raspberry scented bubbles into the tub of steaming water. As she waited for the bath to fill, Samantha caught her reflection in her large, full-length vanity mirror. Body image was something she often struggled with and was perhaps why she had waited so long to pursue a sexual relationship with a man she thought worthy. She put her large hands on her hips and turned sideways to examine her backside and thighs. What she saw wasn’t beautiful; in fact, she didn’t realize how horrible she looked until she actually looked at herself. Samantha pulled off her bra and underwear and took a second to examine her lady parts. She frowned at her breasts. She thought they were much too large. Glancing down at her pelvis, she realized that without the compliment of undergarments, her hips looked much too wide. Samantha looked away, ashamed that she had put herself out there and allowed Nathan to see her gluttonous naked body.
Climbing into the scorching bath, Samantha doused herself underwater and returned a few seconds later. She took her washcloth and washed her face, all too aware of her large nose. As she shampooed her hair, she couldn’t help but notice that her arms weren’t as toned as she would have liked. Washing herself, she felt hopeless as she felt every gram of fat on her body. When she was finished, she let the water drain before stepping out and toweling herself down. Exhausted from so much drama in the past forty-eight hours, Sam wrapped her hair in a towel and pulled on a robe before crashing on her bed.

She awoke four hours later.
Feeling a bit refreshed, Sam sat up and took the towel out of her slightly damp hair. She looked at the clock and saw that it was already five-thirty. Jumping up, she got ready for her meeting with Nathan. She was dressed and perfumed and made up in less than twenty minutes. As she blow-dried her hair, she realized that she still had not asked her parents if she could go out. Bothered by the idea of not being allowed to go, Samantha drew her hair up effortlessly into a clip. She shoved her cell phone into her same orange purse and jumped to grab a pair of matching heels out of the top of her closet. Pulling everything together, she unlocked her door and ran down the hallway into the living room. James and her mother were sitting on their beige sofa watching television together. Both of them looked up when she entered.

Samantha: Ma, can I take the car?
Ellen: What for? Where are you heading off to now?
Samantha: I’m going in for an interview at a diner we stopped at last night.
Ellen: Really? Good for you Sammie. Yeah, the keys are in my purse.
Samantha: Oh, and can I stay at Sharon’s tonight?

Sharon Lewis was Samantha’s closest girlfriend. They had grown up together, yet her mother had never once accepted her as a suitable friend. Any trouble Samantha had ever gotten in outside of home usually involved Sharon in some way. Her mom shook her head.

Ellen: You know I don’t like that, Sam.
Samantha: She’s leaving soon! Mother, c’mon. We haven’t had a girls’ night in ages! Please?
Ellen: Fine. Do what you want but you better be home by noon tomorrow.

By the time she was out the door and down the street, it was already 6:15. Running just a little bit late, Sam sped as much as possible down her deserted neighborhood lane. She made it to the city in half an hour.

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