July 22, 2011

Diamonds Are Forever: Dirty Little Secret

*The Premiere Episode*

"Dirty Little Secret"
Season 1: Episode 1

ForeverGorgeous as Gem Alexander
Ruubin as Crystal Darcy
Alexcendraburke as Opal Granger
Missricopenguin as Ruby Lorenzo


Lige07 as Drake Darcy
MackDaddy1 as Gary Miller

Guest Starring
Mr.Wannabecool as Mr.Rogers

At the sound of her alarm, seventeen year old Gem Alexander jerked awake and sat up in her sweaty bed sheets. She leaned over and turned the alarm off before resting her head in her hands. Tucking a strand of wavy brown hair behind her ear she took a deep calming breath. Sinking back into her pillow she entertained herself with the idea of going back to sleep but figuring she'd only have more nightmares. Gem pushed her quilt aside and swung her legs round and rested her feet on the floor feeling the plush purple carpet ticking her feet. Before heading downstairs to breakfast she hopped into the shower using liberal amounts of soap so she'd be fresh and clean for the school day ahead.

A few houses down the street, Gem's friend Crystal Darcy was sat at the breakfast table feeling distinctly uncomfortable. Her father Marvin Darcy was completely oblivious to his daughter's unease as he read the morning paper and ate his croissant.
Gwyneth, Crystal's step-mother was a little more perceptive and gently asked if anything was bothering her. Crystal gave her the old excuse of not having slept well before excusing herself from the table not having looked at her eighteen year old step-brother Drake once. Crystal paced around her bedroom waiting until it was time to leave for school. Needing something to distract herself from her thoughts, the blonde-haired girl seized her phone and dialed the number of her friend Opal Granger.

The phone rang for a long time before Opal finally answered giving the apology of being in the bathroom. The two girls were talking pleasantly until Opal's older brother Oliver yelled for her to get off the phone and get her chubby ass downstairs.
Sighing, Opal ended the phone call and glanced at herself in her full-length mirror. She turned to the side to look at her stomach. She sucked her breath in and tried to look thinner before heading downstairs.

Two streets down from where Opal and her family lived was the Lorenzo residence.
The driveway was empty since Mr. Lorenzo was working abroad for a month and Mrs. Lorenzo had left for work at 6am. That left their daughter Ruby to once again wake up to an empty house and put her dirty bed sheets in the washing machine before fixing her own breakfast then leaving for school with her books, pens and the lunch she had made for herself.

At exactly 8:30, the four girls met up outside the wrought iron gates of their school. They greeted one another cheerfully and shared a group embrace before striding through the gates arm in arm and smiling as if they hadn't a care in the world.

After English Lit, Gem and Ruby went one way to attend art together whilst Crystal and Opal headed for their dance class. In dance, the students were working on a practical piece that they would perform in the dance showcase in two weeks time. Crystal and Opal were working together along with a boy named Gary. After a quick change of clothing, Opal immediately threw herself into stretching and warming up before rehearsing the dance steps.

Gary: Slow down Opal. You'll tire yourself out if you keep going like that.
Opal: I'm fine. We need to practice! Come on!

Gary turned to Crystal to see her reaction but she soon joined her friend and lost herself in the dance. Realizing he'd been beaten Gary shrugged and fell into step alongside the two girls. They went through the entire routine ten times before Gary requested a break. Sweating slightly and a little breathless, Crystal sat against the wall with him and drank half a bottle of water. Opal on the other hand determinedly carried on dancing.
When the lesson finished it was time for break but Opal opted to continue practicing in the dance hall. Crystal tried to change her mind but quickly gave up and followed Gary out the door.

Gary: She's working a bit hard isn't she?
Crystal: I think she just wants to be perfect. Remember last year when she tripped up during the dance? Her brothers teased her about it for months. She just doesn't want to mess up this time.
Gary: Yeah, maybe you're right. 'I'll see you later ok.
Crystal: Bye Gary!

Crystal looked around for Ruby and Gem. She was just passing the basketball court when she heard a few male voices warning her to duck. Unfortunately she reacted too slowly and a basketball hit her in the chest.

Drake: I'm so sorry. My buddy didn't see you. Are you alright?
Crystal: (Nervous, she simply passes the ball back to Drake and his friends and walked away as fast as she could.)
Drake: Honestly Crystal it was an accident!

Crystal found Gem and Ruby perched on the steps outside the gym. From where they sat they had a good view of the boys playing football on the field.

Crystal: Hey girls! (Sits next to them)
Gem: Where's Opal?
Crystal: Still dancing. I think she's really determined to get this right. How was art?
Gem: Miss Harris kicked Ruby out again. (Laughs)
Crystal: What did you do this time?
Ruby: I corrected her on the complimentary colors. She's a horrible teacher I don't know why they hired her.
Gem: She's not that bad.
Ruby: She is! The woman can't even draw. Trust me, she's useless. I'd make a better teacher than her.
Crystal: Well, we've got history next. Now that lesson really is a nightmare especially with Loopy Lomax.
Ruby: Yeah she's just as bad as Mr.Harris. She told me I had to redo my Henry VIII essay because I was too sarcastic when I talked about his six wives. I'd make a better teacher than her as well.
Gem: Lomax isn't a bad teacher. She's a little eccentric I'll admit but she teaches the subject well. I've learned much more with her than I learned last year when Mr. Hills taught us.
Ruby: You just like her because she gives you the highest marks. To be fair most of the teachers here are useless. It's a wonder how we learn anything.
Crystal: They're not all bad. Miss Jarvis is a great dance teacher and Mr. Rogers is one of the best teacher's I've ever had.
Ruby: You're right Rogers is really good. He's not bad looking either, for a teacher I mean.
Gem: (Nervous) Ok girls.....it's time to head to History.

The girls got up and headed to class.
Opal was the last student to arrive with her black hair tied back in a loose ponytail and her coffee colored skin shining with sweat. After History the girl's had gym and just like in dance, Opal quickly launched herself into warming up. Today the girls were playing volleyball and whilst Crystal, Gem and Ruby hovered around the edges trying to do as little as possible, Opal kept herself active in the game and never stopped running around.

Gem: Since when is she such an active sports freak?
Ruby: Well she likes volleyball doesn't she? She used to play on the school team.
Crystal: That's true.

At lunch time Gem and Ruby ate their sandwiches. Crystal popped a few grapes into her mouth and ate her chocolate bar but promptly threw her sandwich in the bin complaining that she didn't like ham. Opal merely sat and sipped at a bottle of water with her lunch remaining untouched. The last class of the day was Math, and Ruby, Opal and Crystal practically skipped up to the classroom but Gem stayed behind.

Mr. Rogers: Good afternoon girls.
Girls: Afternoon Mr. Rogers. (chanted together as they took their seats.)
Gem: (enters the classroom a few minutes behind them and seated herself alone at the back.)

Throughout the lesson Gem kept flicking her eyes up to the clock to see how much time was left. She nearly growled in frustration as no time seemed to be passing at all. Finally, time did pass and the bell rang signaling the end of the day. Gem shoved her things into her bag and tried to escape the classroom as fast as possible but Mr. Rogers stopped her and asked for a word about her last week's homework. She froze where she was and watched as the others filed out the door leaving her alone with the math teacher.

Mr. Rogers: Come here Gem.
Gem: (Looking desperately at the closed door before taking a few tentative steps towards her teacher.)

Now inches away, the tall stocky man with a scar on his left eyebrow and stubble peppered on his chin took her school bag from her and placed it on a chair. He then wound an arm around her waist before fiercely seizing her chin and pulling her into an aggressive kiss. As always Gem squirmed away from him but he held her tightly in his strong arms.

Mr. Rogers: Lay down on the desk!

Not looking at him, Gem did as she was told and spread herself on the wooden table feeling her heart hammer and her eyes burn with unshed tears. The thirty year old teacher loomed over his student like a hungry vulture admiring its prey. He snaked a hand up the teen girl's skirt and pulled her underwear down before spreading her legs further as he unleashed his hard penis from the confines of his pants.

Mr. Rogers: Remember Gem, this is our little secret. You know what'll happen if anyone finds out.
Gem: (Nodded and bit her lip as she closed her eyes waiting for the pain of the intrusion)

Once again, she felt him thrust inside of her and another part of her dignity was ripped away as she felt dirty and ashamed as the tears leaked from the corners of her eyes. When it was over he handed her back her school bag and once again warned her not to tell anybody before letting her leave the classroom.

*Hope you enjoyed the premiere episode! The show will air every Tuesday starting July 26th!*


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