September 15, 2011

Samantha King: Speechless

Season 1: Episode 8

Queen-of-mean. as Samantha King

Tylerisbold as Nathan Woodward
Welsh_Witch as Ellen Fray
.SAMtheMAN. as James Fray

Samantha found herself home and locked inside her bedroom. She had taken a bottle of sleeping pills from her parents medicine cabinet and shoved a few down her throat. When she awoke from each nap, she stepped into the bathroom to urinate and weigh herself on her scale. It depressed her to see that her weight had increased two pounds. Drinking a bottle of water quickly, she took a few more pills and then curled up into a ball on her bed. This was her routine for the following three days. On the fourth day, James forced her door open and confiscated her sleeping pills. Samantha awoke to find her pills gone and her door removed from its hinges. She groggily lifted up, groaning to herself. Ellen heard her up and rushed into her room.

Ellen: What were you thinking? Sleeping pills? (Face burned with rage)
Samantha: I was tired, mother. (She slurred and struggled to keep her head upright)
Ellen: Bull Samantha! What is going on with you? You’re getting ready to go to college! You’re tired? Life hasn’t even started yet and you’re tired?
Samantha: Stop yelling at me! I’m sick and tired of yelling and fighting. I just need a break!
Ellen: What has happened to my girl? It’s that nasty bar you work at isn't it? Do they give you drugs there? Have you become diseased? Huh? What’s the matter with you?
Samantha: I think I’m going to be sick. (Her eyes rolled into the back of her head and she collapsed to the ground)

Samantha woke up in the hospital with an IV stuck in her arm and her parents at her side. She could hear beeping and she knew her heart was being monitored. Samantha looked around her and whimpered. It scared her to know that her parents would soon find out why she was being hospitalized. How do you try to keep secrets when they were being displayed on a screen for all to see?

Ellen: Sammie? Dear, how are you feeling?
Samantha: I’m fine. What did they do to me?
Ellen: Honey, they had to pump your stomach.
Samantha: Seriously?
James: (Stroked Samantha's hair out of her face) We’re going to get you help. What you’re going through…it’s serious. It scares your mother and it worries me. Why’d you do it, honey?
Samantha: (Shook her head, confused) Do what?

A doctor walked into the room. James pursed his lips and shook the doctor’s hand. Ellen followed suit and sniffled when the doctor tried to comfort her. Samantha watched this exchange and felt her heart speed up a little. The doctor asked them to step outside while he spoke to Sam.

Doctor: Samantha, I am Dr. Patel. I was referred to you from Dr. Michaels. Do you remember her? (Pulling up the visitor’s chair and sitting in it)
Samantha: (Shook her head)
Dr. Patel: I didn’t think so. Samantha, do you mind if I ask you a few questions?
Samantha: Why?
Dr. Patel: Well, I want to know why you think you’re here. Tell me.
Samantha: Tell you what? There’s nothing to tell. I took some pills and went to sleep.
Dr. Patel: Did you have the intent of waking up?
Samantha: What kind of question is that? Of course I did! Doctor, I didn’t try to kill myself. It was an accident. I just needed to sleep.
Dr. Patel: (Scribbled something quickly on his clipboard. He took a minute to look over his sheets before looking back up at her) Do you suffer from depression, Sam?
Samantha: No. I mean, I get sad, but everyone does some time or another.
Dr. Patel: Have you ever had suicidal thoughts? Ever act in a way to hurt yourself?
Samantha: No!
Dr. Patel: Samantha, your stats are a bit of a concern to me. Your heart rate is very low in comparison to your records. Do you eat regularly? (Eying her intently)
Samantha: (Gasped silently and shrugged) I eat every day.
Dr. Patel: Do you consume at least twelve hundred calories a day?
Samantha: I don’t know. I don’t count calories.
Dr. Patel: What about meals? Are you eating meals at least three times a day?
Samantha: Doc, the way I’m eating has nothing to do with overdosing on sleeping pills. Please make a point so I can be done here!
Dr. Patel: The point is Samantha I am going to diagnose you as having anorexia nervosa. Your weight is ten pounds below the minimum of what you should weigh for your height.
Samantha: I um…
Dr. Patel: Your body weight is so low that it has already impaired your heart rate to undesirable conditions. This episode with the sleeping pills lowered your heart rate so much that you actually lapsed into a coma.
Samantha: What? How long have I been here?
Dr. Patel: You were brought here by ambulance yesterday. You woke up around nine this evening.
Samantha: I didn’t try to kill myself Doc. I’m really stressed out right now. I’ve got college and work and I’m trying to move on in life.
Dr. Patel: Samantha, are you aware that you’re with child?
Samantha: Excuse me?
Dr. Patel: You’re eight weeks pregnant Samantha.

Samantha felt as though she would lapse back into a coma. She was speechless.

September 13, 2011

Diamonds Are Forever: Enough


Season 1: Episode 9

ForeverGorgeous as Gem Alexander
Ruubin as Crystal Darcy
Alexcendraburke as Opal Granger
Missricopenguin as Ruby Lorenzo


Lige07 as Drake Darcy
Dog_boy96 as Maxwell Briers
MackDaddy1 as Gary Miller

At school the following Monday, something happened at lunch time that had never happened before; Oliver sat beside Opal and her friends. He sat down beside Opal and draped an arm over her shoulder as if it was the most natural thing in the world. His sister's eyes had practically bulged out of her head before she pushed his arm off and continued talking to Ruby as if Oliver wasn't there. A short while later Drake sat down with them too; Ruby was possibly the only one to notice the faint blush that formed on Crystal's cheeks when Drake gently tucked a stray gold lock behind her ear. Oliver and Drake were not the only addition to the diamond girls' lunch group. Gary and Maxwell were also sitting with them as was Opal's little brother Owen since he did anything their older brother did. As usual, Opal wasn't eating anything. Oliver instructed her to eat her sandwich and everyone else froze in their actions waiting to see what would happen.

Opal: I'm not hungry. (Hissed at him turning to glare at Gem and Crystal)
Oliver: I don't care you need to eat.
Opal: Don't tell me what to do. (Snapped at him)
Oliver: Just eat the fucking sandwich! (Took the sandwich out of her bag and forcing it into her hands)
Opal: (Threw the sandwich into the bin) I said I'm not hungry!
Oliver: That's it! (Seizing the back of his sister's head with one hand and holding his own sandwich in the other and trying to force it between her lips)
Opal: (Let out an anguished wail and turned her face away from the offending food struggling to move away)
Oliver: (Forcibly turned her face back and pushed the bread into her mouth making her scream and almost choke)
Ruby: Stop it, that's enough! (Pulling Oliver off of Opal) She said she's not hungry so just leave her alone!
Opal: (Lean forward and spit out the bread)
Owen: Oliver, what's going on?
Oliver: She needs to eat. (Glaring at Ruby)
Ruby: She'll eat when she wants to. Trying to force her isn't going to help; she'll just throw it up anyway.
Opal: I'm going to the bathroom. (Stood up)
Oliver: No you are not. (Grabbed her bony wrist)
Opal: Let go of me!
Ruby: Let her go, you're hurting her!
Oliver: Don't you see what you're doing to yourself? This needs to stop Opal.
Opal: Nothing's wrong with me just leave me alone.
Drake: Guys calm down.
Owen: What's going on? (Stamping his foot in annoyance)
Opal: Stop it!
Ruby: Let her go you idiot, you're not helping!
Oliver: Opal you need to eat damn it!
Drake: Oliver, just let her go.
Owen: WHAT'S GOING ON? (Shouted finally gaining everyone's attention)
Oliver: Opal has a problem.
Opal: No! I don't!!
Oliver: She's not eating. And she's lost too much weight. She's been making herself sick.
Owen: Why?
Opal: He's lying, there's nothing wrong with me! (Shouted furiously before kicking her Oliver in the shins and running off)
Everyone: (Silent)
Ruby: (Gave a sarcastic round of applause) Bravo! Nicely handled, that just made everything so much better!
Gem: Ruby, don't. This isn't the time for your sarcasm.
Maxwell: I think everybody should just calm down.
Oliver: I was trying to help her.
Ruby: Great job! Are you happy now?
Gem: Ruby, that's enough!
Owen: Why is Opal doing this?
Ruby: Why do you think?
Maxwell: Ruby why don't you and I take a walk?
Ruby: No, I'll go find Opal; she needs someone to hold her hair back when she pukes. (She said bluntly before walking off)
Oliver: Stupid red-headed bitch. (Spoke once Ruby was out of ear-shot)
Maxwell: Don't talk about her like that!
Oliver: How can you defend her? (Staring down at Maxwell) My baby sister has an eating problem and her supposed friend doesn't seem to give a shit!
Maxwell: This coming from the brother who is in part responsible for his sister's eating disorder! You know, unlike you, Ruby actually noticed that Opal has a problem. You had to be told. From where I'm standing I'd say that Ruby cares more about Opal than you. At least she noticed something was wrong!
Oliver: (Had no reply to those words knowing that they were partly true)
Gem: Have you talked to your parents about Opal? (Trying to break the tension between Max and Oliver)
Oliver: No. I wouldn't know what to say.
Gem: I guess that's understandable. (Thinking of how she had no idea to address her own problem)
Gary: So what do we do now? (Rubbed Crystal's arm comfortingly oblivious to Drake's heated stare)
Maxwell: I got these from the doctor's when I got my burn checked out. (Took a paper out of his bag and handed them to Oliver)
Oliver: How to overcome eating disorders. (Read off of the top of the paper)
Maxwell: You can read it or get her to read it; it might help.
Gary: Or it might just piss her off.
Maxwell: It's worth a shot though.
Oliver: (Put the paper into his bag) Come on Owen. Let's go. (Walked away)
Crystal: Is every teenager's life a big complicated mess? (Tired as she rested her head on Gary's shoulder)
Gary: It certainly feels that way doesn't it. (Unaware of Drake glaring daggers at him)
Gem: Well, I'll see you guys later. (Getting up)
Crystal: Aren't you coming to class?
Gem: I have a dentist appointment. I gotta go. (Walked off)
Crystal: Bye!
Maxwell: Do you think she was telling the truth?
Crystal: I don't know. A dentist appointment could be genuine but it could also be a cover for...well, for whatever her secret problem is.
Maxwell: You don't have any idea what's wrong with her then?
Crystal: Nope.
Maxwell: What about Ruby? Do you know what's wrong with her?
Crystal: No idea. I probably wouldn't know what Opal's problem was if I couldn't see the affects of it.
Drake: So what about your problem?
Crystal: Just leave it Drake. Opal's the one who needs help right now.
Drake: But you need help too.
Crystal: This is something I have to deal with myself. It's nothing dangerous like with Opal. It's just typical teenage girl stuff with a little bit of extra complication thrown in.
Drake: I'm not giving up on this. I'll find out eventually.
Crystal: Trust me, you'd rather not know. (Got up and made her way to class)

As she sneaked undetected out of the school gates, Gem breathed a sigh of relief and made her way down the road trying not to walk too quickly or look too guilty. Not knowing if her parents were at home or still at work, Gem headed to Ruby's house knowing it would be empty. Feeling a little sense of guilt, she dug the spare key out of the flower pot and let herself in. She shivered a little as she made her way up the stairs. The house wasn't cold by any means; it was just so lifeless and unwelcoming. It didn't feel like a real home at all. Letting herself into Ruby's bedroom, Gem collapsed onto the red-head's bed. At least for today she could escape the clutches of Mr. Rogers' perverted hands. Needing something to do to keep her mind off of the painful memories, Gem crossed her friend's room and turned on her computer. She waited it for it to load and correctly guessed the password. Gem played around on the internet for a while before her curiosity got the better of her and she opened up Ruby's word documents. Looking through the files she found a folder entitled 'Poetry'. Intrigued, Gem double clicked on the icon wondering how long Ruby had been writing poetry. Just by looking at some of the poem titles, Gem felt pretty certain she had just discovered Ruby's secret. However she opened up a few poems and read through them and her suspicions were confirmed; Ruby was a self-harmer.

September 08, 2011

Samantha King: No Longer Desired

"No Longer Desired"
Season 1: Episode 10

Queen-of-mean. as Samantha King

Tylerisbold as Nathan Woodward

Time passed quickly following their one month anniversary. Samantha continued to deviate from her family at all costs. She claimed to be spending her time at work and out doing other things that sounded scholar-worthy. In an effort to perfect her flawed appearance assumption, Samantha began skipping as many meals as she could manage without Nathan knowing. She started coming to his house later each day, usually spending hours in a diner, wasting time until she could see him. She’d pretend to have already eaten every time she’d arrive at his house and skimp heavily on whatever dish he put in front of her. When she knew she had to eat or risk being discovered, Samantha would purge it later that night. Even on her eighteenth birthday, Samantha faked having a stomach bug so she could deter from eating her birthday cake. The constant thought of food drove Nathan away from her, both emotionally and sexually. She no longer desired to have him touch her. They would go days without having sex, which for any other couple might have been normal. She no longer liked being close to him, especially when unclothed.

Samantha and Nathan sat across from each other at the breakfast table. Unlike other early mornings, Samantha did not speak excitedly about the plans she had for the day. Her plans were going to be the exact opposite of what Nathan would want to hear. She sipped gingerly on her mug of black coffee while Nathan read his newspaper. Samantha cleared her throat to get his attention. He inclined his head but continued to read the article as he did so. Sam tapped the table and he immediately looked at her.

Samantha: We need to take a break. (She muttered miserably)
Nathan: (Furrowed his brow) Why? What’s wrong?
Samantha: I just need some time to myself.
Nathan: (Rolled up the paper and threw it on the ground at his side) Are you angry with me?
Samantha: No, I just need to take a break. Nathan, I start university in a few weeks. I don’t have any money saved, I have nowhere to live, I’m lonely, I haven’t worked out, and I just need a break from being here and with you…
Nathan: What do you mean you’re lonely?
Samantha: Please Nathan...
Nathan: Are you leaving me for someone else?
Samantha: No. That’s not what I meant. Nathan, I haven’t seen any of my friends since I graduated. Surprisingly, I want to be with them for once. It’s just too much. I’m going to go insane if I stay here one more day.
Nathan: Then leave Samantha. Get your things and leave! I never forced you to stay here. What was all that bullshit a few weeks ago about wanting to get married and live together for the rest of our lives? (Slams fist down on the table)
Samantha: I meant it at the time! Nathan, I’m not happy! Don’t you get it?
Nathan: No! I don’t get it, Sam. Why don’t you spell it out for me?
Samantha: I’m tired. It’s getting to the point where I even miss my parents. I can’t take you anywhere in my world because I’ll be persecuted for it. You just flaunt me around like I’m some prize you’ve won. When’s it going to be my turn?
Nathan: You are so immature sometimes, Samantha. Why is everything always about you? You don’t think I sacrifice things for you? You don’t think I’ve put my neck out there when trying to keep you happy? I am stuck between playing mediator, daddy, and fuck buddy! (Throwing his mug across the room and letting it smash to the ground)
Samantha: (Jumped in her seat) I can’t stand it anymore! Here’s your goddamn ring back! Congrats on leaving your wife! You’re a bastard!! (Ripped the ring off her hand and threw it in his face)

Nathan rose from his chair so violently that it flew backwards and hit the wall. Samantha screamed as he gripped her by the forearms and held her against the cabinets. He didn’t shout or yell or even speak. Instead, he shook her roughly and uttered a frustrated growl. She begged him to let her go. He bit his lip and shook his head, squeezing his eyes shut as he lowered his head to the floor. It was almost as if he didn’t realize what he had done. He released Samantha and stooped down to the ground where he picked up her diamond ring. Nathan didn’t look at Samantha, who had stood completely still even as he let go of her.

Nathan: Just keep it Sam. Don’t make me take it back. (Trying to slip the ring back on her hand)
Samantha: (Bent her fingers and pulled her hand back) No, I don’t want that ring. I don’t want you. I’m done.
Nathan: (Wrapped his arms around himself and let out a long, shaky breath. He sounded near to tears when he spoke) Watch the glass when you leave.

Samantha nodded and tiptoed into his bedroom to gather her belongings. Inside, she reminded herself to breathe. Her body ached from the tension and her head spun. Silently, she collected her clothing and overnight things. With one last look, she whimpered as she left it all behind. When she emerged from the doorway, Nathan forced a check in her face. Samantha glanced at it and saw that the amount was for a thousand dollars. She sighed and shrugged, avoiding his eyes.

Samantha: I don’t want your money, Nathan. It’s not going to keep me here. (Tried to hand it back)
Nathan: I don’t want to keep you here Sam. This is to make up for all the time you could have spent working. Life isn’t cheap and this won’t get you far but it’s all I have to give you. Don’t be proud, just take it and leave.
Samantha: Why are you doing this, Nathan?
Nathan: I’ll still be here when you find out.
Samantha: Find out what?
Nathan: That you need help. You’re not fooling anyone. Look at yourself. (Looking her up and down with disgust)
Samantha: You noticed?
Nathan: There are doctors we can see. You’re not in this alone. (Reaching out to grab her hand)
Samantha: (Twitched when he touched her. She placed the check on the counter to brush him off) I don’t want help. I can take care of myself. This is not your problem.
Nathan: Wait a minute…Sam.
Samantha: No, that’s it. I’m not talking about this anymore. (Walked out the door)

Tears were spilling all over her face as she tore from the apartment and down the hallway. Nathan could be heard calling her name as she caught the elevator. Samantha sobbed into her soft camel coat, all the while feeling both ashamed and disloyal. He knew about her deformity all along. What hurt her more than anything was the look of disgust on his face as he looked her over. He was not pleased with how she had changed her body to suit him. She had failed him. What was worse, she had broken off the single most successful relationship she had ever managed for nothing. Nathan would never take her back. She had returned her ring and told him she no longer loved him. Samantha crumpled to the floor in despair.

**Season Finale next Thursday, September 15th!

September 06, 2011

Diamonds Are Forever: Fire & Ice


"Fire & Ice"
Season 1: Episode 8

Ruubin as Crystal Darcy
Alexcendraburke as Opal Granger
Missricopenguin as Ruby Lorenzo


Lige07 as Drake Darcy
Dog_boy96 as Maxwell Briers

Opal was out of the hospital by the weekend and her parents were none the wiser to her eating problem. One of the nurse's had tentatively pointed out that Opal looked a little under weight but the Opal had managed to wave off the kind nurse's concerns by saying she hadn't eaten much as she'd been so nervous about the performance. The nurse hadn't been entirely convinced at first but when she saw Opal eating the hospital food without any trouble she forgot her worries. Of course when Opal returned home and her parents stopped fussing over her the first thing she did was empty the contents of her stomach into the toilet unaware of her brother listening on the other side of the door.

Over in the Darcy household, Crystal was in the lounge writing an essay when there was a knock at the door. Setting her stuff aside she went to answer it.

Crystal: Oliver? What are you doing here? Is Opal ok?
Oliver: I think we both know that she isn't. She really does have an...eating problem...doesn't she?
Crystal: Yes. Do you want to come in?
Oliver: (Stepped inside, then followed Crystal into the living-room)
Drake: Hey Oliver. How's your sister? (Walks in living-room)
Oliver: She's out of the hospital. But you were right about her...problem. I'm sorry I didn't take you seriously before.
Drake: Don't worry about it, I understand. So have you talked to your parents at all?
Oliver: (Shook his head and leaned forward placing his head in his hands) I really don't know what I'm supposed to do here.
Crystal: Well it would probably help if you stopped calling Opal fat. (Told him in a harsh voice)
Drake: Crystal. (Said in a warning voice)
Crystal: Sorry.
Oliver: Don't be. You're absolutely right.
Drake: We'll find a way to help her man.

The two boys went up to Drake's room and Crystal continued with her essay. A couple of hours later Oliver said goodbye and headed home.

Drake: Need any help with that?
Crystal: No thanks, I just finished.
Drake: Do you have any other homework that you need help on?
Crystal: No, I'm done.
Drake: Are you hanging out with Gem or anyone today?
Crystal: Nope. (She turned on the T.V and began flicking through the channels)
Drake: Good. In that case we're going ice-skating.
Crystal: What? You can't even skate.
Drake: True. You can teach me then.
Crystal: I don't....
Drake: (Switched the T.V off and dragged Crystal to the ice-skating rink)

Crystal had her own pair of skates which she put on while Drake went to the booth to rent some. Drake put his feet in and began fiddling with the straps trying to fix them on correctly. Crystal watched him struggle for a few minutes before taking pity on him and helped him.

Crystal: You're useless.
Drake: Shut up. (Messing up her hair)
Crystal: Drake! (She cried hitting him on the shoulder)
Drake: (Grinned at her before heading over to the ice)
Crystal: (Followed him and gracefully began to skate across the frozen water leaving him behind to cling on to the rink edge and slip and slide feebly as he attempted to skate)

Crystal glided around the rink three times before skidding to a faultless stop beside Drake, who had fallen onto his backside. She giggled at him a little before offering her hand to help him up. He stood on shaking legs and wobbled horribly before falling again, this time bringing Crystal down on top of him. Drake apologized with a laugh not noticing Crystal's blush at their awkward position before she pushed herself to her feet and pulled him up again. He continued to wobble and fall but he seemed to improve somewhat. As they slowly skated their way round, Drake took her hand in his. The next time he lost his balance he pulled Crystal down again, this time landing on top of her. Like before he laughed at himself and made an apology while she blushed. He didn't move off of her immediately and Crystal couldn't help but look up at his handsome face wondering how it would feel to be kissed by him. Not having the courage to find out, she gently pushed him off of her and climbed to her feet. Drake pulled himself up too and took her hand again as they continued to skate.

Drake: So Oliver will be looking out for Opal too now.
Crystal: Yeah, I feel a little better now that someone in her family knows. But I still think the road ahead is going to be tough.
Drake: Well every road has bumps and obstacles. Anyway, now that Opal has her brother looking out for her my main priority is you.
Crystal: Excuse me?
Drake: This problem you have. Whatever it is I want to help but I can't do that if you don't tell me.
Crystal: I can't tell you. (Dropped her eyes downward so she didn't have to look at him)
Drake: Crystal, just tell me. (Tucked a finger under her chin lifting her face back up)
Crystal: Ok. (Sighed taking a dramatic breath) I'm an alien.

Drake frowned at her but all she did was smile before pulling her hand out of his and gliding away before he could question her further. After managing one lap around the skating rink without assistance, Drake stepped off the ice and sat on one of the chairs to watch Crystal gracefully pass by as she danced effortlessly across the ice.

Skating Rink Owner: She looks made for the ice doesn't she?
Drake: Excuse me?
Skating Rink Owner: That pretty little blonde you've been starring at. I said she looks made for the ice. The way she moves so freely, it's like she belongs there.
Drake: Yeah, I suppose she does.
Skating Rink Owner: I've always said she was born for the ice that one. Ever since she first came here as a little girl I've said so. You know she didn't even fall over once the first time she stepped onto the ice, she's a natural that girl. You're very lucky to have her you know; you don't want to let a diamond like that go.
Drake: What? She's not...I mean we aren't a couple.
Skating Rink Owner: Well you better get a move on and tell her how you feel son. She won't be single forever you know. If you don't make your move some over other guy will snatch her up.
Drake: Wait, you've got this all wrong, it's not like that.
Skating Rink Owner: Hey its ok, you don't have to pretend. I've seen the way you two kids have been looking at each other all day. It's blindingly obvious. I know love when I see it.

Before Drake could regain control of his vocal chords to tell the man that Crystal was in fact his step-sister he had already moved on and Crystal was now standing beside him ready to leave. Drake barely looked at Crystal as they silently walked home.

In the isolation of her house, Ruby Lorenzo sat in the bath tub with her knees pulled up to her chest and her arms wrapped around her legs. She sat alone in the deafening silence. Many thoughts crossed her mind. She thought about Opal, Opal lying on the hospital bed, falling off the stage, popping breath mints into her mouth, emerging from the toilet looking weak, the way her bone joints were beginning to poke through her skin, Opal with vomit in her hair. She also thought about Gem and Crystal, Gem looking scared and ashamed, Crystal looking confused and worried about herself and the others. Then her thoughts drifted to Maxwell, the two of them in playschool playing in the sandbox, herself building a wall of blocks around her only to have Max knock it down, Max cutting her fingers with scissors before she put glue in his hair, Max's hand pressed against the car window touching her hand through the glass before the car drove him away, meeting Max again in the corridor after being thrown out of art, Max smiling at her, Max rubbing the back of his neck, the sunlight glinting off of Max's lip ring. Ruby shook her head, her first sign of movement for a whole hour, as if to banish thoughts of her friends. Instead she tried to think about her parents but very little came to her.

Ruby shivered slightly as she finally noticed the cold. She pulled the plug and let the water go before stepping out of the bath tub and crossing the large bathroom and stepping into the shower to wash herself properly. Once she was dry she headed downstairs and watched a little T.V. During a commercial the phone rang and she quickly moved to answer it.

Ruby: Hello?
Mr: Lorenzo: Ah Ruby, is your mother there?
Ruby: No dad, she's at work.
Mr: Lorenzo: Of course she is. Give her a message for me Ruby. (Gives her the information of a time and date and hangs up quickly)
Ruby: Dad??

She slammed the phone down and switched the T.V off before heading out. She meandered down the streets until she had walked so far that she was now in the rough area of town. Walking past the graffiti walls and cracked sidewalks with an air of determination, she made her way purposely toward a little corner shop. The chime of the bell as she entered the door made her cringe and she couldn't help but scrunch her nose at the smell. She squeezed through the little aisle of the shop and up to the counter. A scruffy looking man with many tattoos adorning his bare wrinkled arms stood on the other side with a stick hanging out the corner of his mouth and reading a pornographic magazine. Ruby requested a pack of cigarettes, a lighter and beer. Not bothering to ask for I.D the man tossed the items into a brown bag before holding out his hand for the money. Ruby handed him the money and hastily took her purchases telling him to keep the change. She left the shop as quickly as she could and held the bag close to her chest as she headed back onto her side of town. Ruby breathed easier when she was back in familiar territory and slowed down her pace. She let her feet lead her and found herself on the grassy area by the stream. Sitting down and slipping her shoes off, she made herself comfortable before digging out the lighter and cigarettes. She took a deep drag before coughing and spluttering. Looking to the left, Ruby saw Maxwell jogging over to her. She took another puff as Max sat down next to her.

Maxwell: I didn't know you smoked.
Ruby: I didn't until today. (Coughing again and stubbed the cigarette out before flicking it into the river. She then reached into the brown bag and pulled out a can of beer. She opened the can and took a long gulp)
Maxwell: It's a little early to be drinking alcohol isn't it?
Ruby: Give me a break I've just quit smoking.
Maxwell: Well, hand one over to me. (He said holding out his hand for a beer)
Ruby: Why should I?
Maxwell: Because I've just quit being angry at you.
Ruby: (Rolled her eyes at him as she handed him a beer)
Maxwell: Thanks. (Opened it and downed the whole can)
Ruby: Am I supposed to be impressed by that?
Maxwell: Not really. (He scooted closer to her) Mind if I have another?
Ruby: Have it all, it tastes like shit anyway.
Maxwell: So what you doing out here?
Ruby: Just wanted to get out of the house for a while.
Maxwell: Talk to me Ruby.
Ruby: Um...I am.
Maxwell: No, I mean really talk to me.
Ruby: What's the difference?
Maxwell: I don't want you to talk just to cover the silence. I want you to talk properly, about you and what's bothering you. Take down the barbed wire for a while and let me get a little closer.
Ruby: No. (Answered coldly flicking the lighter on and admiring the flame before letting it go out)
Maxwell: Why not? Why won't you let people get close to you?
Ruby: People bore me.
Maxwell: Liar. You can't keep people out forever you know.
Ruby: I can try.
Maxwell: What are you so afraid of?
Ruby: Getting burnt. (She flicked the lighter on again) I don't want to feel the flames. (She flicked the lighter off)
Maxwell: Huh? (Looking utterly confused)
Ruby: (Smiled faintly before turning the lighter on again and waving the flame in front of his face before letting it die) The fire's pretty right?
Maxwell:'s not so pretty centimeters from my face, but ordinarily I guess it's kind of pretty.
Ruby: But it hurts. It looks pretty but it hurts.
Maxwell: So that's what you're afraid of? You're afraid that if you let people in they'll hurt you, that you'll get burnt.
Ruby: Not necessarily. I might be the one to burn them.
Maxwell: I'm not afraid.
Ruby: Really?
Maxwell: Really.
Ruby: Prove it. Prove you're not afraid to get burnt.
Maxwell: How?

By way of an answer Ruby flicked the lighter back on and looked at him expectantly. She fully expected the look of shock that appeared on the boy's face. What she did not expect was for him to place his hand over the flame and hold it there as it melted his flesh. Although the burning hurt like hell and tears stung at his eyes, Maxwell did not remove his hand. He locked eyes with Ruby and kept his gaze on hers long after she's turned the lighter off.

Maxwell: You see, I'm not afraid of the fire. I'm not afraid of what I feel, and I'm not afraid of you.
Ruby: (Gently turning his hand palm up and taking in the sight of the burn mark) I didn't think you'd actually do it you crazy shit!
Maxwell: It got your attention though right?
Ruby: It did. Doesn't it hurt?
Maxwell: Like hell it does! Pass me those beer cans.

Ruby did as he asked and Max placed his sore hand onto the cold cans to relieve the pain of the burn. And the two sat there for a couple hours talking and admiring the dark sky.

**Season Finale next Tuesday, September 13th!

September 01, 2011

Samantha King: The Next Mrs.Woodward

"The Next Mrs.Woodward"
Season 1: Episode 9

Queen-of-mean. as Samantha King

Tylerisbold as Nathan Woodward

The Woodward-King affair continued for several weeks. Samantha would tell her parents she was going to work and then hurry to Nathan’s house for dinner with him and Peter. The trio would sit on the sofa and watch television for an hour or so before Peter went to bed. The rest of the night, Nathan would make love to Samantha. Some nights, Nathan took them out to dinner at a nice restaurant. Other times, they spent the evenings at the movies. Some days, Samantha was able to sneak away during the day and they would spend their time at the shore.

It came to the point where Nathan dressed Samantha more sophisticated so she appeared older. He took her on lavish shopping sprees, buying her designer dresses, purses, and makeup. He accompanied her to the nail salon, where he insisted she keep up with her nails, as well as a hairstylist. Samantha often felt they took things overboard, but Nathan refused to let her leave the house any other way, sometimes causing them to miss their dinner reservations. Half of his closet was devoted to her double life’s wardrobe. He even challenged her to moderate the way she spoke, giving up on the common slang of her high school days. She obliged only to keep him happy and it paid off when he no longer hid their relationship in public. He held her hand and kissed her like any other couple would do. Peter even began referring to Samantha as his daddy’s girlfriend.

Things were not only getting more intense as a family; Nathan and Samantha’s sexual relationship was on fire. Due to their abnormally frequent sexual activity, Nathan took Samantha to a doctor friend and had her get a shot of birth control to manipulate her periods for every three months.

It was a week before Samantha’s eighteenth birthday when they were to celebrate their one-month anniversary. Samantha knew the date was coming up but she wasn’t sure if Nathan was aware of it. To her delight, Nathan had not forgotten their anniversary. Samantha was at home by herself one day while her parents were at work. She was awoken by the sound of her cell phone going off.

Samantha: Hello?
Nathan: Good morning sweetheart…I love you…happy anniversary!
Samantha: (Giggled) I didn’t think you remembered, babe. I love you too.
Nathan: What are you doing around noon?
Samantha: (Looked at her clock) I don’t know. What do you have in mind?
Nathan: I’m taking the rest of the day off so I can spend it with my girl.
Samantha: Oh babe. You don’t have to do that. I’ll just see you tonight.
Nathan: Don’t worry about it. Just get dolled up in one of those cute little dresses you have and I’ll come pick you up.
Samantha: No, I’ll drive. You can’t come here. Listen, I’ll meet you at your house.
Nathan: Okay sweetheart. I’ll see you at noon.
Samantha: Love you.

Samantha glanced down at her pillow and smothered her face before screaming into it. Jumping up, she bounced on her bed excitedly and then ran to her closet. She threw on dress after dress before deciding on a black and purple asymmetrical argyle mini dress. Quickly, she showered and nurtured her body with fragrant powders and perfumes. She looked at her body in the mirror and smirked. After a week of near-starvation, she could see the effect on her body. Her hips looked at least an inch smaller. Still not satisfied, Samantha sighed and pulled on her little dress and a pair of black tights. Quickly putting on her makeup, she grabbed her newest treasure, a black Nine West tote that Nathan bought her one day at the mall, and ran into the kitchen where she jotted a quick excuse for her absence on the fridge.

When she approached Nathan’s apartment, her heart began to beat faster. She knocked and waited. Nathan opened the door and smiled. He was dressed nicely in a pair of jeans and a black sweater, with a white collar sticking out at the top. She noticed, that like always, he was nicely shaven and his skin almost shined he looked so clean. Samantha’s heart skipped a beat as he spoke, his welcoming smile bright and eager.

Nathan: Babe.... (Hugging her and holding her out to look her over)
Samantha: You like? (Twirling around)
Nathan: You look amazing.
Samantha: I tried my best.
Nathan: So did I. Here’s present number one! (He presented her with a bouquet of roses)
Samantha: They’re wonderful. Thank you!
Nathan: (Kissed her lightly) Have a seat on the couch.
Samantha: Ok...
Nathan: (Sat beside her and held her hand)
Samantha: You’re too good to be true.
Nathan: It gets better. I am taking you to this cute little café on the beach where they just so happened to serve an amazing grouper sandwich. I know you like grouper and the beach so it sounded good to me.
Samantha: Sounds delish. I have a present for you too. (She pulled out a medium-sized box she decorated herself and handed it to him)
Nathan: Samantha, you weren’t supposed to get me anything.
Samantha: I know, but your love it babe. Open it!

Nathan opened the box and withdrew a silver picture frame. The picture itself was of Samantha and Peter. Peter was laughing while Samantha pushed him on a swing set at the park. Nathan swallowed. He remembered taking this photo and giving Samantha the negatives. He put the picture aside and took out another frame. This one was a picture he did not remember taking. It was taken in a café somewhere. Samantha had her arms around his neck and was kissing him on the cheek. Both of them were smiling with closed eyes. He looked at Samantha and winked.

Nathan: I love it. It’s perfect. I love you babe.
Samantha: You’re welcome. Happy anniversary babe. I love you too.

Hand in hand, they entered the Mexican-themed grouper shack. Salsa music played and everyone waved Coronas around. Samantha smiled when they sat down on a deck outside, under an umbrella. She liked the way the salty air blew around them lazily and the sun shone down on her arms warmly. She sat in a deck chair beside Nathan and held his hand while they looked out at the waves. Samantha took a deep breath in and sighed, topping it off with giggles.

Samantha: Don’t you just love the beach? It’s so peaceful.
Nathan: (Played with her fingers) Couldn’t live anywhere else.
Waiter: (Approaches their table) So what will you both like to drink?
Nathan: Two Bay Breezes and a Corona with lime, please.
Samantha: And one water please.
Nathan: (Bit his lip and looked at her with an annoyed expression)
Samantha: Not tonight, Nate. I can’t fight it today.
Nathan: Fine. So what are you going to have? A piece of lettuce?
Samantha: Stop it. I’m going to have a grouper sandwich, alright?

Nathan didn’t reply; he just continued to read the menu. A minute later, their waiter returned with their drinks. Samantha snatched her Bay Breeze and began to drink it immediately. The waiter watched, amused, and then asked to take their order.

Samantha: An eight ounce grouper sandwich, please. Fries on the side.
Nathan: I'll have the same except I rather have four ounces. (Sat back and took a swig of his beer. He played with the lime but only when he couldn’t stand to have Samantha glare at him from behind her now empty glass) We’re celebrating today. You can eat whatever you want.
Samantha: Mind if I have your Breeze?
Nathan: You’re going to get drunk if you don’t pace yourself babe.
Samantha: Never mind. I don’t want it.
Nathan: Why not?
Samantha: I just don’t want it.
Nathan: A glass of vodka is not going to make you fat, Sam.
Samantha: I know that! It’s just…
Nathan: Sam, what is going on lately? Why can’t we ever just enjoy a meal?
Samantha: I’m sorry. Really, I just have a lot running through my head right now. Forgive me? (Tickling his wrist)
Nathan: (Grinned mildly)

When their food came, Nathan and Samantha switched plates without even speaking. She tried to eat her whole sandwich but four ounces of fish proved to be too much. Nathan finished her sandwich for her and left his uneaten half to be taken home for Peter to eat later. Samantha, though queasy at the thought, enjoyed eating their anniversary lunch. After they paid their bill, Samantha took off her boots and tights and threw them in the backseat of Nathan’s car. She pranced along the beach, swishing in the water, and kicking sand everywhere. Nathan retrieved a small digital camera out of his glove box and took pictures of her every movement.

Nathan: Strike an ‘I love you’ pose! (Called out to Samantha when she was near the water)
Samantha: (Held her arms above her head as though reaching to Heaven and bounced around on her toes with her eyes closed) I love you!
Nathan: (Chuckled as he snapped several shots of her at once)
Samantha: (Ran and tackled him in the sand. She sat on top of his legs and played the drums on his chest)
Nathan: (Laughed and seized her head in his hands and kissed her lips)
Samantha: Not now! I have fish breath.
Nathan: (Busted out laughing again and kissed her all over her face) I love you Sam.

They rolled in the white sand until Nathan was nearly touching the murky mess near the water’s edge. Standing up, they held each other as they walked back and forth in the water, collecting different shaped shells. When it got too warm, they headed back to the car. They were driving down the interstate when Nathan poked Samantha in the arm.

Samantha: Ouch! (She giggled) That hurt.
Nathan: Open the glove box and hand me the map inside please.
Samantha: (Looked inside for a map. There were different papers shoved in envelopes and bank receipts. Samantha couldn’t find it. She drew her head back) Are you sure you put one in here?
Nathan: (Shrugged and dug around inside his pocket. Finally he withdrew something small from his pocket. He grinned at her) Forget the map. Why don’t you give this a try? Present number two. (He held a small ring between his fingers)
Samantha: Nate. (Gasped as she made to take it from him)
Nathan: (He clasped it in his palm and asked for her left hand and he slipped the small object on her ring finger)
Samantha: (She looked down at the ring and back at him, awestruck and speechless) It's beautiful, but...
Nathan: I’m not asking you to marry me.
Samantha: Good. (Let out a sigh of relief)
Nathan: I’m legally divorced now. Signed the papers yesterday.
Samantha: Really? Oh Nate. Thanks.
Nathan: This ring is a promise ring, Sam. I want you to wear it every day. If there ever comes a day when you decide you don’t love me anymore, I want it back.
Samantha: That won't ever happen babe. I love you. The ring is perfect.
Nathan: I’ll buy you a bigger one when you’re older.
Samantha: I’m turning eighteen in a week.
Nathan: I know. Think of this as an early birthday gift.

Samantha waved the ring around in the sunlight and watched its reflection bounce off the roof of the car. She wondered what her parents would say if they saw it. She decided she didn’t care. She wasn’t going to hide it. She’d wear it every day as a sign of her devotion to the man beside her. They drove back to the apartment where Nathan led her to the sofa. He massaged her feet slowly, winking at her every now and then. Samantha pointed with her fingers to come sit next to her. Nathan sat next to her and sighed. Samantha made him pull off his sweater. She massaged his neck and shoulder blades. Nathan groaned and rolled his neck. Sam kissed the side of his head and ran her fingers through his hair. She rested her head on his shoulder and talked from behind him.

Samantha: I want to stay here forever.
Nathan: I wish you did babe.
Samantha: I could. Next time you give me a ring, I want it to accompany a life with you.
Nathan: You want to get married?
Samantha: Yes, I want to get married. Not now, of course. In a few years.
Nathan: If that’s what you want babe. ,
Samantha: I want to be the next Mrs. Woodward. I want to build a house on the shore where we could live together with Peter like a little family. Maybe get a golden retriever. What do you think?
Nathan: Sounds like everything I’ve ever wanted. (He carried Samantha off to his bedroom once again and made love to her throughout the evening)

In the middle of the night, Samantha found herself stumbling into the bathroom while Nathan slept. She did everything she could to hold back tears but they flooded her eyes and dripped onto her bare legs. As she sobbed, she looked in the mirror and examined her “new” body. She felt she looked worse than ever. Samantha pinched the fat on the sides of her stomach and nearly gagged. The retching gave her an idea. She turned on the faucet then stuck her head deep into the toilet bowl, right above the water. With all her might and as quietly as possible, she forced herself to vomit.

At first, all she could manage was a watery, mucous-stringed substance. She persisted and kept pushing on her stomach until she could feel her dinner erupt from deep in her gut. The taste made her feel even worse and it soon became quite easy to continue vomiting. When she figured she had emptied all she could from her stomach, she turned off the faucet and flushed the toilet. She looked into the mirror and saw her face was very red. She appeared to have just made herself ill. She turned the faucet back on and splashed cool water on her face and neck. Quickly, Samantha took Nathan’s toothpaste and squeezed some onto her fingers. She smeared the paste on her teeth and the inside of her mouth. She gargled and spat once. When she was finished, she grabbed a t-shirt off the back of the door and pulled it on quickly. She hurried back to bed and forced herself to fall asleep. Her plans for the next month frightened her into a rattled sleep.

August 30, 2011

Diamonds Are Forever: Dance Till You Drop


"Dance Till You Drop"
Season 1: Episode 7

ForeverGorgeous as Gem Alexander
Ruubin as Crystal Darcy
Alexcendraburke as Opal Granger
Missricopenguin as Ruby Lorenzo


Lige07 as Drake Darcy
Dog_boy96 as Maxwell Briers
MackDaddy1 as Gary Miller

Guest Starring

MadWorld as Mr. Darcy

It was the night of the dance showcase and so far Maxwell hadn't had any luck with persuading Ruby to help with the Opal situation. Many times he had tried to talk sense into the red-head but she dismissed him each time. In dance class, Opal only spoke to Crystal and Gary when necessary and continued to rehearse as much as possible. According to Drake, he had informed Opal's brother Oliver of her eating problem but the older boy had shrugged it off.

Maxwell: How could they not care? (Whispered to Gem as he looked over at Opal's family who were also sat in the audience to watch the dance performances)
Gem: It's not that they don't care. They just haven't realized. Oliver is the only one who's been told but he could just be in denial. Owen and her parents don't have a clue what's going on.
Maxwell: How could they not notice?
Gem: She must hide it very well. Maybe she eats at the table and then throws up later without them knowing.
Maxwell: Do you think we should say something to them? Opal's parents I mean.
Gem: Is it really our place?
Maxwell: Well we have to do something. I've had no luck with Ruby and that Oliver clearly isn't doing anything.
Gem: But what would we even say?

Maxwell didn't have an answer for that so both quickly fell into silence and they looked toward the stage waiting for the show to start.

In the dressing room, Opal had her eyes squeezed shut and was going over the moves in her head. Crystal and Gary watched her from afar taking in her slight frame that was accentuated by the tight leotard she wore. Gary was shocked at the realization on how thin she had gotten. Not wanting to no longer look at Opal practice, Crystal turned back to the mirror and slid another bobby pin into her hair. They heard applause from the hall as the show started and the first dance group went on.

Crystal: Are you feeling nervous Opal? (Trying to make conversation)
Opal: I don't get nervous.
Crystal: Lucky you. I'm so scared I'm going to mess up and fall on my face.
Gary: Don't worry you'll be fine. (Assured her as he stood between both girls and draped an arm over both their shoulders) And if you do fall Opal and I will still applaud you, isn't that right?
Opal: I guess.

The sound of applause met their ears again and the first group returned as the second group left to the stage.

Gary: We're on after them.
Opal: I think I might be sick.
Crystal: You just said you weren't nervous.
Opal: I wasn't then. (Starting to sound a little hysterical) But I am now, what if I mess up like last time? Oli and Owen will never let me live it down.
Crystal: To hell with your brothers. Who cares what they think, they're both a pair of idiots.
Gary: Here, just have some water. (Handed her his bottle) It'll make you feel better.
Opal: (Snatched the water bottle out of his hand and drank a large gulp) Ok, I can do this.
Gary: Of course you can. We'll go out there and wow that audience. It'll be fun.
Crystal: Group hug? (Holding out her arms)

The trio gave each other a group hug and smiled. Applause filled the room again and they knew it was their turn. They took their positions and the curtain went up. The music began to play and the three launched into their dance routine. All was going well until half way through the dance Opal felt the room spin and unable to steady herself fell head first off the stage. The hall was filled with screams and Opal's parents were rushing up to their daughter as the teachers tried to restore calm over the audience. Crystal and Gary had hopped off the stage and were at their friend's side.

Crystal: She's bleeding! (She gasped frantically as she saw the blood seeping from Opal's head)
Drake: Come on Crystal move back. (He told her softly as he left his seat to pull his step-sister out of the way)
Crystal: Is she going to be ok? (Asked anxiously as she tried to look over people's shoulders and see what was happening to Opal)
Drake: She'll be fine, just move out of the way.
Mr. Darcy: Crystal honey are you alright?
Crystal: I'm not the one who's just fallen off the stage dad. (She unconsciously hugged Drake close for comfort)
Gem: What's happening? (She and Maxwell joined Crystal and her family)
Crystal: She hurt her head. She was bleeding. Where's Gary?
Maxwell: He's over there? (Pointing across the hall where Gary seemed to be having a quiet argument with Ruby)
Gem: I think we should intervene.
Maxwell: Right.

Maxwell and Gem fought their way through the crowd to get to Ruby and Gary. Crystal would have followed but she seemed to have lost the ability to walk so she merely clung tighter to Drake. Mr. Darcy and Gwyneth made their way out to the parking lot as Drake took Crystal to the dressing room to retrieve her things.

Drake: Hey, she's going to be ok. (He assured her as he picked up her clothes bag) It's just a bump to the head and an ambulance is on its way.
Crystal: I shouldn't have let her dance.
Drake: Hey, don't talk like that. This is just an accident. No-one's to blame. Now come on, mom and dad are waiting. (He slung Crystal's bag over his shoulder and made for the door but paused when she didn't follow) Crystal?
Crystal: Sorry. Walking suddenly seems a lot harder than it used to be.
Drake: (Smiling gently at her, he moved back across the room and picked her up in his arms and carried her out of the school) By the way. You were dancing really well up there tonight.
Crystal: Thanks. (Blushed slightly)

Back in the hall, the teachers had managed to get most people to leave. By the time the paramedics arrived only Opal's family, Gem, Max, Gary, Ruby and a few teachers remained.

Maxwell: We need to tell her parents!
Ruby: I don't think it's a really good time right now do you? (Told him angrily)
Gem: Will both of you just calm down.
Ruby & Maxwell: No! (Both shouted together)
Ms. Jarvis: I think the four of you should to leave.
Gary: Opal's going to be ok isn't she? (He looked over at Opal as she was led out on a stretcher with her family following after her)
Ms. Jarvis: She may have a concussion but I'm sure she'll be fine. (Ushering them all out)
Ruby: I'm going to the hospital.
Gem: Well in that case I'm coming too.
Ruby: No your not.
Gem: I'm her friend too Ruby, I have just as much of a right to be there as you do.
Ruby: Ha! Her friend? You haven't even spoken to her for the past week.
Gem: I'm still going to the hospital!
Ruby: Whatever. But if you even think about saying anything to her parents I'll see to it that you end up unconscious on a hospital bed!

The girls stormed off side by side leaving both Maxwell and Gary behind them.

Gary: Should we follow them?
Maxwell: I'd rather not. I don't really like hospitals. Besides, I don't really know Opal well enough to be visiting her.
Gary: I meant should we follow them so that they don't kill each other.
Maxwell: Once again I'd rather not. If they do end up tearing each other's hair out I definitely don't want to be in the middle of it.
Gary: True.

By the time Ruby and Gem had made it to the hospital it was dark outside and visiting hours were over. However, with a few false tears and a heart-melting smile Ruby managed to get them access to Opal's room. Her mother was still there by her bedside but her father and her two brothers had gone home.

Gem: Good evening Mrs. Granger. (She said politely as she and Ruby stepped into the room) How is she doing?
Mrs. Granger: She's sleeping. (Stroked the back of Opal's hand)
Gem: How long do they plan to keep her here for?
Mrs. Granger: A day or two. Just to be on the safe side. I wish I understood what made her fall.
Gem: (Opened her mouth to say something but closed it again at Ruby's mutinous glare)
Ruby: I'm sure she just lost her balance.
Mrs. Granger: Yes, I'm sure that's right. It's just an accident, nothing to worry about.

Later on, Gem's dad came to pick both girl's up. They dropped Ruby off and she made her way up the empty drive and then into her equally empty house. Switching on the living-room lights, Ruby made her way over to the phone and ordered herself Chinese take-out. She then seated herself on the couch and flicked on the T.V. She was watching a boring game show when the doorbell finally rang. Grabbing her purse she went to answer the door but found herself facing Maxwell rather than a delivery man.

Ruby: What are you doing here?
Maxwell: I'm not really sure. I just thought you might like some company.
Ruby: Well you thought wrong. Goodnight. (She slammed the door in his face and returned to the sofa)

He kept knocking for a good ten minutes before giving up and leaving. It was only when the persistent knocking had stopped that Ruby realized how lonely she actually felt. During a commercial break the doorbell rang again. Smiling she leapt up and rushed to answer it only for her heart to sink in her chest when it was not Maxwell but the delivery man with her Chinese food. Although she'd been starving just minutes before, her appetite had died. Sighing, she stored the food in the fridge and headed upstairs for a quick shower and then bed.

She fell asleep the moment her head hit the pillow but woke up in the early hours of the morning feeling a little shaken up after a disturbing dream. Dealing with her problem in the only way she knew how, Ruby reached into her bedside door and pulled out her special silver friend. Kicking off her pajama bottoms, she idly traced the patterns of her old scars before giving in to the voices in her head and creating fresh cuts. She smiled to herself as she watched the ruby-red rivers journey out of her skin.

August 25, 2011

Samantha King: Relaxed & Carefree

"Relaxed & Carefree"
Season 1: Episode 8

Queen-of-mean. as Samantha King

Tylerisbold as Nathan Woodward
Welsh_Witch as Ellen Fray
.SAMtheMAN. as James Fray

Samantha sat on the couch and sobbed while Nathan stroked her head. She hugged him and bawled. There wasn’t any way for her to get close enough to him. Tighter and tighter she squeezed but she felt like she was still standing in a metal cage, naked and vulnerable. After half an hour, Samantha relaxed enough to talk to him about what happened.

Samantha: It was horrible in there. They dressed me up and made me spin around so they could look at my body. Men would grab my legs and wave dollars at me. I’d bend down and they would stick them in my panties. Some guys touched me while others spoke to me like we were making love. It was sickening.
Nathan: I know, I know.
Samantha: I felt like a pig. I looked disgusting in that ridiculous ten inches of material. It was no different than if I would have walked out there naked.
Nathan: You looked amazing to me. It’s not that you didn’t look sexy, Samantha. That’s not the problem. You just looked sexy for the wrong people.
Samantha: I thought about you the whole time. I thought it would make it easier if I pretended I was dancing for you. It didn’t work. Thinking of you made me feel ashamed. What’s so special about what we have if I share it with everyone?
Nathan: It’s over babe. Don’t beat yourself up.
Samantha: (Looked him straight in the eyes and shook her head violently) No, you don’t understand. Everything I am is yours. You’re the only man I’ve ever given my body to. And tonight, twenty different men saw what belongs only to you!
Nathan: (His jaw dropped slightly. Shocked, he closed his mouth and cleared his throat) Why didn’t you tell me?
Samantha: I didn’t know how. Nathan, it was embarrassing. It still is.
Nathan: You’ve never had sex before?
Samantha: Couldn’t you tell? I mean, aren’t you supposed to be able to feel a difference?
Nathan: I could feel a difference, but I thought it had more to do with how young you were, not how experienced.
Samantha: Please, I can’t stomach anymore.
Nathan: I want the honest truth. I’m not sure even how to say you take any kind of birth control?
Samantha: (Her eyes grew wide. She lifted her head up to stare at him in horror) No. Oh my god, it never even occurred to me!
Nathan: (Put a hand up to calm her down) It’s fine Sam. We’ve only done it twice.
Samantha: I’m nothing but trouble for you. I’m so sorry.
Nathan: (Hugged her and kissed her on top of the head) I’ll take care of you. I promise.

Samantha entered her sleeping house around two in the morning. Saddened and exhausted, she collapsed onto her bed and slept until nearly dinnertime the next day.

Her mother knocked on her bedroom door several times. Samantha didn’t move. She had no desire to get up. When her mother persisted, Samantha rolled to her side and looked at the door.
Her mother shouted through the heavy wooden door. Samantha yawned and shuffled to her bathroom. Instead of going to dinner like her mother ordered, Sam took a bath. She sat in the hot water for an hour or more until all the bubbles disappeared. Her hair dripped water all over her floor when she stepped out of the tub. She stood in front of her mirror and looked at her body. The idea of showing what she saw to old men made her feel like she’d rather die. Disgusted, Samantha wrapped herself in a bathrobe and combed her hair.

Neglecting her mother’s warnings that were shouted to her from the kitchen, Samantha sat on her bed, hand toweling her damp hair. At the same moment, she thought of her cell phone. She reached over and grabbed the small device out of her purse. To her great dismay, she found that no one had called her. Nathan had not called. Frustrated, she threw the phone to the floor and curled up into a fetal position. She glanced over at her alarm clock and saw that it was nearly six o’clock. An idea popped into her head. Her mother didn’t know that she had quit her job on opening night. It was the only way she could ever see Nathan again without the risk of being caught. Samantha dressed quickly in a little red sundress and flip-flops. She combed her hair and pulled it back into a ponytail on top of her head. Swinging her purse over her shoulder, she walked down the hallway into the kitchen.

James: Where have you been?
Samantha: Sleeping. I was tired from work. Actually, I have to go back tonight. I’m leaving early so I can deposit my tips in the bank. (Grabbed the keys off the kitchen counter and reached for the front door)
Ellen: Wait. (She touched Samantha’s arm lightly)
James: You haven’t eaten.
Samantha: So? I’ll grab something on the way. Can I go?
Ellen: Sit down babe. We want to hear about your night.
Samantha: I really need to leave. I have to stop at the bank, go to rehearsal, and then work for five hours. I don’t have time for chit-chat, alright?
Ellen: What time will you be back, Sam?
Samantha: Probably around two or three. I have to go. Bye.

Samantha hurried away, kicking up sand and dirt as she did so. She didn’t bother with speed limits or stop signs. It felt both dangerous and depressed as she drove downtown recklessly. When she arrived at the apartment, she ran from the parking lot all the way inside to the elevator. Almost frantically, she tapped the up button, wishing it would speed to the fifth floor. When the doors opened, Sam trotted to Nathan’s front door and knocked. The door didn’t open. She put her ear to the door and could hear no movement inside. Samantha reversed a few steps and panicked. What was she to do now? She put her hands over her eyes and held her breath. Something desperate flooded her being and she began to knock on the door and slap her hands against it. Still, no one answered. She shouted out Nathan's name, hoping that maybe he was just in the bathroom. When no answer came, she slid down to the floor. If he was out, she was certain he would return soon.

Samantha sat on the floor of the darkly carpeted hallway and waited. Half an hour passed. An hour. Two hours. When she looked at her phone, she saw it was now almost nine o’clock. She crossed her legs to the side and shivered. Her bare arms were frozen in the cool atmosphere. Each time the elevator opened, she looked up with the hope of seeing him walk through the doors. Every time, it was some other man or a woman and her children or an elderly couple. Samantha buried her face in her hands. The elevator doors opened again but Sam didn’t bother to look up. She heard a familiar voice speaking. Suddenly, she heard her name.

Peter: Isn’t that Samantha?
Nathan: (Looked at her, puzzled, and hurried to give her a hand up. He helped her smooth her dress, still not speaking)
Samantha: Peter! Hey buddy, how was your weekend?
Peter: Fun! (Gave Samantha a quick hug and ran inside the apartment)
Nathan: What are you doing here?
Samantha: I don’t know. Supposedly going back to work.
Nathan: (Shook his head, confused)
Samantha: (Rolled her eyes) My mother thinks I’m still working. I didn’t tell her I quit!
Nathan: (Smirked) You’re such a liar.
Samantha: Leave me alone, it’s the only way. (She held Nathan’s hand)
Nathan: I know. You look cute tonight by the way.
Samantha: I didn’t plan on it.

It was a very simple evening for the couple. They sat together on the couch. Samantha and Nathan snuggled up together, with Peter sitting on Nathan’s lap. They watched Peter's favorite movie. When it was over, Nathan patted Pete on the back.

Nathan: You need to go to bed Pete.
Peter: Why? I want to stay up with you! (Throwing his arms around Nathan’s neck)
Samantha: (Stroked his head) The sooner you go to bed, the sooner you wake up. (Poking him in the side)
Peter: (Giggled)
Samantha: (Began tickling him furiously, so hard that he was shrieking with laughter)
Nathan: (Scooped up Peter) Alright! You can’t have her all to yourself buddy. (He kissed Peter on the cheek)
Samantha: (Grinned and waved) Night Pete.
Nathan: (Turned around and put Peter down) Give Sam a kiss goodnight.
Peter: (Ran up to Samantha and hugged her and gently gave her a kiss on the cheek) Night Sam.
Samantha: Night-night Pete.
Peter: (Ran into his bedroom)

Nathan stood with his hands on his hips. He gazed down at Sam, staring with admiration and tenderness in his eyes. Sam giggled and stretched her legs out on the sofa. Nathan sank down on the sofa. Neither said a word. Samantha listened to Nathan’s slow breathing and perfect beating heart. She didn’t know if he was actually watching the show or thinking about her. She didn’t care really. It was only when they were watching television that Samantha felt totally relaxed and carefree. When the show ended, Nathan brushed his fingers across her arm lightly.

Nathan: Are you awake?
Samantha: Yeah..crap...I have to get home.
Nathan: You’re not expected until three.
Samantha: I know. But you have to be at work in the morning. I want you to rest. (She ran her fingers across his chest)
Nathan: I don’t want anything but you.
Samantha: I know.
Nathan: I want to make love to you, over and over again.
Samantha: I wish you would but…not here. What if Peter comes out?

Nathan kissed her mouth roughly and picked her up from the sofa. Samantha giggled and kissed him back. They both found themselves locked inside Nathan's bedroom for the rest of the night.