September 13, 2011

Diamonds Are Forever: Enough


Season 1: Episode 9

ForeverGorgeous as Gem Alexander
Ruubin as Crystal Darcy
Alexcendraburke as Opal Granger
Missricopenguin as Ruby Lorenzo


Lige07 as Drake Darcy
Dog_boy96 as Maxwell Briers
MackDaddy1 as Gary Miller

At school the following Monday, something happened at lunch time that had never happened before; Oliver sat beside Opal and her friends. He sat down beside Opal and draped an arm over her shoulder as if it was the most natural thing in the world. His sister's eyes had practically bulged out of her head before she pushed his arm off and continued talking to Ruby as if Oliver wasn't there. A short while later Drake sat down with them too; Ruby was possibly the only one to notice the faint blush that formed on Crystal's cheeks when Drake gently tucked a stray gold lock behind her ear. Oliver and Drake were not the only addition to the diamond girls' lunch group. Gary and Maxwell were also sitting with them as was Opal's little brother Owen since he did anything their older brother did. As usual, Opal wasn't eating anything. Oliver instructed her to eat her sandwich and everyone else froze in their actions waiting to see what would happen.

Opal: I'm not hungry. (Hissed at him turning to glare at Gem and Crystal)
Oliver: I don't care you need to eat.
Opal: Don't tell me what to do. (Snapped at him)
Oliver: Just eat the fucking sandwich! (Took the sandwich out of her bag and forcing it into her hands)
Opal: (Threw the sandwich into the bin) I said I'm not hungry!
Oliver: That's it! (Seizing the back of his sister's head with one hand and holding his own sandwich in the other and trying to force it between her lips)
Opal: (Let out an anguished wail and turned her face away from the offending food struggling to move away)
Oliver: (Forcibly turned her face back and pushed the bread into her mouth making her scream and almost choke)
Ruby: Stop it, that's enough! (Pulling Oliver off of Opal) She said she's not hungry so just leave her alone!
Opal: (Lean forward and spit out the bread)
Owen: Oliver, what's going on?
Oliver: She needs to eat. (Glaring at Ruby)
Ruby: She'll eat when she wants to. Trying to force her isn't going to help; she'll just throw it up anyway.
Opal: I'm going to the bathroom. (Stood up)
Oliver: No you are not. (Grabbed her bony wrist)
Opal: Let go of me!
Ruby: Let her go, you're hurting her!
Oliver: Don't you see what you're doing to yourself? This needs to stop Opal.
Opal: Nothing's wrong with me just leave me alone.
Drake: Guys calm down.
Owen: What's going on? (Stamping his foot in annoyance)
Opal: Stop it!
Ruby: Let her go you idiot, you're not helping!
Oliver: Opal you need to eat damn it!
Drake: Oliver, just let her go.
Owen: WHAT'S GOING ON? (Shouted finally gaining everyone's attention)
Oliver: Opal has a problem.
Opal: No! I don't!!
Oliver: She's not eating. And she's lost too much weight. She's been making herself sick.
Owen: Why?
Opal: He's lying, there's nothing wrong with me! (Shouted furiously before kicking her Oliver in the shins and running off)
Everyone: (Silent)
Ruby: (Gave a sarcastic round of applause) Bravo! Nicely handled, that just made everything so much better!
Gem: Ruby, don't. This isn't the time for your sarcasm.
Maxwell: I think everybody should just calm down.
Oliver: I was trying to help her.
Ruby: Great job! Are you happy now?
Gem: Ruby, that's enough!
Owen: Why is Opal doing this?
Ruby: Why do you think?
Maxwell: Ruby why don't you and I take a walk?
Ruby: No, I'll go find Opal; she needs someone to hold her hair back when she pukes. (She said bluntly before walking off)
Oliver: Stupid red-headed bitch. (Spoke once Ruby was out of ear-shot)
Maxwell: Don't talk about her like that!
Oliver: How can you defend her? (Staring down at Maxwell) My baby sister has an eating problem and her supposed friend doesn't seem to give a shit!
Maxwell: This coming from the brother who is in part responsible for his sister's eating disorder! You know, unlike you, Ruby actually noticed that Opal has a problem. You had to be told. From where I'm standing I'd say that Ruby cares more about Opal than you. At least she noticed something was wrong!
Oliver: (Had no reply to those words knowing that they were partly true)
Gem: Have you talked to your parents about Opal? (Trying to break the tension between Max and Oliver)
Oliver: No. I wouldn't know what to say.
Gem: I guess that's understandable. (Thinking of how she had no idea to address her own problem)
Gary: So what do we do now? (Rubbed Crystal's arm comfortingly oblivious to Drake's heated stare)
Maxwell: I got these from the doctor's when I got my burn checked out. (Took a paper out of his bag and handed them to Oliver)
Oliver: How to overcome eating disorders. (Read off of the top of the paper)
Maxwell: You can read it or get her to read it; it might help.
Gary: Or it might just piss her off.
Maxwell: It's worth a shot though.
Oliver: (Put the paper into his bag) Come on Owen. Let's go. (Walked away)
Crystal: Is every teenager's life a big complicated mess? (Tired as she rested her head on Gary's shoulder)
Gary: It certainly feels that way doesn't it. (Unaware of Drake glaring daggers at him)
Gem: Well, I'll see you guys later. (Getting up)
Crystal: Aren't you coming to class?
Gem: I have a dentist appointment. I gotta go. (Walked off)
Crystal: Bye!
Maxwell: Do you think she was telling the truth?
Crystal: I don't know. A dentist appointment could be genuine but it could also be a cover for...well, for whatever her secret problem is.
Maxwell: You don't have any idea what's wrong with her then?
Crystal: Nope.
Maxwell: What about Ruby? Do you know what's wrong with her?
Crystal: No idea. I probably wouldn't know what Opal's problem was if I couldn't see the affects of it.
Drake: So what about your problem?
Crystal: Just leave it Drake. Opal's the one who needs help right now.
Drake: But you need help too.
Crystal: This is something I have to deal with myself. It's nothing dangerous like with Opal. It's just typical teenage girl stuff with a little bit of extra complication thrown in.
Drake: I'm not giving up on this. I'll find out eventually.
Crystal: Trust me, you'd rather not know. (Got up and made her way to class)

As she sneaked undetected out of the school gates, Gem breathed a sigh of relief and made her way down the road trying not to walk too quickly or look too guilty. Not knowing if her parents were at home or still at work, Gem headed to Ruby's house knowing it would be empty. Feeling a little sense of guilt, she dug the spare key out of the flower pot and let herself in. She shivered a little as she made her way up the stairs. The house wasn't cold by any means; it was just so lifeless and unwelcoming. It didn't feel like a real home at all. Letting herself into Ruby's bedroom, Gem collapsed onto the red-head's bed. At least for today she could escape the clutches of Mr. Rogers' perverted hands. Needing something to do to keep her mind off of the painful memories, Gem crossed her friend's room and turned on her computer. She waited it for it to load and correctly guessed the password. Gem played around on the internet for a while before her curiosity got the better of her and she opened up Ruby's word documents. Looking through the files she found a folder entitled 'Poetry'. Intrigued, Gem double clicked on the icon wondering how long Ruby had been writing poetry. Just by looking at some of the poem titles, Gem felt pretty certain she had just discovered Ruby's secret. However she opened up a few poems and read through them and her suspicions were confirmed; Ruby was a self-harmer.


austinboi said...

I don't like Ruby! D: She is such a bitch in the show!

Ruubin said...

Dazzling season finale :D When will the next season be?

ICON! said...

I really dislike ruby. I agree. But she has a terrible problem to take care of. My favourite it Selena's Character - Crystal.