September 15, 2011

Samantha King: Speechless

Season 1: Episode 8

Queen-of-mean. as Samantha King

Tylerisbold as Nathan Woodward
Welsh_Witch as Ellen Fray
.SAMtheMAN. as James Fray

Samantha found herself home and locked inside her bedroom. She had taken a bottle of sleeping pills from her parents medicine cabinet and shoved a few down her throat. When she awoke from each nap, she stepped into the bathroom to urinate and weigh herself on her scale. It depressed her to see that her weight had increased two pounds. Drinking a bottle of water quickly, she took a few more pills and then curled up into a ball on her bed. This was her routine for the following three days. On the fourth day, James forced her door open and confiscated her sleeping pills. Samantha awoke to find her pills gone and her door removed from its hinges. She groggily lifted up, groaning to herself. Ellen heard her up and rushed into her room.

Ellen: What were you thinking? Sleeping pills? (Face burned with rage)
Samantha: I was tired, mother. (She slurred and struggled to keep her head upright)
Ellen: Bull Samantha! What is going on with you? You’re getting ready to go to college! You’re tired? Life hasn’t even started yet and you’re tired?
Samantha: Stop yelling at me! I’m sick and tired of yelling and fighting. I just need a break!
Ellen: What has happened to my girl? It’s that nasty bar you work at isn't it? Do they give you drugs there? Have you become diseased? Huh? What’s the matter with you?
Samantha: I think I’m going to be sick. (Her eyes rolled into the back of her head and she collapsed to the ground)

Samantha woke up in the hospital with an IV stuck in her arm and her parents at her side. She could hear beeping and she knew her heart was being monitored. Samantha looked around her and whimpered. It scared her to know that her parents would soon find out why she was being hospitalized. How do you try to keep secrets when they were being displayed on a screen for all to see?

Ellen: Sammie? Dear, how are you feeling?
Samantha: I’m fine. What did they do to me?
Ellen: Honey, they had to pump your stomach.
Samantha: Seriously?
James: (Stroked Samantha's hair out of her face) We’re going to get you help. What you’re going through…it’s serious. It scares your mother and it worries me. Why’d you do it, honey?
Samantha: (Shook her head, confused) Do what?

A doctor walked into the room. James pursed his lips and shook the doctor’s hand. Ellen followed suit and sniffled when the doctor tried to comfort her. Samantha watched this exchange and felt her heart speed up a little. The doctor asked them to step outside while he spoke to Sam.

Doctor: Samantha, I am Dr. Patel. I was referred to you from Dr. Michaels. Do you remember her? (Pulling up the visitor’s chair and sitting in it)
Samantha: (Shook her head)
Dr. Patel: I didn’t think so. Samantha, do you mind if I ask you a few questions?
Samantha: Why?
Dr. Patel: Well, I want to know why you think you’re here. Tell me.
Samantha: Tell you what? There’s nothing to tell. I took some pills and went to sleep.
Dr. Patel: Did you have the intent of waking up?
Samantha: What kind of question is that? Of course I did! Doctor, I didn’t try to kill myself. It was an accident. I just needed to sleep.
Dr. Patel: (Scribbled something quickly on his clipboard. He took a minute to look over his sheets before looking back up at her) Do you suffer from depression, Sam?
Samantha: No. I mean, I get sad, but everyone does some time or another.
Dr. Patel: Have you ever had suicidal thoughts? Ever act in a way to hurt yourself?
Samantha: No!
Dr. Patel: Samantha, your stats are a bit of a concern to me. Your heart rate is very low in comparison to your records. Do you eat regularly? (Eying her intently)
Samantha: (Gasped silently and shrugged) I eat every day.
Dr. Patel: Do you consume at least twelve hundred calories a day?
Samantha: I don’t know. I don’t count calories.
Dr. Patel: What about meals? Are you eating meals at least three times a day?
Samantha: Doc, the way I’m eating has nothing to do with overdosing on sleeping pills. Please make a point so I can be done here!
Dr. Patel: The point is Samantha I am going to diagnose you as having anorexia nervosa. Your weight is ten pounds below the minimum of what you should weigh for your height.
Samantha: I um…
Dr. Patel: Your body weight is so low that it has already impaired your heart rate to undesirable conditions. This episode with the sleeping pills lowered your heart rate so much that you actually lapsed into a coma.
Samantha: What? How long have I been here?
Dr. Patel: You were brought here by ambulance yesterday. You woke up around nine this evening.
Samantha: I didn’t try to kill myself Doc. I’m really stressed out right now. I’ve got college and work and I’m trying to move on in life.
Dr. Patel: Samantha, are you aware that you’re with child?
Samantha: Excuse me?
Dr. Patel: You’re eight weeks pregnant Samantha.

Samantha felt as though she would lapse back into a coma. She was speechless.