July 28, 2010

Foster Family: Red Carpet

Created & Produced By
EliteNews - Baya Nikolas

Emorox4eva - Jenna
Star_Awards - Vanessa
Vasia28 - Vasia

Guest Starring
Decowood - Stanley
N1mka4eva - Charlotte
DKCalifornia95 - Daniel

Red Carpet (S2-E4)

(Vasia's condo; Vasia calls sisters)

Vasia- Come on Jenna, pick up your cell!! (Speaking to phone)
Daniel- Babe, she's probably still hungover from last night babe.
Vasia- Ah! I can't believe they went out clubbing last night. Don't they know we have a red carpet event today?
Daniel- Call Vanessa and see hows she's doing?
Vasia- I guess. (Dial's Vanessa's number)
Vanessa- Hey Vasia.
Vasia- How are you feeling, I heard you guys had a wild night last night.
Vanessa- I'm all good, you know me.
Vasia- Well, Jenna and Stanley were completely wasted last night that I had to bring Fiona to my condo!
Vanessa- Have you spoken to Jenna this morning?
Vasia- I tried calling her, but no answer. Nessa we got that awards show today!
Vanessa- Shit! I forgot. The Reality Television Awards!! Why didn't you remind us yesterday! I would have never let Jenna get wasted then.
Vasia- I thought you knew!! What are we gonna do about Jenna?
Vanessa- Look, call our make-up artist, hair-dresser and stylist and have them set-up everything at Jenna's house. I'm on my way to Jenna's house, I'll try to recuperated her with my hangover remedy.
Vasia- Ok. I'll meet you there. Bye Nessa. (Hang's up)

(Vanessa's House; getting ready to leave)

Vanessa- (Walks into kitchen) Hey, just got off the phone with Vasia. I completely forgot the Reality Television Awards were today! (Grabs purse from top of the kitchen counter)
Charlotte- What! Your leaving?
Vanessa- I know, I'm sorry, everything is all crazy right now. I'm stressing!! Jenna's hungover and I gotta go and recuperate her. (Grabs keys) I'll try to be home by mid-night.
Charlotte- But...I cooked breakfast...
Vanessa- Aww, that's so sweet. Thanks, but I really gotta go. Sorry. Bye!! (Give's goodbye kiss, and runs out the door.)

(Jenna's house; Jenna's in restroom throwing up)

Jenna- (Comes out of restroom and lays on bed) Agh!! I feel like crap!!
Stanley- Me too, I can't even get-up without throwing up.
Jenna- Crap! I gotta go check on Fiona.
Stanley- Don't you remember? Vasia took her to her place last night.
Jenna- Oh...right.
Stanley- Ah..here it comes!! (Runs to restroom)
Jenna- Ahhh.......

(Doorbell rings)

Jenna- Agh!! I'm coming! (Open's door)
Vanessa- You look like crap!
Jenna- I feel like crap thanks to you!!!
Vanessa- I'm so sorry, I..I....
Jenna- What are you doing here?
Vanessa- The Reality Television Awards are tonight. Vasia called our glam squad and their coming over here so we can get ready.
Jenna- Your kidding me right? I can't go. I got a fucking hangover. Wait....how come you don't look like crap?
Vanessa- Because, I drank my hangover remedy this morning. Don't worry, I'll fix up 2 glasses of my concoction for you and Stanley. You just go lay down and I'll be over there in a couple of minutes.
Jenna- Please don't make to much noise.
Vanessa- Oh gosh, just close your ears. (Laughs)

15 minutes later...

Vanessa- (Walks into Jenna's bedroom) Here you guys, just drink this an you'll feel better in 20 minutes. (Hands glasses to Jenna and Stanley)
Jenna- Eww! It's smells funky. What did you put in here?
Vanessa- Just drink it!
Stanley- (Chugs it down) Done.
Jenna- Fine! (Chugs it down)
Vanessa- Now, go take a shower and get cleaned up.

(Doorbell rings)

Vanessa- It's Vasia, I'll go get it. (Leaves Jenna's bedroom) (Opens door)
Vasia- Hey, their be here in 20 minutes. How's Jenna?
Vanessa- She's good, I just gave her my hangover remedy. She'll be good.
Vasia- Ok, well I'm gonna go put Fiona in her room.

30 minutes later...

Vanessa- Where are they?
Vasia- They're be here. Go and check on Jenna.
Vanessa- Ok. (Walks into Jenna's bedroom) Hey, you ok?
Jenna- Yeah. Feel a whole lot better.
Vanessa- Where's Stanley?
Jenna- Checking on Fiona.
Vanessa- Oh, ok well there coming already. Come to the living room.
Jenna- Ok.
Vanessa- (Walks to living room) We only got 5 hours before the red carpet. Were not gonna make it.
Vasia- Yay! They just pulled right up the street.
Jenna- Let's get glamorized sisters!!

5 hours later...

(Downtown; The sister's are about to step out of limo)

Vanessa- We look hott!!
Vasia- You see? We made it Nessa!
Jenna- You ready girls?
Vanessa- Of course we are! (Laughs)
Vasia- Let's get going then.
All- (They step out of limo and walk onto the red carpet)

The End.

July 26, 2010

The Real Elites of Stardoll: Familiar Faces Part 1

The following program is rated TV-14. Viewer discretion is advised.

Created by Erin Fo Abourne
Produced by Baya Nikolas

x.optimistic.x as Erin
fifibannana as Fifi
Psychotic-Freak as Rebecca
queen-of-mean. as Ashley
StarSurge as Delaney

Guest Starring
Slaggot as Sloane
fatooni as Kaitlyn

Familiar Faces
(S1-E4 pt. 1)

(Scene with girls riding to New York in a limo)

Kaitlyn: Omigosh, I can't believe we're going to New York!! That's where Beyonce lives!
Delaney: You guys really do like Beyonce, huh?
Fifi: She is our idol!
Rebecca: Hmm... The only thing y'all have in common; You must be sisters!!
Fifi: Correction, step-sisters.
Rebecca: (laughs) Whatever.
Erin: I just can't believe we're going to be models for Void!!
Sloane: I'm like so frickin' excited!
Erin: And we'll see our men... isn't that right Fi?

(Fifi's silent)

: Fi...?
Fifi: Uh, yeah, yeah... I'm here...
Rebecca: You okay?
Fifi: Yeah, I'm fine... it's just... (thinking, Paul's voice) One word about this, and you and your friends are through for good. I-I'm fine... really.
Sloane: You sure? You look like you need some water. Hun, you're sweating bullets for elite's sake.
Fifi: (yells) I AM FINE GOD DAM*IT! (breathes heavily)
Erin: Okay...?
Kaitlyn: What's up with you?
Rebecca: Fi, you're acting strange... we want to know...
Fifi: (yells with anger) PAUL RAPED ME OKAY! (sobs, softly) Happy?

(car is silent)

Driver: (rolls down window) Is everything alright back there? (smiles at Fifi, stern glare in his eyes)

(Fifi studies his appearance. Something about him seems quite odd, but familiar)

(Erin's phone rings, it's James)

Erin: Hey James, I-
James: Erin, Paul's escaped. We can't find him anywhere... Be on the look out for... (phone goes dead)

(Limo starts to speed up, the driver becomes tense.)

: Where are you taking us?

(The driver is silent, the girls are afraid. The driver finally halts to a stop in a dark alley.)

Driver: Get out, now. (pulls out handgun, the girls do as they're told)
Fifi: Paul. (cries) I know it's you!
Paul: (rips off fake mustache) How'd you know kitten? I didn't know blonde bitches were smart and sexy. (grabs Fifi's butt)
Erin: Get away from her jackass! (Smacks him in the face)

(Paul laughs, the other girls are silent)

Paul: You're pretty hot for a slut as well.
Erin: You disgust me... How do you-?
Paul: Your good ol' friend Fifi talks... a lot!
Erin: Fi?
Fifi: I- I... (confused)
Sloane: I can't believe you Fi...
Delaney: I thought we could trust you...

(Rebecca's silent)

Fifi: I didn't tell him any of that!
Erin: How can I believe you?
Paul: Aw...(imitates) How can I believe you Fi? Omigosh, I am soo angry! Blah, blah. Shut the hell up. My ears are bleeding now because of you guys... get inside!
Erin: I know what you did to Fifi Paul... I know about your therapy sessions, your multiple personalities! James, told me everything!
Paul: Did he really now? Well, did he also tell you I claimed the throne as the #1 criminal for the F.B.I.'s Most Wanted?
Sloane: (chokes) For, for what?
Paul: (sly grin) Homicide...

To be continued...

July 21, 2010

Foster Family: Date Night

Created & Produced By
EliteNews - Baya Nikolas

Emorox4eva - Jenna
Star_Awards - Vanessa
Vasia28 - Vasia

Guest Starring
Decowood - Stanley
N1mka4eva - Charlotte
DKCalifornia95 - Daniel

Date Night (S2-E3)

(Vanessa house; Vanessa's in bedroom getting dressed)

Vanessa: (on phone) I'm so happy!! Charlotte is gonna walk into the door any moment!!!
Jenna: So what are your plans tonight?
Vanessa: Charlotte and I are going out to dinner to that new restaurant downtown.
Jenna: At De La Rose? I've been dying to go there!
Vanessa: Yeah! You and Stanley should join us!!
Jenna: Ah..I don't think so. You can Charlotte should spend alone time with each other.
Vanessa: Come on Jen! It will be fun! You and Stan haven't been out together for a while.
Jenna: Are you sure you want us to come?
Vanessa: Of course!
Jenna: What about Fiona? Who's gonna take care of her?
Vanessa: Vasia is free tonight, ask her.
Jenna: What time?
Vanessa: 8pm. Were pick you guys up.
Jenna: Fine, but I'm not going clubbing after Nessa!!
Vanessa: (Laughs) Your such a party pooper!
Jenna: (Laughs) Bye sis. See you guys later.
Vanessa: Bye. (Hangs up phone)
Charlotte: (Enter's house) I'm home!!
Vanessa: (Runs down the stairs and hugs Charlotte) I missed you!!
Charlotte: I know, me too! I'm sorry about working all the time.
Vanessa: You love doing what you do. I don't blame you.
Charlotte: So, are you ready for tonight?
Vanessa: Duh!! Oh...I invited Jen and Stan. Hope you don't mind?
Charlotte: I'm ok with it. I haven't seen them in weeks!
Vanessa: Well, let's get your stuff unpacked so we can get dressed for tonight.

(Jenna's house; Jenna tells Vasia and Stanley about evening plans)

Jenna: (In bedroom) (Calls Vasia on cell)
Vasia: Hey Jen. What's up?
Jenna: I was wondering if you could babysit Fiona tonight. Stan and I are going out to dinner with Vanessa and Charlotte.
Vasia: Oh..sure. Do you mind if Daniel comes over too?
Jenna: Um..no, it's ok. Just no hackey pankey please.
Vasia: (Laughs) Your such a party pooper!!
Jenna: Oh, not you too!
Vasia: Don't worry Jen. Daniel and I will keep our pants on.
Jenna: Ok. Well, were leaving around 8, so be here by 7:30ish.
Vasia: Ok. Bye!
Jenna: (Hang's up phone and walks to living room) So..Nessa invited us out to dinner with her and Charlie at that new restaurant downtown.
Stanley: What about Fiona?
Jenna: Vasia will babysit her.
Stanley: Are you sure you want to go?
Jenna: Yeah. We haven't been out together for a while.
Stanley: I don't see why not. Let's go.
Jenna: Great! (Kisses him on cheek) Their picking us up in 2 hours.
Stanely: Oh, wow. We better start getting dressed.

(7:30, doorbell rings)

Jenna: I'm coming. (Open's door)
Vasia: Wow, you look hott!!!
Jenna: Thanks.
Vasia: So where's Fiona at?
Jenna: She's sleeping. Where's Daniel?
Vasia: He'll be coming over later, he had something to do.
Jenna: Oh, ok. Well, make yourself feel at home. I gotta go finish getting ready.

(8:00, Honks from outside)

Vasia: Jenna!! Vanessa and Charlotte are here!!
Jenna: Ok. Were be down in a couple of seconds. (Walks out of bedroom and goes to the front door)
Stanley: (Follows Jenna) Here's your clutch babe.
Jenna: Oh, thanks. Almost forgot.
Vasia: Ok, you two. Go!!
Jenna: Please take good care of Fiona Vasia.
Vasia: Bye Jen! (Pushes them out the door) Everything will be fine.

(De La Rose
restaurant, the couples enter restaurant)

Vanessa: Oo, it's so beautiful in here.
Jenna: Very lovely.
Stanley: Smells good too.
Hostess: Hello, I'm Vicky.
Charlotte: Hello. Seating for 4. Rose reservation.
Hostess: (Looks at list) Follow me please. (Goes to table) Here's your table, please take a seat. Here are your menus. A waiter will come over in 5 minutes to take down your order.
Charlotte: Thank you.


(Jenna's house; Daniel joins Vasia)

Daniel: Hey babe. (Walks into house)
Vasia: Hey.
Daniel: (Kisses her)
Vasia: Come on Daniel, I told Jenna we would keep our pants on.
Daniel: Fine, I guess.
Vasia: Crap, Fiona's crying. Let's go check on her.
Daniel: No thanks, I'll just watch some t.v.
Vasia: Your such an ass-hole! (Go and checks on Fiona)


(De La Rose restaurant, the couples chat while eating)

Jenna: This is so nice. The food is great.
Stanley: I love being a father and all, but sometimes I miss going out like this.
Jenna: Aww honey. I feel the same way sometimes too.
Vanessa: You guys are great parents. You deserve a break sometimes.
Stanley: So, are you guys ready for the wedding?
Charlotte: (Looks over at Vanessa, grabs her hand) Yeah, we are.
Vanessa: (Smiles) Were happy and I can't wait to start our own family.
Jenna: Have you guys looked into the adoption process yet?
Charlotte: We did. We have to wait until were married to begin the process.
Stanley: Being a parent is a huge responsibility. I just hope you guys know what your getting yourselves into. That baby needs to be your #1 priority.
Charlotte: We know Stan.
Vanessa: Well, I'm stuffed. How about we take a walk in the town?
Jenna: Huh, no no.
Charlotte: Why?
Jenna: Because a walk in the town turns to clubbing all night long.
Stanley: (Laughs) Come on babe. It's our night out. Let's have fun.
Vanessa: (Smiles) Yeah, Jenna! Let your hair down.
Jenna: Ok! But no alcohol, someone needs to be sober in order to drive home.
Vanessa: Yay!!
Charlotte: (Raises hand) Check please!

2 hours later....

(Jenna's house, Vasia is waiting for Jenna to come home)

Vasia: Where the fuck are they? They were suppose to be here 1 hour ago!
Daniel: You know Vanessa & Charlotte, they probably took them clubbing.
Vasia: Ahh!! I want to go home. I'm so tried.
Daniel: Come and lay down with me here on the couch.
Vasia: What about Fiona?
Daniel: She's knocked-out. She won't wake-up till the morning.
Vasia: Fine. (Lays with Daniel)

4 hours later....

(Outside Jenna's house. Jenna and Stanley arrive in taxi)

Jenna: (Laughing) Shit, which one is the key?
Stanley: Uh...that one. The gold one.
Jenna: There all gold.
Stanley: Oh. Um..
Jenna: Were drunk. (Giggles)
Stanley: Ring the doorbell!!!
Jenna: Yeah. (Presses doorbell)
Vasia: (Opens door) Where the fuck have you guys been?! Ah..don't tell me, I can smell it.
Jenna: Vassiaaaa
Vasia: Yeah Jen, that's my name. Come on you two. I'll take you to your bedroom.

The End.

July 19, 2010

The Real Elites of Stardoll: I Will Find You

The following program is rated TV-14. Viewer discretion is advised.
Created by Erin Fo Abourne
Produced by Baya Nikolas

x.optimistic.x as Erin
fifibannana as Fifi
Psychotic-Freak as Rebecca
queen-of-mean. as Ashley
StarSurge as Delaney

Guest Starring
Slaggot as Sloane
Elite-girl as Linda
fatooni as Kaitlyn

I Will Find You (S1-E3)

(Fifi wakes up in her king sized bed, after having a dream about dating Ashton Kutcher)

Fifi: (smiles, gets up and walks to her closet and notices her pink Chanel dress is missing) KAITLYN!
Kaitlyn: Yeah, Fi?
Fifi: Where's my pink Chanel dress that I specifically told you NOT to touch?

(Kaitlyn enters room wearing Fifi's dress)

Kaitlyn: Looks good on me huh sis?
Fifi: UGH! I am NOT your sis! Just because your dad married MY mom and forced me to live with you doesn't mean you have the right to steal my clothes!
Kaitlyn: Whatever. Don't be mad, 'cause I can work it and you can't. (flips hair and walks out Fifi's room)
Fifi: Could this day get any worse?

(Fifi and Erin leaving Juicy Couture scene)

Fifi: So how are you and Jason?
Erin: I'm gonna dump him. (laughs)
Fifi: Of course... I suck with guys.
Erin: Don't say that. You just have to make them want you. There's one right over there.

(Erin points at handsome young man. Fifi notices the man watching her outside a Burberry store.)

Erin: Go, get 'em tiger. (pushes Fifi forward)

(The young man waves, then a girl behind him who with the looks of a supermodel drags him into Victoria's Secret.)

Fifi: (frowns) See!
Erin: (laughs) C'mon! (Drags her into Victoria's Secret)
Fifi: (Whines) What's up with people dragging me lately?

(Fifi catches the attention of the mysterious young man, and he approaches her from a distance, but is dragged into the other half of the store by the girl.)

Fifi: Grr!
Erin: Go follow him.
Fifi: I don't wanna be a stalker!
Erin: You already stalk Ashton, and he's married!
Fifi: So. What he doesn't know won't hurt him. (smiles)

(Erin drags Fifi into the other half of Victoria's Secret, and approaches the young man with Fifi hiding behind her)

Erin: Hi, this is my friend Fifi, and she thinks you're cute, can she have your number?
Fifi: (whispers) ERIN!

(Erin bumps Fifi with her shoulder)

Fifi: OW!
Young Man: (laughs) I think she's pretty cute too.
Fifi: (thinking) I just want to drown in his voice... Holy sh*t! (daydreams about the young man)
Young Man: I'm Paul by the way.
Fifi: (in awe) Paaaaaaaul.
Paul: (chuckles) Yes. And I believe the correct manner is for me to ask for your number madame.
Fifi: It's-it's... (thinking) Madaaaame.
Erin: 555-6257.
Paul: Thanks. Oh, and this is my sister, Linda. We're the Pskis.
Fifi and Erin: Did you just say Pskis?!?
Paul: Yes, our father, Jonah Pski owns Void Models and Fashion Company.
Erin: Omigosh, I adore your father's work! ... By any chance, do you have a brother?
Paul: (Laughs) Why yes I do... my twin, James... I'll let him know I met you. As for you madame... (grabs Fifi's hand and kisses it.) I will see you soon, hopefully.
Linda: C'mon Paul, hurry it up! (tugs on his shoulder)
Fifi and Erin: O-MI-GOSH. TWINS??

(both squeal with excitement)

Erin: Double the men!
Fifi: And moolah!

(Fifi and Erin hug eachother while laughing and leave the store)

Fifi: (thinking) A bad day, going my way.

(Scene with Delaney, Rebecca and Sloane; girl's night)

Sloane: Erin's been talking about breaking up with Jason... I GOT DIBS!
Delaney: That's okay. I got my eye on the cashier at BCBG.
Rebecca: Umm hun, he's gay.
Delaney: It's never too late to go straight.

(girls laugh, doorbell rings)

Sloane: I got it.

(Sloane answers door, it's Erin and Fifi)

: Time to party!
Rebecca: Try not to pass out this time.
Erin: Ha-ha. No, I've given up drinking... for good.
: That's a huge step... I'm not ready for. (grabs wineglass, and drinks)
Rebecca: Del, that's your 3rd glass. Don't pull an Erin.
Erin: (laughs) Whatever. I'm ready to put the past behind me, and so is Fifi.
Sloane: You got a man!
Fifi: How'd you know?
Sloane: Girl's intuition. Duh!
Fifi: Well yeah... his name's Paul... Pski!
Rebecca, Delaney and Sloane: (disbelief) NOT EVEN!
Erin: Yup, and he's got a twin... all mine. (smiles)
Rebecca: (laughs) Whatever. You know his sister is the head of the Goldies. The highest Elite chair there is! If you kiss ass with her, you're sure to rise to the top!
Erin: Already done.
Fifi: Yup. On our way out of the store, we met up with her, and got her number. She even got us auditions with Void Models... ALL OF US!

(girls talk all at once; Fifi's phone rings)

Delaney: I got it. Hello?
Linda: Hello may I speak to either Erin or Fifi?
Delaney: It's for you. (hands phone to Erin)
Erin: Hello?
Linda: Hey it's Linda.
Erin: Oh hey, what's up?
Linda: Good news.
Erin: Yeah? (Erin puts phone on speaker)
Linda: My dad wants to see all 6 of you girls tomorrow at 10 a.m. for a photoshoot!
Erin: Omigosh, really?
Linda: Yes, really! And if our editor likes the pics, you guys may be moving to New York!

(Erin drops phone on carpet, girls scream like crazy)

Linda: See you guys tomorrow, oh and Paul and James say hi.
Erin and Fifi: Hi-hi... (giggle)
Linda: (laughs) Bye, bye girls.

(phone goes dead)

Delaney: YES! Away from that creep!
Rebecca: Who Ash or Bruno?
Fifi: Both! I just can't wait to see my man!

(next day, 10 a.m. photoshoot at Void Modeling Agency)

Paul: Good morning ladies. Oh Erin. This is my brother, James.
James: Pleasure meeting you... (kisses Erin's hand) Erin, means Ireland. A beautiful name for such a beautiful girl.
Erin: Hehe... (blushes)
Rebecca: (interrupts) So, uhh, where's the dressing rooms?

(Linda enters wearing a DKNY fur coat)

Linda: Right this way ladies.

(Girls follow Linda to room, Paul grabs Fifi's hand and takes her to a closet)

Fifi: (laughs) What are you doing?

(Paul begins pulling off his shirt, unbuttoning his pants, Fifi is afraid)

Paul: We either do this now, or it's bye-bye New York to your friends.

(Fifi's breathing heavily)

*30 minutes pass

Delaney: Guys, where's Fifi?
Erin: She probably got lost with Paul somewhere. She'll be back soon.

(Scene with Paul and Fifi in the closet)

Paul: See that wasn't so bad, now was it? (pats Fifi's cheek)

(Fifi whimpers)

Paul: Now let's go. One word about this, and you and your friends are through, for good.

(Grips Fifi's arm tight and drags her out of the closet)

Fifi: Ow, OW! (tries to release herself from Paul's firm grip)
Paul: Fix your dam* dress. Do I have to do everything for you? (smacks Fifi)
Fifi: STOP PAUL! (knees him in groin)
Paul: (grunts) Don't you walk away from me! (pulls her by her hair)
Fifi: (Screams)

(Mr. Pski enters hallway)

Mr. Pski: Son, what's the problem here?
Paul: Nothing father. Fifi just saw a roach. Isn't that right Fifi? (glares at her)
Fifi: (whines) Mhmm...
Mr. Pski: Dam* pests! I've got to get the place sprayed again. (speaks to young, attractive assistant) Amanda, call that pest control company. We're going on lockdown, nobody's leaving 'till my say so.
Paul: (whispers) We're gonna have so much fun kitten. (kisses on cheek)
Fifi: (pulls back)
Delaney: What?
Rebecca: C'mon!
Erin: What about our photoshoot?
Linda: Sorry girls. Maybe another day. But for now, let's all go to my condo upstairs and have a martini.
Rebecca: You have a condo-
Sloane: Upstairs?!
Linda: Everyone in my family does. We all live here. Oh Erin. James told me to give this to you.

(Linda hands Erin note, Erin reads it in her head)

"Erin, meet me in the Discussion Room. It's important, and possibly fatal."

(Erin finds the Discussion Room, enters room)

Erin: James, James?
: Shh, I don't want Paul hearing us?
: (Whispering): What?
: I've got to tell you something, that may be the one thing that's keeping your friend Fifi alive...
: Wha-what?
: Paul isn't who he appears to be.
: What is he exactly?
: He has some, mental problems...
: Like what?
: He has multiple personalities... He's been to therapy, but nothing seems to work.
: So wait, is he like lethal?
: We don't know, but most of the relationships he's had have been dangerous. But you can't let anyone know!
: I don't want to lose Fifi!
: And you don't have to. Just, wait it out, and when you guys finish the photoshoot, and move to New York, then it'll all be over...
: I don't want to leave you!
: (grabs Erin firmly) You won't. I'll be there, eventually. I just have to hold off Paul for a while...

(Noise behind door)

: Shh!


(door to room opens)

Linda: I knew you guys were in here. C'mon they're ready for the photoshoot.

(Girls sit in Discussion room waiting for Mr. Pski to tell them the news, Mr. Pski enters scene)

Mr. Pski: Ladies, congrats! You're going to New York!

(girls scream like crazy)

Sloane: Omigosh, this is like a dream come true for me!
Rebecca: I can't even think right now!

(Paul whispers in Fifi's ear)

Paul: You know Fifi, doesn't matter where you run. I will find you, kitten.

(Fifi shivers)

Linda: Pack your bags girls, we've already sent moving trucks to all of your houses, you guys are going to the Big Apple!!

(Fifi whimpers silently replaying Paul's words in the back of her mind over and over again like a scratched record) "Doesn't matter where your run, I will find you, I will find you, I will find you, kitten."


July 14, 2010

Foster Family: Couple Spat

Created & Produced By
EliteNews - Baya Nikolas

Emorox4eva - Jenna
Star_Awards - Vanessa
Vasia28 - Vasia

Guest Starring
Decowood - Stanley
N1mka4eva - Charlotte
DKCalifornia95 - Daniel

Couple Spat (S2-E2)

(Jenna's house; Jenna's in the kitchen cooking breakfast)

Jenna- (Cooking) Hey Stan, breakfast is ready!
Stanley- (Yells) I'll be right there hun. Let me put down Fiona.
Jenna- Ok, hurry before it gets cold.
Stanley- (Walks into kitchen) Mmm....looks good.
Jenna- It's your favorite. (Gives Stanly a kiss) Now sit down and eat.
Stanley- (Sits) Your in a good mood this morning.
Jenna- I just...
Stanley- What?
Jenna- I've been thinking....well you know how you work and I stay home most of the time.
Stanley- Yeah..
Jenna- Well, I been thinking about opening a business. A baby boutique.
Stanley- That's great hun!
Jenna- Really? Well you know if I do open up this business that were going to have to enroll Fiona into.....
Stanley- Oh, come on Jenna, you know how I feel about daycare.
Jenna- How about a nanny?
Stanley- No!! I don't want strangers taking care of our daughter Jen! Can't your sisters look after her? (Get's up)
Jenna- My sisters are too busy with their own lives Stanley. Besides, these are caretakers who's job is to care for children, Fiona will be fine.
Stanely- No Jen, I'm done talking about this!!
(Grabs briefcase) I have to go. I'm gonna be late to work. (Walks out door)
Jenna- Stan!

(Dark Doll Records Studio; Vasia's recording a track)

Vasia- (Singing)
Daniel- Cut, cut. It's all wrong babe. Try it again.
Vasia- Ok. (Starts singing)
Daniel- Cut, cut, I'm just not feeling it V.
Vasia- (Yells) Agh!
Daniel- What's going on with you lately?
Vasia- YOU!! Your driving me crazy Daniel!!
Daniel- Look, you wanted me to be your producer V.
Vasia- No, you insisted on being my producer.
Daniel- So you don't want me producing your album anymore?
Vasia- Don't do this Daniel.
Daniel- Do what?
Vasia- Don't make me look like the bad guy.
Daniel- Well your acting like a bitch right now babe.
Vasia- Are you fucking kidding me right now? You know what, I'm out, I'm done for today. I just need to getaway from you. (Walks off)
Daniel- Where your going?
Vasia- Don't worry about it!!
Daniel- (Runs after her) Vasia!!! Please stop. Your making a big scene right now. Your going to blow this record contract. Is that what you want?
Vasia- I just want a break. I need to clear my mind right now. (Get's into car and drives off)

(Vanessa's house; waking up from living room sofa, phone rings)

Vanessa- (Opens eyes and yawns, picks up phone) Hello?
Charlotte- Hey, I've been trying to get a hold of you.
Vanessa- Where are you? You were supposed to get here last night.
Charlotte- I'm sorry, but something came up last minute with the mag.
Vanessa- Of course!
Charlotte- What's that suppose to mean?
Vanessa- You promised me that you would be here last night.
Charlotte- I know and I'm sorry. I just....
Vanessa- No, I'm just tired of you putting your job first and putting me second!!
Charlotte- You know it's not like that!
Vanessa- It is!! And until you start putting me first, don't bother coming home!!! (Hangs up phone) Agh!! (Phone rings again) Hello?
Jenna- Hey nessa, it's me Jen.
Vanessa- Oh hey Jen.
Jenna- Have spoken to Vasia today?
Vanessa- Ah..no. Why?
Jenna- Well Daniel just called me and told me she left out of the recording studio pretty angry after the two of them got into an argument.
Vanessa- What did that jerk say to her?
Jenna- I don't know, but she isn't answering her phone.
Vanessa- Umm....(thinking)...I think I know where she is.
Jenna- You do, where?
Vanessa- At the cemetery.
Jenna- Of course. I'll meet you there?
Vanessa- No, I'll go alone. You should be there with Fiona.
Jenna- Yeah..
Vanessa- I'll talk to you later. Bye Jen. (Hangs up)

(Forest Hill Cemetery, Vasia and Vanessa talk things out)

Vanessa- (Slowly walks over to Vasia from behind)
Vasia- (Staring at tombstone) I miss you guys.
Vanessa- They were the best parents in the world.
Vasia- (Looks back) What are you doing here?
Vanessa- I always come here when I need to clear my mind.
Vasia- Shouldn't you be all lovey dovey with your fiance right now.... wait... she didn't come last night right?
Vanessa- Look, I didn't come to fight with you V.
Vasia- I'm sorry, I just...
Vanessa- Need to clear your mind?
Vasia- Yeah...
Vanessa- (Looks at tombstone) They were the best.
Vasia- They sure were. Can't believe it's been 5 years since....(Looks at Vanessa)
Vanessa- I know.
Do you think if mom and dad were here today, they would be proud of us?
Vanessa- Of course.
Vasia- Are you proud of me?
Vanessa- What? No duh! Look at you! Your a star! I love you V!
Vasia- You and Jen are lucky to have found people who love you the same way dad loved mom.
Vanessa- Oh Vasia. That really means a lot, but what about you and Daniel?
Vasia- I don't love him.... I think? I don't know.
Vanessa- Oh Vasia, you need to speak to him. (Gives hug)
Vasia- I know.
Vanessa- Come on let's go.
Vasia- (Cell rings) It's Daniel.
Vanessa- Give him a other chance.
Vasia- but....
Vanessa- (Cell rings) It's Charlotte.
Vasia- Give her a other chance.
Vanessa- (Smiles) Bye Vasia. Love you. (Answers phone and walks to car) Hey Charlotte.
Vasia- (Sits on ground) Hey Daniel.

(Jenna's house; Jenna and Stanley talk about Fiona)

Jenna- (Singing lullaby while swinging Fiona in her arms)
Stanley- (Walks in) Hey. How is she?
Jenna- (Put Fiona in crib) Just putting her to sleep.
Stanley- I'm sorry about this morning. I just...
Jenna- You care about her. I know, me too and I would never put her with people I couldn't trust Stanley.
Stanley- I know and I think enrolling her enter daycare would be fine.
Jenna- Really? (Smiles)
Stanley- Yes. (Gives a kiss)
Jenna- I love you.
Stanley- I love you both. (Looks at Fiona)


July 12, 2010

The Real Elites of Stardoll: That's What's Wrong

The following program is rated TV-14. Viewer discretion is advised.

Created by Erin Fo Abourne
Produced by Baya Nikolas

x.optimistic.x as Erin
fifibannana as Fifi
Psychotic-Freak as Rebecca
queen-of-mean. as Ashley
StarSurge as Delaney

Guest Starring
kxcatarinaxk as Bruno
firecracker. as Rachel
Slaggot as Sloane

That's What's Wrong (S1-E2)
(Erin sits quietly in the hospital bed. Pondering over whether or not she should call someone. She picks up her Blackberry and dials the number under the name "Slo")

Sloane: Hello?
Erin: Hey Slo, it's me, Erin.
Sloane: So now you decide to call. What happened, you lost your sim card again?
Erin: No, no that's not it. I-
Sloane: Don't bother calling me.

(Phone goes dead)

Erin: Dam*it! (throws phone on bed, sighs heavily)

(Rebecca and Bruno scene. Rebecca's lying against Bruno's firm shoulder)

Rebecca: I'm worried about her... I mean, I know it wasn't her fault. But, she was drinking way too much last night...
Bruno: I know her... we went out remember? She's not like that.
Rebecca: Yeah, but people can change... alot.

(Phone rings, caller id reads "Ash")

Rebecca: Speaking of the devil. (Answers phone) What do you want?
Ashley: I need to talk to you. Check out Erin's latest tweet.

(Rebecca checks her Twitter app, and reads Erin's latest tweet)

"Rebecca's a bitch, and needs to get a life. Flashing random people; what the hell whor*?!"

Rebecca: I'm the whor*? REALLY?! (throws phone across the room, phone shatters)
Bruno: What's wrong, babe? (hugs Rebecca)
Rebecca: Erin's an as* hole. That's what's wrong.

(Delaney and Fifi leaving Burberry scene)

Fifi: Like omigosh, that guy at the register was totally checking me out!
Delaney: I'm pretty sure he was checking out that huge pimple on your nose.
Fifi: Nuh-uh! (holds mirror to face, screams) OMIGOSH! Why didn't you tell me?
Delaney: I didn't think you'd care considering, "looks don't matter" to you.
Fifi: When did I say that?
Delaney: You say it all the time!
Fifi: (whines) Since when do you listen to me?
Delaney: Here... (pulls out proactiv bottle from her coach tote)
Fifi: Why do you carry that around?
Delaney: You never know hun. (hands Fifi the bottle) There's a bathroom inside this McDonald's.
Fifi: Umm, I am NOT going in there. Who do you think I am, Beyonce?
Delaney: Hun, that didn't even make any sense. Let's go. (drags Fifi inside)
Fifi: (moans)

(Sloane sits in her bedroom, regretting hanging up on Erin.)

Sloane: (sighs, thinking) Maybe I should call her back... See how she is... It's been a long time since the accident... (winces at thought) I mean, it won't hurt just to say hi... (picks up phone, dials Erin)
Erin: Hey Slo! It's so good to hear the sound of your voice! I'm sorry-
Sloane: No, I'm sorry Erin... for earlier.
Both girls: Forgive me? ... YES! (laughing)
Erin: Listen, after the accident... I kinda isolated myself from everything that reminded me of it, and that included you... I'm sorry.
Sloane: Me too...
Erin: Umm... I'm in the hospital right now... So, I gotta go...
Sloane: You're where?! I'm on my way hun!
Erin: But Slo, wait... I-
Sloane: No buts, friends forever...
Erin: (laughs softly)... Stick together.
Sloane: That's right. See you in a bit. Love you!
Erin: Same!

(phone goes dead)

(scene with Rebecca, Delaney and Fifi at La Madeline restaurant)

Fifi: I feel kinda bad about sneaking around without Erin guys...
Rebecca: You read the tweet hun. She doesn't want anything to do with me.
Fifi: Yeah, but it didn't say anything about me, and-
Rebecca: Who have you known longer?
Fifi: Well... I still don't think this is right...
Rebecca: Well leave then! (sarcastic tone, under breath) some best friend! ... Delaney, what about you?
Delaney: I- I don't... I'm gonna stay.
Fifi: (shocked) Del!
Delaney: Sorry Fi... I mean c'mon that was low.
Fifi: How do you know that was Erin anyways? Why would she say that about you? Maybe she was hacked... and... I don't know, it's just not her!
Rebecca: It was her... she's like that... I know her.
Fifi: What did Bruno say?
Rebecca: He doesn't know about it... and won't.
Fifi: (thinking) Not if I tell him. (rushes out of La Madeline)

(scene with Ashley and Rachel in Rachel's hot tub)

Ashley: You should've heard her reaction hun! Priceless! (sips martini)
Rachel: Perfect... perfect.
Ashley: Why do you hate her so much?
Rachel: It's not just her hun. It's all of them. One by one, I'm gonna ruin their
wanna-be Elite lives...
Ashley: Okay... and what do I get out of this?
Rachel: (day-dreaming)... Ohh uhh, umm... you elevate in the society, to the Goldies.
Ashley: (estatic) Omigosh! That's the top group of Elites!
Rachel: And it can all be yours if you get the job done hun... and you're on your way.

(both laugh, click glasses together, and sip martini)

(scene with Sloane and Erin at hospital)

Erin: What took you so long?
Sloane: Well, I brought you some flowers, sushi and Lipton Green Tea.
Erin: My favorite! (grins, wide-eyed)
Sloane: And I got that hot doctor's number... (face flushed)

(both laugh)

Erin: It's okay... I got one too.

(both laugh)

Sloane: So, we're here now...
Erin: Yup... together...
Sloane: Maybe this is a sign... a second chance to patch things up, y'know?
Erin: (smiles) Yeah... maybe.

(scene with Bruno and Fifi)

Fifi: Bruno, I had to talk to you as soon as possible.
Bruno: What's up Fi?
Fifi: Well Rebecca's pissed 'cause of this tweet she believes Erin posted on her page.
Bruno: (stares at Fifi) Yeah, and?
Fifi: ... And well, I was trying to convince her that it's not Erin's fault... Ashley did it.
Bruno: (steps closer to Fifi) Mhmm....
Fifi: So yeah... what do you think?
Bruno: ... I think... I like you Fi... a lot... So I don't want to hurt you... (grins)
Fifi: Wha-What?
Bruno: I posted that tweet. Erin gave me her login info a long time ago when we went out, and that dumb bitch forgot to change it.
Fifi: But-but...why?
Bruno: Why...? You know why we broke up?
Fifi: ... No...
Bruno: She cheated on me! With my own brother... (begins to sob)
Fifi: I'm sorry... I-
Bruno: Shut up! No speaking while Bruno is speaking! Clear?!
Fifi: (begins to sob) Cl-Clear...
Bruno: (pulls out a dagger) Now, sit down Fi... Bruno's gonna tell you a little story...

(Delaney and Rebecca enter Erin's hospital room)

Erin: Hey guys, look who's here... Sloane.
Sloane: Hey guys. (waves at Delaney and Rebecca)
Rebecca: (ignores Erin and Sloane) How could you Erin?
Erin: How could I... what? (confused)
Delaney: Post that bitchy tweet about Rebecca?
Sloane: I think I should leave... (leaves room)
Erin: (sits up in bed) Guys, you know I forgot my login like a year ago... You guys know that.
Delaney: (thinks) ... That's- that's right...
Rebecca: I-I...

(Fifi bursts into Erin's room)

Fifi: He-he-...Bruno- tweet- did... it! (breathes heavily)
Erin: What, I can't understand you hun. Sit down and explain.

(scene with Bruno and Rachel at Rachel's house)

Rachel: So, hun. Did you do well?
Bruno: I think so.
Rachel: Well that's good. (kisses Bruno amourously on his lips) That's real good.
Bruno: So, I get the money right, for my mom's procedure?
Rachel: Mhmm... You get it all babe. (kisses him again)

(Hospital scene)

Sloane: (knocks on door) Can I come in?
Rebecca: Yeah... sorry about that outburst.
Sloane: It's fine... I'm used to it. (laughs)

(room is silent)

Sloane: What's wrong?
Erin: My ex...
Rebecca: My current...
Fifi: (sighs) That's what's wrong...


July 07, 2010

Foster Family: The Surprise

Created & Produced By
EliteNews - Baya Nikolas


Emorox4eva - Jenna
Star_Awards - Vanessa
Vasia28 - Vasia

Guest Starring
Decowood - Stanley
N1mka4eva - Charlotte
DKCalifornia95 - Daniel

The Surprise (S2-E1)

(Vasia's condo; Vasia and her boyfriend Daniel are getting ready)

Vasia- Daniel, where's my i-phone at? I gotta call Jenna.
Daniel- Check your nightstand in the bedroom.
Vasia- (Walks to bedroom) Got it! Thanks babe. (Dial's Jenna's number)
Jenna- Hey Vasia!!
Vasia- Hey Jen. Can you meet me at the cafe downtown around 2pm?
Jenna- Sure. Why?
Vasia- It's a surprise!! Tell Vanessa when you pick her up, I tried calling her but the phone was busy again for like the million time!! Poor Charlotte!
Jenna- She misses her, I don't blame her. Charlotte is always away on business.
Vasia- I give their marriage 6 months tops.
Jenna- Don't start V... we're see you later sis. Bye.
Vasia- Bye Jen.

(Jenna's home; Jenna is on her way out the door)

Stanley-Who was that?
Jenna- Just Vasia, she wants Vanessa and me to meet her downtown this afternoon. She has a "surprise" for us. (laughs)
Stanley- That girl is always full of surprises.
Jenna- I just hope it's a good surprise. (Grabs Prada bag) Well... I'll be back by dinner. Vanessa and I gotta pick the flower arrangements for the wedding. (Give's Stanley a kiss) I love you.
Stanley- Love you too hun.
Jenna- Please make sure Fiona gets her nap at noon or else she'll be fussy throughout the night.
Stanley- I know. Bye Jen. (Escorts Jenna out the door)

(Vanessa's home; Vanessa is on the phone with her fiance Charlotte)

Vanessa- I miss you!
Charlotte- I know, I'll be there by tonight, I promise.
Vanessa- Can't wait to see you finally, it feels like we've been apart forever!!.
Charlotte- It's only been 1 week Nessa. Were have the rest of our lives to be together.
Vanessa- Your right.
Charlotte- So what are your plans for today?
Vanessa- Jenna and I gotta go pick the flower arrangements for the wedding. I'm thinking about going with red and white roses....what do you think?

(Honks are coming from outside)

Vanessa- Oh crap, Jenna's here. I'll talk to you later Charlie!
Charlotte- Love you!
Vanessa- Me too, bye!! (Hangs up cell)

(More honks)

Vanessa- I'm coming, I'm coming!!! (Grabs bag and heads out the door)

(Downtown, Jenna & Vanessa walk into flower shop)

Jenna- Hello, were the Foster appointment.
Shop Owner- We've been expecting you, I'm Ana. Please follow me. (walks towards the back) So, you said you wanted white and red roses right?
Jenna- Yes.
Ana- Here they are.
Jenna- Wow, their beautiful. What do you think Vanessa?
Vanessa- Love.... (Eyes get watery)
Jenna- Are you okay?
Vanessa- Yes, I just wish Charlotte was here.
Jenna- Oh Nessa, it's ok. She'll be here by tonight.
Vanessa- Yeah...

(1 hour later)

Jenna- (Walking towards the front of the shop) My husband and his buddies will come to collect the flowers arraignments on June 30th.
Ana- That's fine with us.
Vanessa- Thanks for everything. The flowers are very loving. (Walks out of shop)
Jenna- (Looks at watch) Crap! Were late, we were suppose to meet Vasia at the cafe 10 minutes ago.

(Cafe; Jenna and Vanessa meet-up with Vasia; Vasia announces her big surprise)

Vanessa- (Walks in cafe) Hey sis, sorry were late, we got caught up at the flower shop. (Gives Vasia a hug and kiss)
Jenna- So sorry Vasia. (Hugs and kiss)
Vasia- It's ok. I'm too excited to be upset right now.
Vanessa- So, what's the big surprise?
Jenna- Please let it be good.
Vasia- It is!!
Vanessa- So....what is it?
Vasia- I just signed a record deal!!!
Vanessa- Wh...What? You? Sing? (laughs)
Jenna- Wow, congrats!!!
Vanessa- Just playing, I'm so happy for you!
Vasia- Thanks guys!!
Jenna- Who signed you?
Vasia- Dark Doll Records, and.....Daniel will be producing my album.
Vanessa- Of course he is.
Vasia- What's that suppose to mean?
Vanessa- The guy always has to control everything you do!
Vasia- And Charlotte is any different?
Jenna- Ok you two, don't start.
Vanessa- I'm sorry but I just don't like the guy....congrats still. (Get's up)
Jenna- Well see you later Vasia! We really gotta go. Bye. (Both walk out door)
Vasia- Agh!!


July 05, 2010

The Real Elites of Stardoll: A Night to Remember Part 2

The following program is rated TV-14. Viewer discretion is advised. Created by Erin Fo Abourne
Produced by Baya Nikolas

x.optimistic.x as Erin
fifibannana as Fifi
Psychotic-Freak as Rebecca
queen-of-mean. as Ashley
StarSurge as Delaney

Guest Starring
kxcatarinaxk as Bruno
firecracker. as Rachel

A Night to Remember Part 2 (S1-E1 pt. 2)

(At Hospital)

(Girls sit in waiting room)

Fifi: She passed out Ashley, that's ALL; how many times do I have to tell you?! (sarcastic tone) But YOU wouldn't know anything about that would you?
Ashley: Psh, you think I did that?
: Well, who else? You're the one that thinks she's a BITCH!

(Rebecca and Delaney look at Ashley confused)

Rebecca: You said that Ashley?

Ashley: Yeah, but that doesn't mean I'd have the nerve to try to kill her!

Delaney: Ashley, I know you. You'd try to do something like that!

Ashley: You don't know sh*t about me Del, so shut the hell up! (storms out of hospital)

(Handsome doctor comes in)

Fifi: Is she gonna be (chokes in awe) alright?
Doctor: Yes, she just went into shock. But she'll have to be on bed rest for awhile.
: (sighs) Thank you.
: Hi, I'm Su-shi.
: No problem. You can visit her if you'd like, and nice to meet you... Sushi
Delaney: Yes, we will.
: Ugh, I'm SO dumb!
: Yes you are!

(All laugh)

(Girls enter Erin's room)

Rebecca: Hey, how you doing?
Erin: (coughs, then smiles)... Better. Where's Ash-Ashley?
Delaney: Don't worry about her.
Fifi: Yeah, we're here for you girl, and that's all that matters.
: Knock, knock. (Bruno enters with flowers)
: (Laughs) Bruno, come here!
: I don't want you trying to attack me again.

(Everyone laughs)

Erin: I can't remember anything... (sighs)
Bruno: Let's just say, it wasn't Elite-like.
Erin: (groans) Man, that sure was a night to remember.
Fifi: I definitely won't forget.
Delaney: Neither will I.
Rebecca: Same here.
Bruno: I might have nightmares. (shakes)
Erin: SHUT-UP, geez! (laughs, punches Bruno jokingly)
: (grabs Erin's hand firm) Umm Erin. I think I know who spiked your shot...
: Who?! When I find out, I'm gonna kill the bitch!
Delaney: (sighs) ... Ashley...
Erin: Wha-What? Why?
Rebecca: We're really not sure... but Fi told us she was talking about you in the V.I.P. room earlier today.
Erin: I am going to kill her-
Bruno: Hey, hey settle down. No one's killing anyone. She's probably just jealous, the little low-life. It'll all blow over. Trust me.
: I hope so.

(Ashley at home, pulls out iPhone, calls Rachel scene)

Ashley: Hey Rach.
Rachel: What's up Ash? How'd tonight go, did you get her?
: No, she just went unconcious.
: Dam*it. We have to get her Ash. We have to... We can't let her ruin our rep. We CAN'T! You get her next time, or you're ass is out of the society. I mean it! We have to ruin her life... for good.
Ashley: I know Rach, I'll get her next time... promise...


July 02, 2010

The Real Elites of Stardoll: A Night to Remember Part 1

The following program is rated TV-14. Viewer discretion is advised. Created by Erin Fo Abourne
Produced by Baya Nikolas

x.optimistic.x as Erin
fifibannana as Fifi
Psychotic-Freak as Rebecca
queen-of-mean. as Ashley
StarSurge as Delaney

Guest Starring
kxcatarinaxk as Bruno
firecracker. as Rachel

A Night to Remeber Part 1 (S1-E1 pt.1)

(Rebecca and Erin arrive at LaRouge, the hottest nightclub out there in their Dolce & Gabbana jumpsuits; matching as usual)

Rebecca: This is going to be THE best night ever! (flashes random by-passer) WOOHOO! Come and get some!

(Rebecca and Erin enter the club, the bouncer not even checking the list, directed the girls to the V.I.P. room. The girls recognize Ashley, Delaney and Fifi automatically)

Fifi: Hey girls! (Hugs them at once) The party started 2 hours ago! Where were you?
Erin: Fashionably late hun.
Ashley: (snorts) As always...
Rebecca: So, where’s Bruno?
Delaney: Probably flirting with some tramp over by the bar.
Rebecca: Hey, that's my boyfriend you're talking about!
: ... Whoops... (face turns red)
Erin: (Pulls off Marc Jacobs coat) I am SO ready to get on that dance floor! Who's with me?
Delaney: Right behind you!
Rebecca: Me too!
Erin: Alright, but first, let’s hit up the bar!

(Erin, Delaney and Rebecca exit V.I.P. room)

Ashley: So, Fifi, You’re seriously friends with that bitch?
Fifi: (confused) Who are you talking about?
Ashley: Erin. I mean, really, come on. Who likes her?
Fifi: Well, she's cool, and she's never done anything to you, so lay off.
Ashley: Why so defensive, huh?
Fifi: (ignores)
Ashley: Whatever.

(Bar Scene with Erin, Delaney and Rebecca)

Rebecca: Umm, Erin. Slow down hun. You're gonna swallow your diamond ring!
Erin: (breathing heavily) C'mon, I'm just having some fun! Just one more. (Grabs another shot)
Delaney: Fine. Rebecca, let's go dance. Erin, when you're done, let us know kay hun?
Erin: (mumbles)

(Ashley walks over to the bar)

Ashley: Hey Erin, you look amazing girl! (Hugs Erin awkwardly)
Erin: Thanks uh, you too Ash?
Ashley: So, uhh... (pours powder into Erin's shot) How have you been?
Erin: I've been better...
Ashley: (rolls eyes) Aww, well that sucks hun... Have a nice night! (snickers, goes to dancefloor)
Erin: Okay? Last one! (Grabs shot)

*15 minutes later

(Bruno walks over to Erin)

: Erin, hey! I-

Erin: Oh... hey... Boo boo! (Tumbles on to Bruno)
Bruno: You okay, Erin? Wanna sit down?
Erin: (laughs ecstatically) Aww boo boo, you're SO pretty...
Bruno: Uhmm okay...?

(Dance floor scene)

Fifi: Ashley where's Erin?
Ashley: I'm not sure, why?
Fifi: I saw you with her by the bar... don't play dumb blonde with me.
Ashley: I was, yeah, so what? I don't know where she is!
Delaney: She was supposed to be here like 20 minutes ago.
Rebecca: I'm worried... Maybe we should go find her.

(Ashley rolls eyes)

(Rebecca, Delaney and Fifi look for Erin)

(Outside club scene)

Bruno: Erin, you need to relax. Drink some water.
Erin: Aww boo boo, you look so cute in the moonlight! (laughs)
Bruno: I'm not "boo boo". I'm BRU-NO!
Erin: Hehe, BOO-BOO, you have a beautiful nose! (leans in for a kiss)
Bruno: ERIN! WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM?!? I'm with REBECCA, your bestfriend, remember?

(Rebecca, Fifi and Delaney exit club backdoor)

Rebecca: What the hell are you doing?!

Erin: OH, HEY CLOUDS!! (Runs over to Fifi, trips in her arms, laughs ecstatically) When did you die your hair blue Sushi?
Fifi: Umm, Erin... I'm Fifi.
Erin: Hehe... SUSHAY! Sushay, sushay, su- (passes out in Fifi's arms)
Fifi: Erin? ERIN?!? (shakes her violently)
Rebecca: Omigod! ERIN!
Bruno: I'm on it! (runs for help)
Girls: (yelling for help)

(Ashley enters scene)

Ashley: What the hell happened here?

To be continued...