July 02, 2010

The Real Elites of Stardoll: A Night to Remember Part 1

The following program is rated TV-14. Viewer discretion is advised. Created by Erin Fo Abourne
Produced by Baya Nikolas

x.optimistic.x as Erin
fifibannana as Fifi
Psychotic-Freak as Rebecca
queen-of-mean. as Ashley
StarSurge as Delaney

Guest Starring
kxcatarinaxk as Bruno
firecracker. as Rachel

A Night to Remeber Part 1 (S1-E1 pt.1)

(Rebecca and Erin arrive at LaRouge, the hottest nightclub out there in their Dolce & Gabbana jumpsuits; matching as usual)

Rebecca: This is going to be THE best night ever! (flashes random by-passer) WOOHOO! Come and get some!

(Rebecca and Erin enter the club, the bouncer not even checking the list, directed the girls to the V.I.P. room. The girls recognize Ashley, Delaney and Fifi automatically)

Fifi: Hey girls! (Hugs them at once) The party started 2 hours ago! Where were you?
Erin: Fashionably late hun.
Ashley: (snorts) As always...
Rebecca: So, where’s Bruno?
Delaney: Probably flirting with some tramp over by the bar.
Rebecca: Hey, that's my boyfriend you're talking about!
: ... Whoops... (face turns red)
Erin: (Pulls off Marc Jacobs coat) I am SO ready to get on that dance floor! Who's with me?
Delaney: Right behind you!
Rebecca: Me too!
Erin: Alright, but first, let’s hit up the bar!

(Erin, Delaney and Rebecca exit V.I.P. room)

Ashley: So, Fifi, You’re seriously friends with that bitch?
Fifi: (confused) Who are you talking about?
Ashley: Erin. I mean, really, come on. Who likes her?
Fifi: Well, she's cool, and she's never done anything to you, so lay off.
Ashley: Why so defensive, huh?
Fifi: (ignores)
Ashley: Whatever.

(Bar Scene with Erin, Delaney and Rebecca)

Rebecca: Umm, Erin. Slow down hun. You're gonna swallow your diamond ring!
Erin: (breathing heavily) C'mon, I'm just having some fun! Just one more. (Grabs another shot)
Delaney: Fine. Rebecca, let's go dance. Erin, when you're done, let us know kay hun?
Erin: (mumbles)

(Ashley walks over to the bar)

Ashley: Hey Erin, you look amazing girl! (Hugs Erin awkwardly)
Erin: Thanks uh, you too Ash?
Ashley: So, uhh... (pours powder into Erin's shot) How have you been?
Erin: I've been better...
Ashley: (rolls eyes) Aww, well that sucks hun... Have a nice night! (snickers, goes to dancefloor)
Erin: Okay? Last one! (Grabs shot)

*15 minutes later

(Bruno walks over to Erin)

: Erin, hey! I-

Erin: Oh... hey... Boo boo! (Tumbles on to Bruno)
Bruno: You okay, Erin? Wanna sit down?
Erin: (laughs ecstatically) Aww boo boo, you're SO pretty...
Bruno: Uhmm okay...?

(Dance floor scene)

Fifi: Ashley where's Erin?
Ashley: I'm not sure, why?
Fifi: I saw you with her by the bar... don't play dumb blonde with me.
Ashley: I was, yeah, so what? I don't know where she is!
Delaney: She was supposed to be here like 20 minutes ago.
Rebecca: I'm worried... Maybe we should go find her.

(Ashley rolls eyes)

(Rebecca, Delaney and Fifi look for Erin)

(Outside club scene)

Bruno: Erin, you need to relax. Drink some water.
Erin: Aww boo boo, you look so cute in the moonlight! (laughs)
Bruno: I'm not "boo boo". I'm BRU-NO!
Erin: Hehe, BOO-BOO, you have a beautiful nose! (leans in for a kiss)
Bruno: ERIN! WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM?!? I'm with REBECCA, your bestfriend, remember?

(Rebecca, Fifi and Delaney exit club backdoor)

Rebecca: What the hell are you doing?!

Erin: OH, HEY CLOUDS!! (Runs over to Fifi, trips in her arms, laughs ecstatically) When did you die your hair blue Sushi?
Fifi: Umm, Erin... I'm Fifi.
Erin: Hehe... SUSHAY! Sushay, sushay, su- (passes out in Fifi's arms)
Fifi: Erin? ERIN?!? (shakes her violently)
Rebecca: Omigod! ERIN!
Bruno: I'm on it! (runs for help)
Girls: (yelling for help)

(Ashley enters scene)

Ashley: What the hell happened here?

To be continued...


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