July 14, 2010

Foster Family: Couple Spat

Created & Produced By
EliteNews - Baya Nikolas

Emorox4eva - Jenna
Star_Awards - Vanessa
Vasia28 - Vasia

Guest Starring
Decowood - Stanley
N1mka4eva - Charlotte
DKCalifornia95 - Daniel

Couple Spat (S2-E2)

(Jenna's house; Jenna's in the kitchen cooking breakfast)

Jenna- (Cooking) Hey Stan, breakfast is ready!
Stanley- (Yells) I'll be right there hun. Let me put down Fiona.
Jenna- Ok, hurry before it gets cold.
Stanley- (Walks into kitchen) Mmm....looks good.
Jenna- It's your favorite. (Gives Stanly a kiss) Now sit down and eat.
Stanley- (Sits) Your in a good mood this morning.
Jenna- I just...
Stanley- What?
Jenna- I've been thinking....well you know how you work and I stay home most of the time.
Stanley- Yeah..
Jenna- Well, I been thinking about opening a business. A baby boutique.
Stanley- That's great hun!
Jenna- Really? Well you know if I do open up this business that were going to have to enroll Fiona into.....
Stanley- Oh, come on Jenna, you know how I feel about daycare.
Jenna- How about a nanny?
Stanley- No!! I don't want strangers taking care of our daughter Jen! Can't your sisters look after her? (Get's up)
Jenna- My sisters are too busy with their own lives Stanley. Besides, these are caretakers who's job is to care for children, Fiona will be fine.
Stanely- No Jen, I'm done talking about this!!
(Grabs briefcase) I have to go. I'm gonna be late to work. (Walks out door)
Jenna- Stan!

(Dark Doll Records Studio; Vasia's recording a track)

Vasia- (Singing)
Daniel- Cut, cut. It's all wrong babe. Try it again.
Vasia- Ok. (Starts singing)
Daniel- Cut, cut, I'm just not feeling it V.
Vasia- (Yells) Agh!
Daniel- What's going on with you lately?
Vasia- YOU!! Your driving me crazy Daniel!!
Daniel- Look, you wanted me to be your producer V.
Vasia- No, you insisted on being my producer.
Daniel- So you don't want me producing your album anymore?
Vasia- Don't do this Daniel.
Daniel- Do what?
Vasia- Don't make me look like the bad guy.
Daniel- Well your acting like a bitch right now babe.
Vasia- Are you fucking kidding me right now? You know what, I'm out, I'm done for today. I just need to getaway from you. (Walks off)
Daniel- Where your going?
Vasia- Don't worry about it!!
Daniel- (Runs after her) Vasia!!! Please stop. Your making a big scene right now. Your going to blow this record contract. Is that what you want?
Vasia- I just want a break. I need to clear my mind right now. (Get's into car and drives off)

(Vanessa's house; waking up from living room sofa, phone rings)

Vanessa- (Opens eyes and yawns, picks up phone) Hello?
Charlotte- Hey, I've been trying to get a hold of you.
Vanessa- Where are you? You were supposed to get here last night.
Charlotte- I'm sorry, but something came up last minute with the mag.
Vanessa- Of course!
Charlotte- What's that suppose to mean?
Vanessa- You promised me that you would be here last night.
Charlotte- I know and I'm sorry. I just....
Vanessa- No, I'm just tired of you putting your job first and putting me second!!
Charlotte- You know it's not like that!
Vanessa- It is!! And until you start putting me first, don't bother coming home!!! (Hangs up phone) Agh!! (Phone rings again) Hello?
Jenna- Hey nessa, it's me Jen.
Vanessa- Oh hey Jen.
Jenna- Have spoken to Vasia today?
Vanessa- Ah..no. Why?
Jenna- Well Daniel just called me and told me she left out of the recording studio pretty angry after the two of them got into an argument.
Vanessa- What did that jerk say to her?
Jenna- I don't know, but she isn't answering her phone.
Vanessa- Umm....(thinking)...I think I know where she is.
Jenna- You do, where?
Vanessa- At the cemetery.
Jenna- Of course. I'll meet you there?
Vanessa- No, I'll go alone. You should be there with Fiona.
Jenna- Yeah..
Vanessa- I'll talk to you later. Bye Jen. (Hangs up)

(Forest Hill Cemetery, Vasia and Vanessa talk things out)

Vanessa- (Slowly walks over to Vasia from behind)
Vasia- (Staring at tombstone) I miss you guys.
Vanessa- They were the best parents in the world.
Vasia- (Looks back) What are you doing here?
Vanessa- I always come here when I need to clear my mind.
Vasia- Shouldn't you be all lovey dovey with your fiance right now.... wait... she didn't come last night right?
Vanessa- Look, I didn't come to fight with you V.
Vasia- I'm sorry, I just...
Vanessa- Need to clear your mind?
Vasia- Yeah...
Vanessa- (Looks at tombstone) They were the best.
Vasia- They sure were. Can't believe it's been 5 years since....(Looks at Vanessa)
Vanessa- I know.
Do you think if mom and dad were here today, they would be proud of us?
Vanessa- Of course.
Vasia- Are you proud of me?
Vanessa- What? No duh! Look at you! Your a star! I love you V!
Vasia- You and Jen are lucky to have found people who love you the same way dad loved mom.
Vanessa- Oh Vasia. That really means a lot, but what about you and Daniel?
Vasia- I don't love him.... I think? I don't know.
Vanessa- Oh Vasia, you need to speak to him. (Gives hug)
Vasia- I know.
Vanessa- Come on let's go.
Vasia- (Cell rings) It's Daniel.
Vanessa- Give him a other chance.
Vasia- but....
Vanessa- (Cell rings) It's Charlotte.
Vasia- Give her a other chance.
Vanessa- (Smiles) Bye Vasia. Love you. (Answers phone and walks to car) Hey Charlotte.
Vasia- (Sits on ground) Hey Daniel.

(Jenna's house; Jenna and Stanley talk about Fiona)

Jenna- (Singing lullaby while swinging Fiona in her arms)
Stanley- (Walks in) Hey. How is she?
Jenna- (Put Fiona in crib) Just putting her to sleep.
Stanley- I'm sorry about this morning. I just...
Jenna- You care about her. I know, me too and I would never put her with people I couldn't trust Stanley.
Stanley- I know and I think enrolling her enter daycare would be fine.
Jenna- Really? (Smiles)
Stanley- Yes. (Gives a kiss)
Jenna- I love you.
Stanley- I love you both. (Looks at Fiona)