July 12, 2010

The Real Elites of Stardoll: That's What's Wrong

The following program is rated TV-14. Viewer discretion is advised.

Created by Erin Fo Abourne
Produced by Baya Nikolas

x.optimistic.x as Erin
fifibannana as Fifi
Psychotic-Freak as Rebecca
queen-of-mean. as Ashley
StarSurge as Delaney

Guest Starring
kxcatarinaxk as Bruno
firecracker. as Rachel
Slaggot as Sloane

That's What's Wrong (S1-E2)
(Erin sits quietly in the hospital bed. Pondering over whether or not she should call someone. She picks up her Blackberry and dials the number under the name "Slo")

Sloane: Hello?
Erin: Hey Slo, it's me, Erin.
Sloane: So now you decide to call. What happened, you lost your sim card again?
Erin: No, no that's not it. I-
Sloane: Don't bother calling me.

(Phone goes dead)

Erin: Dam*it! (throws phone on bed, sighs heavily)

(Rebecca and Bruno scene. Rebecca's lying against Bruno's firm shoulder)

Rebecca: I'm worried about her... I mean, I know it wasn't her fault. But, she was drinking way too much last night...
Bruno: I know her... we went out remember? She's not like that.
Rebecca: Yeah, but people can change... alot.

(Phone rings, caller id reads "Ash")

Rebecca: Speaking of the devil. (Answers phone) What do you want?
Ashley: I need to talk to you. Check out Erin's latest tweet.

(Rebecca checks her Twitter app, and reads Erin's latest tweet)

"Rebecca's a bitch, and needs to get a life. Flashing random people; what the hell whor*?!"

Rebecca: I'm the whor*? REALLY?! (throws phone across the room, phone shatters)
Bruno: What's wrong, babe? (hugs Rebecca)
Rebecca: Erin's an as* hole. That's what's wrong.

(Delaney and Fifi leaving Burberry scene)

Fifi: Like omigosh, that guy at the register was totally checking me out!
Delaney: I'm pretty sure he was checking out that huge pimple on your nose.
Fifi: Nuh-uh! (holds mirror to face, screams) OMIGOSH! Why didn't you tell me?
Delaney: I didn't think you'd care considering, "looks don't matter" to you.
Fifi: When did I say that?
Delaney: You say it all the time!
Fifi: (whines) Since when do you listen to me?
Delaney: Here... (pulls out proactiv bottle from her coach tote)
Fifi: Why do you carry that around?
Delaney: You never know hun. (hands Fifi the bottle) There's a bathroom inside this McDonald's.
Fifi: Umm, I am NOT going in there. Who do you think I am, Beyonce?
Delaney: Hun, that didn't even make any sense. Let's go. (drags Fifi inside)
Fifi: (moans)

(Sloane sits in her bedroom, regretting hanging up on Erin.)

Sloane: (sighs, thinking) Maybe I should call her back... See how she is... It's been a long time since the accident... (winces at thought) I mean, it won't hurt just to say hi... (picks up phone, dials Erin)
Erin: Hey Slo! It's so good to hear the sound of your voice! I'm sorry-
Sloane: No, I'm sorry Erin... for earlier.
Both girls: Forgive me? ... YES! (laughing)
Erin: Listen, after the accident... I kinda isolated myself from everything that reminded me of it, and that included you... I'm sorry.
Sloane: Me too...
Erin: Umm... I'm in the hospital right now... So, I gotta go...
Sloane: You're where?! I'm on my way hun!
Erin: But Slo, wait... I-
Sloane: No buts, friends forever...
Erin: (laughs softly)... Stick together.
Sloane: That's right. See you in a bit. Love you!
Erin: Same!

(phone goes dead)

(scene with Rebecca, Delaney and Fifi at La Madeline restaurant)

Fifi: I feel kinda bad about sneaking around without Erin guys...
Rebecca: You read the tweet hun. She doesn't want anything to do with me.
Fifi: Yeah, but it didn't say anything about me, and-
Rebecca: Who have you known longer?
Fifi: Well... I still don't think this is right...
Rebecca: Well leave then! (sarcastic tone, under breath) some best friend! ... Delaney, what about you?
Delaney: I- I don't... I'm gonna stay.
Fifi: (shocked) Del!
Delaney: Sorry Fi... I mean c'mon that was low.
Fifi: How do you know that was Erin anyways? Why would she say that about you? Maybe she was hacked... and... I don't know, it's just not her!
Rebecca: It was her... she's like that... I know her.
Fifi: What did Bruno say?
Rebecca: He doesn't know about it... and won't.
Fifi: (thinking) Not if I tell him. (rushes out of La Madeline)

(scene with Ashley and Rachel in Rachel's hot tub)

Ashley: You should've heard her reaction hun! Priceless! (sips martini)
Rachel: Perfect... perfect.
Ashley: Why do you hate her so much?
Rachel: It's not just her hun. It's all of them. One by one, I'm gonna ruin their
wanna-be Elite lives...
Ashley: Okay... and what do I get out of this?
Rachel: (day-dreaming)... Ohh uhh, umm... you elevate in the society, to the Goldies.
Ashley: (estatic) Omigosh! That's the top group of Elites!
Rachel: And it can all be yours if you get the job done hun... and you're on your way.

(both laugh, click glasses together, and sip martini)

(scene with Sloane and Erin at hospital)

Erin: What took you so long?
Sloane: Well, I brought you some flowers, sushi and Lipton Green Tea.
Erin: My favorite! (grins, wide-eyed)
Sloane: And I got that hot doctor's number... (face flushed)

(both laugh)

Erin: It's okay... I got one too.

(both laugh)

Sloane: So, we're here now...
Erin: Yup... together...
Sloane: Maybe this is a sign... a second chance to patch things up, y'know?
Erin: (smiles) Yeah... maybe.

(scene with Bruno and Fifi)

Fifi: Bruno, I had to talk to you as soon as possible.
Bruno: What's up Fi?
Fifi: Well Rebecca's pissed 'cause of this tweet she believes Erin posted on her page.
Bruno: (stares at Fifi) Yeah, and?
Fifi: ... And well, I was trying to convince her that it's not Erin's fault... Ashley did it.
Bruno: (steps closer to Fifi) Mhmm....
Fifi: So yeah... what do you think?
Bruno: ... I think... I like you Fi... a lot... So I don't want to hurt you... (grins)
Fifi: Wha-What?
Bruno: I posted that tweet. Erin gave me her login info a long time ago when we went out, and that dumb bitch forgot to change it.
Fifi: But-but...why?
Bruno: Why...? You know why we broke up?
Fifi: ... No...
Bruno: She cheated on me! With my own brother... (begins to sob)
Fifi: I'm sorry... I-
Bruno: Shut up! No speaking while Bruno is speaking! Clear?!
Fifi: (begins to sob) Cl-Clear...
Bruno: (pulls out a dagger) Now, sit down Fi... Bruno's gonna tell you a little story...

(Delaney and Rebecca enter Erin's hospital room)

Erin: Hey guys, look who's here... Sloane.
Sloane: Hey guys. (waves at Delaney and Rebecca)
Rebecca: (ignores Erin and Sloane) How could you Erin?
Erin: How could I... what? (confused)
Delaney: Post that bitchy tweet about Rebecca?
Sloane: I think I should leave... (leaves room)
Erin: (sits up in bed) Guys, you know I forgot my login like a year ago... You guys know that.
Delaney: (thinks) ... That's- that's right...
Rebecca: I-I...

(Fifi bursts into Erin's room)

Fifi: He-he-...Bruno- tweet- did... it! (breathes heavily)
Erin: What, I can't understand you hun. Sit down and explain.

(scene with Bruno and Rachel at Rachel's house)

Rachel: So, hun. Did you do well?
Bruno: I think so.
Rachel: Well that's good. (kisses Bruno amourously on his lips) That's real good.
Bruno: So, I get the money right, for my mom's procedure?
Rachel: Mhmm... You get it all babe. (kisses him again)

(Hospital scene)

Sloane: (knocks on door) Can I come in?
Rebecca: Yeah... sorry about that outburst.
Sloane: It's fine... I'm used to it. (laughs)

(room is silent)

Sloane: What's wrong?
Erin: My ex...
Rebecca: My current...
Fifi: (sighs) That's what's wrong...



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