July 28, 2010

Foster Family: Red Carpet

Created & Produced By
EliteNews - Baya Nikolas

Emorox4eva - Jenna
Star_Awards - Vanessa
Vasia28 - Vasia

Guest Starring
Decowood - Stanley
N1mka4eva - Charlotte
DKCalifornia95 - Daniel

Red Carpet (S2-E4)

(Vasia's condo; Vasia calls sisters)

Vasia- Come on Jenna, pick up your cell!! (Speaking to phone)
Daniel- Babe, she's probably still hungover from last night babe.
Vasia- Ah! I can't believe they went out clubbing last night. Don't they know we have a red carpet event today?
Daniel- Call Vanessa and see hows she's doing?
Vasia- I guess. (Dial's Vanessa's number)
Vanessa- Hey Vasia.
Vasia- How are you feeling, I heard you guys had a wild night last night.
Vanessa- I'm all good, you know me.
Vasia- Well, Jenna and Stanley were completely wasted last night that I had to bring Fiona to my condo!
Vanessa- Have you spoken to Jenna this morning?
Vasia- I tried calling her, but no answer. Nessa we got that awards show today!
Vanessa- Shit! I forgot. The Reality Television Awards!! Why didn't you remind us yesterday! I would have never let Jenna get wasted then.
Vasia- I thought you knew!! What are we gonna do about Jenna?
Vanessa- Look, call our make-up artist, hair-dresser and stylist and have them set-up everything at Jenna's house. I'm on my way to Jenna's house, I'll try to recuperated her with my hangover remedy.
Vasia- Ok. I'll meet you there. Bye Nessa. (Hang's up)

(Vanessa's House; getting ready to leave)

Vanessa- (Walks into kitchen) Hey, just got off the phone with Vasia. I completely forgot the Reality Television Awards were today! (Grabs purse from top of the kitchen counter)
Charlotte- What! Your leaving?
Vanessa- I know, I'm sorry, everything is all crazy right now. I'm stressing!! Jenna's hungover and I gotta go and recuperate her. (Grabs keys) I'll try to be home by mid-night.
Charlotte- But...I cooked breakfast...
Vanessa- Aww, that's so sweet. Thanks, but I really gotta go. Sorry. Bye!! (Give's goodbye kiss, and runs out the door.)

(Jenna's house; Jenna's in restroom throwing up)

Jenna- (Comes out of restroom and lays on bed) Agh!! I feel like crap!!
Stanley- Me too, I can't even get-up without throwing up.
Jenna- Crap! I gotta go check on Fiona.
Stanley- Don't you remember? Vasia took her to her place last night.
Jenna- Oh...right.
Stanley- Ah..here it comes!! (Runs to restroom)
Jenna- Ahhh.......

(Doorbell rings)

Jenna- Agh!! I'm coming! (Open's door)
Vanessa- You look like crap!
Jenna- I feel like crap thanks to you!!!
Vanessa- I'm so sorry, I..I....
Jenna- What are you doing here?
Vanessa- The Reality Television Awards are tonight. Vasia called our glam squad and their coming over here so we can get ready.
Jenna- Your kidding me right? I can't go. I got a fucking hangover. Wait....how come you don't look like crap?
Vanessa- Because, I drank my hangover remedy this morning. Don't worry, I'll fix up 2 glasses of my concoction for you and Stanley. You just go lay down and I'll be over there in a couple of minutes.
Jenna- Please don't make to much noise.
Vanessa- Oh gosh, just close your ears. (Laughs)

15 minutes later...

Vanessa- (Walks into Jenna's bedroom) Here you guys, just drink this an you'll feel better in 20 minutes. (Hands glasses to Jenna and Stanley)
Jenna- Eww! It's smells funky. What did you put in here?
Vanessa- Just drink it!
Stanley- (Chugs it down) Done.
Jenna- Fine! (Chugs it down)
Vanessa- Now, go take a shower and get cleaned up.

(Doorbell rings)

Vanessa- It's Vasia, I'll go get it. (Leaves Jenna's bedroom) (Opens door)
Vasia- Hey, their be here in 20 minutes. How's Jenna?
Vanessa- She's good, I just gave her my hangover remedy. She'll be good.
Vasia- Ok, well I'm gonna go put Fiona in her room.

30 minutes later...

Vanessa- Where are they?
Vasia- They're be here. Go and check on Jenna.
Vanessa- Ok. (Walks into Jenna's bedroom) Hey, you ok?
Jenna- Yeah. Feel a whole lot better.
Vanessa- Where's Stanley?
Jenna- Checking on Fiona.
Vanessa- Oh, ok well there coming already. Come to the living room.
Jenna- Ok.
Vanessa- (Walks to living room) We only got 5 hours before the red carpet. Were not gonna make it.
Vasia- Yay! They just pulled right up the street.
Jenna- Let's get glamorized sisters!!

5 hours later...

(Downtown; The sister's are about to step out of limo)

Vanessa- We look hott!!
Vasia- You see? We made it Nessa!
Jenna- You ready girls?
Vanessa- Of course we are! (Laughs)
Vasia- Let's get going then.
All- (They step out of limo and walk onto the red carpet)

The End.