July 19, 2010

The Real Elites of Stardoll: I Will Find You

The following program is rated TV-14. Viewer discretion is advised.
Created by Erin Fo Abourne
Produced by Baya Nikolas

x.optimistic.x as Erin
fifibannana as Fifi
Psychotic-Freak as Rebecca
queen-of-mean. as Ashley
StarSurge as Delaney

Guest Starring
Slaggot as Sloane
Elite-girl as Linda
fatooni as Kaitlyn

I Will Find You (S1-E3)

(Fifi wakes up in her king sized bed, after having a dream about dating Ashton Kutcher)

Fifi: (smiles, gets up and walks to her closet and notices her pink Chanel dress is missing) KAITLYN!
Kaitlyn: Yeah, Fi?
Fifi: Where's my pink Chanel dress that I specifically told you NOT to touch?

(Kaitlyn enters room wearing Fifi's dress)

Kaitlyn: Looks good on me huh sis?
Fifi: UGH! I am NOT your sis! Just because your dad married MY mom and forced me to live with you doesn't mean you have the right to steal my clothes!
Kaitlyn: Whatever. Don't be mad, 'cause I can work it and you can't. (flips hair and walks out Fifi's room)
Fifi: Could this day get any worse?

(Fifi and Erin leaving Juicy Couture scene)

Fifi: So how are you and Jason?
Erin: I'm gonna dump him. (laughs)
Fifi: Of course... I suck with guys.
Erin: Don't say that. You just have to make them want you. There's one right over there.

(Erin points at handsome young man. Fifi notices the man watching her outside a Burberry store.)

Erin: Go, get 'em tiger. (pushes Fifi forward)

(The young man waves, then a girl behind him who with the looks of a supermodel drags him into Victoria's Secret.)

Fifi: (frowns) See!
Erin: (laughs) C'mon! (Drags her into Victoria's Secret)
Fifi: (Whines) What's up with people dragging me lately?

(Fifi catches the attention of the mysterious young man, and he approaches her from a distance, but is dragged into the other half of the store by the girl.)

Fifi: Grr!
Erin: Go follow him.
Fifi: I don't wanna be a stalker!
Erin: You already stalk Ashton, and he's married!
Fifi: So. What he doesn't know won't hurt him. (smiles)

(Erin drags Fifi into the other half of Victoria's Secret, and approaches the young man with Fifi hiding behind her)

Erin: Hi, this is my friend Fifi, and she thinks you're cute, can she have your number?
Fifi: (whispers) ERIN!

(Erin bumps Fifi with her shoulder)

Fifi: OW!
Young Man: (laughs) I think she's pretty cute too.
Fifi: (thinking) I just want to drown in his voice... Holy sh*t! (daydreams about the young man)
Young Man: I'm Paul by the way.
Fifi: (in awe) Paaaaaaaul.
Paul: (chuckles) Yes. And I believe the correct manner is for me to ask for your number madame.
Fifi: It's-it's... (thinking) Madaaaame.
Erin: 555-6257.
Paul: Thanks. Oh, and this is my sister, Linda. We're the Pskis.
Fifi and Erin: Did you just say Pskis?!?
Paul: Yes, our father, Jonah Pski owns Void Models and Fashion Company.
Erin: Omigosh, I adore your father's work! ... By any chance, do you have a brother?
Paul: (Laughs) Why yes I do... my twin, James... I'll let him know I met you. As for you madame... (grabs Fifi's hand and kisses it.) I will see you soon, hopefully.
Linda: C'mon Paul, hurry it up! (tugs on his shoulder)
Fifi and Erin: O-MI-GOSH. TWINS??

(both squeal with excitement)

Erin: Double the men!
Fifi: And moolah!

(Fifi and Erin hug eachother while laughing and leave the store)

Fifi: (thinking) A bad day, going my way.

(Scene with Delaney, Rebecca and Sloane; girl's night)

Sloane: Erin's been talking about breaking up with Jason... I GOT DIBS!
Delaney: That's okay. I got my eye on the cashier at BCBG.
Rebecca: Umm hun, he's gay.
Delaney: It's never too late to go straight.

(girls laugh, doorbell rings)

Sloane: I got it.

(Sloane answers door, it's Erin and Fifi)

: Time to party!
Rebecca: Try not to pass out this time.
Erin: Ha-ha. No, I've given up drinking... for good.
: That's a huge step... I'm not ready for. (grabs wineglass, and drinks)
Rebecca: Del, that's your 3rd glass. Don't pull an Erin.
Erin: (laughs) Whatever. I'm ready to put the past behind me, and so is Fifi.
Sloane: You got a man!
Fifi: How'd you know?
Sloane: Girl's intuition. Duh!
Fifi: Well yeah... his name's Paul... Pski!
Rebecca, Delaney and Sloane: (disbelief) NOT EVEN!
Erin: Yup, and he's got a twin... all mine. (smiles)
Rebecca: (laughs) Whatever. You know his sister is the head of the Goldies. The highest Elite chair there is! If you kiss ass with her, you're sure to rise to the top!
Erin: Already done.
Fifi: Yup. On our way out of the store, we met up with her, and got her number. She even got us auditions with Void Models... ALL OF US!

(girls talk all at once; Fifi's phone rings)

Delaney: I got it. Hello?
Linda: Hello may I speak to either Erin or Fifi?
Delaney: It's for you. (hands phone to Erin)
Erin: Hello?
Linda: Hey it's Linda.
Erin: Oh hey, what's up?
Linda: Good news.
Erin: Yeah? (Erin puts phone on speaker)
Linda: My dad wants to see all 6 of you girls tomorrow at 10 a.m. for a photoshoot!
Erin: Omigosh, really?
Linda: Yes, really! And if our editor likes the pics, you guys may be moving to New York!

(Erin drops phone on carpet, girls scream like crazy)

Linda: See you guys tomorrow, oh and Paul and James say hi.
Erin and Fifi: Hi-hi... (giggle)
Linda: (laughs) Bye, bye girls.

(phone goes dead)

Delaney: YES! Away from that creep!
Rebecca: Who Ash or Bruno?
Fifi: Both! I just can't wait to see my man!

(next day, 10 a.m. photoshoot at Void Modeling Agency)

Paul: Good morning ladies. Oh Erin. This is my brother, James.
James: Pleasure meeting you... (kisses Erin's hand) Erin, means Ireland. A beautiful name for such a beautiful girl.
Erin: Hehe... (blushes)
Rebecca: (interrupts) So, uhh, where's the dressing rooms?

(Linda enters wearing a DKNY fur coat)

Linda: Right this way ladies.

(Girls follow Linda to room, Paul grabs Fifi's hand and takes her to a closet)

Fifi: (laughs) What are you doing?

(Paul begins pulling off his shirt, unbuttoning his pants, Fifi is afraid)

Paul: We either do this now, or it's bye-bye New York to your friends.

(Fifi's breathing heavily)

*30 minutes pass

Delaney: Guys, where's Fifi?
Erin: She probably got lost with Paul somewhere. She'll be back soon.

(Scene with Paul and Fifi in the closet)

Paul: See that wasn't so bad, now was it? (pats Fifi's cheek)

(Fifi whimpers)

Paul: Now let's go. One word about this, and you and your friends are through, for good.

(Grips Fifi's arm tight and drags her out of the closet)

Fifi: Ow, OW! (tries to release herself from Paul's firm grip)
Paul: Fix your dam* dress. Do I have to do everything for you? (smacks Fifi)
Fifi: STOP PAUL! (knees him in groin)
Paul: (grunts) Don't you walk away from me! (pulls her by her hair)
Fifi: (Screams)

(Mr. Pski enters hallway)

Mr. Pski: Son, what's the problem here?
Paul: Nothing father. Fifi just saw a roach. Isn't that right Fifi? (glares at her)
Fifi: (whines) Mhmm...
Mr. Pski: Dam* pests! I've got to get the place sprayed again. (speaks to young, attractive assistant) Amanda, call that pest control company. We're going on lockdown, nobody's leaving 'till my say so.
Paul: (whispers) We're gonna have so much fun kitten. (kisses on cheek)
Fifi: (pulls back)
Delaney: What?
Rebecca: C'mon!
Erin: What about our photoshoot?
Linda: Sorry girls. Maybe another day. But for now, let's all go to my condo upstairs and have a martini.
Rebecca: You have a condo-
Sloane: Upstairs?!
Linda: Everyone in my family does. We all live here. Oh Erin. James told me to give this to you.

(Linda hands Erin note, Erin reads it in her head)

"Erin, meet me in the Discussion Room. It's important, and possibly fatal."

(Erin finds the Discussion Room, enters room)

Erin: James, James?
: Shh, I don't want Paul hearing us?
: (Whispering): What?
: I've got to tell you something, that may be the one thing that's keeping your friend Fifi alive...
: Wha-what?
: Paul isn't who he appears to be.
: What is he exactly?
: He has some, mental problems...
: Like what?
: He has multiple personalities... He's been to therapy, but nothing seems to work.
: So wait, is he like lethal?
: We don't know, but most of the relationships he's had have been dangerous. But you can't let anyone know!
: I don't want to lose Fifi!
: And you don't have to. Just, wait it out, and when you guys finish the photoshoot, and move to New York, then it'll all be over...
: I don't want to leave you!
: (grabs Erin firmly) You won't. I'll be there, eventually. I just have to hold off Paul for a while...

(Noise behind door)

: Shh!


(door to room opens)

Linda: I knew you guys were in here. C'mon they're ready for the photoshoot.

(Girls sit in Discussion room waiting for Mr. Pski to tell them the news, Mr. Pski enters scene)

Mr. Pski: Ladies, congrats! You're going to New York!

(girls scream like crazy)

Sloane: Omigosh, this is like a dream come true for me!
Rebecca: I can't even think right now!

(Paul whispers in Fifi's ear)

Paul: You know Fifi, doesn't matter where you run. I will find you, kitten.

(Fifi shivers)

Linda: Pack your bags girls, we've already sent moving trucks to all of your houses, you guys are going to the Big Apple!!

(Fifi whimpers silently replaying Paul's words in the back of her mind over and over again like a scratched record) "Doesn't matter where your run, I will find you, I will find you, I will find you, kitten."