July 21, 2010

Foster Family: Date Night

Created & Produced By
EliteNews - Baya Nikolas

Emorox4eva - Jenna
Star_Awards - Vanessa
Vasia28 - Vasia

Guest Starring
Decowood - Stanley
N1mka4eva - Charlotte
DKCalifornia95 - Daniel

Date Night (S2-E3)

(Vanessa house; Vanessa's in bedroom getting dressed)

Vanessa: (on phone) I'm so happy!! Charlotte is gonna walk into the door any moment!!!
Jenna: So what are your plans tonight?
Vanessa: Charlotte and I are going out to dinner to that new restaurant downtown.
Jenna: At De La Rose? I've been dying to go there!
Vanessa: Yeah! You and Stanley should join us!!
Jenna: Ah..I don't think so. You can Charlotte should spend alone time with each other.
Vanessa: Come on Jen! It will be fun! You and Stan haven't been out together for a while.
Jenna: Are you sure you want us to come?
Vanessa: Of course!
Jenna: What about Fiona? Who's gonna take care of her?
Vanessa: Vasia is free tonight, ask her.
Jenna: What time?
Vanessa: 8pm. Were pick you guys up.
Jenna: Fine, but I'm not going clubbing after Nessa!!
Vanessa: (Laughs) Your such a party pooper!
Jenna: (Laughs) Bye sis. See you guys later.
Vanessa: Bye. (Hangs up phone)
Charlotte: (Enter's house) I'm home!!
Vanessa: (Runs down the stairs and hugs Charlotte) I missed you!!
Charlotte: I know, me too! I'm sorry about working all the time.
Vanessa: You love doing what you do. I don't blame you.
Charlotte: So, are you ready for tonight?
Vanessa: Duh!! Oh...I invited Jen and Stan. Hope you don't mind?
Charlotte: I'm ok with it. I haven't seen them in weeks!
Vanessa: Well, let's get your stuff unpacked so we can get dressed for tonight.

(Jenna's house; Jenna tells Vasia and Stanley about evening plans)

Jenna: (In bedroom) (Calls Vasia on cell)
Vasia: Hey Jen. What's up?
Jenna: I was wondering if you could babysit Fiona tonight. Stan and I are going out to dinner with Vanessa and Charlotte.
Vasia: Oh..sure. Do you mind if Daniel comes over too?
Jenna: Um..no, it's ok. Just no hackey pankey please.
Vasia: (Laughs) Your such a party pooper!!
Jenna: Oh, not you too!
Vasia: Don't worry Jen. Daniel and I will keep our pants on.
Jenna: Ok. Well, were leaving around 8, so be here by 7:30ish.
Vasia: Ok. Bye!
Jenna: (Hang's up phone and walks to living room) So..Nessa invited us out to dinner with her and Charlie at that new restaurant downtown.
Stanley: What about Fiona?
Jenna: Vasia will babysit her.
Stanley: Are you sure you want to go?
Jenna: Yeah. We haven't been out together for a while.
Stanley: I don't see why not. Let's go.
Jenna: Great! (Kisses him on cheek) Their picking us up in 2 hours.
Stanely: Oh, wow. We better start getting dressed.

(7:30, doorbell rings)

Jenna: I'm coming. (Open's door)
Vasia: Wow, you look hott!!!
Jenna: Thanks.
Vasia: So where's Fiona at?
Jenna: She's sleeping. Where's Daniel?
Vasia: He'll be coming over later, he had something to do.
Jenna: Oh, ok. Well, make yourself feel at home. I gotta go finish getting ready.

(8:00, Honks from outside)

Vasia: Jenna!! Vanessa and Charlotte are here!!
Jenna: Ok. Were be down in a couple of seconds. (Walks out of bedroom and goes to the front door)
Stanley: (Follows Jenna) Here's your clutch babe.
Jenna: Oh, thanks. Almost forgot.
Vasia: Ok, you two. Go!!
Jenna: Please take good care of Fiona Vasia.
Vasia: Bye Jen! (Pushes them out the door) Everything will be fine.

(De La Rose
restaurant, the couples enter restaurant)

Vanessa: Oo, it's so beautiful in here.
Jenna: Very lovely.
Stanley: Smells good too.
Hostess: Hello, I'm Vicky.
Charlotte: Hello. Seating for 4. Rose reservation.
Hostess: (Looks at list) Follow me please. (Goes to table) Here's your table, please take a seat. Here are your menus. A waiter will come over in 5 minutes to take down your order.
Charlotte: Thank you.


(Jenna's house; Daniel joins Vasia)

Daniel: Hey babe. (Walks into house)
Vasia: Hey.
Daniel: (Kisses her)
Vasia: Come on Daniel, I told Jenna we would keep our pants on.
Daniel: Fine, I guess.
Vasia: Crap, Fiona's crying. Let's go check on her.
Daniel: No thanks, I'll just watch some t.v.
Vasia: Your such an ass-hole! (Go and checks on Fiona)


(De La Rose restaurant, the couples chat while eating)

Jenna: This is so nice. The food is great.
Stanley: I love being a father and all, but sometimes I miss going out like this.
Jenna: Aww honey. I feel the same way sometimes too.
Vanessa: You guys are great parents. You deserve a break sometimes.
Stanley: So, are you guys ready for the wedding?
Charlotte: (Looks over at Vanessa, grabs her hand) Yeah, we are.
Vanessa: (Smiles) Were happy and I can't wait to start our own family.
Jenna: Have you guys looked into the adoption process yet?
Charlotte: We did. We have to wait until were married to begin the process.
Stanley: Being a parent is a huge responsibility. I just hope you guys know what your getting yourselves into. That baby needs to be your #1 priority.
Charlotte: We know Stan.
Vanessa: Well, I'm stuffed. How about we take a walk in the town?
Jenna: Huh, no no.
Charlotte: Why?
Jenna: Because a walk in the town turns to clubbing all night long.
Stanley: (Laughs) Come on babe. It's our night out. Let's have fun.
Vanessa: (Smiles) Yeah, Jenna! Let your hair down.
Jenna: Ok! But no alcohol, someone needs to be sober in order to drive home.
Vanessa: Yay!!
Charlotte: (Raises hand) Check please!

2 hours later....

(Jenna's house, Vasia is waiting for Jenna to come home)

Vasia: Where the fuck are they? They were suppose to be here 1 hour ago!
Daniel: You know Vanessa & Charlotte, they probably took them clubbing.
Vasia: Ahh!! I want to go home. I'm so tried.
Daniel: Come and lay down with me here on the couch.
Vasia: What about Fiona?
Daniel: She's knocked-out. She won't wake-up till the morning.
Vasia: Fine. (Lays with Daniel)

4 hours later....

(Outside Jenna's house. Jenna and Stanley arrive in taxi)

Jenna: (Laughing) Shit, which one is the key?
Stanley: Uh...that one. The gold one.
Jenna: There all gold.
Stanley: Oh. Um..
Jenna: Were drunk. (Giggles)
Stanley: Ring the doorbell!!!
Jenna: Yeah. (Presses doorbell)
Vasia: (Opens door) Where the fuck have you guys been?! Ah..don't tell me, I can smell it.
Jenna: Vassiaaaa
Vasia: Yeah Jen, that's my name. Come on you two. I'll take you to your bedroom.

The End.


syligirl said...

Jenna: (Laughing) Shit, which one is the key?
Stanley: Uh...that one. The gold one.
Jenna: There all gold.
Stanley: Oh. Um..

that sounds like something I would say as stupid as I can be.

Nojarama said...

xD Jenna was suppose to stay sober, naughty!