July 05, 2010

The Real Elites of Stardoll: A Night to Remember Part 2

The following program is rated TV-14. Viewer discretion is advised. Created by Erin Fo Abourne
Produced by Baya Nikolas

x.optimistic.x as Erin
fifibannana as Fifi
Psychotic-Freak as Rebecca
queen-of-mean. as Ashley
StarSurge as Delaney

Guest Starring
kxcatarinaxk as Bruno
firecracker. as Rachel

A Night to Remember Part 2 (S1-E1 pt. 2)

(At Hospital)

(Girls sit in waiting room)

Fifi: She passed out Ashley, that's ALL; how many times do I have to tell you?! (sarcastic tone) But YOU wouldn't know anything about that would you?
Ashley: Psh, you think I did that?
: Well, who else? You're the one that thinks she's a BITCH!

(Rebecca and Delaney look at Ashley confused)

Rebecca: You said that Ashley?

Ashley: Yeah, but that doesn't mean I'd have the nerve to try to kill her!

Delaney: Ashley, I know you. You'd try to do something like that!

Ashley: You don't know sh*t about me Del, so shut the hell up! (storms out of hospital)

(Handsome doctor comes in)

Fifi: Is she gonna be (chokes in awe) alright?
Doctor: Yes, she just went into shock. But she'll have to be on bed rest for awhile.
: (sighs) Thank you.
: Hi, I'm Su-shi.
: No problem. You can visit her if you'd like, and nice to meet you... Sushi
Delaney: Yes, we will.
: Ugh, I'm SO dumb!
: Yes you are!

(All laugh)

(Girls enter Erin's room)

Rebecca: Hey, how you doing?
Erin: (coughs, then smiles)... Better. Where's Ash-Ashley?
Delaney: Don't worry about her.
Fifi: Yeah, we're here for you girl, and that's all that matters.
: Knock, knock. (Bruno enters with flowers)
: (Laughs) Bruno, come here!
: I don't want you trying to attack me again.

(Everyone laughs)

Erin: I can't remember anything... (sighs)
Bruno: Let's just say, it wasn't Elite-like.
Erin: (groans) Man, that sure was a night to remember.
Fifi: I definitely won't forget.
Delaney: Neither will I.
Rebecca: Same here.
Bruno: I might have nightmares. (shakes)
Erin: SHUT-UP, geez! (laughs, punches Bruno jokingly)
: (grabs Erin's hand firm) Umm Erin. I think I know who spiked your shot...
: Who?! When I find out, I'm gonna kill the bitch!
Delaney: (sighs) ... Ashley...
Erin: Wha-What? Why?
Rebecca: We're really not sure... but Fi told us she was talking about you in the V.I.P. room earlier today.
Erin: I am going to kill her-
Bruno: Hey, hey settle down. No one's killing anyone. She's probably just jealous, the little low-life. It'll all blow over. Trust me.
: I hope so.

(Ashley at home, pulls out iPhone, calls Rachel scene)

Ashley: Hey Rach.
Rachel: What's up Ash? How'd tonight go, did you get her?
: No, she just went unconcious.
: Dam*it. We have to get her Ash. We have to... We can't let her ruin our rep. We CAN'T! You get her next time, or you're ass is out of the society. I mean it! We have to ruin her life... for good.
Ashley: I know Rach, I'll get her next time... promise...



The Gossip Queen said...

I'd much rather watch The Hills or The City to this. You've got potential but you're wasting it with the wrong cast that is more wannabe than elite.

Now,million dollar question: Are you ready for washabi-hot gossip and the stardoll's A-List dirty laundry?

I'll be waiting.

- The Queen

Erienne//x.optimsitic.x said...

It's just for fun; we just chose girls to play the parts with their names. Doesn't mean they're what the show says, and that they're not.

LauriaJane said...

That was an amazing episode! Love it!

RepSurge said...

Yeah, "Gossip Queen". Its all just in the name of good fun. We're not saying that we are "elites", we are all just having fun with this. And anyways, if you are going to call us wannabees then you should at least have more rep than US. I mean come one, most of us are unknown, but TALENTED losers! haha. Myself included. But I don't have any idea who YOU are.

Queen-of-mean. said...

Love it !
amazing job !
Be quite " gossip queen "