September 05, 2010

Wrashton Grove: Bedlam Alert

The following program has strong language and themes which may disturb the viewers.
Created by Nojmul Alfred-Darnley (nojarama)
Produced by Baya Nikolas (EliteNews)

Daniel Karlen (DKCalifornia95) as Alec Smith
Colton Nelson (McKenzie1397) as Robbie Smith
Damon Cole (Damon.Love) as Gerard Cooper
Marco Malchik (-Marco.) as Nat Skelton
Lexi Crownfield (Glamgirl72) as Paige Birchmore Yasmin Emma Callaway (Yazzieblue) as Yasmin Bailey
Ciara Leanne Eva Murphy (Ciaraleanne) as Ciara Elliott Deidra C. Maxwel (To_Royal) as Jamelia Fisher

Guest Starring
Linda Pski (Elite-Girl) as Cindy Harper

Season One Episode #04

(Robbie’s bedroom; his getting ready for school he then receives a phone call)

Robbie: (mobile rings) who’s this? [CHAOS IS COMING] What? (Call get’s dropped) Prank calls are so exasperating.

(At Lunchtime; she’s talking to Jamelia)

Ciara: I can’t believe we’re back here...6 weeks flew by!
Jamelia: (shivers) It’s so cold out...and in!
Ciara: (rolls eyes) I was supposed to get a new jacket but I spent it on make-up.
Ciara: AND I bought a pair of shoes!
Jamelia: (mouth resembles an o) I was with you...I had no idea that money was for a jacket! You blew like 100 quid on make-up...that’s not right!
Jamelia: Those 6-inch monsters won’t keep you warm nor will all that make-up! I hope it rains so all that make-up you wear like get’s ruined.
Ciara: (shocked face) THAT IS SO MEAN! I'd rather be told to go to hell than you say that!
Jamelia: ......
Ciara: (mobile goes off) I got a text one sec. [text reads; CHAOS IS COMING] What the hell.
Jamelia: What is it?
Ciara: (rotates her mobile to show Jamelia the text)
Jamelia: Who is that from?
Ciara: No number
Jamelia: What a creep. (Laughs)
Ciara: (laughs) Lowlife.

(After School at the park; Nat, Yasmin and Cindy are talking until they get interrupted)

Cindy: It's freezing down at Uncle Sam's house, I don't get why exactly the boilers not fixed yet. (sighs)
Nat: You should've told one of us before you could've stayed down Yasmin's or my place!
Yasmin: Yeah I don't think you should go out letting people into 'your place' since it's not exactly yours.
Cindy: What? Is he a squatter?
Nat: I wouldn't put it THAT way more like I'm house sitting for someone! (smiles)
Yasmin: Right that's it. (laughs)
Gerard: Hey guys (Approaches the trio)
Yasmin: (looks up) Hi
Gerard: Whose this pretty lady?
Nat: Cindy
Gerard: Cindy..haven't seen you around here before.
Yasmin: She's visiting from Bristol.
Gerard: How long has she been here for then?
Cindy: 6 days I'm leaving tomorrow. (smiles)
Gerard: You have an equally beautiful voice like your face.
Cindy: (blushes and giggles)
Yasmin: What the..
Nat: (scoffs)
Gerard: How would you like to go to this house party tonight?
Cindy: Yeah why not!
Gerard: Well uhm yeah see you there, here's my number.
Cindy: Thanks..

(Gerard goes back to Alec and Robbie)

Nat: What just happened?
Cindy: He is gorgeous!
Yasmin: Oh my lord... (sighs)

(A piece of paper flies towards them)

Nat: Ooh what's this [reads CHAOS IS COMING]
Yasmin: Let me see! (grabs paper off Nat) Oooh that sounds mysterious.
Cindy: (peaks) More like creepy..
Nat: (shivers) Imagine that was supposed to come to us!
Yasmin: ....

(Later on in the night at the annual house party held by Alec's cousins)

Cindy: You have nice hair..
Gerard: Really? Yours is pretty cool as well, are you naturally blonde?
Cindy: Yeah but I dye it I don't like my natural tone (sighs)
Gerard: I'm sure you'd look great with any hair colour.
Cindy: Aw thanks (smiles)
Robbie: Alec did I should you this really freaky call I got earlier on before school?
Alec: Uhh (thinks) no, why?
Robbie: I've been thinking and it's just really random and creepy.
Alec: You thought Spongebob was random and
Robbie: No but I'm really serious here look (let's Alex listen to the phone call he has)
Alec: Chaos is coming? Is that an upcoming movie?
Robbie: No (sighs) I got this phone call out of the blue and it's really confusing..
Alec: If I were you I wouldn't worry about it mate it's probably a prank call or something.
Robbie: At 7:30 in the morning?
Alec: Mm..

September 04, 2010

Wrashton Grove: Talk of The Town

The following program has strong language and scenes which may disturb the viewers.
Created by Nojmul Alfred-Darnley (nojarama)
Produced by
Baya Nikolas (EliteNews)

Daniel Karlen (DKCalifornia95) as Alec Smith
Colton Nelson (McKenzie1397) as Robbie Smith
Damon Cole (Damon.Love) as Gerard Cooper
Marco Malchik (-Marco.) as Nat Skelton
Lexi Crownfield (Glamgirl72) as Paige Birchmore Yasmin Emma Callaway (Yazzieblue) as Yasmin Bailey
Ciara Leanne Eva Murphy (Ciaraleanne) as Ciara Elliott Deidra C. Maxwel (To_Royal) as Jamelia Fisher

Guest Starring
Linda Pski (Elite-Girl) as Cindy Harper

Season One Episode #03

Jamelia and Paige were Skyping and Paige got a call from Jake’s step mum Jake had died, Jamelia brought Ciara, Robbie and herself to Paige’s home and Paige went into more detail letting us know what a gross death Jake had died and Jake’s step mum had gone in to see what actually happened and it was someone in a white hooded cloak and a toolbox this was the person Paige had a nightmare about the night before and that’s what you missed on WRASHTON GROVE.

(Gerard’s house; Gerard and his Mum are in the kitchen talking about the tragedy which has hit the Jones household)

Karen: I really cannot imagine what’s going through Celia and John’s minds...
Gerard: (while eating cereal) Yeah, I still can’t get over he was here a week or so he is gone.
Karen: The thought of it just gets me terrified knowing there’s a killer someone in the neighborhood.
Gerard: or maybe the killer had an agenda? And he was coming after Jake.
Karen: I doubt that boy had any enemies Gerry.
Gerard: Well he apparently got into a row outside the club earlier on that there might be a possibility Yasmin had something to do with it... Karen? What, Yasmin as in Yasmin Bailey? Oh you must be joking she couldn’t hurt a fly I went over when they moved in and she was ever so courteous!
Gerard: Well you’ve seen the movies; the good ones always hide the evil.
Karen: Are you suggesting Yasmin Bailey is an evil homocide with polite facade? Gerard you’ve really been watching too much television. (Laughs) Anyway take these muffins tomorrow to Celia and stop off at the Birchmore’s and give them the second lot, I’m sure Paige must be heartbroken.
Gerard: (sighs and rolls eyes, then going on to run upstairs to his room)
Karen: (says to herself) Teenage murderer the imagination this generation has. (laughs hysterically)

(At the park; Alec, Ciara and Jamelia are having a late lunch picnic)

Alec: Mmh this Couscous salad is good! Jamelia: Really? I prefer the Fruitalia!
Ciara: Ew the Fruity Italia thing looks gross!
Alec: Tell me about it. When Mum gave me It to take I was like what the fuck is that?
Jamelia: Awh don’t say that it might look like a nightmare but it tastes like heaven! (Does a euphoric expression)
Ciara: Orgasmic...
Alec: (Alec’s phone goes off he read the text) It’s Gerard he has to go to Paige’s and Jake’s Mum to give some fairy cakes or something and he wants me to go with him.
Jamelia: Awh but Robbie’s coming in a bit!
Ciara: Yeah stay Alec!
Alec: Sorry but I have to go...bros before hoes.
Jamelia: and WHO exactly are you calling hoes? Hmm?
Ciara: Yeah! I might wear low cut tops but that doesn’t mean I’m a hoe!
Alec: (points behind Ciara and Jamelia) TAYLOR LAUTNER! (runs away)
Jamelia: (sighs) We fell for it...oh well (shouts) TELL PAIGE I SEND MY LOVE!

(At Paige’s house; they in the living room trying to avoid the obvious murder but it’s a topic impossible to escape)

Gerard: Scary stuff this year!
Paige: The year will be pretty hectic being our last.
Alec: I wonder how the school will react to Jake’s death.
Gerard: (sighs)
Paige: Yeah I guess we’ll have to move on...can’t stay like this over one person now can we...

(At a neighbourhood restaurant; Nat and Yasmin are having dinner with Cindy, Yasmin’s ex)

Nat: (is looking at his phone checking out Cindy’s Facebook page) by the looks of things she looks pretty similar to what you’ve described her as.
Yasmin: She’s amazing she really is.
Nat: Great she’s coming down here does she know you’re erm...
Yasmin: Bi? Yeah I told her before I left Bristol and moved down here.
Nat: How did she react to it?
Yasmin: Well she- (Yasmin was not able to finish her sentence as she was interrupted by Cindy’s arrival)
Cindy: (waves to Yasmin and walks towards the table Nat and Yasmin were sitting at waiting impatiently for her)Hiya!
Yasmin: Hey!! (Hugs Cindy for half a minute leaving Nat staring in awkwardness)
Cindy: That was similar to the one you gave before leaving. (Laughs)
Nat: It’s like her signature hug!
Yasmin: Ooh sorry I forgot, Nat this is Cindy my close friend back from Bristol and Cindy this is Nat one of my only and most close friends down here.
Cindy: Hi Nat (smiles observing Nat’s looks trying to get a first impression of him) only friend? I’m guessing you haven’t gotten over your shyness.
Yasmin: (sighs) you guess right... (Stares at her orange juice which is a little bubbly due to the addition of some Orange Fanta thanks to Nat)
Nat: Same old Yasmin, I wouldn't love her without the shyness actually! (laughs)
Yasmin: (laughs) don’t get on your high horses Romeo!
Cindy: (Giggles) you two are like siblings! Where did you guys meet?

(Nat and Yasmin both answer local burial grounds)

: (sighs) I really should’ve guessed! (The trio laugh) Who’s up for a curry then? Dinner’s on me!

(Half hour later)

Yasmin: (takes a big bite out of her Pavalova) Mmmh this is the shit!!
Nat: How long are you out here for then Cindy?
Cindy: I just got here 4 hours or so ago my uncle lives here actually so I can stay for as long really since I have place to crash at but I’ll be leaving a week from now since school opens a in a week and two days.
Yasmin: Lucky! We go back in a couple of days ..(makes a sad face)
Cindy: AAAH! That’s near!
Nat: Yeah. I wonder if there have been any updates on the murder at The White Room. (Wonders)
Cindy: (shocked expression) THERE’S BEEN A MURDER HERE?!
Yasmin: Long story short a prick was cut in half and then his noggin was fucked around with.(eats her food)
Nat: I think my stomach just turned a bit...
Cindy: Snap...
Yasmin: (laughs) I’ve seen much worse than that in movies nevertheless who wants dessert?

August 31, 2010

The Real Elites of Stardoll: The Finale

The following program is rated TV-14. Viewer discretion is advised.

Created by Erin Fo Abourne
Produced by Baya Nikolas

x.optimistic.x as Erin
fifibannana as Fifi
Psychotic-Freak as Rebecca
queen-of-mean. as Ashley
StarSurge as Delaney

Guest Starring
Slaggot as Sloane
fatooni as Kaitlyn

The Finale: (S1-E8)

(We're nearing the end of our journey... The pain and the fame we had to endure, all made us who we are today. But just because the end is coming, doesn't mean the show stops running...)

(scene with Erin and Sloane at Erin's condo)

Sloane: So y'all are getting married? For sure, for sure?!
Erin: Yeah, but I don't want the others to know just yet.
Sloane: Omigosh, why not?
Erin: You know how they get.
Sloane: True, true..

(both laugh, doorbell rings)

Erin: I got it this time.
Sloane: Thank you!

(Erin answers door, it's James with flowers, Lipton Green Tea and sushi)

Erin: My favorite!
James: A beautiful bouquet of flowers for a beautiful woman..
Erin: (giggles) Oh, James this is Sloane...
James: Nice to meet you, I had a dog named Sloane, it was a Corgi Welsch. A chubby thing it was.
Sloane: (laughs) I bet it was.
James: (smiles) The reason I came here today was not only to see your pretty little face, but was to ask if you and your friends would like to go to the Bahamas this weekend.
Sloane: Hell yes!
Erin: I believe that's a yes for Slo. I'll call the other girls and let them know. Can they bring their boyfriends?
James: Whomever they choose. I was thinking we should celebrate at Winglor's Wines & Fine Dining... On me.
Sloane: That's the most expensive restaurant in New York!!
James: Mhmm...
Erin: I'll let them know... what time is it?
James: 6 pm.
Erin: Looks like we're having dinner at Winglor's

(scene with everyone at Winglor's: Erin, James, Fifi, Brandon, Kaitlyn, Ashley, Rebecca, Delaney, Sloane and Sirge)

James: Attention everyone! (taps glass with knife) I'd like to make an announcement... I've recently proposed to Erin.

(indistinct chatter, James clears throat)

James: And to celebrate, I'm taking you all to the Bahamas!

(everyone begins cheering and discussions revolve around what they're going to do on the cruise)

James: So, let's make a toast, to how far we've all come, and how far we'll be going... To Sloane, and her book.
Sloane: Thank You.
James: To Ashley being released from that hell hole.

(Ashley smiles)

James: To Delaney and Sirge's love life...

(Delaney and Sirge laugh and snuggle close)

James: To Kaitlyn, Brandon and Fifi moving to Seattle.
Fifi: About that....
Brandon: We've decided not to move!

(the girls all go to hug Fifi)

James: Well, I take that back... And last but definitely not least, to my beautiful bride to be, and our future together... Finally...
Everyone at the table: CHEERS!!!

(James slouches back in his chair, clutching the pistol in his hand, waiting, for the perfect moment for its use)

End of The Real Elites of Stardoll S1

August 27, 2010

Wrashton Grove: Dreams

The following program has strong language and scenes which may disturb the viewers.

Created by Nojmul Alfred-Darnley (nojarama)
Produced by
Baya Nikolas (EliteNews)

Daniel Karlen (DKCalifornia95) as Alec Smith
Colton Nelson (McKenzie1397) as Robbie Smith
Damon Cole (Damon.Love) as Gerard Cooper
Marco Malchik (-Marco.) as Nat Skelton
Lexi Crownfield (Glamgirl72) as Paige Birchmore Yasmin Emma Callaway (Yazzieblue) as Yasmin Bailey Ciara Leanne Eva Murphy (Ciaraleanne) as Ciara Elliott Deidra C. Maxwel (To_Royal) as Jamelia Fisher

Series One Episode #02

There was a big party happening at the White Room outside the club Jake had gotten into a quarrel over Goths and Emos with Yasmin she then slapped him and Paige was fuming over Jake’s behaviour, Ciara tried to play some moves on Jake andthey seemed to work, they all partied it up but Jake was nowhere to be seen and when Paige called him when she got home his phone was ringing in an abandoned room above the White Room and that’s what you missed on WRASHTON GROVE.

(At Jamelia’s bedroom; she is on her laptop Skyping to Paige)

Jamelia: Yeah now THAT’S why I’d never visit my uncle’s kitchen...the thought of someone being butchered is just...EW!

Paige: (shocked expression) OMG so he like ACTUALLY chopped he’s girlfriend up?! Remind me never to meet him...wait he’s in prison though, right?

Jamelia: No...No-one knows this outside of my family, wait except for you!

Paige: WHAT?!

Jamelia: Change the subject, did Jake call you then?

Paige: (scoffs) No, I’m really confused because he’s never done anything like this before but last night I actually had a dream or should I say nightmare...

Jamelia: OOOH talking about nightmares! I had one a month ago where my Mum was-


Jamelia: (imitates zipping mouth) Sorry.

Paige: Sorry for snapping but like this nightmare was so scary I saw someone coming in a hooded white cloak with a toolbox, I was sitting on this cliff top not sure where it was but It looked familiar, this white cloaked man whispered- (phone rings)

Jamelia: Paige? Paige where did you go?!

(Half an hour later Paige returns)

Paige: Jamelia...are you there?

Jamelia: Yes I am there I have been there for the past half an hour! Where in Christ’s name did you go?!

Paige: Jake is dead.

Jamelia: (Jamelia looks puzzled) what? Did I just hear you right?

Jamelia: OH MY GOODNESS..UH STAY THERE! (Jamelia then turns off her laptop and texts everyone to meet her at Paige’s house)

(Outside Paige’s house; Robbie and Ciara have arrived)

Robbie: Alec slept in and couldn’t come....typical...

Ciara: (laughs) Boys eh!

Robbie: (gives a weird look to Ciara) anyways why are we here? I am NOT being dragged into another party tonight! I got told off and had my computer taken off me!

Ciara: Awe by whom, Mummy?

Robbie: (rolls eyes) Well who else do you think, Granny?

(Jamelia steps out of the taxi which has just pulled up)

Jamelia: Right I have no idea how to say this since I never have said anything like this before but... (Awkward silence)

Robbie: yeah?

Jamelia: Jake has died.

Robbie: Are you joking?

Jamelia: I wish...

Ciara: (immediately starts crying, it looks much exaggerated) How’s Paige holding up? (Sobs)

Jamelia: She told me over Skype so I told her I’m coming and asked you guys to come here since you’re some of her closest friends.

Robbie: Let’s go in then. (knocks on door Paige’s Mum opens the door)

Eva: Oh hello, did Paige tell you?

Jamelia: Yes...

Ciara: (tears stumble out of her eyes faster than light) WHY!? HE WAS SO YOUNG!

Eva: Right well, she’s upstairs. (Let’s them in)

(The trio walk up to Paige’s room waiting to hear the full story...)

(Gerard House; He is talking to Alec on the phone)


Gerard: Milf!

Alec: I can’t believe the next year of school is our last year it feels so... surreal!

Gerard: Easy there on the big words!

Alec: (laughs) you div, anyway I have to go help my Dad with the Barbeque for tonight, you coming?

Gerard: Yeah definitely, how could I miss a Barbeque when your Dad is cooking! He’s cooking is mouth-watering! (Licks lips)

(Back at Paige’s house a hour which is now filled with jaw which have dropped and people shocked at what has happened in the last 24 hours; in her bedroom everyone is in total disbelief and horror)

Robbie: So let me get this straight he was found at a room above the nightclub, a neglected room where he’s whole body had been dismembered and he's brain was missing?

Paige: Yeah.

Jamelia: and they have this actually happening on video footage? Because you said there were CCTV camera’s all over that building. And who told you about this?

Paige: Yes they’ve got it on tape, Celia called me up she was in tears...and his Dad John’s away shooting a movie half way across the world...

Robbie: Celia is his Mum right?

Jamelia: Step mum...his real one is somewhere in South America, she abandoned him.

Ciara: That’s sick...Really sick who the fuck did it?

Paige: They don’t know but it could’ve been anyone for all we know the killer might be in this room or a few roads away from us...we do not know but Celia’s going in with Jake’s uncle to see the video at four o’clock late afternoon she said she’ll come afterwards.

Ciara: It’s thirty eight past four.

(Paige’s mobile rings she momentarily looks at the others and then picks it up)

Paige: Hey Celia...

Celia: (is breathing heavily and is talking in a frightened tone) PAIGE, I erh saw it. It was someone in a white hooded cloak and a toolbox. (bursts into tears)

Paige: (drops mobile phone)

Celia: (sobs) Hello? Paige?

Robbie: What happened?

Jamelia: (goes over to Paige and tries to calm her down) are you okay?

Paige: Jamelia...remember my nightmare...where I was sitting on a cliff top and there was that white hooded cloaked person with a tool box...Celia just described the murderer to that same description...