August 31, 2010

The Real Elites of Stardoll: The Finale

The following program is rated TV-14. Viewer discretion is advised.

Created by Erin Fo Abourne
Produced by Baya Nikolas

x.optimistic.x as Erin
fifibannana as Fifi
Psychotic-Freak as Rebecca
queen-of-mean. as Ashley
StarSurge as Delaney

Guest Starring
Slaggot as Sloane
fatooni as Kaitlyn

The Finale: (S1-E8)

(We're nearing the end of our journey... The pain and the fame we had to endure, all made us who we are today. But just because the end is coming, doesn't mean the show stops running...)

(scene with Erin and Sloane at Erin's condo)

Sloane: So y'all are getting married? For sure, for sure?!
Erin: Yeah, but I don't want the others to know just yet.
Sloane: Omigosh, why not?
Erin: You know how they get.
Sloane: True, true..

(both laugh, doorbell rings)

Erin: I got it this time.
Sloane: Thank you!

(Erin answers door, it's James with flowers, Lipton Green Tea and sushi)

Erin: My favorite!
James: A beautiful bouquet of flowers for a beautiful woman..
Erin: (giggles) Oh, James this is Sloane...
James: Nice to meet you, I had a dog named Sloane, it was a Corgi Welsch. A chubby thing it was.
Sloane: (laughs) I bet it was.
James: (smiles) The reason I came here today was not only to see your pretty little face, but was to ask if you and your friends would like to go to the Bahamas this weekend.
Sloane: Hell yes!
Erin: I believe that's a yes for Slo. I'll call the other girls and let them know. Can they bring their boyfriends?
James: Whomever they choose. I was thinking we should celebrate at Winglor's Wines & Fine Dining... On me.
Sloane: That's the most expensive restaurant in New York!!
James: Mhmm...
Erin: I'll let them know... what time is it?
James: 6 pm.
Erin: Looks like we're having dinner at Winglor's

(scene with everyone at Winglor's: Erin, James, Fifi, Brandon, Kaitlyn, Ashley, Rebecca, Delaney, Sloane and Sirge)

James: Attention everyone! (taps glass with knife) I'd like to make an announcement... I've recently proposed to Erin.

(indistinct chatter, James clears throat)

James: And to celebrate, I'm taking you all to the Bahamas!

(everyone begins cheering and discussions revolve around what they're going to do on the cruise)

James: So, let's make a toast, to how far we've all come, and how far we'll be going... To Sloane, and her book.
Sloane: Thank You.
James: To Ashley being released from that hell hole.

(Ashley smiles)

James: To Delaney and Sirge's love life...

(Delaney and Sirge laugh and snuggle close)

James: To Kaitlyn, Brandon and Fifi moving to Seattle.
Fifi: About that....
Brandon: We've decided not to move!

(the girls all go to hug Fifi)

James: Well, I take that back... And last but definitely not least, to my beautiful bride to be, and our future together... Finally...
Everyone at the table: CHEERS!!!

(James slouches back in his chair, clutching the pistol in his hand, waiting, for the perfect moment for its use)

End of The Real Elites of Stardoll S1


Nojarama said...

(James slouches back in his chair, clutching the pistol in his hand, waiting, for the perfect moment for its use)


Queen-of-mean. said...

Love it ! but its the finale :\

Fatooni said...

He didn`t make a toast for my pregnancy!
o: XD

Maria said...

NOOOOO! OMG the end is crazy!!!