August 20, 2010

Wrashton Grove: Pilot

The following programm has strong language and scenes which may disturb the viewers.

Created by Nojmul Alfred-Darnley (nojarama)
Produced by
Baya Nikolas (EliteNews)

Daniel Karlen (DKCalifornia95) as Alec Smith
Colton Nelson (McKenzie1397) as Robbie Smith
Damon Cole (Damon.Love) as Gerard Cooper
Marco Malchik (-Marco.) as Nat Skelton
Lexi Crownfield (Glamgirl72) as Paige Birchmore Yasmin Emma Callaway (Yazzieblue) as Yasmin Bailey
Ciara Leanne Eva Murphy (Ciaraleanne) as Ciara Elliott Deidra C. Maxwel (To_Royal) as Jamelia Fisher

Guest Starring
Bruno Miguel Ferreira da Silva (kxcatarinaxk)

Season One Episode #01

Ciara: WOAH! These all seem so lush, it feels like I’m royalty!
Jamelia: Wait but you said you’re more powerful than the Queen just yesterday...
(Both laugh, eventually realising the shop owner is watching)
Jamelia: Hmm it’s hard to not create a scene when you look like this...
Ciara: Riiight (laughs) have any of these caught your eye then? That blue one looks good, it’d surely get Jake frisky.
Jamelia: It’s hard to tell with boys, they all seem frisky all the time. Why are we saying frisky for, my Gran always says it when she takes Terry for a walk and he runs up to my neighbour’s dog and starts humping her...or was that dog a him..
Ciara: (face palm) Too much info Jammers, too much (laughs), come on Jameela it’s already been half an hour and we need these hats for the party which if you’ve forgotten begins in 2 HOURS! Jamelia: (screams) SHIT!

(Alec and Robbie’s home; they both are having a heated discussion about the party tonight)

Alec: (walks into kitchen) why are you on that thing all day? Does it really excite you more than a girl that you’d spend so much time with it?
Robbie: It’s a laptop, portable PC, capable of much more things than spending hours flirting with a girl whom is WAY out of your league.
Alec: (scoffs) Nah bro that’s just you my moves are smoother than MJ’s dancing! (Tries and miserably fails to do a moon walk)
Robbie: Haha yeah you knock em’ out
Alec: Ahh you wanker! Anyway are you coming tonight then?
Robbie: Uhm I don’t know probably not, I’d better stay back and get some homework done.
Alec: What planet are you on? It’s the holidays make the most of it you arsehole, Gerard is coming too, just come..We’ll have fun and get pissed any way!
Robbie: FINE, but don’t we need hats for the party?
Alec: Eh we’ll just go there and pull some knickers and get them on our heads, they’ll count as hats!
Robbie: Remind me to keep you away from knickers.

(At the shopping centre; Paige and Jake are shopping and are about to bump into some friends)

Paige: Hmm I need some new gloves Jakey, let’s go into Hats&Gloves.
Jake: Paige Cake its summer why would you want gloves? And isn’t the shop closed during this season..?
Jake: I was going on Holiday to Africa...
Paige: OH sorry...

(They bump into Ciara and Jamela, Paige, and the girls hug and squeal about their newly purchased hats)

Jake: Ladies, ladies can you maybe quieten down you’re causing quite a scene!
(The trio look around noticing the a lot of the people in the shopping centre are staring at them)
Paige: Well honey it’s hard to not cause a scene looking this good!
Ciara: Oh God.. (Ciara does a face palm)
Jamelia: EXACTLY! (High fives Paige)
Ciara: Right we need to get back to my place and get ready for tonight there’s only so much time left!
Jameela: That we do!
Jake: We ought to go as well, nice bumping into you guys, bye.
Paige: Yeah, but we’ll see you lot tonight!

(At the White Room nightclub bar; Alec, Robbie and Gerard are waiting for everyone else)

Alec: (looks down at his watch) it’s already 10(pm) and they're still not here.
Robbie: According to you the night doesn’t begin for another one hour.
Gerard: (laughs) Put it there Rob (sticks up out hand)
Robbie: (prods Gerard’s palm with he’s finger)
Alec: ...and I was suppose to look stupid?
(Both nod, Alec scoffs)

(Outside the nightclub; Yasmin, Nat and Jamelia are standing outside of the club)

Jamelia: So you guys planning on getting in there anytime soon?
Nat: (with no emotions) sure, maybe, who’s to say.
Jamelia: I’m sure you lot have loads of mammoth emo gatherings at cemeteries but would you mind acting a little more....civil and not so scary among non emo’s?
Yasmin: (very angrily) WE ARE GOTHS, NOT EMOS!
(Jake, Paige and Ciara pop out of nowhere)
Jake: Does that mean you’re into like bondage sex in graveyards?
Yasmin: (slaps Jake and says something under breath and then herself and Nat enter the White Room)
Paige: COME ON! (Punches Jake in the arm)
Jake: WHAT!?
Ciara: I don’t think he did anything wrong, Paige. (Looks at Jake with fluttering eyes)
Jamelia: So Goths have bondage sex? No-wonder they seem so pale and emotionless they must be sore!
Paige: If I had it in my power I’d have you all wiped off the face of this earth! (Storms into club)
Jamelia: PAIGEEE...I DIDN’T KNOW!! (Runs after Paige)
Ciara:’d be much better off with someone more...tolerable Jake. (Rubs Jake’s arm) Wow you’re so...muscular.
Jake: Haha yeah I’ve been training much more now, it’s hard to keep up with Paige, but hey thanks for noticing.
(Ciara giggles)

(Inside the nightclub on the dance floor; everyone is raving trying to make the most of the last few weeks before they’re back to school)
Alec: ROBBIE TWIN’S 3’o’clock!
Robbie: (whispers) I DON’T CARE I’M DANCING WITH PAIGE!! (Continues dancing)
Paige: (Giggles) WOOHOO!
Jamelia: (whispers) YASMIN CHECK THAT OUT! (Points at a dude with a visible 8-pack, in a white wet jockstrap) Yasmin: (says uncomfortably) I-I-I have t-to g-g-go (runs away)

(Later at the bar)
Robbie: Did you get any knickers then?
Alec: I did actually, not how you’d think this new underwear brand or something called Coconut was doing a promotional thing and were they were pelting thongs at everyone.
Robbie: and you kept them?
Alec: Uh nooo (looks away and does the ‘Call Me’ gesture to a random girl, she sticks up her middle finger)
(Paige comes to the bar moments later Ciara joins them)
Paige: You’ve been up to anything BUT feeling up my boyfriend?
Robbie: (laughs like a maniac) SHE DID WHAT?
Ciara: Give it a rest I haven’t seen him for ages now.
Paige: I'll take your word for it.
(Ciara walks off to Jamelia and the nearly naked hunk)
Alec: Where is Jake anyway? I haven’t seen him today I only called him this morning.
Robbie: Yeah, Nat told me there was a scene outside and Yas, Nat and Paige got pissed.
Paige: That’s weird, I didn’t see Yasmin on the dance floor, nor Ciara and neither Jake...something seems weird...
Alec: Are you suggesting they had a threesome?
Paige: No?
Alec: Do you want to have a threesome with me and Robbie?
Paige: WHAT!? (Her facial expressions show she’s seething with anger)
Robbie: Really?
Paige: It’s getting pretty late and I can’t find my boyfriend, can you guys drop me home?
Robbie: Sure.
Robbie: Alec, Mum and Dad? We were supposed to be home half an hour ago.
Alec: (sighs)

(An hour later at a nearby chippy; Jamelia and Ciara are ordering some food)
Ciara: (says in a loud tone) I am fucking starving!!
Jamelia: Alright, alright keep your wig on. I’ve never seen you so crazy for food!
Jamelia: It’s was just a figure of speech.
Ciara: (does a face palm) Right yeah sorry I’m just feeling a bit weird I think I’ve drank too much..
Jamelia: Don’t worry about it. You probably just need some rest.
Ciara: (does a faint smile) yeah, anyway where was Jake? I was talking to him outside and then afterwards when we went into the club I didn’t see him, the WHOLE night.
Jamelia: You what? Are you serious, he’s usually the life of the party!
Ciara: Exactly why it’s confusing that I didn’t see him...

(Paige’s house; Paige is in her bedroom calling Jake but she’s gone to voicemail again)
Paige: (says into phone) I’m sorry!! I didn’t mean any of it...I’m really sorry I’ve been texted you for the past hour, please return them or call back...Bye...I love you...

Back at the White Room Nightclub Jake’s phone is ringing upstairs in an abandoned room...


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