August 05, 2010

Foster Family: When It Rains, It Pours

Created & Produced By
EliteNews - Baya Nikolas

Emorox4eva - Jenna
Star_Awards - Vanessa
Vasia28 - Vasia

Guest Starring
Decowood - Stanley
N1mka4eva - Charlotte
DKCalifornia95 - Daniel

When It Rains, It Pours (S2-E5)

(Jenna's House; Jenna thinks Fiona is getting sick)

Fiona- (Coughing)
Jenna- Oh..Fifi, you look terrible. (Yells) Stanley, come over here, I think Fiona is coming down with something!!
Stanley- (Enter's Fiona's room) What's wrong with her.
Jenna- I don't know. She's was fine this morning. I'm worried Stan, she doesn't look good!
Stanley- (Grabs Fiona) Maybe she has a fever.
Jenna- No, I checked her temperature, it was normal.
Stanley- Well, do you wanna take her to the doctor?
Jenna- Yeah.
Stanley- Ok, well let's get ready and leave as soon as possible.

(Vanessa's House; Vanessa talks to Vasia)

Vanessa- (Talking to Vasia in living room) So how are you and Daniel getting along?
Vasia- I don't know, he loves to push my buttons you know?
Vanessa- Well, maybe you guys should take a break.
Vasia- Yeah, I guess. So....what are you and Charlotte doing later?
Vanessa- She's taking me out to a romantic dinner at La Chi.
Vasia- Oh, that's sweet, I love their sushi!
Vanessa- OMG Vasia, I forgot to tell you!!
Vasia- What??
Vanessa- I received an e-mail from Emma [-inspired-] last night!
Vasia- What did that crazy bitch tell you this time?
Vanessa- She said that she and Mel [Bluegreen86] were happy together and that she wishes me and Charlotte the best. She also apologized for attacking Charlotte at that nightclub back in April.
Vasia- Are you serious? She said that?
Vanessa- I know I was shocked when I read it.
Vasia- Do you believe her?
Vanessa- Of course not! She's crazy.
Vasia- I can't believe you ever dated her.
Vanessa- Oh, don't remind me! (Laughs)
Vasia- Well, I gotta get going. Got to break things with Daniel.
Vanessa- Well good luck with that sis.

(Doctor's Office; Jenna & Stanley receive news)

Doctor- Hello, I'm Dr.Fox. So, what's wrong with this little angel. (Takes a look at Fiona)
Jenna- This afternoon she started coughing non-stop and then on our way here she started to vomit. I checked her temperature, but it was normal. She also won't eat anything I give her.
Dr.Fox- I see. Well, it seems that the likely culprit might be GERD.
Stanley- GERD??
Dr.Fox- It's a gastroesophageal reflux disease.
Jenna- What is it? Is it bad?
Dr.Fox- It's caused by a weak or immature band of muscle between the esophagus and stomach that allows acid flow to back up. Sometimes the irritating juices can enter the lungs, causing a chronic cough. She'll be fine, prescription medicine can help control her symptoms, but the disease will go away on it's own in a matter of days.
Stanley- Oh, that's great.
Jenna- Thank you.
Dr.Fox- No Problem. Just make sure you keep her hydrated at all times.

(Vasia's Condo; Vasia talks to Daniel)

Vasia- (Walks in) Hey.
Daniel- Hey babe. (Watching T.V.)
Vasia- What you watching?
Daniel- Football game.
Vasia- Oh....
Daniel- Babe, go make me a sandwich.
Vasia- No! You got two feet. Go make your own.
Daniel- Come on babe, I'm watching a game!
Vasia- Whatever I'm going to the bedroom.
Daniel- Why are you so bitchy all the time!!
Vasia- Cuz you drive me insane Daniel!!! That's why!
Daniel- Your the one who's never happy!
Vasia- You know what Daniel, I'm DONE!! I'm done with you.
Daniel- Your breaking up with me?
Vasia- I can't handle this anymore!
Daniel- Fine!! There's pleantly of other girls who would died to be with me!
Vasia- Yeah, like that stupid ho Sophia [LilMrsRich]!
Daniel- At least she doesn't bitch at me!
Vasia- Fuck you!! Get the fuck out of my condo!! Get your shit and leave!!!
Daniel- I'm out!! I'll get my shit tomorrow!! (Leaves)
Vasia- BYE!!!! (Start's to cry)

(Downtown; Vanessa & Charlotte are dining at La Chi)

Vanessa- Thanks for bringing me here sweetie.
Charlotte- No problem.
Vanessa- The sushi here is great.
Charlotte- (Cell rings) Hello?
Vanessa- (Whispers) Who is it?
Charlotte- (Looks shock) Mary [Writemarycat] are you sure!!! Oh my goodness!! I..were on our way there!!!
Vanessa- What is it Charlotte? What happen??
Charlotte- Come on let's go!
Vanessa- Charlotte what happen!!
Charlotte- Your see once we get there!!

(Jenna's House; Jenna finds out shocking news)

Jenna- Just put Fiona to bed.
Stanley- What a day huh?
Jenna- A long exhausting day. (Laughs)
Stanley- Come and join me on to couch.
Jenna- (Lay's with Stanley) I love you.
Stanley- I love you too. (Kisses her)
Jenna- (Smiles)
Stanley- (Turns on T.V) News?
Jenna- Yeah, why not.
Television- Breaking news, a huge house fire as broken out on the upper hill side of...
Jenna- Oh my god!!! That's Vanessa's mansion!!
Stanley- Shit!! I'll get Fiona!
Jenna- No, you stay here. Fiona's sick remember!
Stanley- Oh, call Vanessa.
Jenna- (Dials phone) Pick up Vanessa!!! She's not picking up Stan!!
Stanley- Call Vasia!
Jenna- Ok. (Dials Vasia's number) Vasia? Are you crying?
Vasia- I...I...broke up with Daniel...
Jenna- Vanessa's house is on fire!!
Vasia- What?
Jenna- I tried calling her, but she won't pick up her phone!! I'm worried!
Vasia- She told me she and Charlotte were going out this evening. So..
Jenna- I'm on my way to her place.
Vasia- Ok, I'll meet you there.

(Vanessa's Home; Charlotte and Vanessa drive up the road)

Vanessa- Oh my god!! My house!!! (Get's out of car)
Charlotte- Vanessa!!
Vanessa- What happened??? (Yells) This is my home!!
Firefighter- This is your home mam?
Vanessa- Yes!!
Firefighter- There's a possibly that it's arson.
Vanessa- What? Arson? Who would do such a thing?
Firefighter- (Points at 2 boxes) That's all we could recover from the house.
Charlotte- (Walks over) What happened?
Vanessa- He said there's a possibly that it was arson.
Charlotte- What? Someone did this on purpose?
Vanessa- I don't know who would this to me! What are we gonna do Charlotte?
Charlotte- Aww, sweetheart, don't worry, it's just a house. At least were both safe.
Jenna- (Runs to Vanessa) AHH!!! Your alive!! I just heard! (Hugs Vanessa)
Vasia- (Runs to Vanessa) What happened!! Your ok?
Vanessa- Charlotte and I just got here, we were at dinner when Mary called Charlotte and....they think it's arson!!
Vasia- What?? That's crazy!
Jenna- Who would do such a thing?
Charlotte- We don't know.
Jenna- What a day, first Fiona get's sick, then Vasia breaks-up with Daniel and now your house is destroyed!
Vasia- When it rains, it pours!
Vanessa- At least were all safe.
Vasia- Wait...I think I know who could of done it!
Jenna- don't think?
Charlotte- No way!!
Vanessa- Emma!



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