August 25, 2010

Foster Family: Moving On?

Created & Produced By
EliteNews - Baya Nikolas

Emorox4eva - Jenna
Star_Awards - Vanessa
Vasia28 - Vasia

Guest Starring
Decowood - Stanley
N1mka4eva - Charlotte
DKCalifornia95 - Daniel
-Inspired- - Emma

Nervous Breakdown (S2-E6)

(Jenna's House; Everyone is waking up)

Jenna- (Yawns) Hey Stan, wake-up.
Stanley- (Yawns) What is it?
Jenna- Fiona's crying, go check on her. I gotta go make breakfast.
Stanley- (Kisses Jenna) Ok hun.
Jenna- (Goes to Kitchen) Oh, hey Vasia, what are you doing up so early?
Vasia- Couldn't sleep. I'm just so confused with...
Jenna- Daniel?
Vasia- Yeah...
Jenna- Look, if you guys were meant to be together, things would work out.
Vasia- I know. It's just hard, you know?
Jenna- Yeah.
Vasia- Well thanks for letting me crash out on your sofa last night. I just didn't want to alone last night.
Jenna- No problem. I love having you here. Especially after everything that went on yesterday. We need to stick together. (Smiles)
Vasia- Poor Vanessa. She loved that place.
Jenna- At least she and Charlotte are safe.
Vasia- Yeah..
Vanessa- (Walks in kitchen) Good morning. Mmmm..something smells good.
Jenna- Good morning Nessa, how did you and Charlotte sleep?
Vanessa- Great. Thanks for letting us stay in your guest house.
Jenna- Where's Charlotte?
Vanessa- Getting ready for work.
Vasia- She's still going to work after what happened?
Vanessa- You know Charlie, she's a work-a-holic. (Laughs)
Jenna- So...what are you gonna do about the house?
Vanessa- I'm just gonna collect the insurance and move on. Either way Charlotte and I were moving into her penthouse after the wedding.
Vasia- But want about the person who did it? Don't you wanna find out?
Vanessa- That's the cops job, not mine, I have too many other things to worry about.
Vasia- You could of been killed Nessa!!
Vanessa- Well, I wasn't!
Jenna- What if this person does it again, or even something worse?
Vasia- This person Jenna? Come on, we all know it's Emma!!
Jenna- Do you have proof it's her?
Vasia- It's obvious, who else....
Vanessa- Girls!!! Just drop it already!! It happened and it's over. The police will take over it. All I want to focus on now is the wedding, it's 1 week away!!
Jenna- Your right. I'm sorry. (Nudges Vasia)
Vasia- Yeah, I'm sorry too.
Vanessa- Thanks. Now lets eat.

4 hours later...

(Vasia's condo; Daniel comes to get his stuff)

Vasia- (On Phone) Hey Jen, what's up?
Jenna- Vanessa's a mess, she just came back from the insurance office, it turns out her insurance won't cover if the fire was arson.
Vasia- What the fuck?
Jenna- I know right?
Vasia- She lost all her belongings? Most of her money went into that house.
Jenna- She's so upset, she locked her self in the guest house.
Vasia- You want me to come over?
Jenna- No, it won't make a difference.

(Doorbell rings)

Vasia- Oh crap, Daniel here to pick up his things.
Jenna- Remember what I told you.
Vasia- I know. Bye, I'll talk to you later.
Jenna- Bye sis.
Vasia- (Hangs up phone and opens door)
Daniel- I heard about your sister, is everything alright?
Vasia- Yeah, she got lucky except for her house.
Daniel- That sucks.
Vasia- Yeah...
Daniel- So...can I come in?
Vasia- Oh, yeah. I put all your stuff in those 4 boxes by the table.
Daniel- Um..thanks I guess.
Vasia- Look Daniel..I...I'm sorry for...
Daniel- No, I'm sorry, I can be douche sometimes.
Vasia- ...and I'm a complete bitch at times.
Daniel- I love you.
Vasia- Me too, I just feel like we've just lost that spark you know?
Daniel- I'm not really to move on without you.
Vasia- Really?
Daniel- Yes.
Vasia- Me neither.
Daniel- I want us to be together Vasia. I love you. (Leads in for a kiss)
Vasia- I love you too. (Kisses him)

(Jenna's house; Jenna try's to talk to Vanessa)

Jenna- (Knocks on door) Vanessa! Please open the door!
Vanessa- (Open's door) I'm sorry Jen, I just needed some time to myself.
Jenna- Nessa, your not alone in this. You have family who's here for you.
Vanessa- I know. I just feel like everything is falling apart you know?
Jenna- You can't let this break you. This will just make you stronger and prepare you for some of lives injustices.
Vanessa- Your right.
Jenna- Come on, dinner's ready.
Vanessa- (Cell rings) Give me a minute....
Jenna- Ok. (Walks away)
Vanessa- (Answers phone) Hello?
Emma- Hey Vanessa.
Vanessa- What do you want Emma?
Emma- I heard about your home. Just wanted to make sure you were fine.
Vanessa- I'm good, Charlotte's good, everything is good.
Emma- Oh...ok.
Vanessa- Is that it?
Emma- What the fuck is wrong with you Nessa, I'm just trying to be nice?
Vanessa- Emma, I'm don't have time to play your little games. I'm done!
Emma- You think I put your home on fire?
Vanessa- I don't know Emma, that's the police job. I'm just gonna move on and continue with my life. So please stop e-mailing me, texting me, and calling me. I don't want you to communicate with me. I'm done!
Emma- Well I'm not! (Hangs up)
Vanessa- (Close eyes and takes a deep breath) Everything's gonna be ok Vanessa, just remember, this will only make me stronger. Don't let her mess with your mind.
Jenna- (Yells) Your dinner is getting cold Nessa!
Vanessa- (Get's up) I'm coming!


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