September 04, 2010

Wrashton Grove: Talk of The Town

The following program has strong language and scenes which may disturb the viewers.
Created by Nojmul Alfred-Darnley (nojarama)
Produced by
Baya Nikolas (EliteNews)

Daniel Karlen (DKCalifornia95) as Alec Smith
Colton Nelson (McKenzie1397) as Robbie Smith
Damon Cole (Damon.Love) as Gerard Cooper
Marco Malchik (-Marco.) as Nat Skelton
Lexi Crownfield (Glamgirl72) as Paige Birchmore Yasmin Emma Callaway (Yazzieblue) as Yasmin Bailey
Ciara Leanne Eva Murphy (Ciaraleanne) as Ciara Elliott Deidra C. Maxwel (To_Royal) as Jamelia Fisher

Guest Starring
Linda Pski (Elite-Girl) as Cindy Harper

Season One Episode #03

Jamelia and Paige were Skyping and Paige got a call from Jake’s step mum Jake had died, Jamelia brought Ciara, Robbie and herself to Paige’s home and Paige went into more detail letting us know what a gross death Jake had died and Jake’s step mum had gone in to see what actually happened and it was someone in a white hooded cloak and a toolbox this was the person Paige had a nightmare about the night before and that’s what you missed on WRASHTON GROVE.

(Gerard’s house; Gerard and his Mum are in the kitchen talking about the tragedy which has hit the Jones household)

Karen: I really cannot imagine what’s going through Celia and John’s minds...
Gerard: (while eating cereal) Yeah, I still can’t get over he was here a week or so he is gone.
Karen: The thought of it just gets me terrified knowing there’s a killer someone in the neighborhood.
Gerard: or maybe the killer had an agenda? And he was coming after Jake.
Karen: I doubt that boy had any enemies Gerry.
Gerard: Well he apparently got into a row outside the club earlier on that there might be a possibility Yasmin had something to do with it... Karen? What, Yasmin as in Yasmin Bailey? Oh you must be joking she couldn’t hurt a fly I went over when they moved in and she was ever so courteous!
Gerard: Well you’ve seen the movies; the good ones always hide the evil.
Karen: Are you suggesting Yasmin Bailey is an evil homocide with polite facade? Gerard you’ve really been watching too much television. (Laughs) Anyway take these muffins tomorrow to Celia and stop off at the Birchmore’s and give them the second lot, I’m sure Paige must be heartbroken.
Gerard: (sighs and rolls eyes, then going on to run upstairs to his room)
Karen: (says to herself) Teenage murderer the imagination this generation has. (laughs hysterically)

(At the park; Alec, Ciara and Jamelia are having a late lunch picnic)

Alec: Mmh this Couscous salad is good! Jamelia: Really? I prefer the Fruitalia!
Ciara: Ew the Fruity Italia thing looks gross!
Alec: Tell me about it. When Mum gave me It to take I was like what the fuck is that?
Jamelia: Awh don’t say that it might look like a nightmare but it tastes like heaven! (Does a euphoric expression)
Ciara: Orgasmic...
Alec: (Alec’s phone goes off he read the text) It’s Gerard he has to go to Paige’s and Jake’s Mum to give some fairy cakes or something and he wants me to go with him.
Jamelia: Awh but Robbie’s coming in a bit!
Ciara: Yeah stay Alec!
Alec: Sorry but I have to go...bros before hoes.
Jamelia: and WHO exactly are you calling hoes? Hmm?
Ciara: Yeah! I might wear low cut tops but that doesn’t mean I’m a hoe!
Alec: (points behind Ciara and Jamelia) TAYLOR LAUTNER! (runs away)
Jamelia: (sighs) We fell for it...oh well (shouts) TELL PAIGE I SEND MY LOVE!

(At Paige’s house; they in the living room trying to avoid the obvious murder but it’s a topic impossible to escape)

Gerard: Scary stuff this year!
Paige: The year will be pretty hectic being our last.
Alec: I wonder how the school will react to Jake’s death.
Gerard: (sighs)
Paige: Yeah I guess we’ll have to move on...can’t stay like this over one person now can we...

(At a neighbourhood restaurant; Nat and Yasmin are having dinner with Cindy, Yasmin’s ex)

Nat: (is looking at his phone checking out Cindy’s Facebook page) by the looks of things she looks pretty similar to what you’ve described her as.
Yasmin: She’s amazing she really is.
Nat: Great she’s coming down here does she know you’re erm...
Yasmin: Bi? Yeah I told her before I left Bristol and moved down here.
Nat: How did she react to it?
Yasmin: Well she- (Yasmin was not able to finish her sentence as she was interrupted by Cindy’s arrival)
Cindy: (waves to Yasmin and walks towards the table Nat and Yasmin were sitting at waiting impatiently for her)Hiya!
Yasmin: Hey!! (Hugs Cindy for half a minute leaving Nat staring in awkwardness)
Cindy: That was similar to the one you gave before leaving. (Laughs)
Nat: It’s like her signature hug!
Yasmin: Ooh sorry I forgot, Nat this is Cindy my close friend back from Bristol and Cindy this is Nat one of my only and most close friends down here.
Cindy: Hi Nat (smiles observing Nat’s looks trying to get a first impression of him) only friend? I’m guessing you haven’t gotten over your shyness.
Yasmin: (sighs) you guess right... (Stares at her orange juice which is a little bubbly due to the addition of some Orange Fanta thanks to Nat)
Nat: Same old Yasmin, I wouldn't love her without the shyness actually! (laughs)
Yasmin: (laughs) don’t get on your high horses Romeo!
Cindy: (Giggles) you two are like siblings! Where did you guys meet?

(Nat and Yasmin both answer local burial grounds)

: (sighs) I really should’ve guessed! (The trio laugh) Who’s up for a curry then? Dinner’s on me!

(Half hour later)

Yasmin: (takes a big bite out of her Pavalova) Mmmh this is the shit!!
Nat: How long are you out here for then Cindy?
Cindy: I just got here 4 hours or so ago my uncle lives here actually so I can stay for as long really since I have place to crash at but I’ll be leaving a week from now since school opens a in a week and two days.
Yasmin: Lucky! We go back in a couple of days ..(makes a sad face)
Cindy: AAAH! That’s near!
Nat: Yeah. I wonder if there have been any updates on the murder at The White Room. (Wonders)
Cindy: (shocked expression) THERE’S BEEN A MURDER HERE?!
Yasmin: Long story short a prick was cut in half and then his noggin was fucked around with.(eats her food)
Nat: I think my stomach just turned a bit...
Cindy: Snap...
Yasmin: (laughs) I’ve seen much worse than that in movies nevertheless who wants dessert?

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