September 05, 2010

Wrashton Grove: Bedlam Alert

The following program has strong language and themes which may disturb the viewers.
Created by Nojmul Alfred-Darnley (nojarama)
Produced by Baya Nikolas (EliteNews)

Daniel Karlen (DKCalifornia95) as Alec Smith
Colton Nelson (McKenzie1397) as Robbie Smith
Damon Cole (Damon.Love) as Gerard Cooper
Marco Malchik (-Marco.) as Nat Skelton
Lexi Crownfield (Glamgirl72) as Paige Birchmore Yasmin Emma Callaway (Yazzieblue) as Yasmin Bailey
Ciara Leanne Eva Murphy (Ciaraleanne) as Ciara Elliott Deidra C. Maxwel (To_Royal) as Jamelia Fisher

Guest Starring
Linda Pski (Elite-Girl) as Cindy Harper

Season One Episode #04

(Robbie’s bedroom; his getting ready for school he then receives a phone call)

Robbie: (mobile rings) who’s this? [CHAOS IS COMING] What? (Call get’s dropped) Prank calls are so exasperating.

(At Lunchtime; she’s talking to Jamelia)

Ciara: I can’t believe we’re back here...6 weeks flew by!
Jamelia: (shivers) It’s so cold out...and in!
Ciara: (rolls eyes) I was supposed to get a new jacket but I spent it on make-up.
Ciara: AND I bought a pair of shoes!
Jamelia: (mouth resembles an o) I was with you...I had no idea that money was for a jacket! You blew like 100 quid on make-up...that’s not right!
Jamelia: Those 6-inch monsters won’t keep you warm nor will all that make-up! I hope it rains so all that make-up you wear like get’s ruined.
Ciara: (shocked face) THAT IS SO MEAN! I'd rather be told to go to hell than you say that!
Jamelia: ......
Ciara: (mobile goes off) I got a text one sec. [text reads; CHAOS IS COMING] What the hell.
Jamelia: What is it?
Ciara: (rotates her mobile to show Jamelia the text)
Jamelia: Who is that from?
Ciara: No number
Jamelia: What a creep. (Laughs)
Ciara: (laughs) Lowlife.

(After School at the park; Nat, Yasmin and Cindy are talking until they get interrupted)

Cindy: It's freezing down at Uncle Sam's house, I don't get why exactly the boilers not fixed yet. (sighs)
Nat: You should've told one of us before you could've stayed down Yasmin's or my place!
Yasmin: Yeah I don't think you should go out letting people into 'your place' since it's not exactly yours.
Cindy: What? Is he a squatter?
Nat: I wouldn't put it THAT way more like I'm house sitting for someone! (smiles)
Yasmin: Right that's it. (laughs)
Gerard: Hey guys (Approaches the trio)
Yasmin: (looks up) Hi
Gerard: Whose this pretty lady?
Nat: Cindy
Gerard: Cindy..haven't seen you around here before.
Yasmin: She's visiting from Bristol.
Gerard: How long has she been here for then?
Cindy: 6 days I'm leaving tomorrow. (smiles)
Gerard: You have an equally beautiful voice like your face.
Cindy: (blushes and giggles)
Yasmin: What the..
Nat: (scoffs)
Gerard: How would you like to go to this house party tonight?
Cindy: Yeah why not!
Gerard: Well uhm yeah see you there, here's my number.
Cindy: Thanks..

(Gerard goes back to Alec and Robbie)

Nat: What just happened?
Cindy: He is gorgeous!
Yasmin: Oh my lord... (sighs)

(A piece of paper flies towards them)

Nat: Ooh what's this [reads CHAOS IS COMING]
Yasmin: Let me see! (grabs paper off Nat) Oooh that sounds mysterious.
Cindy: (peaks) More like creepy..
Nat: (shivers) Imagine that was supposed to come to us!
Yasmin: ....

(Later on in the night at the annual house party held by Alec's cousins)

Cindy: You have nice hair..
Gerard: Really? Yours is pretty cool as well, are you naturally blonde?
Cindy: Yeah but I dye it I don't like my natural tone (sighs)
Gerard: I'm sure you'd look great with any hair colour.
Cindy: Aw thanks (smiles)
Robbie: Alec did I should you this really freaky call I got earlier on before school?
Alec: Uhh (thinks) no, why?
Robbie: I've been thinking and it's just really random and creepy.
Alec: You thought Spongebob was random and
Robbie: No but I'm really serious here look (let's Alex listen to the phone call he has)
Alec: Chaos is coming? Is that an upcoming movie?
Robbie: No (sighs) I got this phone call out of the blue and it's really confusing..
Alec: If I were you I wouldn't worry about it mate it's probably a prank call or something.
Robbie: At 7:30 in the morning?
Alec: Mm..

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