July 07, 2010

Foster Family: The Surprise

Created & Produced By
EliteNews - Baya Nikolas


Emorox4eva - Jenna
Star_Awards - Vanessa
Vasia28 - Vasia

Guest Starring
Decowood - Stanley
N1mka4eva - Charlotte
DKCalifornia95 - Daniel

The Surprise (S2-E1)

(Vasia's condo; Vasia and her boyfriend Daniel are getting ready)

Vasia- Daniel, where's my i-phone at? I gotta call Jenna.
Daniel- Check your nightstand in the bedroom.
Vasia- (Walks to bedroom) Got it! Thanks babe. (Dial's Jenna's number)
Jenna- Hey Vasia!!
Vasia- Hey Jen. Can you meet me at the cafe downtown around 2pm?
Jenna- Sure. Why?
Vasia- It's a surprise!! Tell Vanessa when you pick her up, I tried calling her but the phone was busy again for like the million time!! Poor Charlotte!
Jenna- She misses her, I don't blame her. Charlotte is always away on business.
Vasia- I give their marriage 6 months tops.
Jenna- Don't start V... we're see you later sis. Bye.
Vasia- Bye Jen.

(Jenna's home; Jenna is on her way out the door)

Stanley-Who was that?
Jenna- Just Vasia, she wants Vanessa and me to meet her downtown this afternoon. She has a "surprise" for us. (laughs)
Stanley- That girl is always full of surprises.
Jenna- I just hope it's a good surprise. (Grabs Prada bag) Well... I'll be back by dinner. Vanessa and I gotta pick the flower arrangements for the wedding. (Give's Stanley a kiss) I love you.
Stanley- Love you too hun.
Jenna- Please make sure Fiona gets her nap at noon or else she'll be fussy throughout the night.
Stanley- I know. Bye Jen. (Escorts Jenna out the door)

(Vanessa's home; Vanessa is on the phone with her fiance Charlotte)

Vanessa- I miss you!
Charlotte- I know, I'll be there by tonight, I promise.
Vanessa- Can't wait to see you finally, it feels like we've been apart forever!!.
Charlotte- It's only been 1 week Nessa. Were have the rest of our lives to be together.
Vanessa- Your right.
Charlotte- So what are your plans for today?
Vanessa- Jenna and I gotta go pick the flower arrangements for the wedding. I'm thinking about going with red and white roses....what do you think?

(Honks are coming from outside)

Vanessa- Oh crap, Jenna's here. I'll talk to you later Charlie!
Charlotte- Love you!
Vanessa- Me too, bye!! (Hangs up cell)

(More honks)

Vanessa- I'm coming, I'm coming!!! (Grabs bag and heads out the door)

(Downtown, Jenna & Vanessa walk into flower shop)

Jenna- Hello, were the Foster appointment.
Shop Owner- We've been expecting you, I'm Ana. Please follow me. (walks towards the back) So, you said you wanted white and red roses right?
Jenna- Yes.
Ana- Here they are.
Jenna- Wow, their beautiful. What do you think Vanessa?
Vanessa- Love.... (Eyes get watery)
Jenna- Are you okay?
Vanessa- Yes, I just wish Charlotte was here.
Jenna- Oh Nessa, it's ok. She'll be here by tonight.
Vanessa- Yeah...

(1 hour later)

Jenna- (Walking towards the front of the shop) My husband and his buddies will come to collect the flowers arraignments on June 30th.
Ana- That's fine with us.
Vanessa- Thanks for everything. The flowers are very loving. (Walks out of shop)
Jenna- (Looks at watch) Crap! Were late, we were suppose to meet Vasia at the cafe 10 minutes ago.

(Cafe; Jenna and Vanessa meet-up with Vasia; Vasia announces her big surprise)

Vanessa- (Walks in cafe) Hey sis, sorry were late, we got caught up at the flower shop. (Gives Vasia a hug and kiss)
Jenna- So sorry Vasia. (Hugs and kiss)
Vasia- It's ok. I'm too excited to be upset right now.
Vanessa- So, what's the big surprise?
Jenna- Please let it be good.
Vasia- It is!!
Vanessa- So....what is it?
Vasia- I just signed a record deal!!!
Vanessa- Wh...What? You? Sing? (laughs)
Jenna- Wow, congrats!!!
Vanessa- Just playing, I'm so happy for you!
Vasia- Thanks guys!!
Jenna- Who signed you?
Vasia- Dark Doll Records, and.....Daniel will be producing my album.
Vanessa- Of course he is.
Vasia- What's that suppose to mean?
Vanessa- The guy always has to control everything you do!
Vasia- And Charlotte is any different?
Jenna- Ok you two, don't start.
Vanessa- I'm sorry but I just don't like the guy....congrats still. (Get's up)
Jenna- Well see you later Vasia! We really gotta go. Bye. (Both walk out door)
Vasia- Agh!!