September 08, 2011

Samantha King: No Longer Desired

"No Longer Desired"
Season 1: Episode 10

Queen-of-mean. as Samantha King

Tylerisbold as Nathan Woodward

Time passed quickly following their one month anniversary. Samantha continued to deviate from her family at all costs. She claimed to be spending her time at work and out doing other things that sounded scholar-worthy. In an effort to perfect her flawed appearance assumption, Samantha began skipping as many meals as she could manage without Nathan knowing. She started coming to his house later each day, usually spending hours in a diner, wasting time until she could see him. She’d pretend to have already eaten every time she’d arrive at his house and skimp heavily on whatever dish he put in front of her. When she knew she had to eat or risk being discovered, Samantha would purge it later that night. Even on her eighteenth birthday, Samantha faked having a stomach bug so she could deter from eating her birthday cake. The constant thought of food drove Nathan away from her, both emotionally and sexually. She no longer desired to have him touch her. They would go days without having sex, which for any other couple might have been normal. She no longer liked being close to him, especially when unclothed.

Samantha and Nathan sat across from each other at the breakfast table. Unlike other early mornings, Samantha did not speak excitedly about the plans she had for the day. Her plans were going to be the exact opposite of what Nathan would want to hear. She sipped gingerly on her mug of black coffee while Nathan read his newspaper. Samantha cleared her throat to get his attention. He inclined his head but continued to read the article as he did so. Sam tapped the table and he immediately looked at her.

Samantha: We need to take a break. (She muttered miserably)
Nathan: (Furrowed his brow) Why? What’s wrong?
Samantha: I just need some time to myself.
Nathan: (Rolled up the paper and threw it on the ground at his side) Are you angry with me?
Samantha: No, I just need to take a break. Nathan, I start university in a few weeks. I don’t have any money saved, I have nowhere to live, I’m lonely, I haven’t worked out, and I just need a break from being here and with you…
Nathan: What do you mean you’re lonely?
Samantha: Please Nathan...
Nathan: Are you leaving me for someone else?
Samantha: No. That’s not what I meant. Nathan, I haven’t seen any of my friends since I graduated. Surprisingly, I want to be with them for once. It’s just too much. I’m going to go insane if I stay here one more day.
Nathan: Then leave Samantha. Get your things and leave! I never forced you to stay here. What was all that bullshit a few weeks ago about wanting to get married and live together for the rest of our lives? (Slams fist down on the table)
Samantha: I meant it at the time! Nathan, I’m not happy! Don’t you get it?
Nathan: No! I don’t get it, Sam. Why don’t you spell it out for me?
Samantha: I’m tired. It’s getting to the point where I even miss my parents. I can’t take you anywhere in my world because I’ll be persecuted for it. You just flaunt me around like I’m some prize you’ve won. When’s it going to be my turn?
Nathan: You are so immature sometimes, Samantha. Why is everything always about you? You don’t think I sacrifice things for you? You don’t think I’ve put my neck out there when trying to keep you happy? I am stuck between playing mediator, daddy, and fuck buddy! (Throwing his mug across the room and letting it smash to the ground)
Samantha: (Jumped in her seat) I can’t stand it anymore! Here’s your goddamn ring back! Congrats on leaving your wife! You’re a bastard!! (Ripped the ring off her hand and threw it in his face)

Nathan rose from his chair so violently that it flew backwards and hit the wall. Samantha screamed as he gripped her by the forearms and held her against the cabinets. He didn’t shout or yell or even speak. Instead, he shook her roughly and uttered a frustrated growl. She begged him to let her go. He bit his lip and shook his head, squeezing his eyes shut as he lowered his head to the floor. It was almost as if he didn’t realize what he had done. He released Samantha and stooped down to the ground where he picked up her diamond ring. Nathan didn’t look at Samantha, who had stood completely still even as he let go of her.

Nathan: Just keep it Sam. Don’t make me take it back. (Trying to slip the ring back on her hand)
Samantha: (Bent her fingers and pulled her hand back) No, I don’t want that ring. I don’t want you. I’m done.
Nathan: (Wrapped his arms around himself and let out a long, shaky breath. He sounded near to tears when he spoke) Watch the glass when you leave.

Samantha nodded and tiptoed into his bedroom to gather her belongings. Inside, she reminded herself to breathe. Her body ached from the tension and her head spun. Silently, she collected her clothing and overnight things. With one last look, she whimpered as she left it all behind. When she emerged from the doorway, Nathan forced a check in her face. Samantha glanced at it and saw that the amount was for a thousand dollars. She sighed and shrugged, avoiding his eyes.

Samantha: I don’t want your money, Nathan. It’s not going to keep me here. (Tried to hand it back)
Nathan: I don’t want to keep you here Sam. This is to make up for all the time you could have spent working. Life isn’t cheap and this won’t get you far but it’s all I have to give you. Don’t be proud, just take it and leave.
Samantha: Why are you doing this, Nathan?
Nathan: I’ll still be here when you find out.
Samantha: Find out what?
Nathan: That you need help. You’re not fooling anyone. Look at yourself. (Looking her up and down with disgust)
Samantha: You noticed?
Nathan: There are doctors we can see. You’re not in this alone. (Reaching out to grab her hand)
Samantha: (Twitched when he touched her. She placed the check on the counter to brush him off) I don’t want help. I can take care of myself. This is not your problem.
Nathan: Wait a minute…Sam.
Samantha: No, that’s it. I’m not talking about this anymore. (Walked out the door)

Tears were spilling all over her face as she tore from the apartment and down the hallway. Nathan could be heard calling her name as she caught the elevator. Samantha sobbed into her soft camel coat, all the while feeling both ashamed and disloyal. He knew about her deformity all along. What hurt her more than anything was the look of disgust on his face as he looked her over. He was not pleased with how she had changed her body to suit him. She had failed him. What was worse, she had broken off the single most successful relationship she had ever managed for nothing. Nathan would never take her back. She had returned her ring and told him she no longer loved him. Samantha crumpled to the floor in despair.

**Season Finale next Thursday, September 15th!

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