September 01, 2011

Samantha King: The Next Mrs.Woodward

"The Next Mrs.Woodward"
Season 1: Episode 9

Queen-of-mean. as Samantha King

Tylerisbold as Nathan Woodward

The Woodward-King affair continued for several weeks. Samantha would tell her parents she was going to work and then hurry to Nathan’s house for dinner with him and Peter. The trio would sit on the sofa and watch television for an hour or so before Peter went to bed. The rest of the night, Nathan would make love to Samantha. Some nights, Nathan took them out to dinner at a nice restaurant. Other times, they spent the evenings at the movies. Some days, Samantha was able to sneak away during the day and they would spend their time at the shore.

It came to the point where Nathan dressed Samantha more sophisticated so she appeared older. He took her on lavish shopping sprees, buying her designer dresses, purses, and makeup. He accompanied her to the nail salon, where he insisted she keep up with her nails, as well as a hairstylist. Samantha often felt they took things overboard, but Nathan refused to let her leave the house any other way, sometimes causing them to miss their dinner reservations. Half of his closet was devoted to her double life’s wardrobe. He even challenged her to moderate the way she spoke, giving up on the common slang of her high school days. She obliged only to keep him happy and it paid off when he no longer hid their relationship in public. He held her hand and kissed her like any other couple would do. Peter even began referring to Samantha as his daddy’s girlfriend.

Things were not only getting more intense as a family; Nathan and Samantha’s sexual relationship was on fire. Due to their abnormally frequent sexual activity, Nathan took Samantha to a doctor friend and had her get a shot of birth control to manipulate her periods for every three months.

It was a week before Samantha’s eighteenth birthday when they were to celebrate their one-month anniversary. Samantha knew the date was coming up but she wasn’t sure if Nathan was aware of it. To her delight, Nathan had not forgotten their anniversary. Samantha was at home by herself one day while her parents were at work. She was awoken by the sound of her cell phone going off.

Samantha: Hello?
Nathan: Good morning sweetheart…I love you…happy anniversary!
Samantha: (Giggled) I didn’t think you remembered, babe. I love you too.
Nathan: What are you doing around noon?
Samantha: (Looked at her clock) I don’t know. What do you have in mind?
Nathan: I’m taking the rest of the day off so I can spend it with my girl.
Samantha: Oh babe. You don’t have to do that. I’ll just see you tonight.
Nathan: Don’t worry about it. Just get dolled up in one of those cute little dresses you have and I’ll come pick you up.
Samantha: No, I’ll drive. You can’t come here. Listen, I’ll meet you at your house.
Nathan: Okay sweetheart. I’ll see you at noon.
Samantha: Love you.

Samantha glanced down at her pillow and smothered her face before screaming into it. Jumping up, she bounced on her bed excitedly and then ran to her closet. She threw on dress after dress before deciding on a black and purple asymmetrical argyle mini dress. Quickly, she showered and nurtured her body with fragrant powders and perfumes. She looked at her body in the mirror and smirked. After a week of near-starvation, she could see the effect on her body. Her hips looked at least an inch smaller. Still not satisfied, Samantha sighed and pulled on her little dress and a pair of black tights. Quickly putting on her makeup, she grabbed her newest treasure, a black Nine West tote that Nathan bought her one day at the mall, and ran into the kitchen where she jotted a quick excuse for her absence on the fridge.

When she approached Nathan’s apartment, her heart began to beat faster. She knocked and waited. Nathan opened the door and smiled. He was dressed nicely in a pair of jeans and a black sweater, with a white collar sticking out at the top. She noticed, that like always, he was nicely shaven and his skin almost shined he looked so clean. Samantha’s heart skipped a beat as he spoke, his welcoming smile bright and eager.

Nathan: Babe.... (Hugging her and holding her out to look her over)
Samantha: You like? (Twirling around)
Nathan: You look amazing.
Samantha: I tried my best.
Nathan: So did I. Here’s present number one! (He presented her with a bouquet of roses)
Samantha: They’re wonderful. Thank you!
Nathan: (Kissed her lightly) Have a seat on the couch.
Samantha: Ok...
Nathan: (Sat beside her and held her hand)
Samantha: You’re too good to be true.
Nathan: It gets better. I am taking you to this cute little café on the beach where they just so happened to serve an amazing grouper sandwich. I know you like grouper and the beach so it sounded good to me.
Samantha: Sounds delish. I have a present for you too. (She pulled out a medium-sized box she decorated herself and handed it to him)
Nathan: Samantha, you weren’t supposed to get me anything.
Samantha: I know, but your love it babe. Open it!

Nathan opened the box and withdrew a silver picture frame. The picture itself was of Samantha and Peter. Peter was laughing while Samantha pushed him on a swing set at the park. Nathan swallowed. He remembered taking this photo and giving Samantha the negatives. He put the picture aside and took out another frame. This one was a picture he did not remember taking. It was taken in a café somewhere. Samantha had her arms around his neck and was kissing him on the cheek. Both of them were smiling with closed eyes. He looked at Samantha and winked.

Nathan: I love it. It’s perfect. I love you babe.
Samantha: You’re welcome. Happy anniversary babe. I love you too.

Hand in hand, they entered the Mexican-themed grouper shack. Salsa music played and everyone waved Coronas around. Samantha smiled when they sat down on a deck outside, under an umbrella. She liked the way the salty air blew around them lazily and the sun shone down on her arms warmly. She sat in a deck chair beside Nathan and held his hand while they looked out at the waves. Samantha took a deep breath in and sighed, topping it off with giggles.

Samantha: Don’t you just love the beach? It’s so peaceful.
Nathan: (Played with her fingers) Couldn’t live anywhere else.
Waiter: (Approaches their table) So what will you both like to drink?
Nathan: Two Bay Breezes and a Corona with lime, please.
Samantha: And one water please.
Nathan: (Bit his lip and looked at her with an annoyed expression)
Samantha: Not tonight, Nate. I can’t fight it today.
Nathan: Fine. So what are you going to have? A piece of lettuce?
Samantha: Stop it. I’m going to have a grouper sandwich, alright?

Nathan didn’t reply; he just continued to read the menu. A minute later, their waiter returned with their drinks. Samantha snatched her Bay Breeze and began to drink it immediately. The waiter watched, amused, and then asked to take their order.

Samantha: An eight ounce grouper sandwich, please. Fries on the side.
Nathan: I'll have the same except I rather have four ounces. (Sat back and took a swig of his beer. He played with the lime but only when he couldn’t stand to have Samantha glare at him from behind her now empty glass) We’re celebrating today. You can eat whatever you want.
Samantha: Mind if I have your Breeze?
Nathan: You’re going to get drunk if you don’t pace yourself babe.
Samantha: Never mind. I don’t want it.
Nathan: Why not?
Samantha: I just don’t want it.
Nathan: A glass of vodka is not going to make you fat, Sam.
Samantha: I know that! It’s just…
Nathan: Sam, what is going on lately? Why can’t we ever just enjoy a meal?
Samantha: I’m sorry. Really, I just have a lot running through my head right now. Forgive me? (Tickling his wrist)
Nathan: (Grinned mildly)

When their food came, Nathan and Samantha switched plates without even speaking. She tried to eat her whole sandwich but four ounces of fish proved to be too much. Nathan finished her sandwich for her and left his uneaten half to be taken home for Peter to eat later. Samantha, though queasy at the thought, enjoyed eating their anniversary lunch. After they paid their bill, Samantha took off her boots and tights and threw them in the backseat of Nathan’s car. She pranced along the beach, swishing in the water, and kicking sand everywhere. Nathan retrieved a small digital camera out of his glove box and took pictures of her every movement.

Nathan: Strike an ‘I love you’ pose! (Called out to Samantha when she was near the water)
Samantha: (Held her arms above her head as though reaching to Heaven and bounced around on her toes with her eyes closed) I love you!
Nathan: (Chuckled as he snapped several shots of her at once)
Samantha: (Ran and tackled him in the sand. She sat on top of his legs and played the drums on his chest)
Nathan: (Laughed and seized her head in his hands and kissed her lips)
Samantha: Not now! I have fish breath.
Nathan: (Busted out laughing again and kissed her all over her face) I love you Sam.

They rolled in the white sand until Nathan was nearly touching the murky mess near the water’s edge. Standing up, they held each other as they walked back and forth in the water, collecting different shaped shells. When it got too warm, they headed back to the car. They were driving down the interstate when Nathan poked Samantha in the arm.

Samantha: Ouch! (She giggled) That hurt.
Nathan: Open the glove box and hand me the map inside please.
Samantha: (Looked inside for a map. There were different papers shoved in envelopes and bank receipts. Samantha couldn’t find it. She drew her head back) Are you sure you put one in here?
Nathan: (Shrugged and dug around inside his pocket. Finally he withdrew something small from his pocket. He grinned at her) Forget the map. Why don’t you give this a try? Present number two. (He held a small ring between his fingers)
Samantha: Nate. (Gasped as she made to take it from him)
Nathan: (He clasped it in his palm and asked for her left hand and he slipped the small object on her ring finger)
Samantha: (She looked down at the ring and back at him, awestruck and speechless) It's beautiful, but...
Nathan: I’m not asking you to marry me.
Samantha: Good. (Let out a sigh of relief)
Nathan: I’m legally divorced now. Signed the papers yesterday.
Samantha: Really? Oh Nate. Thanks.
Nathan: This ring is a promise ring, Sam. I want you to wear it every day. If there ever comes a day when you decide you don’t love me anymore, I want it back.
Samantha: That won't ever happen babe. I love you. The ring is perfect.
Nathan: I’ll buy you a bigger one when you’re older.
Samantha: I’m turning eighteen in a week.
Nathan: I know. Think of this as an early birthday gift.

Samantha waved the ring around in the sunlight and watched its reflection bounce off the roof of the car. She wondered what her parents would say if they saw it. She decided she didn’t care. She wasn’t going to hide it. She’d wear it every day as a sign of her devotion to the man beside her. They drove back to the apartment where Nathan led her to the sofa. He massaged her feet slowly, winking at her every now and then. Samantha pointed with her fingers to come sit next to her. Nathan sat next to her and sighed. Samantha made him pull off his sweater. She massaged his neck and shoulder blades. Nathan groaned and rolled his neck. Sam kissed the side of his head and ran her fingers through his hair. She rested her head on his shoulder and talked from behind him.

Samantha: I want to stay here forever.
Nathan: I wish you did babe.
Samantha: I could. Next time you give me a ring, I want it to accompany a life with you.
Nathan: You want to get married?
Samantha: Yes, I want to get married. Not now, of course. In a few years.
Nathan: If that’s what you want babe. ,
Samantha: I want to be the next Mrs. Woodward. I want to build a house on the shore where we could live together with Peter like a little family. Maybe get a golden retriever. What do you think?
Nathan: Sounds like everything I’ve ever wanted. (He carried Samantha off to his bedroom once again and made love to her throughout the evening)

In the middle of the night, Samantha found herself stumbling into the bathroom while Nathan slept. She did everything she could to hold back tears but they flooded her eyes and dripped onto her bare legs. As she sobbed, she looked in the mirror and examined her “new” body. She felt she looked worse than ever. Samantha pinched the fat on the sides of her stomach and nearly gagged. The retching gave her an idea. She turned on the faucet then stuck her head deep into the toilet bowl, right above the water. With all her might and as quietly as possible, she forced herself to vomit.

At first, all she could manage was a watery, mucous-stringed substance. She persisted and kept pushing on her stomach until she could feel her dinner erupt from deep in her gut. The taste made her feel even worse and it soon became quite easy to continue vomiting. When she figured she had emptied all she could from her stomach, she turned off the faucet and flushed the toilet. She looked into the mirror and saw her face was very red. She appeared to have just made herself ill. She turned the faucet back on and splashed cool water on her face and neck. Quickly, Samantha took Nathan’s toothpaste and squeezed some onto her fingers. She smeared the paste on her teeth and the inside of her mouth. She gargled and spat once. When she was finished, she grabbed a t-shirt off the back of the door and pulled it on quickly. She hurried back to bed and forced herself to fall asleep. Her plans for the next month frightened her into a rattled sleep.

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