September 06, 2011

Diamonds Are Forever: Fire & Ice


"Fire & Ice"
Season 1: Episode 8

Ruubin as Crystal Darcy
Alexcendraburke as Opal Granger
Missricopenguin as Ruby Lorenzo


Lige07 as Drake Darcy
Dog_boy96 as Maxwell Briers

Opal was out of the hospital by the weekend and her parents were none the wiser to her eating problem. One of the nurse's had tentatively pointed out that Opal looked a little under weight but the Opal had managed to wave off the kind nurse's concerns by saying she hadn't eaten much as she'd been so nervous about the performance. The nurse hadn't been entirely convinced at first but when she saw Opal eating the hospital food without any trouble she forgot her worries. Of course when Opal returned home and her parents stopped fussing over her the first thing she did was empty the contents of her stomach into the toilet unaware of her brother listening on the other side of the door.

Over in the Darcy household, Crystal was in the lounge writing an essay when there was a knock at the door. Setting her stuff aside she went to answer it.

Crystal: Oliver? What are you doing here? Is Opal ok?
Oliver: I think we both know that she isn't. She really does have an...eating problem...doesn't she?
Crystal: Yes. Do you want to come in?
Oliver: (Stepped inside, then followed Crystal into the living-room)
Drake: Hey Oliver. How's your sister? (Walks in living-room)
Oliver: She's out of the hospital. But you were right about her...problem. I'm sorry I didn't take you seriously before.
Drake: Don't worry about it, I understand. So have you talked to your parents at all?
Oliver: (Shook his head and leaned forward placing his head in his hands) I really don't know what I'm supposed to do here.
Crystal: Well it would probably help if you stopped calling Opal fat. (Told him in a harsh voice)
Drake: Crystal. (Said in a warning voice)
Crystal: Sorry.
Oliver: Don't be. You're absolutely right.
Drake: We'll find a way to help her man.

The two boys went up to Drake's room and Crystal continued with her essay. A couple of hours later Oliver said goodbye and headed home.

Drake: Need any help with that?
Crystal: No thanks, I just finished.
Drake: Do you have any other homework that you need help on?
Crystal: No, I'm done.
Drake: Are you hanging out with Gem or anyone today?
Crystal: Nope. (She turned on the T.V and began flicking through the channels)
Drake: Good. In that case we're going ice-skating.
Crystal: What? You can't even skate.
Drake: True. You can teach me then.
Crystal: I don't....
Drake: (Switched the T.V off and dragged Crystal to the ice-skating rink)

Crystal had her own pair of skates which she put on while Drake went to the booth to rent some. Drake put his feet in and began fiddling with the straps trying to fix them on correctly. Crystal watched him struggle for a few minutes before taking pity on him and helped him.

Crystal: You're useless.
Drake: Shut up. (Messing up her hair)
Crystal: Drake! (She cried hitting him on the shoulder)
Drake: (Grinned at her before heading over to the ice)
Crystal: (Followed him and gracefully began to skate across the frozen water leaving him behind to cling on to the rink edge and slip and slide feebly as he attempted to skate)

Crystal glided around the rink three times before skidding to a faultless stop beside Drake, who had fallen onto his backside. She giggled at him a little before offering her hand to help him up. He stood on shaking legs and wobbled horribly before falling again, this time bringing Crystal down on top of him. Drake apologized with a laugh not noticing Crystal's blush at their awkward position before she pushed herself to her feet and pulled him up again. He continued to wobble and fall but he seemed to improve somewhat. As they slowly skated their way round, Drake took her hand in his. The next time he lost his balance he pulled Crystal down again, this time landing on top of her. Like before he laughed at himself and made an apology while she blushed. He didn't move off of her immediately and Crystal couldn't help but look up at his handsome face wondering how it would feel to be kissed by him. Not having the courage to find out, she gently pushed him off of her and climbed to her feet. Drake pulled himself up too and took her hand again as they continued to skate.

Drake: So Oliver will be looking out for Opal too now.
Crystal: Yeah, I feel a little better now that someone in her family knows. But I still think the road ahead is going to be tough.
Drake: Well every road has bumps and obstacles. Anyway, now that Opal has her brother looking out for her my main priority is you.
Crystal: Excuse me?
Drake: This problem you have. Whatever it is I want to help but I can't do that if you don't tell me.
Crystal: I can't tell you. (Dropped her eyes downward so she didn't have to look at him)
Drake: Crystal, just tell me. (Tucked a finger under her chin lifting her face back up)
Crystal: Ok. (Sighed taking a dramatic breath) I'm an alien.

Drake frowned at her but all she did was smile before pulling her hand out of his and gliding away before he could question her further. After managing one lap around the skating rink without assistance, Drake stepped off the ice and sat on one of the chairs to watch Crystal gracefully pass by as she danced effortlessly across the ice.

Skating Rink Owner: She looks made for the ice doesn't she?
Drake: Excuse me?
Skating Rink Owner: That pretty little blonde you've been starring at. I said she looks made for the ice. The way she moves so freely, it's like she belongs there.
Drake: Yeah, I suppose she does.
Skating Rink Owner: I've always said she was born for the ice that one. Ever since she first came here as a little girl I've said so. You know she didn't even fall over once the first time she stepped onto the ice, she's a natural that girl. You're very lucky to have her you know; you don't want to let a diamond like that go.
Drake: What? She's not...I mean we aren't a couple.
Skating Rink Owner: Well you better get a move on and tell her how you feel son. She won't be single forever you know. If you don't make your move some over other guy will snatch her up.
Drake: Wait, you've got this all wrong, it's not like that.
Skating Rink Owner: Hey its ok, you don't have to pretend. I've seen the way you two kids have been looking at each other all day. It's blindingly obvious. I know love when I see it.

Before Drake could regain control of his vocal chords to tell the man that Crystal was in fact his step-sister he had already moved on and Crystal was now standing beside him ready to leave. Drake barely looked at Crystal as they silently walked home.

In the isolation of her house, Ruby Lorenzo sat in the bath tub with her knees pulled up to her chest and her arms wrapped around her legs. She sat alone in the deafening silence. Many thoughts crossed her mind. She thought about Opal, Opal lying on the hospital bed, falling off the stage, popping breath mints into her mouth, emerging from the toilet looking weak, the way her bone joints were beginning to poke through her skin, Opal with vomit in her hair. She also thought about Gem and Crystal, Gem looking scared and ashamed, Crystal looking confused and worried about herself and the others. Then her thoughts drifted to Maxwell, the two of them in playschool playing in the sandbox, herself building a wall of blocks around her only to have Max knock it down, Max cutting her fingers with scissors before she put glue in his hair, Max's hand pressed against the car window touching her hand through the glass before the car drove him away, meeting Max again in the corridor after being thrown out of art, Max smiling at her, Max rubbing the back of his neck, the sunlight glinting off of Max's lip ring. Ruby shook her head, her first sign of movement for a whole hour, as if to banish thoughts of her friends. Instead she tried to think about her parents but very little came to her.

Ruby shivered slightly as she finally noticed the cold. She pulled the plug and let the water go before stepping out of the bath tub and crossing the large bathroom and stepping into the shower to wash herself properly. Once she was dry she headed downstairs and watched a little T.V. During a commercial the phone rang and she quickly moved to answer it.

Ruby: Hello?
Mr: Lorenzo: Ah Ruby, is your mother there?
Ruby: No dad, she's at work.
Mr: Lorenzo: Of course she is. Give her a message for me Ruby. (Gives her the information of a time and date and hangs up quickly)
Ruby: Dad??

She slammed the phone down and switched the T.V off before heading out. She meandered down the streets until she had walked so far that she was now in the rough area of town. Walking past the graffiti walls and cracked sidewalks with an air of determination, she made her way purposely toward a little corner shop. The chime of the bell as she entered the door made her cringe and she couldn't help but scrunch her nose at the smell. She squeezed through the little aisle of the shop and up to the counter. A scruffy looking man with many tattoos adorning his bare wrinkled arms stood on the other side with a stick hanging out the corner of his mouth and reading a pornographic magazine. Ruby requested a pack of cigarettes, a lighter and beer. Not bothering to ask for I.D the man tossed the items into a brown bag before holding out his hand for the money. Ruby handed him the money and hastily took her purchases telling him to keep the change. She left the shop as quickly as she could and held the bag close to her chest as she headed back onto her side of town. Ruby breathed easier when she was back in familiar territory and slowed down her pace. She let her feet lead her and found herself on the grassy area by the stream. Sitting down and slipping her shoes off, she made herself comfortable before digging out the lighter and cigarettes. She took a deep drag before coughing and spluttering. Looking to the left, Ruby saw Maxwell jogging over to her. She took another puff as Max sat down next to her.

Maxwell: I didn't know you smoked.
Ruby: I didn't until today. (Coughing again and stubbed the cigarette out before flicking it into the river. She then reached into the brown bag and pulled out a can of beer. She opened the can and took a long gulp)
Maxwell: It's a little early to be drinking alcohol isn't it?
Ruby: Give me a break I've just quit smoking.
Maxwell: Well, hand one over to me. (He said holding out his hand for a beer)
Ruby: Why should I?
Maxwell: Because I've just quit being angry at you.
Ruby: (Rolled her eyes at him as she handed him a beer)
Maxwell: Thanks. (Opened it and downed the whole can)
Ruby: Am I supposed to be impressed by that?
Maxwell: Not really. (He scooted closer to her) Mind if I have another?
Ruby: Have it all, it tastes like shit anyway.
Maxwell: So what you doing out here?
Ruby: Just wanted to get out of the house for a while.
Maxwell: Talk to me Ruby.
Ruby: Um...I am.
Maxwell: No, I mean really talk to me.
Ruby: What's the difference?
Maxwell: I don't want you to talk just to cover the silence. I want you to talk properly, about you and what's bothering you. Take down the barbed wire for a while and let me get a little closer.
Ruby: No. (Answered coldly flicking the lighter on and admiring the flame before letting it go out)
Maxwell: Why not? Why won't you let people get close to you?
Ruby: People bore me.
Maxwell: Liar. You can't keep people out forever you know.
Ruby: I can try.
Maxwell: What are you so afraid of?
Ruby: Getting burnt. (She flicked the lighter on again) I don't want to feel the flames. (She flicked the lighter off)
Maxwell: Huh? (Looking utterly confused)
Ruby: (Smiled faintly before turning the lighter on again and waving the flame in front of his face before letting it die) The fire's pretty right?
Maxwell:'s not so pretty centimeters from my face, but ordinarily I guess it's kind of pretty.
Ruby: But it hurts. It looks pretty but it hurts.
Maxwell: So that's what you're afraid of? You're afraid that if you let people in they'll hurt you, that you'll get burnt.
Ruby: Not necessarily. I might be the one to burn them.
Maxwell: I'm not afraid.
Ruby: Really?
Maxwell: Really.
Ruby: Prove it. Prove you're not afraid to get burnt.
Maxwell: How?

By way of an answer Ruby flicked the lighter back on and looked at him expectantly. She fully expected the look of shock that appeared on the boy's face. What she did not expect was for him to place his hand over the flame and hold it there as it melted his flesh. Although the burning hurt like hell and tears stung at his eyes, Maxwell did not remove his hand. He locked eyes with Ruby and kept his gaze on hers long after she's turned the lighter off.

Maxwell: You see, I'm not afraid of the fire. I'm not afraid of what I feel, and I'm not afraid of you.
Ruby: (Gently turning his hand palm up and taking in the sight of the burn mark) I didn't think you'd actually do it you crazy shit!
Maxwell: It got your attention though right?
Ruby: It did. Doesn't it hurt?
Maxwell: Like hell it does! Pass me those beer cans.

Ruby did as he asked and Max placed his sore hand onto the cold cans to relieve the pain of the burn. And the two sat there for a couple hours talking and admiring the dark sky.

**Season Finale next Tuesday, September 13th!


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There's only one episode left? Or will there be an other season?

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There will be a Season 2. The final season for the show.

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I want it to never end. I wish I was really drake

ICON! said...

I want it to never end. I wish I was really drake

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