July 26, 2011

Diamonds Are Forever: Piece Of Art


"Piece Of Art"
Season 1: Episode 2

ForeverGorgeous as Gem Alexander
Ruubin as Crystal Darcy
Alexcendraburke as Opal Granger
Missricopenguin as Ruby Lorenzo


Lige07 as Drake Darcy
Dog_boy96 as Maxwell Briers

Gem ran home as fast as she could and hurtled up the stairs the second she entered her house. She was aware of her mother calling out to her but she ignored it for fear that her mom would somehow know her secret if she spoke to her now. She ran into the bathroom, threw her schoolbag down and locked the door before ripping off her clothing and jumping into the shower. She cried to herself as the water cascaded down her body. Grabbing the soap, Gem began cleaning herself vigorously trying to rid herself of the invisible dirt that clung to her body like a second skin. After a ridiculously long time spent in the shower, Gem stepped out with her skin red raw and wrinkled still feeling horribly unclean. She got dressed and dried her hair and headed out to Ruby's place knowing the red-head would be on her own.

The door was opened before Gem had even knocked and Ruby gestured for her to come in. They went up to Ruby's room together and launched into a meaningless conversation about boys that neither girl was really interested in. Almost two hours later the phone rang. Gem's mother had called to see if she was there and asked her to come home. When Gem left, Ruby set about making her own dinner. After washing up after herself she sat at her computer and wrote poetry. Before going to bed Ruby heard the sound of her mom's car pull up outside and the noise she made as she stepped through the door. Her mom made no effort to see her daughter in her room and she made no effort to see her mom downstairs. Ruby stayed on the computer into the early hours of the morning forcing herself to ignore the sinister whispers inside her head daring her to open her bedside draw.

The next morning, Ruby was beyond tired yet somehow still looked as beautiful as ever. When Ruby was ready to walk to school, her mom had already left without her daughter having seen her once. On the journey to school Ruby slipped off her red high-heeled sandals and walked barefooted across the grass listening to the sound of the flowing stream. Knowing she had plenty of time, Ruby paused by the stream a while and dipped her toes into the water. As she relaxed by the river she considered ditching school for the day but before she'd come to a proper decision her shoes were back on her feet and she was stood by the school gates alongside Gem, Opal and Crystal.

The four girls beamed at one another as they passed through the gate offering smiles to anyone they made eye-contact with. Ruby's first lesson of the day was art. As always she sat beside Gem and took her stuff out. Ten minutes later Ruby Lorenzo found herself wandering the corridors aimlessly having been kicked out of the lesson by Miss Harris for correctly answering a question. Hearing footsteps behind her, Ruby whirled around but relaxed when she saw another student and not a member of staff.

Boy: Ruby.
Ruby: Uh....Hi.
Boy: You're not in class.
Ruby: Nor are you?
Boy: True, but it's only religious studies I'm missing. And I've never believed in that stuff so what's the point.
Ruby: How rebellious of you.
Boy: So what's your excuse? (Leaning casually against the wall.)
Ruby: I got kicked out of art. Again.
Boy: (Raised an eyebrow before letting out a short laugh)
Ruby: What's your name anyway? (Realizing she had no idea)
Boy: Maxwell Briers (sounding a little insulted) We were in playschool together; you put glue in my hair.
Ruby: (Laughed lightly) Right, you're the kid who cut my hair with scissors.
Maxwell: Yeah, I'm sorry about that.
Ruby: But didn't you move away or something? (Leans against the wall beside him)
Maxwell: I did yeah but my family moved back about two weeks ago.

The two teens continued talking for a while; well Maxwell did most of the talking, Ruby was content enough to just listen. When the bell rang and students began to spill into the halls they parted ways.

Ruby: I got to go. (Smiles) Bye Maxwell.
Maxwell: Call me Max. And Ruby!
Ruby: Yeah?
Maxwell: I missed your smile.
Ruby: (Rolls her eyes but smiled all the same as she headed off to Science)

Crystal: Are you ok Ruby? (Working on experiment)
Ruby: I'm fine why? (Writing down notes in book)
Crystal: No reason it's just that...well you're...you know...doing work. (Confused)
Ruby: I'm in a scientific mood today.

When lunch time came, Ruby, Crystal and Gem sat under the shade of a tree, but Opal excused herself to go to the restroom. The girls were chatting and eating when Max passed by with some guys and waved at Ruby who waved back looking uncharacteristically shy.

Gem: Ruby are you blushing?
Ruby: No!
Crystal: Yes you are. You're as red as a tomato.
Ruby: And you're white as snow big deal. (Trying to hide her face beneath her hair.)
Gem: I think someone's got a crush! (Teases Ruby)
Ruby: (Throws her half-eaten sandwich at Gem.)
Gem: And you've just confirmed it by throwing something at me. (Laughs)
Ruby: Oh shut up! Anyway shouldn't Opal be back by now?
Gem: Maybe she's having a dump.'
Crystal: Ugh, Gem I'm eating.
Gem: Sorry. (Laughs)
Voice: Hey, Crystal!!

Gem and Ruby turned towards the sound of the voice, but Crystal cringed and tried to look as small as possible.

Drake: Hey girls.
Gem & Ruby: Hey.
Crystal: (Silent)
Drake: My friend Billy's having a party tonight. Would you girls like to come?
Ruby: You can count me in.
Gem: Sounds like fun, if you're sure Billy won't mind us coming.
Drake: Of course he won't mind. What about you sis, you coming? (Looks at Crystal)
Crystal: (Shakes her head from side to side.)
Ruby: Aww come on, it'll be fun.
Crystal: I'm not in the mood.
Drake: That's cool, maybe you and I could do something else. You know, like a brother sister thing.
Crystal: You're not my brother! (Walks away)
Drake: (Sighed and runs a hand through his hair)
Gem: Are you ok Drake?
Drake: I'm fine. It's just taking longer than I thought for her to get used to me.
Ruby: Well Crystal's used to being an only child. Suddenly having a step-mom and step-brother is a lot for her to deal with.
Drake: I guess. But I was an only child too.
Gem: Just give her time.
Drake: Maybe. Anyway, see you later girls.
Girls: Bye Drake.

Gem informed Opal of the party but she wasn't interested so it was just Gem and Ruby that were going to go. Around nine o'clock, Ruby knocked for Gem and the two girls took a bus to Billy's house and had arranged for Gem's dad to pick them both up later. Upon entering the house they found that they knew very few people there. Billy himself only seemed to know a handful of the people.

Gem: I'm not sure I'm enjoying this too much. (Looked around the house uncomfortably.)

Most of the strangers seemed to be men in their late twenties and they kind of gave her the creeps.

Ruby: Right, let's go. Drake's not here either.
Gem: Maybe he's doing something with Crystal. Anyway, I'll call my dad, I don't like this at all.

Fifteen minutes later, Gem and Ruby were sat safely in the back of Mr. Alexander's car.

Ruby: Thanks for the lift Mr. Alexander. (Said politely as he pulled up outside her house)
Mr. Alexander: You're welcome Ruby.
Ruby: Bye Gem. (Steps gracefully out of the car and headed up to her house)
Mr. Alexander: She is a lovely girl. But she seems very unhappy.
Gem: What do you mean?
Mr. Alexander: Don't you think she's unhappy?
Gem: No, what makes you think that? (Finding the idea absurd)

Ruby climbed the stairs to her bedroom and changed into her pajamas. Letting out a sigh, she sat at the edge of her bed and opened her bedside drawer before promptly slamming it shut again. Settling into bed, she tried to find sleep before pulling the drawer open again and wrenching out the glistening silver blade. She eyed it hungrily before creating a fresh cut on her thigh. Relief swam through her veins as the blood seeped out from her self-inflicted wound, her own piece of art.


Austin/Alexapie200 said...

OMG! THIS IS SO GOOD ;O SHE CUTS HERSELF????????????????????????????????? SNAP!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ruubin said...

I really LOVE this! Keep it up! :D You are very talented!