September 19, 2012

Diamonds Are Forever: Sandy Beach

"Sandy Beach"
Season 2: Episode 1

ForeverGorgeous as Gem Alexander
Ruubin as Crystal Darcy

Lige07 as Drake Darcy

Stepping out of Ruby's house, Gem began walking towards Crystal house in a daze of what she discovered. Taking a deep breath, she made her way up the Darcy's garden path and knocked on the door.

Gwyneth: Oh, hello Gem. Crystal just went to her bedroom to put away her school bag.
Gem: Thank you Mrs. Darcy. (She walked towards Crystal's bedroom)
Crystal: Gem, what are you doing here?
Gem: I've found out Ruby's problem.
Drake: What is it? (Step inside and placed his guitar down by the doorway)
Crystal: Drake, this doesn't concern you.
Gem: Crystal, just leave him alone, not the time for you guys to start fighting.
Crystal: Sorry, so whats Ruby's problem?
Gem: She's been cutting herself.
Crystal: (Eyes widened) Are....are you sure?
Gem: I'm positive.
Drake: This is really serious.
Crystal: But how did you find out? Did she tell you?
Gem: Of course she didn't tell me. I was in her bedroom on her computer. I know I had no right to look through her things but my curiosity got the best of me. I found a folder full of poetry all about cutting. I only read a few but I'm positive they're about Ruby and not something she just made up.'
Drake: Wait, when were you in her room?
Gem: I went to her house instead of going to math class. I let my self in with the spare key.
Crystal: But what about your dentist appointment?
Gem: There was no dentist appointment Crystal.
Drake: Why were you skipping class?
Gem: This isn't about me right now; I came here to talk about Ruby.
Crystal: I've never seen any marks. On her arms I mean, I've never seen any cuts or scars. Maybe the poems are just stuff she's made up.
Gem: Have you ever seen her legs though? Think about it, she always changes in the toilet stall when we have gym, she never wears shorts, skirts or dresses unless she has leggings underneath.
Crystal: But what would make Ruby want to hurt herself?
Drake: It could be anything. Maybe she just wants attention.
Gem: I don't think this is attention seeking. Not with the lengths she's gone to to hide it from everyone. This is something...I don't's an inner scream I guess. Something or someone is bothering her and cutting is her way of coping with it.
Drake: It's not a great way of coping if you ask me.
Crystal: Well neither is starving yourself, like Opal.
Gem: What a messed up group of friend we are, huh?
Drake: So what's the problem with you two then?
Gem: My problem really isn't any of your business.
Drake: Crystal?
Crystal: I'm not telling you Drake.  So what are we going to do about Ruby and Opal?
Drake: Don't change the subject! Tell me what's wrong Crystal, and tell me now!!
Crystal: No! Just drop it Drake! Please get out of my room!
Drake: Fine, but I'll find out soon Crystal.
Gem: (Sat down on Crystal's bed) Do you want to talk about it? Your problem I mean.
Crystal: You can tell me yours if you like. I promise I won't tell the others.
Gem: I never want to talk about it. Not now and not ever. Speaking about it would just make it seem more real. If I stay silent, then maybe I can pretend it's just a bad nightmare.
Crystal: Why are we all like this?
Gem: What do you mean?
Crystal: Why do we keep these important things from each other? Why haven't we done anything to help one another before? Why is our friendship based on not addressing the important issues?
Gem: I don't know. I guess we just have a friendship of convenience. We all have problems that we'd sooner ignore so we hang around together because we have this I won't ask if you don't agreement. But now that's been broken and everything's messed up and even more complicated.
Crystal: Do you think we'll ever be able to help Ruby and Opal?
Gem: I honestly don't know. I think Opal is going to need the support of her family to get through this. As for Ruby, well I think maybe Max is the only one with any hope of getting through to her. If he isn't able to help I don't think anyone can.
Crystal: Are you going to tell Max then?
Gem: Don't think we really have a choice.
Crystal: Yeah...
Gem: I should get home. I'll see you tomorrow.

Crystal walked her to the door and waved goodbye. Gem quickly walked to her house located a few doors down. She fit the key in her lock and let herself in calling out to her parents to let them know she was home.

Mrs. Alexander: Gem, where on earth have you been?
Gem: I've been at Crystal's. Go ahead and ask if you don't believe me. 
Mr. Alexander: And where were you when you were supposed to be in Mr. Rogers' math class?
Gem: have homework. (Turned around and tried to make a quick escape) 
Mr. Alexander: Sit down young lady!
Mrs. Alexander: Mr. Rogers' phoned us a few minutes before you came in. He told us you were absent from his class this afternoon.What do you have to say for yourself?
Gem: I just...there was something important I needed to do.
Mrs. Alexander: And what could possibly be more important than your education?
Gem: It doesn't matter ok, just forget about it.
Mr. Alexander: Gem, this isn't at all like you. Now where were you this afternoon, and no lies?
Gem: I was at Ruby's.
Mrs. Alexander: Where were you really?
Gem: I told you, I was at Ruby's. I'm telling the truth.
Mr. Alexander: Now come on Gem, tell us the truth now.
Gem: I really was at Ruby's dad. I let myself into her house with the spare key, I know it was wrong but I did it and I'm sorry.
Mrs. Alexander: Gem Theresa Alexander, you can't just let yourself into other people's houses!
Gem: I said I'm sorry. It won't happen again.
Mr. Alexander: Are you struggling with your math? Is that why you skipped class?
Gem: What? No I...I just needed a break ok.
Mrs. Alexander: Well in future, organize your need for breaks outside of school hours.
Mr. Alexander: Gem honey, be honest with me now. If you are struggling in class it's ok, you don't have to be ashamed. I'm sure Mr. Rogers' will be more than willing to tutor you after school. I could call him now and arrange it if you like.
Gem: No! My math's is fine alright, just stay out of my business!
Mrs. Alexander: Don't raise your voice at us young lady!
Mr. Alexander: Everybody just calm down. Gem, if you aren't having problems in class why did you skipped this afternoon? Are you being bullied?
Mrs. Alexander: Of course she's not being bullied. Everybody loves our Gem.
Gem: Yeah, some people love me too much. (She whispered)
Mr. Alexander: What did you say?
Gem: Nothing. I'm sorry I missed class today, it won't happen again. Can I go to my room now?
Mr. Alexander: You still haven't told us why you ran out of school.
Gem: I didn't run, I walked.
Mrs. Alexander: Don't get sarcastic with your father.
Mr. Alexander: Gem, you can tell us anything, you know that don't you?
Gem: Well maybe I don't want to tell you every personal detail of my life, have you ever considered that? (Got up and stormed up the stairs to her bedroom)

Much to Gem's annoyance, Max was absent from school over the next few days so she hadn't been able to tell him about Ruby's problem. Crystal and Gem had shared a few whispered conversations about the Ruby's welfare but both decided it would be better to wait until Max was up to speed with her situation.

Oliver and Owen continued to sit with them at lunch. Fortunately, no more arguments had broken out between the siblings and to everyone's relief Opal was beginning to eat a little more every day; not as much as they'd have liked but still more than she had eaten for a long while.

At the end of the school week poor Gem once again found herself trapped in Mr. Rogers' classroom. As he stalked towards her she tried to make a run for it but he yanked her back by a fistful of her hair and slammed her against the wall placing his hand over her mouth so she couldn't scream.

Mr. Rogers: Now Gem, be a good girl and do what I say or I'll invite one of those friends of yours to stay behind after class. You don't want that now do you?
Gem: (Frighten, she shook her head refusing to give him the satisfaction of seeing her cry)
Mr. Rogers: That's my good girl. (Brushed aside a strand of her hair in a way that was almost affectionate)

A second later, Gem let out a gasp of surprise as she was forced onto her back on the teacher's desk. She closed her eyes as his hands fiddled with her belt before unzipping her jeans and tugging them down her legs along with her underwear. As the vile creature above her dirtied her once more, Gem kept her eyes tight shut trying to pretend that his moans and grunts were the sound of the sea and his breath ghosting over her face was nothing more than a light breeze as she lay down not on a desk but a sandy beach.

Of course, pretending she was somewhere else didn't help her situation at all and the truth was evident from the ache between her legs that throbbed with every step she took on her journey home.

***Hey guys, hope you all enjoyed this episode. I might no longer be a part of Stardoll, but I still love storytelling. Out of all the blogs I gave away and deleted, I kept this one only, because I love sharing these stories and I want to complete them as well. Especially DAF, this story really hits close to home with me, I wrote it when I was sixteen and coming out of a really dark place, Ruby's character was inspired by my own demons. Translating the chapters into 'episodes' really doesn't give the story that much justice, but for right now I'm more comfortable with this format. That being said, I don't have a exact set schedule on how the episodes will be released. I may post them once a week, or all of them in one week. Haha, I don't really know. In the story itself, there are 26 chapters, but when I trun them into episodes I sometimes merge a couple chapters, so I don't know exactly how many episodes there will be in the complete series, but there will be a total of 3 seasons  for sure. Hopefully the series is completed by the end of the year, maybe even earlier I will only be  focausing on this show, and once this is done, then I'll move on to finishing Samantha King, which was originally a 40 chapter story to begin with. Agian, hope you guys enjoy this. Really would love to hear your feedback.

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