August 09, 2011

Diamonds Are Forever: Breath Mints


"Breath Mints"
Season 1: Episode 4

ForeverGorgeous as Gem Alexander
Ruubin as Crystal Darcy
Alexcendraburke as Opal Granger
Missricopenguin as Ruby Lorenzo


Lige07 as Drake Darcy
Dog_boy96 as Maxwell Briers

Guest Starring
Mr.Wannabecool as Mr.Rogers
Verojun as Gweneth Darcy

The morning rain clouded up on the window pane making a pattering sound as each droplet hit the glass. Opal groaned and tried to block the noise out but was unsuccessful. She slowly opened her eyes and wiped the sweat off of her brow. Just as she was considering closing her eyes and going back to sleep her 15 year old brother Owen banged his fist on her door urging her to wake up. Feeling miserable and horrid she slipped out of her bed and headed to the bathroom for a shower. Skipping breakfast she brushed her teeth and dressed ready for school. Before heading downstairs she examined her reflection in the mirror not at all satisfied with what she saw.

Owen: Opal, come on fatty, we're waiting for you. (Knocking on her door again.)
Opal: I'm coming!(She cast one final sad look at her mirror image before heading downstairs)
Oliver: Oh I thought I heard an elephant. (Laughs along with Owen)
Opal: (Glares at them both)
Mrs. Granger: Come on kids, hurry up or you'll be late. (Ushered them out the door and into the car) Well that's just typical. (Annoyed when she found that the road was blocked.)
Oliver: Don't worry about it mom we can walk.
Owen: Yeah chubby needs the exercise. (Nudges Opal in the ribs.)
Opal: Fuck off Owen!
Mrs. Granger: Opal mind your language. Alright you three, get out and walk but don't wonder off please.

The three siblings said goodbye to their mother and climbed out of the car. On the way to school, Opal walked ahead of her brothers trying to ignore them as they raised their voices whenever they made a nasty comment about her. When she arrived at the school gates the other three girls were already waiting for her there. As they walked through the gates Maxwell caught up with them and tapped Ruby on the arm.

Maxwell: Good morning sunshine!
Ruby: Sunshine? Is that supposed to be some kind of pick-up line?
Maxwell: That depends. Do you like cheesy pick-up lines?
Ruby: I'll have to get back to you on that.
Maxwell: Cool. So are you going to introduce me to your friends?
Ruby: Girls this is Maxwell. This is Gem, Crystal and Opal.
Maxwell: Alright, lovely to meet you ladies. (Placed a kiss on each of the girls hands)
Gem: (Wiped her hand clean)
Crystal: (Smiled awkwardly)
Opal: (Giggled slightly)
Ruby: (Rolled her eyes and elbowed Maxwell in the ribs)
Maxwell: Ouch what was that for? (Rubbed his sore spot)
Ruby: You're supposed to be turning on the charm for me not my friends.
Max: Well I'm not so sure if I want to now.
Ruby: Fine. See if I care. (Led the other girls away from Maxwell)
Gem: He seemed very interested in you. How do you know him?
Ruby: He was in playschool with us. I put glue in his hair one time.
Opal: Wait, are you telling me that's Maxwell Briers? (Mouth falling open in shock)
Ruby: Yeah why?
Opal: Hell! How did he get
Crystal & Gem: Hot!
Ruby: He's not that hot.
Opal: Are you blind? He's gorgeous.
Crystal: He's definitely got that sexy bad-boy look.
Gem: Not my type but he is ridiculously good-looking.
Opal: And he so has the hots for you.
Ruby: He does not, he's just being a flirt....ok maybe he is interested in me but that's only because he doesn't really know me and even if he did I don't like him back.
Crystal, Gem & Opal: Liar! (They accused Ruby simultaneously)
Ruby: Ok he's drop dead gorgeous and I want him so bad. Happy now?
Crystal: Come on, let's go to class.

The girls made their way to their math class, Gem turning steadily paler with every step that took them closer to Mr. Rogers' classroom door.

Mr. Rogers: Good morning girls. (Eying each girl as they crossed to their seats paying particular interest to Gem)
Gem: (Ignored Mr. Rogers and headed to her desk at the back)
Opal: (Takes her seat next to Crystal and her stomach growled slightly)
Crystal: (Looked at her friend quizzically but Opal kept her eyes downward)

Half way through the lesson, Mr. Rogers made his way around the room pausing at his students' desks to help them with their work. Before he could get to Gem's desk, Gem had already made a hasty exit with the excuse of needing the toilet.

Crystal: Do you think she's ok? She looked like she was going to be sick.
Ruby: She's probably faking it.
Crystal: Maybe someone should check if she's ok.
Opal: I'll do it. Mr. Rogers, is it alright if I check on Gem?
Mr. Rogers: (Nods of approval)
Opal: (Pushed away from her desk and leaves the room)

Opal headed to the nearest girls restroom and called out Gem's name. There was no reply. Rather than looking for Gem somewhere else, Opal took advantage of the empty bathroom and entered a stall and crouched down on the floor. Holding her black ringlets out of the way with one hand, she slipped two of her fingers on the other hand down her throat causing herself to gag. She forced herself to keep her fingers in her mouth until the vomit crept up. As a few tears leaked from her eyes, she pulled her fingers away just in time for the puke to fly out into the toilet. Shaking slightly, she spat into the toilet a few times before shoving her fingers down her throat once more. When she was done, she flushed before dragging herself to one of the sinks and washing her face. Looking in the mirror, she made sure all traces of vomit had left the outside of her mouth. She reached into her pocket for the breath mints she always carried. She popped a couple into her mouth before heading back to her classroom.

Mr. Rogers: Where's Gem?
Opal: I couldn't find her. (Made her way back to her seat)
Crystal: Are you ok?
Opal: Why wouldn't I be?
Crystal: You look a little sick.
Opal: Maybe there's a bug going round. (Focused back on her work)

The bell rang and the class filed out.

Mr. Rogers: Girls. When you see Gem tell her to come see me after school please.
Crystal: Yes sir.

When they entered their English class they found that Gem was already sat in her seat. She smiled tentatively at them as they approached.

Ruby: Where did you get off to? Opal came after you and couldn't find you anywhere.
Gem: I just needed some fresh air.
Opal: Well Rogers wants to see you after school. I don't think he appreciated you just walking out of his class.
Ruby: Ooo you're in trouble Gem. (Teases) Maybe Mr. Rogers is going to give you a well deserved spanking.
Gem: (Forced herself to laugh along with her friends as her stomach squeezed with discomfort)

The girls sat together at lunch time and Max and a couple of his friends joined them.

Maxwell: Hi girls. This is Mike and Joey .
Ruby: We know who they are.
Max: (Nudges her over so he could sit beside her)

The group chatted idly as they ate their food.

Maxwell: Aren't you going to eat anything? (Asks Opal noticing that the girl hadn't touched her food)
Opal: I'm not hungry!
Maxwell: (Opened his mouth to reply)
Ruby: (Crushed his foot with her heel and gave him a look that told him to be quiet)
Opal: I need to use the restroom. Excuse me.

Opal left an uncomfortable silence after she left. The three girls looked at one another briefly before chewing on their food neither daring to voice aloud what they pretended to ignore.

Maxwell: What's up with her?
Ruby: Just leave it Max.
Maxwell: But she's not eating, surely there's something wrong.
Gem: Well it's nothing to do with you so just leave it.
Crystal: So Max? When did you get your lip pierced?
Maxwell: Back when I was fifteen. The look on my mom's face was priceless.

The group continued to chat as if everything was normal and Max wisely made no further mention about Opal. Meanwhile, Opal was once again on the floor of the girls bathroom being violently sick.

Opal: Yuck! (She muttered to herself dispassionately before flushing the toilet)

As she cleaned herself up she briefly wondered what she was actually throwing up since it had been so long since she'd had proper food. Popping the last of her mints into her mouth she made a mental note to buy some more before exiting the bathroom.

Drake: Hey, it's Opal right?
Opal: Yeah, what's up?
Drake: I was just wondering if you know what's bothering Crystal?
Opal: Nothing, Crystal's fine.
Drake: So she hasn't said anything then?
Opal: About what?
Drake: I don't I mean I've been trying to get close to her but she just won't let me in.
Opal: Leave her alone then. God knows I'd love it if my brothers left me alone. Don't crowd her. Let her come to you.
Drake: But she's thinking about moving out. She told me she might move in with her real mom. Hasn't she said anything to you?
Opal: Not a word.
Drake:But you're her friend, she must have said something to you.
Opal: Well she hasn't. Just give Crystal some space. If she wants to live with her mom that's her choice.

Before Drake could reply Opal walked away and headed back out to sit with her friends.

Opal: I bumped into your brother. (Looking at Crystal)
Crystal: He's not my brother.
Opal: Step-brother then. Anyway, he was asking me what was wrong with you.
Crystal: Nothing's wrong with me.
Opal: Yeah that's what I said. He also mentioned that you wanted to move in with your mom.
Ruby: Really Crystal? But I thought you loved your dad.
Crystal: I do. And I never said I wanted to move in with my mom, I was just considering it. She must be lonely.
Opal: And you won't have to deal with any step-brothers there.
Crystal: Well that too.
Gem: But Drake doesn't seem that bad.
Ruby: Not bad looking either.
Crystal: Don't talk about him like that!
Maxwell: You think this Drake guy's good looking? (Slung an arm around Ruby's shoulders)
Ruby: What's the matter? Afraid of a little competition?
Maxwell: Not in the slightest. At the end of the day I'm the one who's gonna be kissing you.
Ruby: Really? Well maybe I'd rather end up kissing Drake, I'm sure he'd be up for it.
Crystal: No he wouldn't. He's not going to date one of his step-sister's friends, that's just disgusting.
Mike: Do all girls act like this or is it just you four?
Opal: Act like what exactly? (Demanded to know as she and the other girls glared at him)
Joey: (Throws half eaten apple at Mike) Shut-up Mike. Leave them alone!

By the end of the school day Opal felt weak, tired and hungry, Crystal felt confused and irritated, Ruby appeared calm but was inwardly worrying about Opal and slightly fearful of getting too close to Max and ending up getting hurt. Gem on the other hand was absolutely terrified as she walked towards the door that would give entrance to her own personal hell. If it were up to her she'd have gone straight home but her friends had offered to walk up to Mr. Rogers classroom with her and she hadn't been able to persuade them not to.

Gem: Wait for me. (Pleaded looking helplessly at her three friends)
Opal: Sorry, I've got to get going. (Took off down the hall)
Maxwell: (Calls out to Ruby from over by the stairs)
Ruby: (Gave an apologetic smile to Gem before heading over to the Max)
Crystal: I'll come in with you Gem. I need to ask a question about the homework anyway.
Gem: Thank-you. (Breathed with the utmost relief and she slipped her hand into that of her friends and kept a tight hold to it as they stepped through the door)
Mr.Rogers: Oh Crystal, what are you doing here?
Crystal: I'm waiting for Gem. And I wanted to ask about question 3 on the homework as well.
Gem: What did you want to see me for sir? (Not looking him in the eye)
Mr.Rogers: I wanted to discuss a private matter. Perhaps you could run along Crystal and I could help you another day?
Gem: Crystal's coming back to my place. (Lied quickly) My dad's waiting to pick us up outside.
Mr.Rogers: I see. (Glares at Gem but reins his temper in since Crystal was there) No problem, we can discuss it another time. Have fun girls.
Crystal: (Walks out the door along with Gem) That was nice of him. But why did you lie to him though?
Gem: I just need to get home. There's some program on T.V. I really want to watch.
Crystal: (Nods and didn't press the matter even though she didn't really believe the pitiful excuse)
Gem: See you tomorrow. (Began to walk home)
Crystal: Bye. (Slid into the backseat of Gwyneth's car paying no attention to Drake who sat in the front passenger seat)

As Gwyneth drove down the road Crystal snatched sight of Ruby walking with Max and she waved to the two of them.

Maxwell: Nice car.
Ruby: If you say so. I don't really know much about cars to be honest.
Maxwell: So what's the deal with your friend?
Ruby: Care to be more specific?
Maxwell: Well your friend Opal. She didn't eat a single thing today.
Ruby: What's your point?
Maxwell: Clearly something's wrong. And she spent a long time in the bathroom. She's obviously...
Ruby: Obviously what? (Glared at him slightly)
Maxwell: (Sighed but didn't say the word out loud) All of you know but you're just ignoring it.
Ruby: Just stay out of it Max.
Maxwell: How can you just dismiss it like that? (Grabbed hold of her elbow and pulling her round to face him) Your friend has clearly got a problem and your not even trying to help her. There's something bothering Crystal and Gem too but I can't tell what and I know for a fact you're not as tough as your making yourself out to be.
Ruby: You don't know anything about me Maxwell! And whatever problems me and my friends may have, they are not your concern.
Maxwell: How can you be so nonchalant about all this? (Looked down at her in disbelief)
Ruby: This is just the way we are Max. Everyone has problems, its part of being human. The reason why Crystal, Opal, Gem and I are friends is because we have a silent agreement not to talk about those things. We all know we each have problems even if we don't know exactly what they are. But we don't talk about them, we just deal with it single-handedly. We're happy that way so please just leave it.
Maxwell: You're mental!
Ruby: And you're annoying!

Max watched Ruby leave debating on whether or not he should follow her. Eventually he decided to leave her for the time being but made a silent vow to figure out what her problem was and help in any way possible.


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