August 11, 2011

Samantha King: Morning Run

"Morning Run"
Season 1: Episode 6

Queen-of-mean. as Samantha King

Tylerisbold as Nathan Woodward

The next morning, Samantha awoke to find she was all alone in Nathan’s bedroom, her robe undone and the sheets wrapped crookedly around her. She sat up slowly and wiped the sleep from her eyes. She could tell it was still early in the morning because the sun had just started to come up into the sky. Tiny rays of light started to trickle in through the blinds. She stretched and then lazily wandered into the kitchen, adjusting her robe on the way. Nathan was dressed in a pair of sweats and a plain white tee, drinking a cup of coffee and reading the Sunday paper. He looked up from his coffee to see Samantha standing there in his bathrobe.

Nathan: Good morning.

Samantha walked over to the table and slid into the seat next to him. She couldn’t help but feel a bit awkward. Waking up in someone else’s bed was something she had only experienced at sleepovers. Nathan didn’t seem to notice. In fact, he seemed quite pleased to see her approach him, disheveled and clothed only in his bathrobe. Sam ran a hand through her messy hair and yawned.

Samantha: Good morning Nate.
Nathan: Coffee?
Samantha: I’ll get it.

She poured a cup and added creamer and sugar. One sip of the hot brown concoction warmed her throat. It was chilly in his house and she shivered slightly.

Nathan: Cold? (Not looking at her but continuing to read his paper instead)
Samantha: Not so much. I’ll be okay.
Nathan: (Grinned and put his paper aside) What time are you leaving?
Samantha: By noon, for sure. What time is it?
Nathan: Almost seven. I didn’t want to wake you because I wasn’t sure if you were an early bird.
Samantha: That’s fine. What are you doing this morning?
Nathan: I thought maybe you’d want to go for a run with me.
Samantha: Great, sounds like fun....wait, I don’t have any shoes or clothes.
Nathan: That’s alright. Sara has a pair of sneakers and some sweats in the closet. You can just wear my t-shirt.

Samantha grinned and walked back into his bedroom to get dressed. She pulled on her own undergarments and the pair of red sweats that hung in his closet. She looked through a drawer in his dresser and took out a pair of freshly laundered socks. Surprisingly, the shoes in the closet fit her almost perfectly. Not sure of which t-shirt he was talking about, Samantha walked back into the kitchen.

Samantha: T-shirt please? (Approaching him in her bra)
Nathan: Who says you need one? (Kissed her cheek)

Samantha laughed and hugged him. Nathan pulled his own shirt off and gave it to her to wear. Samantha thanked him and sipped more of her coffee. When she was finished, Nathan took her by the hand and they headed out the door. They walked toward Nathan’s car and climbed in. Puzzled, Sam poked him.

Samantha: I thought we were running, not riding.
Nathan: I thought we’d go down to the shore. Is that alright?
Samantha: I love the shore.

The ride to the beach was peaceful. Sam rolled down her window and took a deep breath of salty ocean air. They parked at a meter and got out. For a few minutes, both runners stretched. On one occasion, Samantha pulled her leg all the way up to her head and held it there for a few seconds. Nathan stood behind her and held her leg steady for her.

Nathan: You don’t have any idea how amusing this is to watch. (He whispered in her ear)
Samantha: (Laughed and brought her leg down. Lifting the other the same way, then she did a fancy pirouette around him and then down into a plie)
Nathan: Wonderful. Maybe you could teach me some moves later.

When they were through warming up, both Samantha and Nathan started to jog lightly along the shoreline. Samantha loved to run, almost as much as she loved to dance. She liked the way it felt to push against the sand in a continuous motion. After about ten minutes, Nathan started to speed up a little. Sam looked over at him and winked. His body, firm and tan, twisted with every stride. She liked how the sweat ran from his hair down his face and onto his neck. The sun was now beaming down on them intensely, growing warmer with every minute that passed. Samantha noticed that only a few people were on the shore. With that in mind, she twisted the t-shirt she was wearing in a knot at her bosom. Pumping her arms furiously, she started to catch some wind and pass Nathan. She could hear him laugh at her side. Looking over, Sam saw that he was actually racing with her now. Determined not to lose, Samantha pushed herself as fast and hard as possible. They ran for a long time like this; one trying to out-do the other. Twenty minutes later, both runners were still making extreme time.

Samantha looked ahead and saw that the pier was only about a hundred yards away. She felt tired and her knees burned slightly but she was confident she would make it. Now only twenty yards away, both Nathan and Samantha pelted forward with their final burst of energy. Samantha ran as fast as she could but was only second to tag the leg of the large wooden structure. Though defeated, she still felt it was nice to lose to true competition.

Tired, Samantha threw herself down in the sand. She closed her eyes and breathed big, deep breaths. She felt Nathan plop down beside her. Grinning, she dropped her hand from her eyes and looked over at him. His firmly sculpted chest heaved up and down as he tried to catch his breath. Out of nowhere, he began to laugh. Tickled by this, Samantha joined in. Both of them stood up and brushed the sand off the back of their pants. Nathan stood there, looking at her with a devious grin.

Samantha: What? Don’t you dare throw me in the water!

Nathan ran into the water holding her. He waded in until he was up to his knees in water. Samantha held onto his neck and every time a wave threatened to splash her, she squeezed tighter in an attempt to hold herself up higher. Nathan rocked her like a baby in his arms. Samantha felt a sudden urge to embrace him like it was her last time. Nathan noted the seriousness in her demeanor and let go of her legs slowly. She dipped into the water with her arms still wrapped around his neck. The sea breeze blew tresses of her long hair into her eyes but Nathan swept them away. He continued to gaze into her eyes, to read what it was she felt so devoutly about. Samantha kissed his mouth lovingly.

They trudged back up the shore towards their starting point. Nathan held her hand and they lightly jogged the same way they came. It took them twice as long to return to the car because they took their time coming back. They talked about common things like the news and the upcoming weather. There were moments when it felt like the pair of them had been together all their lives. Samantha tried to ignore this feeling of such deep commitment but it haunted her heart. She clung to his arm almost like she was scared that if she let go, he’d never return. Nathan allowed her to do so and she knew that he must have felt the same way. After a few moments, Nathan began to slow down even more to a mere creep. Something was on his mind and Samantha could sense that it wasn’t anything she’d ever like to hear again.

Nathan: Sam, listen. About tonight...
Samantha: Please don’t say anything.
Nathan: Just let me finish, I’m home if you need someone to get you. Just call me. I don’t care what time it is. Alright?
Samantha: Fine but I’m going to be just fine. Don’t worry so...
Nathan: If anyone touches you, I’ll break their neck.
Samantha: That’s harsh. I’m not a stripper, Nathan. Don’t you trust me?
Nathan: I know. I do trust you. It’s just that you’re a beautiful woman with a sexy body that every man alive would want for himself.
Samantha: Well they’re not going to get anything from me. I wish you’d have a little more faith in me than that. I’ve lived in this body for seventeen years. I know how to work with what I was dealt. (Her temper rising)

Nathan quickened his pace to a full stride. Samantha did a two-step to catch up. They walked to the car and Samantha waited for him to unlock the door. She crawled in and buckled her seatbelt. They drove back to the apartment one last time. Once inside, Samantha changed into her clothes from the previous day. She grabbed her purse and shoes. Nathan sat on the couch silently and watched her gather up her belongings. When she thought she had everything, she turned to face him.

Samantha: I left your clothes in the bathroom. I’m going to go. Call me tomorrow on your break.

Nathan didn’t move from the sofa. When she reached the door, Samantha looked back one last time to see him staring out the window instead of watching her leave. Repulsed, Samantha exited by shutting the door in a near-slam manner.

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